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My Amazingly Floriferous African Violet

Isn’t “floriferous” a great word?!  :o)
2014_07 11 My Tony's Jennifer Afr Violet composite

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Flowers that look like birds, bugs, and animals

And yes, all of them are real.

bird orchid

monkey orchid

parrot flower

fly orchid

bird’s head orchid

white egret orchid

bee orchid

bird of paradise flower

dove orchid

flying duck orchid

lion orchid

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Multi-colored tulips

Mama Buzz split white tulip stems and put them into different glasses of colored water. Twenty-four hours later, they were GORGEOUS. What a lovely Easter bouquet this would make!

2014_03 08 L split white tulip stems, put in colored water

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Grade schooler demonstrates value of ORGANIC

Sheesh! You have got to watch this.

UPDATE: A Facebook friend added this link to my post of the video. Good research, Cindy!

“I’ve been in the sweet potato business for 30+ years; I’ve never heard that sweet potatoes are sprayed with Bud Nip,” said Johnson-Langdon. Indeed, Bud Nip is registered to be use in potatoes only, not sweet potatoes; we haven’t found any documentation to show that Bud Nip is registered to be used in sweet potatoes!

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Lil Buzz’s Mother’s Day Seeds

2013_07 13 Pretty pot at L's

July 13, 2013: Mama Buzz took this lovely photo in the lowering Alaska sun. It makes a nice addition to the garden, no?

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Thank you, God!

My apple AND my forsythia are in full bloom today. I think that’s just such a sweet thing for God to do for me for Mothers Day. 🙂

2012_05 12 Our apple and forsythia in bloom

2013_05 12 Forsythia cup

2013_05 12 Apple blossom cup

Sunshine and flowers by God. Pics by Dearest.


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Pollination at PoliNation

I offer this stunningly, heartbreakingly, goosebumpily beautiful video as today’s Praise to the Lord of Life!

h/t Bob


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Goodbye to summer

My husband and I built our house in 1985, the year our son was born. Because we were so poor, we built as little as we thought we could get by with, the idea being that we could always add onto it later. We built a super-simple, no-frills house with two bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, a laundry room, and a living room.

Over the years, we gradually added four more bedrooms (the original two bedrooms were turned into a home office and a music room), another bathroom, a workshop, a garage, and — the best part — a screen porch, which is something I’d wanted forever. The cats, as you can see from the pictures below, think we built it entirely for their amusement.

The problem, we quickly discovered, was that our cats would sit on the catwalk inside the porch, and our neighbor’s cat — who was home alone all day and apparently got kind of lonely — would come over to our house and try desperately to get into our porch. He would jump up and hurl himself at the screens, tearing holes in them with his claws. I got the bright idea that if we put window boxes on all the windows, they would work as cat deflectors, and keep him from inflicting any further damage on the screens.

So our son built eight window boxes, one for each window, and attached them to the outside of the porch. I’ve grown lots of different things in them over the years, but this summer I decided to go with just marigolds. They are easy to grow, hard to kill, thrive on neglect, and bloom enthusiastically from early summer until autumn’s first frost. Now that the weather has turned cold, their days are numbered, so I had my daughter go out and take some pictures of them while they were still blooming cheerfully.


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The view from my south windows

My husband took this picture of my deck garden just a few days ago. The weather for much of the summer has been brutally hot and humid — not very pleasant for human beings, but ideal for petunias, marigolds, evolvulus, and herbs.

Here are some pictures of my little friend Lily helping me plant flowers. Lily is four years old and has been coming to my house one day a week for most of her life. She loves to help with the gardening, as you can see.


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Periwinkle in bloom

In west central Wisconsin, we usually don’t start planting earlier than Memorial Day weekend, which is when the danger of frost is past. This is fine with me, as I’ve been too busy to do anything with my gardens yet this year — I hope to get to them sometime next week. Still, as you can see, the periwinkle I planted a few years ago is blooming enthusiastically. I just love flowering plants that thrive on neglect!


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