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Obamacare is working (for some)

Obamacare was marketed as a win-win for all consumers, but numerous national surveys consistently show that twice as many have been directly harmed by it as have been helped.

2014_06 Obamacare and hate

Democrats promised Americans that Obamacare would reduce “everybody’s” rates by $2,500 per family. Instead, back in the real world, premiums have continued to climb ever higher. Many consumers have experienced double-digit increases.

Democrats also promised Americans could keep their health care plans and doctors. This has proved manifestly untrue. Millions have lost their preferred health plans and caregiver arrangements as a direct result of Obamacare, with millions more to come.


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That’s the subject line of an email Dearest forwarded to me today for vetting. I thought it was an urban legend because the phrasing of the alleged Obama quotation was nothing like the way he speaks. Turns out I was right … and wrong.

In March 2009, the Obama administration actually DID propose forcing wounded vets to PAY FOR THEIR OWN SERVICE-RELATED MEDICAL EXPENSES.

Obama Wants Our Vets to Pay for Their War Injuries, but Illegal Immigrants Get Free Medical Care

However, the Obama “quote” in the email is SATIRE. 

“Nobody made these guys go to war. They had to have known and accepted the risks. Now they whine about bearing the costs of their choice? It doesn’t compute. I thought these were people who were proud to sacrifice for their country. I wasn’t asking for blood, just money. With the country facing the worst financial crisis in its history, I’d have thought that the patriotic thing to do would be to try to help reduce the nation’s deficit. I guess I underestimated the selfishness of some of my fellow Americans.”



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Jan Schakowsky: Foot Soldier in the Democrat War on Women

2014_03 22 Schakowsky lies for Obamacare

Dana Loesch tweets in response to Schakowsky’s lie:

  • @janschakowsky How is it empowering to lie to us? Offensive to assume females are that stupid.
  • @janschakowsky Are you misleading women because you don’t know the law? Or is this a malicious lie? Which?
  • It represents women horribly for @janschakowsky to exploit them with propaganda. Women deserve better.
  • “Oh no! March 31 is coming and we are millions short of our goal! Better scare us up some wimmins to enroll!”
  • “It’s Women’s History Month. No better way to honor women than by assuming they’re all idiots and will believe our healthcare lies.”
  • “It’s Women’s History Month. Let’s celebrate women’s independence from men by making them pay for things we can buy ourselves.”


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Shutdown Reality Check

Last October, Republicans wanted a continuing resolution that would fund everything but Obamacare and Democrats said, “Hell no! NOTHING is going to stop us from imposing Obamacare on the country. NOTHING.”

Rather than separating Obamacare out of the budget so we could have renewed debate, Obamacrats forced a government shutdown. Then they and their lapdog media blamed it on the stubborn, narrow-minded Republicans who wanted to fund everything right now, if we could just take a breath and TALK ABOUT Obamacare.

And then … just to make sure that the shutdown was as conspicuous and onerous as possible … Obama ordered the park service to shut everything … even scenic overlooks and open-air war memorials that are normally wide open 24-7.

Remember all that? Yeah, me too. Wanna take a stab at how much moolah the government saved by closing the parks? The answer is worse than nothing. The Interior Department just issued a report saying those 16 days of politically motivated b.s. COST taxpayers $414 million in lost revenue.

And for what? So Democrats wouldn’t have to TALK ABOUT Obamacare? Hmmm … let me think what’s happened on THAT front since October.

How much will Ocare cost you

2014_02 28 Healthcare cancellations

On Sunday, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) was guest host on ABC’s This Week. When asked whether she and the other Democrat leaders had been misled by Obama’s oft-repeated statement that Americans would be able to keep their plans in the individual insurance market, Gillibrand answered, “No, we all knew.” Then, she added that the point of Obamacare was “covering things people need, like preventive care, birth control, pregnancy.”

In other words, Democrats always intended Obamacare to be a tool for engineering society and redistributing wealth. And they consider those goals so important that they were fine with whatever they had to do to make it happen, including lying, lying, and … oh yeah … lying.


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Inequality Godzilla

You’re going to start seeing this in photoshops and cartoons and on t-shirts and bumper stickers soon, so I thought I’d let you know ahead of time where it originated.

Excerpt from Senator Mike Lee’s SOTU response – January 28, 2014

Real inequality is trapping poor children in failing schools to benefit bureaucrats and union bosses. It’s penalizing low-income parents for getting married, or getting better jobs.

It’s guaranteeing insurance companies taxpayer bailouts if Obamacare cuts into their profits.

Inequality is blocking thousands of middle-class jobs in the energy industry as a favor to partisan donors and radical environmental activists.

Inequality is denying viable, unborn children any protection under the law, while exempting unsanitary, late-term abortion clinics from basic safety standards.

It’s denying citizens their right to define marriage in their states as traditionally or as broadly as their diverse values dictate.

It’s the federal government hurting rural communities, especially in the west, by controlling and mismanaging public lands.

It’s changing laws without congressional approval, and spying on American citizens without constitutional authority.

And of course, Obamacare – all by itself – is an inequality Godzilla that has robbed working families of their insurance, their doctors, their wages and their jobs. Many Americans are now seeing why some of us fought so hard to stop this train-wreck over the last four years.

Government-driven inequality is the reason why, as hard-working families across the country struggle to make ends meet, six of the ten wealthiest counties in America are now suburbs of Washington, D.C.

Throughout the last five years, President Obama has promised an economy for the middle class; but all he’s delivered is an economy for the middle-men.

And tonight his party cheered as he asked for more of the same, as if the solution to inequality were … well … more inequality.



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It sucks to be you

2013_12 OBAMACARE by Hope n Change

January 13, 2014: Check out this tweet thread by a self-proclaimed fan of ObamaCare

  • 1:53 PM If no one at @CoveredCA or Anthem will take my premium payment or answer the phone, how am I supposed to be covered as of Jan 1?
  • 1:53 PM – No one has defended the ACA louder than I have, but this is insane. I pay online, but the money isn’t charged to my credit card.
  • 1:54 PM – I phone Anthem Blue Cross and @CoveredCA, hear a recorded message, then get dropped. I have no idea if I’m covered or not at this point.
  • 1:55 PM – I’ve paid TWICE. Online, and I receive a confirmation email. Then I get another reminder to pay them.
  • 1:56 PM – But they don’t charge my credit card, and I can’t get hold of an actual person to answer questions.
  • 1:58 PM – Apologies for the rant. Since Anthem refuses to hear me, I’ve chosen to shout impotently into the Twitterverse.
  • 1:59 PM – Anthem just wasn’t prepared. Despite having YEARS to get ready for the ACA.
  • 2:03 PM – The recorded message keeps blaming the ACA for the delays. It’s all Obama’s fault!
  • 2:08 PM – Half the time, I get the “all circuits are busy” message. The rest of the time, the phone system hangs up on me.
  • 2:09 PM – I’m technically in a rural area, so I only had the one choice of insurer. At least it’s a PPO.
  • 2:15 PM – I’m hearing horror stories of people who’ve been trying for weeks to reach an actual person, on hold for 10 hours, etc.
  • 2:18 PM – I think Anthem’s strategy is to just never answer calls and hope we all go away.

Interesting, isn’t it, how given a choice, she kneejerks to blaming the private insurance company that’s trying to provide a product in the face of massive and massively incompetent federal regulation?

Typical Dumbocrat. She prolly thinks having supported ObamaCare, she should get preferential treatment while signing up. Cuz like you know only evil right-wingnuts deserve to get screwed by the federales.

Here’s a tip for ya, honey. Go read up on the French Revolution. Or if real history is too hard for you, try watching every episode of the BBC’s brilliant series, Robin Hood, and pay attention to the rather critical point that Robin and his band were outlaws fighting high taxes and government oppression. Think: Tea Partiers with bows and arrows.

Obama and Free stuff


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ZEROcare 2014

OBAMACARE Affordable air quotes

More than 5 million people who had policies they liked have had those policies canceled for failure to meet Obamacare’s new regulations.

2.1 million have applied for Obamacare. Only half of enrollees had made their first months payment. The rest have until Jan. 10 to pay premiums for coverage retroactive to Jan. 1.

Insurers say they are receiving thousands of erroneous sign-up applications from the government; some people who thought they had enrolled for coverage have not received confirmation.

OBAMACARE Will you still be my doctor


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December 19, 2013: U.S. District Court Judge Emmet G. Sullivan ruled against Priests for Life in their lawsuit against the HHS abortion mandate. In other words, in his opinion, our First Amendment right to freedom of religion is subject to the government’s approval. Since a different District Court Judge ruled the OTHER way on this matter, it’s virtually a done deal that the issue will go to the United States Supreme Court. You can donate to the Priests for Life legal fund @

December 19, 2013: The White House announced it will grant a “hardship exemption” for people who have had their prior coverage canceled and believe that Obamacare’s offerings are unaffordable. Note: This isn’t insurance. It’s just an exemption from the FINE for not having insurance. But, oh goodie, Obama is encouraging health insurers to make up bare bones options for these people … which the guy in this video says aren’t affordable either.

So … those people we have heard about? The ones with cancer, MS and other devastating illness who WERE getting the care they wanted but have had their health insurance plans eliminated by Obamacrat Decree? THOSE people are STILL SCREWED … and the individual health insurance market is in chaos.


Priests for Life email

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The folks at Organizing for Action (also known as @BarackObama) won’t rest until everyone spends this holiday season talking about health insurance. Then, when they eventually do rest, they’ll do it in plaid onesies, apparently.

PajamaBoy says talk about insurance

Tweeters celebrated #PajamaBoy with much well-deserved mockery.

  • Waxed and tweezed eyebrows in footie pajamas with hot chocolate. Gee what can I make fun of here?
  • People wouldn’t need to #GetTalking if the policy were good enough to sell itself. Just sayin’.
  • Only a man in a onesie would sit around drinking hot chocolate and talk about ObamaCare.
  • Obama appeals to the core “grown man in a onesie” demographic.
  • Desperation, thy name is obamacare!!
  • I can’t think of anything that I’d discuss with a grown man wearing a onesie.
  • It’s not the pajamas, it’s the arched eyebrows that scream “Thought Leader”
  • Words are simply inadequate to describe the spiral galaxy sized suck of that tweet. Yet I will persevere.
  • If I were sitting with #PajamaBoy, health insurance would be way down on the list of things we needed to talk about.
  • The odds of that douchebag being in my home are nil.
  • But Douche Baggery Is No Longer A Pre-Existing Condition That Insurers Can Use To Deny Coverage.
  • Is Testosterone therapy covered?
  • Will there be a pillow fight too?
  • Is this sissy ALL that OFA can come up with to persuade young people to buy into obamacare?!?
  • At boot camp, they make soldiers wear those glasses. They’re called BCGs. Birth Control Glasses.
  • So what you’re saying is … we’ve found Obamacare’s free contraceptives?
  • Look at how they portray the American male: a hot chocolate drinking doofus in a onesie. Disgraceful.
  • The person is androgynous, ethnically neutral, yet still manages to elicit feelings of great loathing and repugnance.
  • Keep in mind. #PajamaBoy has to be over 26. Otherwise he/she would be on parents’ insurance. Makes it even more sad.
  • Ew … now that really is depressing.

No, what’s really depressing is THIS:

Government propaganda 1943 - 2013

But former Illinois congressman Joe Walsh had a nifty reply:

2013_12 18 Joe Walsh reply to PajamaBoy

Photoshoppers got in on the action, natch. This is my fave … and not just cuz Angelaisms did it AND made Twitchy with it!

Angela's PajamaBoy



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Zerocare: A report from the reception area

OBAMACARE 2013_12 Two doctors post No care under Ocare

The Washington Examiner did a survey and found a majority of doctors and hospitals are refusing Obamacare:

  • San Diego and Sacramento, CA: 65% to 70%
  • Las Vegas, NV: The majority
  • Roanoke, VA: 70%
  • Lynchburg, VA: 100% of doctors and all 3 hospitals

Insurance providers are also saying Hell No.

  • United Healthcare, Aetna, Cigna and Coventry are not participating.
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield is in, but is excluding many doctors and elite hospitals.

Obamacare policy holders will not be welcome at:

  • Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai
  • New York’s Memorial Sloan-Kettering
  • NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
  • Physicians Regional Hospital, Naples, FL

In Georgia, Humana exchange patients will have a big fat choice of ONE hospital …. in the entire state!


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