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Allen West vs. Bob Beckel

No matter how you slice it, West makes Beckel look like exactly what he is … a Big Fat Loser.

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Bob Beckel has a Bachelor’s degree. While in college, he worked on Bobby Kennedy’s 1968 campaign until Kennedy was murdered.

In the 1977-1980 Carter administration, he was the youngest ever Deputy Assistant Secretary of State. Carter’s State Department is known for helping to bring down our ally, the Shah of Iran, and replace him with the virulently anti-American Ayatollahs.

In 1984, he served as campaign manager for Walter Mondale’s presidential campaign against first-term Reagan (who had trounced Carter). Mondale won 4 electoral votes.

In 2002, he managed Alan Blinken’s 2002 Senate campaign until a prostitute targeted him for extortion, when Blinken fired him.

Beckel is also a recovering alcohol and cocaine addict who now works as co-host and political commentator on CNN and Fox News and also as a graduate school professor of politics at the George Washington University where they apparently have very low standards in their professors. His students have more formal education than he does!

In 2007, Beckel was involved in an altercation in a parking lot over his anti-George W Bush bumper stickers.

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Visualize November

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 “Back in the day you would get beaten up or punched in the yard and you’d tell a teacher and they’d just tell you to suck it up, you know, or that’s just what boys do or that’s just how girls are and ‘You two knock it off,’ and that was the extent of it,” said psychologist Jerry Weichman, who works with adolescents at the Hoag Neurosciences Institute in Newport Beach, Calif.

I am just a tad younger than Mitt Romney, so can report first hand that Weichman has it exactly right about the ’60s academic attitude toward bullying.

I was far from being one of the kids the bullies routinely targeted, yet I remember being gut punched twice and having my wrists twist-burned by male classmates in elementary school. It never occurred to me to tattle. The school wouldn’t have done anything and my parents would have reamed me out for being a wimp.

Bullying definitely went on and it was not punished. But the really serious perps in our school were not the kids, but the two male teachers. The gym teacher delighted in joining into our pre-adolescent games of Dodge Ball so he could fire the ball at kids on the other team. This guy was an adult athlete. He LIKED hurting little kids with those damned red rubber balls.

The other guy was my sixth grade teacher who was a weekend minister at a small church in the community. This paragon of Christian virtue, rather than stifling or at least ignoring the verbal abuse the bullies heaped on the weaker kids, actually joined in on it and, like Mr. Sadist of the Gym, enjoyed himself immensely.

I’m not sure which of these two I despise more. But thinking back, in this climate, what incentive was there for a strong leader like Mitt Romney to behave any differently than the adult mentors the school provided? School in the 60s was not a cuddly pc environment. You had three choices:

  1. Bully
  2. Be bullied
  3. Lay low and hope for the best

I watched Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama steer our nation down some very dark paths by choosing doors number 2 and 3. Forgive me if I think someone who picked door number 1 might have the kind of strong backbone I want in that important job.

I feel sorry for the kids who got bullied. I really do. I felt bad for them when it was happening in my school. I was targeted a few times myself, which makes me even more ashamed that I was too much of a wimp to even try to stick up for the kids who got it all the time.

But what Mitt Romney may or may not have done fifty years ago in high school has no impact on who I intend to vote for in November.


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Check it out!

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Jimmy vs Dubya – Military Deaths

Our troops were safer going to war under Cowboy George than they were serving in peace time under Jimmy Milquetoast.

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A brief overview of Carter’s approval ratings

I was looking again at this graphic I did yesterday and wondering what caused that big bump in Carter’s approvals between Days 1000 and 1200.

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Like Obama, Carter was elected because he was not the Republican. Their ratings both reflect the fact that they were long on hype and short on actual leadership ability, starting out high at inauguration and sinking fast.

Carter did better at the beginning than Teh Won though. They each started at 66%-67%, but Carter’s went up for a couple of months to reach his all time high of 75%. Obama’s started sinking immediately and crossed below 50% earlier than Carter had.

So far, Obama’s low point has been 40%. Carter’s lowest point was 28% which he hit in the last week of June 1979. The notable events listed in the timeline @ are June 12, 1979 Carter proposes National Health Plan to Congress and June 18, 1979 Carter signs SALT II Treaty in Vienna with Brezhnev.

I don’t know much about that time. I was too busy planning my wedding to pay attention to Jimmy Carter. But just at a guess … Americans didn’t much like him trying to shove nationalized health on us or compromising our national security playing footsie with the Soviets. But like I said … I was busy with invitations and such. So what do I know.

That one notable bump began in November 1979, when Iranian militants took Americans hostage in Tehran and he responded by imposing a ban on oil imports from and sale of weapons to Iran. Both measures damaged the Iranian economy and military capability and the American people clearly approved. His ratings went above 50% in December, then hit 58% at the end of January 1980.

On January 27, 1980, Canadians rescued some of our hostages, but that was the peak for Carter’s approval recovery. As we waited in vain for HIM to do something decisive, his approval ratings sank again, dropping below 50% by March.

He scored a small bump to 43% after launching a rescue attempt at the end of April, even though it failed and eight American servicemen died. But when there was no follow up, his ratings dropped again, hitting 31% by June. Going into the election that fall, he was at 37%.  After he lost, he dropped back to 31%.

It is a sign of the total contempt the Iranian hostage takers had for this weak, appeasing President that they chose to release the 52 hostages on January 20, 1981, at the moment Reagan completed his 20-minute inaugural address after being sworn in as President.

You can access and compare presidential approvals (since Truman) at Gallup @


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Gallup Approvals – Carter vs Obama

One of my bloggy listers asked how Carter compared, so I checked Gallup’s interactive “Presidential Job Approval Center” feature and thought the results were just too juicy not to share!

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A tad out-of-date

By Chrissy the Hyphenated

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I was occasionally able to get on-line and grab a few screenshots during my frustrations. These are those, so all a tad out-of-date.

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GALLUP’s latest BHO v Generic poll

By Chrissy the Hyphenated

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This poll may explain why Barry has suddenly decided to Bring Our Troops Home, over his general’s objections, but just in time to get him lots of free press for his re-election campaign. How I feel about this is best left unsaid.

The poll, however, I can yap about with verve and perhaps a touch of panache.

Gallup notes that polls from June-of-the-year-before are not highly predictive of election outcomes.

In two cases (both Bush), there was no distinct opposition front-runner by June-of-the-year-before and both presidents polled WAY ahead of the “generic Democrat.”  One won the election. One lost.

In the other three cases, where there was a specific front-running opposition contender, the opposition candidate polled ahead of the president in the June-of-the-year-before Gallup poll.

Two of those – Clinton and Reagan – won re-election anyway. The third – Ronald Reagan – beat the incumbent.

None of the five is quite like this year’s situation, but there are clues in three of them that I find very cheering.

In both of the “Sitting Presidents v. Generic Opponent” polls gave the PRESIDENT a HUGE lead. Obama is behind.

And, in the one case where the weak, appeasing, Democrat president, Jimmy Carter, was running, his strong, conservative, Republican opponent, Ronald Reagan, polled slightly ahead of Carter, then won the election by a landslide.

Dear God, may we have another Reagan taking the Oath of Office in January 2013.

Poll at

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I can see 2012 from my house

By Chrissy the Hyphenated

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This is so weird. TIME includes undeclared Michele Bachmann who Halperin gives 1,000 to 1 odds, but ignores Cain who is actively in the race and polling well.

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Not much predictive value in these, is there?

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How do these people sleep at night?

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