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Barack Obama WANTS America to fail

2013_03 12 No immediate crisis

TWEET: A reminder to @BarackObama: More people than the entire population of Germany have dropped off employment rolls since you took office.

2013_03 15 Obama burns gas to preach about gas consumption



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Posted by Pistol Pete

I had every intention of making this my last post.I was as heartbroken as any of you after the catastrophe of this week.I’d planned to divorce myself from politics and turn my computer into a solitaire game-playing machine.I was heartened by some of the comments that have been posted here the last two days and realized you don’t lose until you give up.You people have helped me through some extremely difficult times in my life and giving up would turn me into what I despise the most.It may be awhile until the sense of loss diminishes and the mourning period ends.Until then I’ve come up with an extensive list of things I resent.Consider this an open thread if you want to add anything you resent.


Being forced to see his vile countenance everywhere,smiling that chesire cat smile and lying openly,knowing half the populace will either believe him or don’t care and those who do care can’t do anything about it.He knows the press will never call him on it.

Him bellowing about bringing the parties together to work for the American people.I am fluent in Obamaspeak so loosely translated it means:I won again,you can’t do dick to stop me and you white motherfuckers can kiss my entire black ass.

His  porcine broodsow  issuing edicts on what wholly inedible foodstuffs our schools  must feed our children while she stuffs anything not moving in her cavernous maw.

Being regaled with her taxpayer-funded junkets around the world and the media swooning over how beautiful a camel can look in designer clothes.

Mia Love lost her bid for the House.

Allen West was redistricted out of his seat with the help of some voting chicanery.

That odiferous turd Alan Grayson is back.

Mourdock lost his Senate bid not so much because he said something sophomoric,but Dickless Lugar wanted payback for being primaried out.

Akin lost to a corrupt bitch in Missouri not so much because he stepped on his penis,but the GOP and Rove cut and ran leaving him to fend for himself against a filthy pig with abundant rescources.

Harry the Toad is trying to eliminate the filibuster so he can play the Keeper of the Realm.

The state of Israel is on its own since Barry would ask for a UN resolution of condemnation if Iran launched a nuclear attack.He has promised aid to Israel and we all know what his word is worth.He got 68% of the Jewish vote.

Hundreds of thousands of overseas military ballots arrived a day too late to be counted.They would have swung enough swing states to make Romney the president.

Three million white voters stayed home.The vote total McCain got in 2008 would have beaten Obama,who got two million less votes than he got in his first election.Maybe some were just tired of the mushy moderates we’ve had to swallow since 1988.Ron Paul voters are also suspect.

Our gallant military will be sliced to pieces by a CIC who openly despises them.

Veterans who have earned their benefits will be shown the back of Barry’s hand.

That gutless milksop John Boehner has already surrendered,telling Obastard he’s open to raising taxes in exchange for imaginary spending cuts everybody knows will never happen.

Tingles expressing his gratitude that Hurricane Sandy killed scores of people and destroyed millions of lives so his living god could look presidential and bipartisan thanks to governor Krispy Kreme.He can now spend the next four years cleaning his messiah’s sphincter with his tongue.

The day will come when we look back on when gas was $4.00 and refer to them as the good old days.

We were pushed over the cliff and into the abyss by dead-enders who have surrendered their dignity and self-respect in exchange for a life of Nanny Government giving them a lot of free stuff and making their decisions for them.They don’t give a damn about the deficit, taxes(they don’t pay any), unemployment(who wants to work?), health insurance(they get theirs free), or anybody that actually has skin in the game.

With our 2014 tax returns we will get a form to fill out listing any medical conditions you have,what medications you take and the name and contact information of your insurance carrier.If,like me,you have no insurance, you will pay a hefty fine and be placed in a government program.

The GOP-e is in the process of eliminating or marginalizing the Tea Party class of 2010 so they can go back to having circle jerk parties with the democrat buddies they split the taxpayer and lobbyist pies with.

My grandchildren may never have a good-paying full-time job or know what it’s like to be self-sufficient.

There will be another Republican president one day,but I may not live long enough to see it.I just wish I could see the country I love returned to a modicum of its former greatness before I lay my burden down for the last time.

If you have anymore feel free to post.I’ll be back sometime.


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Govt debt cannot fix the economy

Barack Obama faces voters with the highest unemployment rate of any incumbent since Franklin Roosevelt.


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Ten to One is UNFAIR!

Please explain to me [2:33]

Labor Force: All people aged 16 and over who are either employed or actively seeking work. It does not include discouraged workers, people who have retired, or those on welfare or disability who are no longer looking for work. Since January 2009, this number has grown by 827,000 people or 0.54% (from 154,236,000 to 155,063,000)

Not in Labor Force: Total civilian non-institutional population minus the number in Labor Force. Since January 2009, this has grown by 8,208,000 people or 10.2% (from 80,502,000 to 88,710,000 people).


H/t Pistol Pete and itooktheredpill

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Health insurance premiums up $3000 per year

Add this to the increased costs of everything else, like gas, food and utilities, then tell me how we’re being greedy and selfish if we don’t want Obama Democrats running the country any longer.

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Setting the record straight

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2004 – U.S. Senate Candidate Obama Dismisses Bush Jobs Report [1:45]

In this video clip, U.S. Senate candidate Barack Obama sneers at George Bush’s economic leadership, saying the uptick in economic activity in March 2004 was not that big a deal. In his words,

“Middle class and working class Americans are being squeezed, working longer hours, for less pay, it’s harder for them to find jobs that pay a living wage.”

Hmm. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? But according to the Obama White House, the recently released economic report for August 2012

“provides further evidence that the U.S. economy is continuing to recover from the worst downturn since the Great Depression.”


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What we have here is not “the worst downturn since the Great Depression”, but the worst RECOVERY since the Great Depression. (And a Big-Government-Democrat orchestrated that prolonged piece of misery too.) The ACTUAL worst downturn since the Great Depression was brought on by none other than Democrat Jimmy Carter.

Ronald Reagan inherited a MUCH worse economic situation from Jimmy Carter than Barack Obama inherited from George Bush.

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But instead of pork-laden, crony-feeding, borrow-and-spend, big government programs, Reagan implemented the same kind of things Romney and Ryan want to implement. Below are 2 data-based, non-partisan comparisons of how well the two approaches actually operated in the real world.

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President Obama is running around making loads of promises about how he’s going to FIX things if we just give him Four More Years. Who is he kidding? He made the exact same promises in 2008.

He’s HAD four years.

Check out what his record is on economic leadership.

  • The dark blue line is what Obama said would happen if we passed that ginormous pork-laden stimulus bill in 2009.
  • The light blue line is what Obama said would happen if we did not pass said porkulus legislation.
  • The dark red line is what ACTUALLY HAPPENED after we PASSED that ginormous pork-laden stimulus bill in 2009.

Chrissy’s Site Bites @

As a predictor of economic trends, Obama clearly gets a big fat F.  Let’s hope he will prove to have been more prescient about the tolerance of the American people.

He’s right [:30]

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Printing more money is the last refuge of failed economic empires

Nov 11, 2010: Quantitative Easing Explained [6:48]

What the Federal Reserve is up to, and how we got here

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Click on graphic to embiggen.

Source for graph:

Common Sense in 2012: Prosperity and Charity for America by Art Robinson, Ph.D.


H/t to Angelaisms for explaining the graph.

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Obamacare adds sales tax on homes

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A 3.8 percent sales tax may not sound like much. But it would add $3,800 to the cost of a $100,000 home or more than $15 grand to the cost of a $400,000 home. If the GOP wins in November, they have promised to overturn Obamacare and pass common sense, economically sound health care legislation. If Obama and the Democrats win, count on this tax and many others to kick in and further depress the economy.

Source: ObamaCare Flatlines: ObamaCare Taxes Home Sales – Clobbers Middle-Class Americans

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