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2017_12 Brown sentenced

MORE Democrats are going to prison! Sentences have been handed out to ex-U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown and her co-conspirators in mail, wire and tax fraud: Brown – 5 years; Ronnie Simmons – 4 years; Carla Wiley – 1 year, 9 months. Brown has been ordered to repay the nearly half a million dollars she stole via a fake charity.

Before all y’all get your panties in a bunch about Trump and Russia, let’s just cast our minds back to 2008 when NOBODY ON THE LEFT had any problem at all with the FACT that CANDIDATE OBAMA’s CAMPAIGN TEAM did not merely seek to contact, but actually met with Iranian leaders multiple times.

Even before the Administration’s anti-regulation push comes into full force next year, the President has saved taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars from streamlining and other reforms thus far. “Simply cutting red tape and putting Obama-era regulations on hold have already saved $378 million since President Trump took office,” reports Paul Bedard, citing an American Action Forum report. “That savings is expected to jump into the billions next year when the administration’s anti-regulation campaign hits full stride.”

The abortion rate in America has fallen 22 percent since 2005, reaching a new historic low, according to data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last week.

Diante Johnson, president of the Black Conservative Foundation, writes that historic tax cuts are especially welcome news for the African-American entrepreneurial community. “African-Americans were better off in 2000 than they were just last year, according to the latest Census data,” Johnson writes, citing dropping median incomes, stagnant wages, and “alarmingly high” unemployment. Minority entrepreneurs own 29 percent of U.S. businesses, and lower taxes will allow them to expand opportunity in their communities significantly.

During a speech last week, Vice President Mike Pence made an innocuous comment that was obviously true. The Washington Post’s fact-checking team agreed it was true. But that didn’t stop them from awarding his claim a “three Pinnochios” condemnation.

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue said, “It doesn’t do any good to serve nutritious meals if they wind up in the trash can.” Some of Michelle Obama’s overly strict lunch requirements will thankfully disappear as of July 1. The new regs will relax sodium limits, whole-grain requirements, and allow flavored milk with 1 percent back into school cafeterias nationwide.


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Saving Lives

3D in utero twins

In March 2012, pro-lifers opened a pregnancy help center across the street from the killing fields of late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart in Germantown, Md.

Since then, more than 400 women who came to Carhart’s clinic have opted first to visit the help center and ultimately changed their minds.

One of these babies had been diagnosed with some condition that would kill it soon after birth. A sidewalk counselor convinced the parents to find out more about their options.

That baby boy is now three years old and in perfect health.


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Step Away From the Keyboard

2017_11 09 PP self-awareness zero tweet

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Call me crazy, but I just think dismemberment is wrong.

It never ceases to amaze me that leftists can endure the cognitive dissonance of condemning waterboarding as too cruel, while demanding access to dismemberment as a right. But maybe this is one reason they seem to be such lunatics. Their brains are broken.

A former abortionist explains the dismemberment abortion procedure.

In June, Texas banned this gruesome and inhumane procedure. Abortionists have challenged the ban, which has now gone to trial in the District Court for the Western District of Texas.

Texas is vigorously defending its ban, pointing out that several abortion procedures which do not dismember the unborn child while still alive are still legal including fetal injection of intracardiac potassium chloride, transabdominal injection of digoxin, and cutting of the umbilical cord.

Similar bans have remained unchallenged in Mississippi and West Virginia, been temporarily or permanently stopped by court order in Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma, and been overturned as unconstitutional in Alabama.  The Kansas Supreme Court is expected to hand down a final decision sometime soon on its challenged ban.

Laws like this that get conflicting district court decisions usually end up being tried by the Supreme Court.

Is ending the life of a human fetus moral?

A recent Marist poll has shown that an overwhelming majority Americans are in favor of restricting abortion to the first trimester or to cases of rape, incest, and life of the mother.

Given that a ban on D&E does not eliminate the possibility of a second trimester abortion, one must wonder why abortion providers like Planned Parenthood are fighting in court for the right to continue tearing live fetuses to death.


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Another Democrat Hate Ad Surfaces in Virginia

2017_11 VA NARAL ad2017_11 VA NARAL ad

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Babylon Bee Speaks Out on Pro-Life Hypocrisy

ABORTION Killing Puppies

Hypocrisy is everywhere.

Take, for example, those who oppose the wholesale killing of puppies. The anti-puppy-killing crowd is loud and obnoxious, self-righteously declaring themselves to be “pro-life.”

Yet their love for the puppies only goes so far.

See, they want to defend puppies from being killed when they’re very young, but do you see them offering to adopt every dog on the entire planet?

I didn’t think so. These pro-puppy activists are only in support of dogs when people are killing them, but once they grow up, they’re all on their own. What are we supposed to do with all these dogs if not heinously kill them? I don’t see you pro-puppy people offering to take on more than one or two of them!

I’ll state it very clearly: you are not allowed to call yourself “pro-puppy” unless you agree to adopt every dog on the planet.

It’s just that simple.


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When does life begin?

Some guy called Patrick Tomlinson tweeted what he considered to be proof positive that the “life begins at conception” crowd are hypocrites. Briefly, he proposed a situation where a pro-lifer is trapped in a burning fertility clinic and can rescue only a five-year-old child crying for help or a frozen box labeled “1000 Viable Human Embryos.” Which would you choose? The child, of course. GOTCHA! You don’t really believe life begins at conception. Ba-da-bum.

Matt Walsh skillfully and logically took his silly hypothetical to pieces. Just one paragraph of his article:

“It doesn’t matter how I value them personally. It’s their intrinsic value that matters. I value my family over your family but your family has the same intrinsic value. I’m making the decision based, as I said before, on emotion. I can see the child. I hear him crying. I’m looking him in the eyes. I grab him. It’s instinct. But there’s also some logic to it. I don’t really know how many of those embryos are still viable and whether they’ll ever be implanted and given the chance to develop. Again: this calculation WOULD NOT justify killing the embryos under any circumstance, but it would justify my decision to save the child instead. By the way, if it were a five-year-old and a 70-year-old in there, I’d save the five-year-old. If it were a five-year-old and Patrick Tomlinson in there, I’m still saving the five-year-old. Sorry, Pat. But does that mean Pat’s life has less value? Does that mean I could crush his skull and suck his brains out with a vacuum hose? No, it just means that my emotional impulse leads me to the child, not the pretentious pro-abortion dude who spends his time posing disingenuous hypotheticals.”

Tomlinson responded to Walsh’s response: “Oh Matty. If only I gave a shit what you think.”

Wait, what? Didn’t he specifically ASK pro-lifers to respond to his hypothetical?!

Walsh pithily responded with this.

2017_10 17 Walsh responds

Another tweeter added the cymbal crash with:

“It’s like watching Batman solve the Riddler’s puzzle, and the Riddler’s subsequent tantrum afterward.”




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They’re heretics, not Catholics

“Catholics for Choice” (CFC) is not affiliated with the Catholic Church in any way and does not have permission to use the term “Catholic” in its name or literature. It has no membership and is funded by powerful private foundations to promote abortion as a method of population control.

You can't be Catholic and pro abortion

From The Catechism of the Catholic Church (excerpted):

2270 Human life must be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of conception.

2271 Since the first century the Church has affirmed the moral evil of every procured abortion. This teaching has not changed and remains unchangeable.

2272 Formal cooperation in an abortion constitutes a grave offense. The Church attaches the canonical penalty of excommunication to this crime against human life.



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