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Fifteen Leftist Celebrities Who Advocated Violence


1. Kathy Griffin ‘Beheads’ Trump in Graphic Photo
2. Madonna – “I’ve thought a lot about blowing up the White House.”
3. Snoop Dogg “Shoots” Trump in the Head in Music Video
4. Robert De Niro: “I’d Like to Punch Him in the Face”
5. Joss Whedon: “I Want a Rhino to F*ck Paul Ryan to Death”
6. Shakespeare in the Park Stabs ‘Trump’ to Death in Performance of ‘Julius Caesar’
7. David Simon: “Pick Up a G*ddamn Brick” if Trump Fires Robert Mueller
8. Mickey Rourke Threatens to Beat Trump with Baseball Bat: “He Can Suck My F*cking D*ck”
9. Actress Lea DeLaria Threatens to ‘Take Out’ Republicans and Independents with Baseball Bat after Trump Win
10. Rapper YG Threatens Trump with “F*ck Donald Trump” Song
11. Marilyn Manson Kills ‘Trump’ in Music Video
12. Rapper Everlast Warns Trump: “I Will Punch You in Your F*cking Face”
13. Larry Wilmore Jokes About Suffocating Trump with ‘Pillow They Used to Kill Scalia’
14. Stephen Colbert’s Late Show Puts Stephen Miller’s Head on a Spike
15. Sarah Silverman Suggests Military Could Help Overthrow Trump



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Jim Caviezel interview

Jim Caviezel

Interviewer: You were 33 years old, your initials were J.C. and you played Jesus.

Caviezel:  Don’t you tell me it was a coincidence!  Only atheists believe in coincidence.

Interviewer: How do you feel about the fact that playing Jesus made you unpopular with Hollywood producers?

Caviezel:  Jesus was betrayed by his own people and abandoned by everyone. My duty was not only to show it all on the screen. My real duty is to live in accordance with the Gospel every day and to give witness to the truth.

Read the rest:


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You May Have Already Heard About This

The Academy Awards Hug-A-Thon and Trump Bashing Show aired last night. Interspersed among the preening and self-congratulations there were bitter, sarcastic diatribes against the man who won an election by appealing to people who have never been or ever will be a part of the Hollywood stuffed shirts.

Kimmel Trashes Trump

Oscar host Jimmy Kimmel predictably trashed President Trump. He said the Oscars were being watched in more than 225 countries that now hate the U.S.

[CtH: Maybe, maybe not.  The show hit a 9 year ratings low.]

He called on the star-studded crowd to give a ‘highly overrated’ Meryl Streep a standing ovation before joking about her dress, saying ‘by the way, is that an Ivanka?’

And he said Trump would later tweet about all of the Oscar winner’s acceptance speeches ‘in all caps’, then tweeted: ‘Hey @realDonaldTrump u up?’

Italian make up artist Alessandro Bertolazzi dedicated his Oscar win to ‘all the immigrants’

Moonlight director Barry Jenkins said people who don’t feel like they have support can look to the American Civil Liberties Union and artists over the next four years.

Iranian director Asghar Farhadi, who won an Oscar for his film The Salesman, issued a statement saying he was not present out of ‘respect for the people of my country’ who have been banned from entering the U.S.

[CtH: Hey, schmuck, how about respecting the American men and women who served, sweated, suffered, and died to free you from Saddam Hussein and help you set up a democratic government for the first time in your sorry history.]

Moonlight director Barry Jenkins said in accepting the Oscar for adapted screenplay that people who don’t feel like they have support can look to the American Civil Liberties Union and artists over the next four years


Oscars shots are pure gold for Donald Trump: Hollywood elites’ snark bolsters prez
Before the best picture gaffe stole the show last night, Hollywood took some shots at President Trump during the Academy Awards, a chorus political strategists say plays right into the president’s hands and solidifies his status as the antithesis of liberal elites.

GOP strategist Ford O’Connell said the Americans who put Trump in the White House would likely be put off by quips at the commander in chief.

“Any time Hollywood liberals politically grandstand it helps the president,” O’Connell said. “Ordinary Americans have never been to Tinseltown, and their concerns revolve around making rent and paying college loans, not virtue signaling for the sake of standing on a red carpet.”

Jimmy Kimmel Disses Trump, Praises Meryl Streep & More In Opening Monologue At 2017 Oscars


Warren Beatty Opens Up About Oscar Blunder: It Wasn’t Our Fault
Walking past the backstage area at the Dolby Theatre en route to the Governors Ball, Beatty, 79, told a small group of reporters, “I don’t know anything … I don’t think anyone knows. I’ve asked and I haven’t got an answer.”

According to People, Beatty added: “I read the card that was in the envelope. I read it but I didn’t say La La Land. I thought, ‘This is very strange because it says Best Actress on the card.’ And I felt that maybe there was some sort of misprint.

Steve Harvey has hilarious response to Warren Beatty’s Oscars flub

ABC Praises Kimmel for ‘Setting Tone’ With ‘Very Funny’ Anti-Trump Jokes at Oscars
ABC then played several sound bites of host Jimmy Kimmel’s anti-Trump jokes, which mocked Trump for being racist, petty, and causing the rest of the world to “hate us.” ABC also touted celebrities’ political speeches against the immigration ban and pins supporting liberal causes like the ACLU. Llamas even noting how many retweets Kimmel’s anti-Trump tweets received.

[CtH: This is “news”?  And these people COMPLAIN that Trump doesn’t treat them nicely?]

LLAMAS: Kimmel even tweeting at the president first asking, ‘Hey, real Donald Trump, you up?’ Then ‘#MerylSaysHi’ both retweeting half a million times and counting the first becoming Kimmel’s most retweeted ever just after 15 minutes.

Fists Fly: Trump Supporters Not Backing Down To A Bunch of Hollywood Libs At the Oscars

The first woman tries to tear up a Trump sign and they starts throwing punches, she gets arrested.


Jordan Peele’s ‘Get Out’ mixes horror and comedy: movie review

The story kicks off when Rose (Allison Williams) invites her boyfriend Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) to take a drive out of town and meet her parents. He’s a little cautious. Did she inform them that he is black? She hasn’t, but swears that Mom and Dad (Catherine Keener and Bradley Whitford) are perfectly open-minded, Obama-supporting progressives. Nothing to worry about.
Initial awkward conversations (like a family friend boasting that he once golfed “with Tiger”) soon turn sinister. Just why is everyone behaving so strangely, especially the African-American groundskeeper and maid?











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Same as the Old Boss

The Democratic party chose their new leader yesterday. The white-hating, Clinton- and Obama-backed, communist candidate, Tom Perez, defeated the Jew-hating, Sanders-, Schumer- and Black Lives Matter-backed, Muslim candidate, Keith Ellison.  Perez’ first act as DNC Chair was to suck up to the Muslim Ellison and make him his co-chair.

Liberal activists, new DNC chief face a Trump-era reckoning

“We don’t have the luxury of walking out of this room divided,” Ellison said over the jeers. Afterward, he told reporters he trusts Perez and that the burgeoning resistance movement aimed at President Donald Trump should do the same.

“We suffer from a crisis of confidence … a crisis of relevance,” Perez told DNC members ahead of his election.

JUST MINUTES AFTER NEW DNC CHAIR CHOSEN…Wikileaks Exposes Him For Political Wrongdoing
Thank you, Wikileaks! Just 18 minutes after a new DNC chair was chosen, Wikileaks tweeted out a link to emails exposing Tom Perez for sabotaging Bernie Sanders during the 2016 campaign. Bernie Sanders supporters took to twitter to protest with the hashtag #Demexit :

Perez is a total scumbag! We have so much information on this La Raza pro-illegal former Obama Labor Secretary.

Tom Perez: ‘White People NOT Entitled to Protection Under Voting Rights Act’
Tom Perez Has A Strong History Of Racism

New DNC Chair, Tom Perez, fits right in with the values of the Democratic party, especially when it comes to victimizing minorities and labeling white people as privileged.

An investigation into Perez revealed extreme views he holds according to A Review of the Operations of the Voting Section of the Civil Rights Division conducted by the Office of the Inspector General Oversight and Review Division in March of 2013.

Perez told investigators that white people were not entitled to protection under the Voting Rights Act according to a report from the Washington Free Beacon.

Trump: DNC chairman’s race ‘rigged’

The race split along establishment-grassroots lines and in many ways mirrored the divisive 2016 presidential primary between Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Hillary Clinton.

Sanders and many of his allies backed Ellison, the first-ever Muslim elected to Congress and a star on the left.

“Congratulations to Thomas Perez, who has just been named Chairman of the DNC. I could not be happier for him, or for the Republican Party!” Trump tweeted on Sunday, sparking a response from the new DNC chairman.

Perez Tells Trump He’s Going to Be His ‘Worst Nightmare’

In response, Perez, the former Obama labor secretary, told Trump to wipe the grin off his face. He, his deputy chair Keith Ellison, and all Democrats are now a united front, he argued.

Call me Tom. And don’t get too happy. @keithellison and I, and Democrats united across the country, will be your worst nightmare.

Perez can talk a big game, but even his own party is dissatisfied with the new leadership. The former labor secretary, they argue, represents the establishment wing of the party. Ellison would have been the only true “grassroots” leader. What’s more, the DNC voted to continue allowing corporate cash to flow in, proving they’re not so “progressive” after all.



The Stars of Sexist and Racist Hollywood Shine Bright Tonight

Tonight, after strolling down the red carpet and preening for the bulb-popping paparazzi, the kings and queens of Hollywood will honor their fans with many tedious televised hours of congratulating and awarding themselves.






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Gosnell Update

Last week, The New York Times excluded the Gosnell book from its list of best sellers, despite it having been the fourth best selling book in America.

  • Their STATED reason is “to provide Times readers our best assessment of what books are the most broadly popular at that time” by considering the “context” of book sales, rather than their numbers!
  • Their REAL reason is simple.  They don’t like the seamy, disgusting truth this story reveals about the abortion industry in this nation.

Don’t let them suppress this message!

Buy this book:  Gosnell – The Untold Story of Americas Most Prolific Serial Killer.  Read it.  Give it away.  Donate it to your library.

The proceeds will help Ann and Phelim get the movie into theaters, something that has also been suppressed by pro-abortion Hollywood.


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What Paddy Said

Check out the enthusiastic applause for Chayefsky’s reprimand of Vanessa Redgrave who had used her award speech time to make a political statement.

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Kurt Russell is a gentleman

These ladies must have a giant crush on him.  (What woman doesn’t!?)  It’s the only reason I can think of to explain why the usually rude, pro-gun control witches on The View actually let him explain his pro-Second Amendment position and then nodded and agreed with him!

Kurt Russell on Gun Control Remarks | The View [2:41]

Other reasons I like Russell are things I heard on DVD commentaries.  One was a director who said he was a great guy to work with, the kind of man who, between takes, would just pick up equipment and help move it to where it needed to be next.

Also, during the filming of Overboard, when Goldie Hawn told the director she was not going to jump off the yacht again, Russell reminded her she was being paid an obscene amount of money to play act and she was going to do what the director wanted her to do.

Another thing was something he said about why he stopped doing the kind of action movies he did when he was a studly young actor.  “Who wants to watch a man over 50 doing that stuff?  I don’t want to!  So, no, I don’t do it any more.”  Quoted from memory and probably wildly inaccurate as to words, but the gist is about right.

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Today’s Posts… Stave Three

So much to do. I’m watching the confirmation hearings and I hope to have the video I’m watching now to post later. Sen. Ted Cruz is absolutely disemboweling the Democrats who suddenly are obsessed with the rule of law while they said nothing for 8 years while Holder made a mockery of the word ‘Justice’. He had special words of disgust for Sen. Stuart Smalley (Idiot-Minnesota).

Never to be deterred, two stupid white people got up in the gallery screaming ‘black lives matter!’ before being escorted out by DC police.

[CtH: I’m not holding my breath for #BlackLivesMatter or #NOW to give a toot about Debra Thomas Clayton, the Black female cop who was killed in the line of duty in Orlando.

Still, there are other newsworthy items.

Alibaba job boom: Jack Ma chats with Trump about how to create 1 million US jobs over 5 years

“We’re focused on small business,” Ma told reporters. “We specifically talked about … supporting 1 million small businesses, especially in the Midwest of America. Small businesses on the platform selling products — agriculture products and America services — to China and Asia, because we’re pretty big in Asia.”
Like Etsy or eBay, Alibaba enables third-party sellers in China to take their own businesses to the web. The company only had 36,446 full-time employees, almost all in China, as of March 31, according to SEC filings. But with more than 10 million active sellers as of 2015,  Alibaba estimates its China retail marketplaces “contributed to the creation of over 15 million job opportunities.”

[CtH: But I’m sure he “didn’t build that.”]

‘There Are No Jobs’: Obama Loyalists Scramble To Find Work
Thousands of Obama loyalists are struggling to find work in a city now dominated by the GOP, according to a report from Politico. “It feels like there are just thousands of us trying to find a job, and there are no jobs,” Mira Patel, a longtime Clinton aide told Politico.

[CtH: Karma sucks, don’t it?]

Final bill for Hillary futility: $1.2 billion
bef4d5b2eec11580c5b9c8b56e01a1784a596d760840aa7374c03dcf13d5ce05As Matt Vespa reminds us, Hillary Clinton once offered this zinger about Donald Trump’s claims to be a business wizard: “What kind of genius loses a billion dollars in a single year?”
The New York Post has the answer in their review of election-campaign financial disclosures. The final cost of Hillary’s futile bid for the presidency — including monies spent by the Democratic Party and supporting PACS — exceeded $1.2 billion.

Whoopi Goldberg: No ‘Right-Leaning Person’ Has ‘Ever’ Lost Their Job for Political Views

After Goldberg read McCain’s tweet, she insisted that people should stop criticizing Hollywood like it was a “bad word.” She then lectured on the history of Hollywood and said that prior to the 1970s, Hollywood was dominated by right-leaning groups.
“That’s how we ended up with McCarthyism and all of these so-called ‘lefties’ being rounded up and eaten up basically for their beliefs,” Goldberg said.

[CtH: The “open mindedness” of liberals in Hollywood totally explains why Republican actors are the ones hiding in their closets now.]

Dem Sen. Dick Durbin Acknowledges Sessions’ Work Has Spared Blacks “Thousands Of Years In Prison”

API Chief: Offshore Oil and Gas Production Could Create 800,000-Plus U.S. Jobs, $200 Billion Annually to Treasury

“Restricted offshore areas could hold more than 50 billion barrels, or more, of oil and more than 195 trillion cubic feet of natural gas,” Gerard said. “Just imagine what the industry could do to further benefit consumers, the economy and the environment if more of that energy were available for responsible and safe domestic production.”

Obama: Don’t Blame Me For The Democrats’ Demise
Clearly, whatever leadership Obama provided, it wasn’t helping Democrats connect with voters across the country.
So what was Obama’s response?
At first, he tried — and we’re not making this up — to blame President Bush.
“I came in the middle of worst financial crisis since the Great Depression,” he said. And since “in 2010 there were a lot of folks who were still out of work,” whoever was president was “gonna get hit.”

[CtH: Reality check, BHO. There are 14.5 million more Americans out of work now than when you took over from Bush.]

Instead, Obama said — and again, we are not making this up — that he was just too darn busy being president to help his fellow Democrats.
“My docket was really full here,” Obama said, “so I can’t be both chief organizer of the Democratic Party and function as commander in chief and president of the United States.”
Stephanopoulos was either too polite or too partisan to not laugh out loud at this statement.


Meryl Streep Underhandely Came For The Donald, Diamond and Silk Straight Out Came For Her

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