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We need serious people for serious problems

Stilton Jarlsberg had a thoughtful commentary about finding the middle ground between Obama’s head in the sand policies and the exploding head diatribes of Donald Trump.

“There is room – and necessity – for our nation to find the middle ground between Barack Hussein Obama’s denials and Donald Trump’s bellicose bombast. It is time – indeed, well past time – for all of this to be dealt with seriously, by serious people.

“A personal sidebar: today, I had lunch in a McDonald’s which is very near a large mosque in our neighborhood. It wasn’t crowded inside, and I took note of the other people who were there. The staffers behind the counter were happily speaking to each other in Spanish. A woman wearing a headscarf was eating and looking at a video on her computer (I admit it – I looked to see if it was a “how to” on building “clocks,” but it appeared to be a soap opera). Nearby, two Asian men chatted in what I presume was Chinese. And the McDonald’s itself was nicely decorated for Christmas (by name) and, despite being next door to a mosque, advertising the distinctly non-Halal McRib.

“As we were leaving, I held the door for a young mother wearing a head scarf as she entered while Mrs. Jarlsberg helped guide the woman’s baby stroller through the door. The woman smiled and thanked us.

“There’s no big punchline to this story, other than that everyone was getting along just fine. At a McDonald’s. And it made me wish that we could all take a deep breath and turn down the nonsensical rhetoric a bit on both sides. Not closing our eyes to very real dangers; just remembering that keeping our eyes open should have rewards which go beyond surveillance.”

Pistol Pete posted an awesome collection of news video clips about RCOTUS’s Sunday Oval Office speech @ I grabbed this screenshot from one of them.

2015_10 Does Obama have clear plan ISIS poll

I caught these two on Facebook:

Leading from Behind: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton [2:16]

CNN: ISIS will laugh at Obama’s oval office speech [2:55]

You know who they didn’t laugh at? George W. Bush. He was a serious man who handled the serious GWOT problem with prayerful leadership. He made tough decisions and dealt with the inevitable criticisms gracefully. In the end, we won the War in Iraq.  Then, President Kumbaya swanned into office, removed our troops prematurely, and handed the whole region over to ISIS.

2015 Bush v Obama IRAQ



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Barack Obama has a lot of blood on his hands

OBAMA Spin vs Truth

2015_06 ISIS execution


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I am PROUD of what we did in Iraq (before Obama took office)

2015_05 21 Cotton on Iraq War?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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The President-In-Name-Only just uncorked another steaming pile of Blame Bush Buffet.

2015_03 16 BHO blames ISIS on Bush

Remember when Obamacrats said we didn’t need troops in Iraq because there was no al Qaeda in Iraq? This would be after the Left said Bush didn’t attack al Qaeda in Iraq because he didn’t want to undercut his reasons for invading Iraq, but before they said it was Bush’s invasion that led to al Qaeda being in Iraq.

ISIS wasn’t the result of the invasion of Iraq. It was the result of Obama’s retreat from Iraq. And it is something that Bush and a whole lot of other smart people WARNED WOULD HAPPEN if we pulled our troops out of Iraq too soon.

Below is the full VICE News interview. I didn’t watch it, but you’re welcome to do so. I suggest you keep a barf bag handy; I hear he talks about his Jobs for Terrorists plan at the end.

President Barack Obama Speaks With VICE News

BHO and Jihadi John

Remember when BHO sneered at FOX News, calling it “not a real news organization”? Have any of you ever even heard of VICE News or Shane Smith before? I guess this is a step up from his interview with that Froot Loops YouTube sensation. At least VICE News has the word “news” in the name, right? Almost like how FOX News does. Speaking of FOX … I googled VICE News and found out that Rupert Murdoch’s corporation 21st Century Fox owns 5% of Vice Media of which VICE News is a division. ::snork::


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Daesh: Cultural and Ethnic Cleansers

They’re proud of their campaign to destroy the religious and cultural history of the Iraqi people, saying they draw their inspiration from early Islamic history and their strict interpretation of Islamic law.

2015_03 15 Daesh destroys monastery

Previous attacks in recent weeks include the bulldozing of the 2,000-year-old city of Hatra and the Nimrud archaeological site near Mosul and destruction of cultural artefacts and antiquities in a Mosul museum and at the Nergal Gate to ancient Nineveh.

2015_02 26 Daesh thugs smash ancient art

They also destroyed a 19th century Ottoman-era mosque in the central Mosul because it belonged to the wrong kind of Muslims.


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They were for it before they were against it

  • In 1998, President Bill Clinton said the U.S. needed to invade Iraq because they held weapons of mass destruction that were a danger to the U.S.
  • In 2002, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton condemned Saddam Hussein and strongly supported the invasion of Iraq to take him down.

This video of two speeches by Bill and Hillary will be a real eye-opener for anyone who doesn’t remember those days.

Clintons on Iraq


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When a President needs on-the-job training

2014_05 07 SecState Kerry w wishbone

Below are 11 major statements that Barack Obama has made about our military in Iraq:

  1. As candidate for Illinois Senator in 2002, he said, “I don’t oppose all wars. What I am opposed to is a dumb war.” Then he proceeded to explain what a Very Bad Guy Saddam Hussein is and how much better off Iraq and the world would be if he were gone.
  2. As a U.S. Senator in early 2007, he declared himself completely opposed to President Bush’s “Surge”, saying if it were up to him, he would “do the reverse. … I think he [Bush] is wrong, and I think the American people believe he’s wrong.” The Surge was a rousing success.
  3. As a U.S. Senator in summer 2007, he wrote that the Iraq War “never should have been authorized and never should have been waged.” Obama advocated troop withdrawal “with the goal of removing all combat brigades from Iraq by March 31, 2008.” At this point, the Surge had only just begun.
  4. As candidate for U.S. President in fall 2007, he said, “If we have not gotten our troops out by the time I am President, it is the first thing I will do. I will get our troops home. We will bring an end to this war. You can take that to the bank.” It was clear at this time that the Surge was working and that more of our boots on the ground was exactly what Iraq needed to keep the peace.
  5. After taking his Oath of Office in January 2009, he stated, “We’ll begin to responsibly leave Iraq to its people.” Anybody with any sense whatsoever knew this was a Very Bad Idea that would assuredly result in a resurgence in extremist Muslim violence, but he didn’t care.
  6. At a speech at Camp Lejeune in February 2009, he told all our enemies exactly when our troops would be leaving Iraq.
  7.  On October 21, 2011, he reaffirmed his announcement of a hard date by which all our troops would be out of Iraq.
  8. At a final campaign stop before the 2012 elections, the President took credit for ending the War in Iraq. “I said I’d end the war in Iraq, I ended it,” he said.
  9. In August 2014, Obama blamed the horrific rise in violence by ISIS on George Bush. 
  10. In September 2014, Obama reiterated his determination to NOT put U.S. boots on the ground.
  11. On February 11, 2015, Obama asked Congress for the authority to put U.S. boots on the ground in Iraq, because, you know, ISIS.  We had that damn war won before HE took over and pissed it all away.


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Laffing at Lyin’ Brian

Lyin' Brian - Vets' version

NBC’s Lyin’ Brian Williams deserves to be mocked for repeatedly claiming to have been shot down in Iraq by an RPG when all that really happened is that he saw a chopper on the ground that had an RPG rammed up its butt and took a photo of it.

Lyin' Brian - beheaded

More Brian Williams Exaggerations – CONAN on TBS

Lyin' Brian - Jesse Owens

Nightly News Spoof with Ben Howe and Dana Loesch

Lyin' Brian - moon

Other famous Lyin’ Democrats who deserve to be mocked into obscurity …

Bill Clinton: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”

Anthony Wiener: “I did not send that photo.”

Brian Williams has all the credibility of Colonel Keaton, but none of the cute.

Family Ties – Colonel Keaton

Our troops deserve better than the likes of Lyin’ Brian and his Lyin’ Democrat Comrades

John Kerry

Hillary Clinton

Richard Blumenthal

Lyin' Brian - GI Joe

Other sources:


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Just one question mark away from total credibility

Better luck next time, Sally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2015_02 05 Bush Derangement Syndrome continues

And speaking of total (lack of) credibility … check out this Variety article:

There have been no signals that NBC News is taking Williams off the air or readying any sort of disciplinary action in the wake of a disclosure Wednesday that he has on multiple occasions falsely stated that he was on a helicopter shot down by enemy fire while on an NBC News reporting trip in Iraq in 2003.  …

Williams has told the story for years, during an appearance on David Letterman’s “Late Show”  and at various public functions, of being aboard a whirlybird shot down by enemy fire in the Iraq desert. He only conceded he was not telling the truth yesterday in an interview in Stars & Stripes. …

What makes Williams’ admission worse, according to one person familiar with the situation, is that he had been counseled in the past by senior NBC News executives to stop telling the story in public.

I am NOT holding my breath for NBC to do anything more than wait until this thing fades because … OH LOOK!  A SQUIRREL!



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MEDIA FAIL: NBC’s Williams lies … again

2015_01 30 Brian Williams lies again

Yes, a helicopter was hit by an RPG, but Williams and his camera crew were nowhere near by. Their aircraft arrived at the FOB west of Baghdad some 30 to 60 minutes later, at which time Williams took photos of the damaged chopper.

When Williams’ fairy tale was challenged this week by those men who actually were shot down, Williams said he was “sorry” that he “misremembered” the incident.

How do you “misremember” something like that?!  

Other people would just call this a Big Fat Lie, but for Democrats like Brian Williams, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Anderson Cooper and JFK, it’s okay to be “flexible” about the facts of heroic near death experiences whenever that version of “truth” happens to be convenient for their careers.

New York Rangers Fans Break Out In Applause For Veteran | NBC Nightly News



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