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The Worst Ex-President Derby

Will Obama overtake Carter?

In the worst president bout, Obama takes the gold because Jimmy Carter at least recognized his mistakes with Iran and at the end of his term increased defense spending, and showed some muscle with the Carter Doctrine, which put the world on alert that the U.S. would use military force to defend its interests in the Persian Gulf. Obama, without the nuclear-armed Soviet Union still fighting the Cold War, ended his second term with the disastrous Iran nuke agreement, and with Russia and Iran rampaging through Syria in support of a psychopathic autocrat.
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I need some GOOD news

I didn’t sleep well last night, so I’m being gentle with me today. 🙂

FACT PP 20 to 1

Democrat Senators Joe Manchin (WV) and Heidi Heitkamp (ND) have publicly pledged to vote for Neil Gorsuch. Both are up for reelection next year in states where Donald Trump won by massive margins.

The Senate has passed a pro-life bill that allows states to defund Planned Parenthood, effectually overturning the HHS rule enforced by the Obama administration that prevented states from blocking Title X funding to abortion providers.  Senator Johnny Isakson, Republican of Georgia, had been away for two back operations.  So critical was this vote that he got his doctor’s permission to make the trip to vote Aye.  RINOs Collins (ME) and Murkowski (AK) voted with the Democrats, leaving the vote at 50-50.  Vice President Mike Pence cast the deciding vote.

North Carolina’s GOP-led legislature repealed the “bathroom” law, after agreeing to a deal with Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper to strip away its language requiring people to use only public bathrooms that match their biological sex.  Basically, life in NC public jons goes back to where it was, with trannies who can pass using the bathroom of choice, while blocking the creeps.

President Donald Trump appointed Roger Severino to lead the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Civil Rights (OCR).  Severino, a Harvard Law graduate, comes to HHS from the Heritage Foundation, where, according to his bio, he worked on religious freedom, marriage, and life issues and directed the DeVos Center for Religion and Civil Society in the Institute for Family, Community, and Opportunity.

Former President Jimmy Carter said on the Laura Ingraham show: “I’ve signed a public letter calling for the Democratic Party at the next convention to espouse my position on abortion which is to minimize the need, requirement for abortion and limit it only to women whose life are in danger or who are pregnant as a result of rape or incest. I think if the Democratic Party would adopt that policy that would be acceptable to a lot of people who are now estranged from our party.”

This man’s ear was miraculously healed, thanks to the intercession of St. Katharine Drexel.  He relates, “I went into the hospital for an exploratory operation. The doctor told us that there were three bones in the ear that you needed to be able to hear, and two of mine in the right ear had been destroyed by the infection. He said I’d never hear in my right ear again.  A few days later, I told my mother that I could hear fine out of both my ears. The doctor gave me a hearing test and confirmed it.”  His healing was one of the miracles that led to Katharine’s canonization.

Life is unpredictable and doctors can be wrong!  Twenty-five years ago, Sandra Norman’s OB told her she should abort her unborn child.  They refused, but asked a priest to be at the hospital when their daughter was born so that she could be baptized. The grieving couple also picked out a coffin and dress for their daughter’s burial.  Their daughter Rachel now is 25 years old, has a college degree, and is engaged to be married. Though her inherited kidney disorder continues to be a struggle, she is glad to be alive.


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When Carter halted Iranian immigration

1980: US President Carter Bans Muslim Immigrants

April 7, 1980: President Carter
Sanctions Against Iran Remarks Announcing U.S. Actions.

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Dealing with the Secular

In this, the holiest time of the year, people of faith gather family and friends close to share fellowship and celebrate the life of the only One who was without sin. In March of 2013 I was taken to the hospital and spent nine days being tended to by some incredible people. Years of abuse had taken its toll. I have severe emphysema, Type II diabetes, a pacemaker for an irregular heartbeat, and sleep apnea so severe I can’t sleep without a machine. After 40 years of smoking cigarettes I stopped cold turkey. It was time. My cardiologist said my choices were to quit and be able to enjoy my grandchildren outside or continue smoking and they could come see me sitting in a chair and connected to an O2 machine.

My grandchildren are all I have left. The only thing worth living for. I am most grateful that I’ve been granted another Christmas season to share with them. I live with the realization that time is running out so every day Almighty God allows me is truly a gift.

CHRIST is the reason for this season of love and joy. Secularists are missing the Spirit and busy themselves with things of this world. Even during this time the so-called progressives feel compelled to dispense their own brand of hatred and spite. They are consumed with it. It must be in their DNA.

Obama planning farewell speech in Chicago next month
Obama’s remarks are expected to include a thank you to Chicago and the state of Illinois for launching his political career, one that began as a state senator and then a U.S. senator and then president.

College Student Driven Out Of School For Backing Trump
In September, shortly after starting at the Pennsylvania women’s school, Andi Moritz made a post on the Bryn Mawr’s ride-sharing Facebook page, asking if anybody wanted to accompany her during a Saturday spent campaigning for Trump. Moritz said she wanted another girl along to ensure her safety since she was carpooling with a man she didn’t know.
The request turned out to be a big mistake, as Moritz was bombarded with hundreds of comments from fellow students, most of them extremely hostile.

Speaker Ryan Furious Obama Didn’t Sign Troop Pay Raise Before Going On Vacation

[CtH: There’s a real simple reason most of the military votes Republican.]

Obama Joins the Jackals
Obama admin ‘stabs Israel in the back’ with UN vote on settlements
Israeli officials also lashed out at the Obama administration, calling its behavior “shameful” and alleging that President Obama used the anti-Israel vote as a way to express his hostility for the Jewish state before vacating the Oval Office.

UN Passes Despicable Anti-Israel Resolution, Obama Fails To Veto It…UPDATE: Failure To Veto Earns Bipartisan Condemnation

[CtH: The UN certainly seems to be on track for the rise of a Muslim Anti-Christ.]

Israel Official: Obama Administration Secretly Worked With Palestinians To Craft ‘Shameful’ UN Resolution
“President Obama and Secretary Kerry are behind this shameful move against Israel at the UN. The US administration secretly cooked up with the Palestinians an extreme anti Israeli resolution behind Israel’s back which would be a tailwind for terror and boycotts and effectively make the Western Wall occupied Palestinian territory.

Netanyahu: “We Will Not Abide By Terms” Of Anti-Israel UN Resolution

Jimmy Carter Is The Only Former President To RSVP For Trump’s Inauguration
George W. Bush hasn’t decided if he’s attending the event either, his spokesman Freddy Ford said, and will make his decision after the new year.

Democrats Plan Alternate Mega-Concert For Inauguration Day
The idea is to counter Trump’s inauguration and garner higher television ratings than the swearing-in. Normally, the presidential inaugurals carry several a-list acts, but Trump has had issues booking artists to perform. So far, the only confirmed acts are Jackie Evancho (singing the National Anthem), the Rockettes, and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Markay on Obama: ‘He Seems Incapable of Thinking There Might Be Legitimate Criticisms of His Policies’

[CtH: I don’t agree that Democrats have alienated voters by failing to communicate their message.  I think they alienated voters because their message is evil.]

This Picture Explains Germany Today

Heavily-armed police guarding nativity scenes in Germany, so that people can visit them safely.






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History Lesson: Iran and the U.S.

OBAMA Islamic terrorism no clue

According to the article linked below, the Left and its pawns preach an anti-American history of Iran that doesn’t match the facts.  For example:

  • We did not get involved in Iran to score oil, but to prevent a rogue Iranian dictator from allying with the Soviet Union.
  • The CIA did not put the Shah into power; he got there because the people wanted him.
  • The Shah was not a terrible tyrant who was ousted because of a popular uprising. He was ousted when Islamic extremists staged a violent coup that succeeded only because Jimmy Carter refused to lift a finger.

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2d Worst President reminds us why he didn’t get re-elected

Click on graphics to embiggen.

2014_08 Former Prez Carter - nut cases

From Twitchy:  Hey, dumbass, remember when you were POTUS and the earth was going to freeze because of another ice age? Whatever became of that?

1977 TIME - Global Cooling Crisis

From Twitchy:  There are four living ex-presidents – two Republicans and two Democrats. Both Bush’s are happily retired and stay out of the public eye. Carter and Clinton on the other hand can’t keep their mouths shut. Coincidence? I think not.

Climate Change is NORMAL

The SUN is the Climate Changer, not MAN



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Body Language at the Bush Library dedication

2013_04 25 Body Language at Bush Library dedication

MIRRORING – When one person copies another, it is called mirroring. It often means the two people are in synch with one another.

  • Bill, Dubya and HW: When a self-confident person puts his hands in his pockets, it may indicate he is uncomfortable with the people around him. Unless his hands are cold or his joints ache, HW’s hand clasp is likely a wheelchair appropriate variation on his son’s hands in pockets gesture. All three men appear to be avoiding eye contact with the three Big Losers in the room. And lest anyone think this is partisan or racist, Clinton is a Democrat and Carter is white.
  • Barack and Michelle: Crossed arms are usually associated with self-protection, indicating the person feels threatened (unless they’re just cold).

PROXIMITY – For Americans, it is appropriate for friends and associates to space themselves 18″ to 4′ apart and create an open circle while talking.

  • Because there is clearly a photographer in the room, the open semi-circle from Barbara to Dubya is appropriate. Barack’s position in this semi-circle deliberately excludes Carter. Carter’s loose arms and big smile suggest he may be too dim-witted to get that his fellow Democrat is belittling him.
  • Former First Ladies – Three of them aren’t even in the picture. Michelle is scowling and pouting. Only the supremely self-confident and wry Babsy Bush is smiling and has positioned her body to relate appropriately with her husband, son and Clinton.


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Was reduced security an Obama campaign strategy?

I mentioned this idea to Dearest … that the reduced security at our embassies could have been a perverse Democrat plot to produce a winning October Surprise for Obama … and he was amazed that anyone could even think such a thing.

I defended myself by citing this November 4, 2010, interview on MSNBC:

Mark Penn tells Chris Matthews Obama Needs Another Oklahoma City Bombing [:26]

Now … if you only look at approval numbers, Penn’s statement makes some sense. But you’d have to be a really twisted excuse for humanity to see approval numbers instead of dead bodies.

As much as I hate to believe my fellow Americans could be so warped, I have to admit these are the same people who lionized Ted Kennedy, the only man with a confirmed kill in the war on women.

Kevin DuJan at Hillbuzz blogged about this “October surprise” idea as if it was a lot more than a horrible possibility:

“Folks, more people are going to eventually go to jail for what happened at Benghazi than went to prison for Watergate. This is a coverup that goes directly to Barack Obama himself. I have friends who lived through Watergate and who repeatedly tell me they had no idea in the initial days after a ‘break-in was reported in Democrat offices’ that it would eventually topple Nixon and bring down so many powerful people. I love the woman on a personal level, but if Hillary Clinton knew about any of this and didn’t stop this scheme for a ‘hostage-taking October Surprise’ then she belongs in prison too…along with Barack Obama, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, and a host of other women and effeminate men who thought lowering security at consulates so ‘something would happen that we could use in October’ was a good idea.”

I hadn’t considered the hostage situation scenario. But when I looked at Carter’s post-Iranian hostage bump, I could see his point. In the long run, Carter made a total hash of that situation. But in the short run, he got enough of a boost that, if Obama had been able to score the same so close to Election Day, he’d have walked away with a second term in his pocket.

Obama has said his goal is to bring to justice those involved in this:

If that’s true, Obama may have to bring himself to justice. According to the news report below, his own people did not merely refuse requests from our Libyan embassy to send additional security; they actually ordered security that was already there to LEAVEright before the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks!

August 2012: Obama State Dept. Withdrew 16 Member Security Team From Libya Before Attack


October 12, 2012: Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) and ranking member Susan Collins (R-Maine) announced the committee will investigate the events surrounding the death of four Americans in Libya, including the U.S. ambassador, Chris Stevens.

October 13, 2012: The President of the United States phoned in to the Michael Yo Show where he and Yo discussed the Big Issue, what Yo called “the elephant in the room” … could Barack Hussein Obama do ANYTHING to heal the rift between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey?

I am so sickened by all this, my stomach hurts and I want to weep.



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VIDEO: An Ode to Jim-Bama

I made this VIDEO in 2009. It has become very timely again.

An Ode to Jim-Bama @ Chrissy’s Site Bites

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Setting the record straight

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2004 – U.S. Senate Candidate Obama Dismisses Bush Jobs Report [1:45]

In this video clip, U.S. Senate candidate Barack Obama sneers at George Bush’s economic leadership, saying the uptick in economic activity in March 2004 was not that big a deal. In his words,

“Middle class and working class Americans are being squeezed, working longer hours, for less pay, it’s harder for them to find jobs that pay a living wage.”

Hmm. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? But according to the Obama White House, the recently released economic report for August 2012

“provides further evidence that the U.S. economy is continuing to recover from the worst downturn since the Great Depression.”


Chrissy’s Site Bites @

What we have here is not “the worst downturn since the Great Depression”, but the worst RECOVERY since the Great Depression. (And a Big-Government-Democrat orchestrated that prolonged piece of misery too.) The ACTUAL worst downturn since the Great Depression was brought on by none other than Democrat Jimmy Carter.

Ronald Reagan inherited a MUCH worse economic situation from Jimmy Carter than Barack Obama inherited from George Bush.

Chrissy’s Site Bites @

But instead of pork-laden, crony-feeding, borrow-and-spend, big government programs, Reagan implemented the same kind of things Romney and Ryan want to implement. Below are 2 data-based, non-partisan comparisons of how well the two approaches actually operated in the real world.

Chrissy’s Site Bites @

President Obama is running around making loads of promises about how he’s going to FIX things if we just give him Four More Years. Who is he kidding? He made the exact same promises in 2008.

He’s HAD four years.

Check out what his record is on economic leadership.

  • The dark blue line is what Obama said would happen if we passed that ginormous pork-laden stimulus bill in 2009.
  • The light blue line is what Obama said would happen if we did not pass said porkulus legislation.
  • The dark red line is what ACTUALLY HAPPENED after we PASSED that ginormous pork-laden stimulus bill in 2009.

Chrissy’s Site Bites @

As a predictor of economic trends, Obama clearly gets a big fat F.  Let’s hope he will prove to have been more prescient about the tolerance of the American people.

He’s right [:30]

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