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On Anniversary of Fort Hood, Barack Skips Another Chance to Heal America

But the representatives of the more than 120 Fort Hood terror attack victims and family did not. The following statement by attorneys Neal M. Sher and Reed D. Rubinstein on the 5 year anniversary of the 2nd worst (I think) terror attack on American soil comes from via Cardigan at iOTWr. It is reproduced in entirety below:
“Five years ago today, the terrorist Nidal Hasan yelled “Allah akbar” and, wearing the uniform of an U.S. Army major, began slaughtering Americans. Fourteen innocent people lost their lives and over fifty were injured. For five years, Hasan has bragged of committing this atrocity in the name of Islam to protect the Taliban.

Hasan’s victims saw their lives forever changed that terrible day. But the real tragedy of Fort Hood was that our government could have easily prevented their suffering. The U.S. Army and FBI had long known that Hasan was a jihadist with al-Qaeda connections and, simply by following their own standard policies and procedures, easily could have stopped him before anyone was hurt. Instead, because of what the Senate Homeland Committee’s investigation called “political correctness,” the government willfully averted its eyes to Hasan’s jihadism. Hasan should have been arrested. Instead, he was promoted and given other special privileges.

Incredibly, the government’s policies of political correctness and special privileges for Hasan continued even after his killing spree.

The day after the carnage, on November 6, 2009, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said that U.S. authorities “were taking measures to quell anti-Islam sentiments” in the U.S. and that Hasan “does not, obviously, represent the Muslim faith.” On November 8, 2009, Army Chief of Staff Gen. George Casey said on the Sunday talk shows that the “real tragedy” of Fort Hood would be damage to “diversity” policies and publicly warned against “guessing at Hasan’s motive,” though the government knew of Hasan’s jihadist motive from the start.

The special privileges for Hasan also continued. Pfc. Bradley Manning, who gave Wikileaks documents, was kept naked in an isolation cell and charged with aiding the enemy. But Hasan, who killed for the Taliban, was not similarly charged or confined. Instead, he was given uniquely comfortable accommodations and special food; permitted to wear a beard, a privilege denied loyal American soldiers; and allowed to give Al-Jazeera an interview praising anti-American “mujahadeen.”

Though the government went out of its way to coddle Hasan, it had no kindness for his victims. First, they were used as props in staged “mourning” ceremonies to benefit political leaders, then they were personally promised assistance by President Obama and top generals, and finally they were shoved down a memory hole. Hasan’s terrorism became “workplace violence,” meaning that those who survived the charnel house were denied support, benefits and mental health treatment. In some cases, soldiers were physically and mentally abused for requesting treatment of Fort Hood-related injuries.

Five years on, the government has done nothing to help the victims of Fort Hood. Congress recently passed bills to force the Department of Defense to at least consider awarding the Fort Hood soldiers the Purple Hearts that they deserve. But these bills, even if they become law, do nothing to make good the President’s promises to family members that “the government will make you whole.”

Now, from our new Congress, we call and hope for action. First, we ask for equity. Congress should provide similar benefits to the Fort Hood victims as it provided to the 9/11 Pentagon victims. The government should not be allowed to dodge its culpability.

Second, we ask Congress hold oversight hearings to investigate and hold accountable the Department of Defense and the White House for their post-attack policies, conduct and abuse.

Political correctness caused multiple deaths at Fort Hood and mass child abuse in Rotherham, England. Yet the fundamental evil of political correctness, beyond even the body count, is the damage done to the public’s faith in our leaders. The officials who call Fort Hood “workplace violence” also say that “ISIS is not Islamic.” Who can, or should, believe them?

The victims of Fort Hood have heard many expressions of sympathy and promises of help from the President, the Chief of Staff and powerful Senators. But there has been no aid and no action. The time for answers, for action and for justice has long passed.


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Proving they hate America

The Congressional Black Caucus (Motto: No Conservative Blacks or Whites Representing Majority Black Districts Allowed) have proposed pre-eminent House Negro, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, for Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.

The cabinet-level position is being vacated this fall by the ever-incompetent Janet Napolitano, who demonstrated her ability to always do what she’s told to advance the Left’s wet dream of destroying America and has therefore been rewarded with a cushy position as president of the University of California.

For an analysis of Napolitano’s tenure as head of HHS, read

Obama and Jackson Lee - Redefining incompetence

As a replacement, Jackson Lee would bring the same level of incompetence and immorality that Napolitano brought, but with the added bonus of being BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK. The following is just a sampling of her behavior since coming to Congress in 1995:

Feb 13, 2013: “I stand here as a freed slave because this Congress came together.”

Jackson Lee has a B.A. in political science from Yale no less, plus a law degree from the University of Virginia. You’d think between the two, she might have gotten a clue that black people stopped being legally defined as property many, many, many years before she was born and that it was due to the efforts of Republican presidents and Republican congresses that they have all the rights they’ve got.

July 15, 2010 to Congress: “Today we have two Vietnams, side by side, North and South, exchanging and working.”

Jackson Lee is a member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs and there is no North and South Vietnam anymore, only the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

July 15, 2010 to Congress: Bemoaning the loss of American lives in Vietnam, because “the leadership of this nation did not listen to the mothers and fathers who borned the burden of 58,000 dead.”

No doubt she means the Republican Nixon, who inherited the mess in Vietnam from the Democrat Kennedy-Johnson administrations. I can’t speak to how Gold Star moms and dads “borned” their burden. Is that Ebonics or just bad English … but I repeat myself.

Also in July 2010, Jackson Lee announced at the NAACP convention, amidst cheers, that Tea Partiers are nothing more than Ku Klux Klan members without their robes.

The KKK was founded by and filled with Democrats. Tea Partiers predominantly self-identify as either Republican or Independent.

February 2007: Jackson Lee ignored the Bush administration’s policy toward Chavez’ anti-American Socialist rule of Venezuela and traveled there as a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, which paid for the trip.

Venezuela supplies about 11 percent of America’s oil imports. Despite Chavez’ declared intention to take a majority stake of U.S.-run oil operations in the country, Jackson Lee declared he had many friends in the “new Congress”, referring to the take-over of the House and Senate in January 2007 by a Democrat majority that was openly hostile to the Bush administration.

Jackson Lee has also urged the U.S. to sell F-16 fighter jets and spare parts to Venezuela, which has close relations with Iran and Cuba.

Jackson Lee sits on the House Committee on Homeland Security and on the Subcommittees on Border, Maritime, and Global Counter terrorism, Transportation Security and Infrastructure Protection, Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security, and Immigration, Citizenship, Refugees, Border Security, and International Law.

2005: On a visit to the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Jackson Lee asked if the Mars Pathfinder had photographed the American flag Neil Armstrong planted in 1969. Reportedly, the embarrassed guide replied simply that this had not been possible, since that flag is on the Moon while the Mars Pathfinder was on Mars.

Jackson Lee has been the Democrat representative for Houston, where NASA is based, since 1995. At the time of this faux pas, she was also serving on the House Science Committee.



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The FBI’s 31 Most Wanted Terrorists

2013_05 07 FBI's most wanted toon

That’s right, Janet.

ALL 31 of these people are NOT Rightwingnuts.

  • They’re not war veterans.
  • They’re not Christian fundamentalists.
  • They’re not Pro-Lifers or NRA gun nuts.

THIRTY are violent Muslim extremists, all with Muslim names and dark skin.

The lone “whitebread” is a violent Animal-Rights extremist.

He eats vegan, enjoys sailing, and likes to set off bombs laced with nails.

The FBI is offering a reward of up to $250,000 for information leading directly to his arrest and has his poster marked, “SHOULD BE CONSIDERED ARMED AND DANGEROUS.”

Not that a quarter mill is that big a deal on this list. The lone woman is worth a whole entire million.

And that crap about how poverty and a lack of education breed violence? It’s crap. Zulkifli Abdhir is a Malaysian who was educated in engineering in the United States. He speaks Malaysian, English, Tagalog, Arabic and Terrorism. Wadoud Muhammad Hafiz al-Turki is a civil engineer who speaks Arabic, English and Terrorism.

So tell me, Secretary Left-Wing Obama Democrat Napolitano. Who is guilty of profiling? Me for reporting the facts or you for sending reports out to every law enforcement agency in the country pointing your “OMG! Potential Terrorists” finger at your POLITICAL enemies?

And while you’re answering questions (or shouting, “Look, a squirrel!” which is more likely), I’d really like to know why Anas Al-Liby has been granted political asylum in the UNITED KINGDOM!

Has _Resident Øbama’s foreign policy managed to not only embolden our enemies but embitter our allies to this degree?

Or was it the iPod he gave the Queen?



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Obama holds second Cabinet meeting of 2012

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The purpose of the Cabinet is both to advise the President and to rein in any attempts by him to abuse his power. Reagan and George W. Bush each met with their Cabinets 36 times in their first year alone.

Obama has convened his Cabinet only twice in the past 8 months. He has met individually with his Secretaries of Defense (18), Treasury (15), and State (14), plus one meeting each with Agriculture and Veterans Affairs. But he has not sat down with the other ten at all.

Some of these omissions are particularly puzzling.

How could he not meet with Attorney General Eric H. Holder even once during all that time Congress had Holder on the hot seat, then voted to hold him in contempt? And where did he get the nerve to grant Holder “executive privilege” when they hadn’t even talked?

Gas prices are still killing us all, at the pumps and in higher prices for everything that gets shipped anywhere, which is pretty much everything. Yet Obama never once met with his Secretary of Energy.

He also never met with his Secretaries of Commerce or Labor, despite record-high unemployment and record-low economic growth.

And did someone call off that terrorist threat thing? Obama never met with his Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano.

He also never met with Kathleen Sebelius, his Secretary of Health and Human Services and the author of the HHS mandate that has led to dozens of lawsuits and a revolt among formerly loyal-to-Democrats Catholics.

It’s easy to see where his priorities lie.

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Even when he works, he doesn’t work!

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Sources: etc.


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Wanted for the murder of Brian Terry

Holder lied. People died.

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