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The United States is NOT a Democracy

This video is excellent! Please find ten minutes to watch it.

The Truth About Political Systems


2018_03 Personal freedom is maximized


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Judge Napolitano on Wiretap Allegations

2017_03 Dobbs on Obama wiretap

Wow … Napolitano explains that Obama didn’t need a FISA order to get transcripts of Trump’s communication!  All he had to do was tell the NSA to send them to him!

The NSA has the legal right to record ANY phone or digital correspondence within the U.S. or going out of or coming into the U.S.  And the NSA works for the president.


Fox’s Lou Dobbs interviews Judge Napolitano about Trump’s wiretap allegation [8:04]

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Removing Two More of Obama’s Federal Jackboot Heels

The Senate recently canned two sets of regulations finalized late last year by Obama’s Department of Education.  One of them is 695 pages long!

PAY ATTENTION HERE:  These are REGULATIONS created by non-elected, federal government employees that usurp education functions that the Constitution specifically says belong to the States.

According to Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE), not only does the federal government lack the constitutional authority to interfere in local decision-making about education, but also the REGULATION he speaks against specifically violates a LAW passed by Congress just last year!

Ben Sasse Speaks Against Federal Teacher Mandate [11:27] < WORTH VIEWING

I am fundamentally opposed to the federal government having anything to do with education.  

I believe it puts too much distance between the people making the rules and the teachers and parents who know their own kids best.

Plus, the more centralized anything is, the more people who need to be bribed or blackmailed to get decisions made that benefit those with lots of money and very few morals.

Exhibit A: The Common Core textbook scandal that Project Veritas exposed, showing textbook publishers explaining that Common Core was all about the money, not the kids.

No Child Left Behind and Common Core have both been tried and have both proven to be failures.  Constitutionally, education is a state function.  Get the feds out of education!


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Under Trump, your puddles will belong to you

In May of 2015, the Obama administration made one of its more shocking and unacceptable power grabs with the EPA’s Waters of the United States rule.  

This rule defined almost all fresh water, including puddles, to be subject to federal oversight and regulation.

President Trump is going to reverse the rule probably this week.

Judge Napolitano explains the depth of the problem with this rule.


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Eleven states say hell no to bathroom mandate

Kennedy v Obama legacy

May 25, 2016: Eleven states announced they will sue the Obama administration over the bathroom mandate.

The lawsuit accuses the Obama administration of turning “educational settings across the country into laboratories for a massive social experiment, flouting the democratic process, and running roughshod over commonsense policies protecting children and basic privacy rights.”

The states include Texas, Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Louisiana, Maine, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.


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The Rainbow Jackboot of Leftism

Local artists are suing Phoenix for trying to force them to violate their artistic and religious freedoms. Read the full story here.

Liberal Hypocrisy Darwin and Gay Rights

H/t Pistol Pete


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Shameless Progressive AGs Abuse the System – UPDATE

Dem stifle speech

In the past two days, I’ve seen two stories about state’s Attorney Generals flagrantly abusing the power of their offices to punish Conservatives.  In more cheerful news, both of these stories has come under fire from those on both sides of the aisle who actually give a crap about the law and preserving our freedoms.

In California, AG Kamala Harris (who wants to run for a Senate seat) decided to totally ignore the abundant and blatant video evidence showing that Planned Parenthood violates the law with regard to the sale of aborted baby parts while she persecutes the video makers, David Daleiden and other members of his Center for Medical Progress.

Besides haggling for the highest prices, high level Planned Parenthood executives talk openly on the videos about altering abortion procedures and lie to patients in order to profit from the sale of dead babies.  All of this is illegal.

Does AG Harris care?  No.  She’s such a staunch supporter of Planned Parenthood, she even has a petition on her campaign website to collect signatures to defend the abortion giant and she sponsored a law to force pro-life crisis pregnancy centers to tell their patients where to go to get abortions.

This week, on Harris’ order, Daleiden’s home was raided for evidence of his “crime” which was that, as part of the video sting operation, he and his peeps created a company called Center for Medical Progress and approached Planned Parenthood execs about buying baby parts when they ::gasp:: had no intention of actually buying any.

In other appalling news …

More than a dozen states AGs stood on a stage with Al Gore and swore publicly to persecute so-called “climate deniers.”  Cuz, you know, the First Amendment only applies to people the Progs LIKE.

Mar 29, 2016: Joined by democrat Attorneys General from six states, former Vice President Al Gore announces the formation of an ‘historic coalition’ to investigate “commercial interests that have been… deceiving the American people” about the reality of the “climate crisis and the dangers it poses to all of us”.

More @

Note: This is a continuation of the topic I discussed @

And yes, “shameless progressive” is an oxymoron redundant.

UPDATE: Planned Parenthood has donated more than $80 grand to Kamala Harris’ campaign coffers.


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Satan is having fun

Poop in public

“We should all be paying attention to what happened in Illinois this week. Obama’s Department of Education told an Illinois school district that it may not prevent a gender-confused boy from using the girl’s locker room. The federal government has now officially ruled that boys who call themselves ‘transgender’ have a CIVIL RIGHT to watch girls undress. It’s lunacy, my friends. Total lunacy. …

“Liberalism is now an ideology completely divorced from any semblance of reality. It has, to use a popular phrase, jumped the shark. The only question is whether our culture will jump with it. So far, it seems that answer is yes. But we have to keep fighting to defend the basic notion of objective truth, because if we can’t draw the line here, I think the battle might be irreversibly and finally lost.” ~Matt Walsh

It is important to note here that this gender-confused boy was offered a private locker room in 2014. His family decided only full access to girls’ bathrooms, locker rooms and showers would meet their delicate princess boy’s needs. They filed a federal complaint saying the school violated the Title IX gender equality law and they won.

The US Education Department’s Office of Civil Rights has ruled that, if the district does not allow this physically male person free access, they will lose their federal funds. Last year, this district received $6 million from D.C.

Read more:

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