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Tingles flip flops on ISIS

2014_09 Tingles flip flops on ISIS


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I’ll take the Pope over the POTUS

2014_08 Pope over POTUS



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He died a kafir

2014_08 Muslims celebrate Foley's execution

Kafir: Non-Muslim



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POTUS: Prince of Totally Useless Schmucks

2014_08 21 OBAMA 8th round of golf in 11 days

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No Words

2014_08 18 Obama goes to dinner

Upon hearing news of Foley’s execution, British Prime Minister David Cameron canceled his vacation and returned home to address the situation.  President Obama returned to Martha’s Vineyard.

2014_08 19 PBS sorry to hear Foley died

Sources told ABC that the White House knew as early as August 13th that ISIS was planning to assassinate Foley in retribution for American air strikes. The British government has examined the videotape and believes the purported executioner may be a former Gitmo detainee.

2014_08 20 Obama said some words then went golfing again


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