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MSM: In the tank for the Left … as usual

Clinton gotta pay bills

Have you noticed the mainstream media persistently and unanimously demanding that Democrat Hillary Clinton finally start answering serious questions on current events and policy?

Neither have we.

Koch vs Clinton Foundations

Do you remember the three days of negative press coverage, including sexist suggestions, that Rand Paul got just for pushing back on one reporter’s questions about abortion?

We do.

Sanger and Clinton

Did you hear about the guy who worked for the Clinton Foundation for five years then joined Egypt’s jihadist Muslim Brotherhood?

He and 35 of his cronies just received life sentences. Another dozen or so have been sentenced to death.

CATS Ready for Hillary



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1989-2012: Total Political Contributions

1989-2012 Political contributions graph

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Democrats have been sending out increasingly frantic fundraising emails and tweets featuring messages like, “KOCH BROTHERS!”, “STAGGERING setback”, and “WE CAN’T STOP THEM.”

On May 23rd, they sent an email with the subject line “HORRIFYING” that said, “If we don’t hit our $90,000 goal today, then consider all hope of winning a Democratic majority in November lost.”

2014_05 26 DCCC email

The next day, there was another email warning that Democratic chances to retake the House will be “OBLITERATED” unless you donate some money right now. A follow up sent hours later was even more dire.

2014_05 27 Dem donor email

2014_05 30 DCCC lost hope tweet

2014_08 12 MoveOn desperate email

From Twitchy: From “Hope and Change ” to ” All Hope is Lost ” in six years.



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2014 vs 2010 Schumer Koch hypocrisy

Then there’s Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) who tweeted that politicians should wear the names of their donors on their jackets but who has also accepted money from the Koch brothers.

Reid accused the Koch brothers of being “against everything that’s good for America.”  So, you know, not at ALL like the wealthy but liberal brothers, Tom and Jim Steyer, who have pledged to spend at least $100 million backing Democrats who support aggressive government action to address the “scientific” theory known as “climate change.”

Democrat Hypocrisy - gay marriage



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And again with the HYPOCRISY

Obamacrats constantly tell us how they are the SMART and CARING people. Yeah, right.

2014_03 11 Cory Booker says he drove to Hawaii

2014_03 10 Libs protest hospital donation by Koch



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Factivism: The latest incarnation of the Obamacrats’ Tattle Team

2014_03 01 Factivists

A Brief History of Tattle Team-age

2008: Team Obamacrat set up a website called Fight the Smears, where Obamacrat Pod Sheeple could report Republican Lies.

2009: Team Obamacrat set up an email called, where Obamacrat Pod Sheeple could report Republican Lies.

2011: Team Obamacrat created Attack Watch, where Obamacrat Pod Sheeple could report Republican Lies.

2012: Team Obamacrat launched The Obama for America Truth Team, where Obamacrat Pod Sheeple could report Republican Lies.

2013: Team Obamacrat created a website for The Organizing for Action Truth Team, where Obamacrat Pod Sheeple could report Republican Lies.

2014: Team Obamacrat created an entirely new, totally improved Tattle Team for Fracktivists, where Obamacrat Pod Sheeple can report Republican Lies.

But hey … Good News! Fracktivists is TOTES different from all those previous efforts. It not only has its own website; it’s got a Twitter hashtag! Aaaaannd there is a REAL YouTube video with a REAL Democrat Leader explaining how fab it would be if you joined up with other truth-telling, grassrootsy Democrats to fight the evil lying liars in the GOP.

Because nothing says, “We’re the Party of Truth Tellers” like having your leader win the 2013 Liar of the Year award from a Left-wing publication that five years earlier rated that exact same statement a Really True Fact, no less.

Here are my faves from Twitchy’s report:

  • Hahahaha! No seriously, Bwahahahaha!
  • “All #obamacare horror stories are untrue” #PickinOnOrdinaryCitizens
  • Would this be the same ‘truth’ as ‘when Ronald Reagan was in Congress’?
  • ‘Factivist’ sounds awfully close to ‘Fascist’. Just saying.
  • If GOP did this to counter George Soros and Big Unions, Lefties would FLIP.
  • Here’s a FACT for you: The Koch Brothers rank 59th in federal election spending.

1989-2014 TOP donors to Democrats



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Senator Reid is a big fat liar

Check out what the DEMOCRAT Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said from the floor of the United States Senate.

Reid: “It’s just stories! Lies!”

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. And the more than 5 million Americans who have had insurance policies they liked canceled? They’re all lying liars in a giant, right-wing conspiracy? Pull the other one, Harry.

Reid: “Ack! The Koch Brothers are trying to buy America!”

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Time Warner donated MORE TO DEMOCRATS than the KOCH BROTHERS donated to Republicans. And both of their donations were teensy weensy tater tots compared to the HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS that billionaires, big unions and corporations have shoveled into Democrat coffers.

Obamacrats are absolutely shameless. Five years ago, one of them pimped an equally evil lie from the floor of the House of Representatives.

Those of us who are not brain dead Obamacrats know that the Republican plans were about addressing specific problems in the health insurance market that drive costs up. E.g., States (like New York) that forbid residents to buy health insurance anywhere else.

In New York, Blue Cross has a monopoly; you know what happens when one business controls a commodity, right? It should tell you something about how UNaffordable health insurance has been in New York State that we are one of the few places where ObamaCare prices are similar or a little less.

Dearest couldn’t afford health insurance before ObamaCare; we STILL can’t afford it, but now the government is going to FINE us for not having it. Thanks, Democrats. That was a Big Help. NOT.

Here’s a sampling of Tweets and Twitchy comments in response to Reid’s outrageous claim:

  • It’s all lies? So I haven’t been cut to 25 hrs/wk? Awesome!
  • And yet it was Obama’s oft-repeated promise that we could keep our doctors and our plans that was judge 2013 Lie of the Year.
  • Harry Reid can smear cancer patients by calling them liars and most of our media just ignores it.
  • Typical of the left to accuse Conservatives of doing what THEY are actually doing!
  • I lost my insurance. That’s true. I cannot stand liars like Obama, Pelosi, and Reid.
  • Discounting Americans’ personal stories. Shameful.
  • “Shameful” is Harry Reid’s middle name.

Tweeters also sent around links to some of these allegedly untrue horror stories.

We’re supposed to believe the KOCH BROTHERS are behind ALL THIS when they can’t even engineer a majority in the Senate?! Bwahahahahahahaha! 

Update: Reid walked back on his statement. And by that I mean he shifted his lying feet about 1 centimeter, from all the horror stories are lies to the vast, vast majority of the ones the Koch Brothers finance are lies.

Puh-leeze. This is the same man who once swore that he had it on good authority that Mitt Romney had not paid his taxes in years. That was a big fat lie as well … not that the Democrat Media Machine cared.


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The false Koch meme

Lefties rant and spew about how the eeeeeevil Koch brothers allegedly buy elections for Republicans and MUST BE STOPPED.

Left's obsession with Boogeyman Koch Brothers

One might suppose from the fact that Democrats have dominated the federal political scene since January 2007 that the Koch brothers are rather ineffective morons. But that’s neither here nor there, since Open Secrets has compiled a list of actual Big Bucks Donors.

The Koch brothers are waaaaay down at #59. And six of the top ten are UNIONS that donated to Democrats 15 times what the Koch brothers donated to Republicans.

Facts can be so messy. This is no doubt why the Left avoids them as much as possible.

Who is buying US elections


Full list of donors @ N.b., All donors listed at Open Secrets are linked to pages that describe the nature of the group. I compiled a simplified version of the Open Secrets list using this methodology:

  • I ignored all donations less than 70% to a single party.
  • I rounded the total up or down, then multiplied by the >70% figure given and rounded the answer.
  • I ignored minority donations (less than 30%) for simplicity’s sake.

The breakdown I made of the TOP 100 DONOR TOTALS for the past 15 years that I used in my graphic:

$605 Million donated to Democrats by UNIONS and TRADE ASSOCIATIONS that gave 70% or more of total donations to ONE party.

  • $49 Million : American Fedn of State, County & Municipal Employees
  • $40 Million : Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
  • $33 Million : National Education Assn
  • $33 Million : American Federation of Teachers
  • $32 Million : Service Employees International Union
  • $32 Million : Laborers Union
  • $32 Million : Teamsters Union
  • $31 Million : Communications Workers of America
  • $30 Million : United Auto Workers
  • $30 Million : Machinists & Aerospace Workers Union
  • $29 Million : Carpenter &Joiners Union
  • $29 Million : United Food & Commercial Workers Union
  • $22 Million : National Assn of Letter Carriers
  • $21 Million : Sheet Metal Workers Union
  • $20 Million : Plumbers & Pipefitters Union
  • $19 Million : Operating Engineers Union
  • $18 Million : International Assn of Fire Fighters
  • $17 Million : Air Line Pilots Assn
  • $16 Million : Ironworkers Union
  • $16 Million : United Steelworkers
  • $15 Million : American Postal Workers Union
  • $15 Million : United Transportation Union
  • $14 Million : American Assn for Justice (Defense attorneys)
  • $12 Million : National Air Traffic Controllers Assn

$157 Million donated to Democrats by CORPORATIONS, PACS and one PUBLIC UNIVERSITY that gave 70% or more of total donations to ONE party.

  • $97 Million : ActBlue (Bundler of on-line donations to Democrats)
  • $30 Million : EMILY’s List (Pro-Abortion)
  • $17 Million : Time Warner
  • $13 Million : University of California

$25 Million donated to Republicans by UNIONS and TRADE ASSOCIATIONS that gave 70% or more of total donations to ONE party.

  • $14 Million : Associated Builders & Contractors
  • $11 Million : National Restaurant Assn

$123 Million donated to Republicans by CORPORATIONS and PACs that gave 70% or more of total donations to ONE party.

  • $17 Million : Altria Group (Philip Morris)
  • $16 Million : Koch Industries
  • $16 Million : National Rifle Assn
  • $16 Million : Club for Growth (Fiscal conservatives)
  • $14 Million : Union Pacific Corp
  • $13 Million : Exxon Mobil
  • $12 Million : Reynolds American
  • $10 Million : American Financial Group (Carl H. Lindner)
  • $ 9 Million : Southern Co (Utility)

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What is Netroots Nation and why should I care?

Netroots Nation is a political convention for American progressive political activists, which makes it the polar opposite of CPAC (pron SEE-pak), the Conservative Political Action Conference for American conservative activists.

Why should anyone care? Only because it’s a snark-tastic opportunity to scoff at the enemy. And you know how important Saul Alinsky said THAT is. So here I go playing a fun, if immature game of nyah nyah!

2013_06 20 Frank and Dean

Netroots Nation was originally organized by Daily Kos, a progressive blog financed in part by billionaire George Soros. So naturally, they featured a mockumentary about how totally UnAmerican Awful it is that the billionaire Koch Brothers help finance conservative political causes.

2013_06 21 Koch crockumentary

The 2013 Netroots Nation convention had about 3,000 registered attendees. (CPAC 2013 had about 10,000.)

2013_06 21 Packed house

Seriously. Who came up with Nutroots … I mean Netroots Nation? I’m guessing the same PR morons who came up with WTF for Obama.

2013_06 20 Packed house at Screen Liberally

There’s lots more, but you get the idea.


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