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Rising to the level of a dictatorship

You need to listen to this.

How far will his lawlessness go? Obama closed the White House to anyone but his own visitors a long time ago and he seems to be made of Teflon whenever it comes to any of dozens, yes, DOZENS, of scandals that make Nixon look like a Boy Scout.

Harry Reid totally ignores any bill the House passed that Obama doesn’t want to come to a vote. Moderate Republicans keep bending over and doing whatever Obamacrats want while Conservatives and Tea Partiers are blamed unjustly and targeted illegally.

I will be totally unsurprised if the 2016 election is canceled and Obama is declared President for life. It happened in Germany. It happened in Cuba. It happened in Venezuela. Given what we’ve seen happen already, I can’t find any reason to suppose it can’t or won’t happen here.


One correction to Judge Jeanine … Barack Obama is not a lawyer. He went to law school; he USED to be a lawyer. But he is not licensed to practice anywhere NOW. Ergo, he is not a lawyer.

And while he claims to have been a “constitutional law professor”, he doesn’t appear to have ever taught actual Constitutional Law. What he did teach (and this is according to a friendly article in the New York Times) were three courses about race, racism and … oh right … more racism.

Obama course on Racism and the Law


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BENGHAZI: The Ultimate Video

If you watch or read NOTHING else about Benghazi … watch this and PAY ATTENTION. It’s important.

May 11, 2013: Judge Jeanine tells us about Benghazi

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