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In Case You’re Not Keeping Up

There’s a battle raging in D.C. that you may not be aware of or even fully understand. Here’s an attempt to simplify things a bit.

Consumer Protection Finance Bureau … that’s the last time I type that because pecking away at this keyboard I’m 8 thumbs and two middles fingers. Henceforth it is now simply CFPB.

This dirty little deed came about during the Dodd-Frank disaster that ruined the economy and led to the ascent of one Barack Obama. Lieawatha Warren was once the head of this thing.

Rush can summarize it far better than I can:

Democrats Set Up Unconstitutional CFPB to Launder Money for Liberal Causes


Rush:  The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. This is another little liberal enclave that was established by liberal Democrats, including Elizabeth Warren, that was set up as an agency that was unaccountable to anyone. It even had a budget that was unaccountable to the U.S. budget. Barney Frank and Chris Dodd set this thing up and Elizabeth Warren was the real driver of this particular organization, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

This was an independent agency set up to be able to legally get money from the financial industry and then turn around and give it to left-wing activist groups. And that’s what they were doing with it. And that’s why they are so desperate to hold on to it. The point is, it’s unconstitutional, and that’s the only thing that matters.


Rush:  There’s something called the Federal Vacancies Reform Act which allows the president, who runs the executive branch, to appoint successors to people in federal agencies under the executive branch umbrella leaving. This thing was set up to be an independent agency accountable to no one. Its very existence is unconstitutional. The left knows it. That’s why they’re hell-bent, Cordray named this Leandra English to succeed him.

The money went to unions. The money went to states and teachers and union members to keep them employed during the Great Recession. The reason for that is, those people need to be employed in order to pay union dues. Union dues are collected from what they make and are sent in a circuitous route back to the Democrat Party in the form of campaign donations. So the stimulus was a substitute for Obama walking over to the Treasury and writing a check for $800 billion to the Democrat National Committee.

Consumer Bureau execs, workers gave 593 donations to Democrats, 1 to GOP

A quick count of donations found:

•$46,611 to Hillary Rodham Clinton.
•$13,190 to Sen Elizabeth Warren.
•$19,988 to President Obama.
•$10,075 to Democratic campaign committees.
•$1,129 to Sen. Bernie Sanders.

CFPB Joins Justice In Shaking Down Banks For Democrat Activist Groups
The CFPB plans to create a so-called Civil Penalty Fund from its own shakedown operations targeting financial institutions. Through ramped-up (and trumped-up) anti-discrimination lawsuits and investigations, the agency will bankroll some 60 liberal nonprofits, many of whom are radical Acorn-style pressure groups. It says these organizations will provide “financial coaching” for low-income homebuyers, as well as “housing and social services.”

Obama’s Department of Housing and Urban Development is also getting in on the act.

In a $200 million settlement with Associated Bank, which the agency accused of lending discrimination, HUD is forcing the Wisconsin bank to funnel tens of millions in “donations” to “community groups.”

This is extortion of private business by government. Congress’ new leadership must call on the agency’s inspector general and the Government Accountability Office to audit these pernicious payola schemes.

It turns out that Cordray, quite illegally, on his way out named his deputy, Leandra English, as the temporary director. When Mulvaney arrived at work Monday morning, he was forced to issue a memo saying “Please disregard any instructions you receive from Ms. English in her presumed capacity as acting director.”

Who is Deepak Gupta? Ex-CFPB employee emerges as leading anti-Trump litigator

This week, Gupta was in court representing Leandra English, who claims she is acting director Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. When Trump picked Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney to fill the position, English sued, arguing that as deputy director the law puts her in charge.

Secret Donors Are Financing Leandra English Lawsuit Against Trump

The D.C. lawyer appeared caught off guard when CNBC hosts asked who was financing his effort. He stumbled over his words in his first answer and said some form of unidentified “structure” was being put in place to accept funds from anonymous donors.

“Well, uh, it’s, it’s not, um, Miss, um English, um, ah. There are ethics lawyers that we’ve consulted, and we have a structure set up that is with ethics rules and, um, we’ll and we’ll be talking about that once we have that,” he told CNBC.

Elizabeth Warren leads protest to block Trump’s CFPB appointment

The CFPB, an agency created by the Dodd-Frank banking law that passed during former President Barack Obama’s first term, has become the focal point of a new fight over presidential authority in recent days

Maria Langholz of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, which helped organize the Tuesday protest, added in a statement that “Trump is trying to undermine the CFPB by breaking the rules to install a guy who is wholly unfit for the office and has numerous conflicts of interest.”

The CFPB Coup Attempt Is Over, Court Rules In Favor Of Trump Administration

A U.S. District Court judge in Washington handed a big victory to President Donald Trump, ruling in favor of the administration in its bid to install White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney as acting director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Judge Timothy Kelly denied a request by Leandra English, who was named last week as acting director by outgoing CFPB chief Richard Cordray, for a temporary restraining order to block Mulvaney from taking the post.

Kelly said there was not a substantial likelihood that the case would succeed on its merits.

Court Rules with POTUS TRUMP – Tells Far Left Hack to Clear Contents of Her Office into Box and Evacuate the Premises

Recent Trump appointee ruled today in favor of President Trump and rejected a lawsuit from an official who claims that she, and not President Trump appointee Mick Mulvaney, is the rightful director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.


CFPB Acting Director Mick Mulvaney Orders 30-Day Hiring, Regulatory Freeze

Mulvaney declared that President Trump “wants me to get it [the agency] back to the point where it can protect people without trampling on capitalism.”

The hiring freeze came amidst a feud between current director Mulvaney and deputy director Leandra English, an Obama-era appointee to the CFPB, who argued that she remains the rightful director of the financial regulatory agency.

Former Rep. Frank: Dodd Frank Bill Vacancy Act ‘Not As Clear Cut As I Wish It Was’




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Who Knew?

At some point, exactly when is unknown as far as I can tell, the slime merchants who infest Washington, D.C., who laughingly refer to themselves as “representatives of the people” knew to concoct something called an Office of Compliance, funded with taxpayer dollars to pay off the victims that they pinch, paw and fondle on a regular basis. The numbers that have been made public say that 256 victims have been paid over $16 million to date.

These victims have little choice except to take the money and sign the standard ‘confidentiality agreement.’ If they report the molester, they get exposed, the big shot goes to trial (maybe) and gets no punishment. Meanwhile, the victim resigns/gets fired and is left with nothing and no future. The ones with the power hold all the cards. They know it, which is why they act with such blatant disregard for the laws they write to make everyone else follow.

If the Weinstein case had come up in January of 2016, Donald Trump may never have been elected president. Considering the ferocity the leftists/media/DC elite are assaulting Roy Moore, how many phony “victims” could they have created to smear Trump? That’s all you would have heard about. Media whores are experts at putting pressure on republicans, regardless of how obviously unfounded the accusations may be. The abuse by the powerful of those they prey upon has been happening for a very long time and will certainly continue unabated, if unreported. As the old saying goes: power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The Party of Women: Dem Rep Says Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Conyers ‘Could Be Made Up’
Republicans and Democrats are in the crosshairs. Liberal media figures have also fallen. Yet, the Left is still engaging in the Bill Clinton protocol, circling the wagons and trying to downplay the accusations. Right now, Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) has four women, two of which wish to remain anonymous, alleging that he groped them.

The other Democrat in the news is Rep. John Conyers (D-MI), who has had sexual misconduct allegations lobbed against him, with financial settlements providing a paper trail of possible bad behavior.


“You can’t jump to conclusions with these types of things,” Clyburn said, despite the documented complaints. “For all I know, all of this could be made up.”

John Conyers Admits To Settling Sexual Harassment Case, Denies Wrongdoing + Charlie Rose Fired

Watch how Charlie Rose covered sexual harassment

Wait—isn’t the rule that all women should be believed no matter what? Is Clyburn suggesting that some due process should be involved in these cases? Isn’t this part of the “war on women”?

Sex abuse allegations expose the media’s hypocrisy on Trump

“Not every horny narcissist with bad judgment is named Donald Trump.”

That was the actual “reportage” of New York Times reporter Glenn Thrush last year, in an article referring to the online sexual exploits of former congressman Anthony Weiner.

It appears, in retrospect, that Thrush might well have been describing himself.

Al Franken’s Newest Excuse For Groping Allegations: ‘I Hug People’
Democratic Minnesota Sen. Al Franken’s latest excuse for the groping allegations against him is that he is a “warm person” who likes to “hug people.”

Some women have found my greetings or embraces for a hug or photo inappropriate, and I respect their feelings about that. I’ve thought a lot in recent days about how that could happen, and recognize that I need to be much more careful and sensitive in these situations.”


[CtH: Yeah, cuz “hugs” always include woodies and tongues. smh]

Dem Rep: ‘No Offense,’ But Ethics Committee Investigations Aren’t Going to Help

Rep. Kathleen Rice (D-NY) is so far the only Democratic representative brave enough to demand Rep. John Conyers’s (D-MI) resign over sexual assault allegations.

“No offense,” she told her colleagues, but their efforts are not going to result in any real accountability.


[CtH: I don’t EVER want to hear another word about the Roman Catholic Church’s sex abuse issue.  The RCC instituted zero tolerance rules in every parish.  (Mama Buzz had to have a background check done on her before she could ASSIST in a Sunday School class room.)  AND they have OUTSIDE auditors ensuring that every part of the American Catholic Church is in compliance.]


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Brain Droppings

It seemed an appropriate title since most of the ideas my brain concocts are crap anyway. Being heavily medicated, this diatribe will likely ramble from one drug-addled thought to another.

It is heartbreaking to watch what’s being done to Judge Moore. The accusers come crawling out from under their rocks to make scurrilous accusations with no proof. They don’t need any. The republican standard is they must be able to prove their innocence beyond a doubt, otherwise they’re assumed guilty.

My prediction: despite the massive assault on a good man, I think he will prevail December 12. This will turn out to be an exercise in futility because there’s no way that prick McConnell is going to seat him. The fix has been in since he beat Mitchy’s boot licker Luther Strange in the republican primary. He’s enjoying the full cooperation of his democrat friends and there’s no way he’ll be allowed into their club.

Moore is down to having one supporter in the senate: Rand Paul. Cruz pulled his endorsement Monday and I’m not going to bother listing all the other who have run like the yellow dog cowards they are. This is nothing new for republicans. In 1973 Nixon may have survived the Watergate mess, but his own party leaders slithered in to the Oval Office and said he was going to face impeachment and they weren’t going to stop it.

When Newt Gingrich and the House GOP impeached that sociopathic rapist Bill Clinton, Senate Majority leader Trent Lott told them not to bother bringing it to the senate holy chambers because they didn’t want anything to do with it. The democrats had earlier whined that he should be merely reprimanded… made to stand in the well of the senate while people shook their fingers and scolded him for being so naughty. When you’re dealing with a sociopath there’s nothing you can do or say that would affect them. Like a mass murderer standing before a judge, staring, cold as ice, no feeling whatever. The GOP only got 47 votes to convict. They lost a number of their own party. I can’t recall, but I’d be willing to bet these two both voted no:

Deliberations in the Menendez trial continue today. They cannot come to a decision on any of the 12 counts against him. My prediction: there’s a democrat plant on the jury who will not vote to convict on a single charge, regardless of the evidence. The jury will hang, a mistrial will be declared. This smarmy little punk will strut back into the senate chambers to a standing ovation from his buddies. He’ll proudly announce: “They didn’t lay a glove on me!!”

Jury Deadlocked in Democrat Sen. Menendez Corruption Case, Deliberations to Continue


Trump White House officials are considering replacing Jeff Sessions with Judge Roy Moore, installing the Attorney General back to his former Senate seat.


The Daily Caller reported a DOJ official and another source close to Sessions both shot down the idea that the attorney general wants to return to his Senate seat.
Sessions has made noises about appointing a second special counsel to investigate the Clintons and Uranium One.

My money says it will not happen and he wants to remain AG so he can better protect his democrat colleagues.

I find it depressing thinking of how many hours we spent doing research at the library for term papers, doing math problems where the teacher demanded that you SHOW YOUR WORK. All that knowledge, all that discipline. Nowadays any 12 year old can be just as informed by googling every damn thing they need to know. No muss, no fuss. I recall some college snowflakes demanded they be given their final exams to take home and work on where they can get all the answers and simply copy and paste. No imagination or skill necessary. There’s an awful lot of people on the internet, hiding behind their monitors, who pretend they know sheep shit from apple butter, when they’d be exposed as babbling morons without Google to give them all the answers.

This is JJ Watt,defensive end for the Houston Texans.

If you want to donate to JJ Watt’s Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund:

Kaepernick is the piece of garbage that started the whole kneeling for the National Anthem last year. The league did nothing about it and it has festered this year until viewership dropped precipitously. And he still doesn’t have a job.

GQ Names Kaepernick ‘Citizen of the Year.’ Seriously.

The best part of this editorial tongue bath is the “ten-person team of his closest confidants” who briefly tell readers just how awesomely woke and caring and brave and caring and righteous and caring this journeyman QB-turned SJW all-star really is.

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Incomprehensible Corruption

Not only did Obama and Clinton conspire to sell 20% of our precious uranium to the Russians, but Hillary and the DNC funded the phony Russian Dossier they intended to bring Trump down with. As yet, the networks have strenuously ignored all of this. Whether they ever will remains to be seen. My money says they won’t. Baghdad Bob had nothing on this scum.

NYT Reporter: Clinton Campaign Lawyer ‘Vigorously’ Denied Being Behind Dossier

Clinton campaign lawyer Marc Elias “vigorously” denied his involvement in the anti-Trump dossier that has made up the substance of the Russian collusion allegations, New York Times reporter Ken Vogel said.

Elias’ denial appears to have been intentionally misleading in light of new reporting from The Washington Post that Elias hired opposition research firm Fusion GPS on behalf of the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee. Elias reportedly hired Fusion to dig up dirt on Trump as part of a project that became the Trump dossier.

Clinton campaign, DNC paid for research that led to Russia dossier

The Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee helped fund research that resulted in a now-famous dossier containing allegations about President Trump’s connections to Russia and possible coordination between his campaign and the Kremlin, people familiar with the matter said.

Christopher Steele, former British intelligence officer pictured in London on March 7, 2017, compiled the dossier on Donald Trump’s alleged ties to Russia.

The Trump dossier was Clinton’s dirtiest political trick

Now it’s Democrats’ turn in the barrel.

The explosive report in the Washington Post goes a long way to explaining how the dossier was so widely spread among political reporters during the election. The Clinton camp must have passed it out like Halloween candy to its media handmaidens.

The Post report provides possible answers to other questions, too. Because Clinton’s team paid for the dossier, it’s likely that she gave it to the FBI, where James Comey planned to hire the former British agent who had compiled it to keep digging dirt on Trump.

Sean Hannity: “People Will Be Going to Jail” Over Uranium One Scandal


The Post reported that Clinton campaign and DNC lawyer Marc Elias and his law firm Perkins Coie paid Fusion GPS to continue researching Trump after a Republican donor who originally funded the research pulled out in April 2016.

Sean Hannity: Here’s my prediction tonight. People will be going to jail over this… Congress has a duty, a moral obligation, you can’t have a dual justice system.

[CtH: I’m still hoping that prophet I saw on Sid Roth, who said high level Democrats will be going to jail proves to have been right.  I’m so SICK of these people getting away with this stuff! ]

GOP investigates Russian granted US entry by Obama administration while under FBI investigation for bribery

The Obama administration awarded a visa allowing a top Russian nuclear executive to enter the United States after the FBI had already gathered substantial evidence he was involved in a racketeering scheme involving bribery, kickbacks, extortion and money laundering, court records show.

Emails: Obama DOJ Officials Sought to Route ‘Slush Fund’ Cash to Orgs of Their ‘Choosing’

Emails also show effort to exclude conservative causes

Former President Obama’s Department of Justice sought to route settlement money to organizations of their “choosing” while seeking to exclude conservative groups, documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon show.

The practice in question began in August 2014 when the Justice Department entered into a $17-billion settlement with Bank of America for selling residential mortgage-backed securities leading up to the 2008 financial collapse. Similar arrangements were made with J.P Morgan Chase and Citigroup that brought the total amount to $36.65 billion.





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Serious Stuff

Democrats Sink To New Low in Favorability Polls
The strategy of resistance, obstruction and sabotage everything Trump is clearly not working. But there is zero indication Democrats plan to alter this strategy.
Fox news reports on the poll and asks Dem hack Brad Woodhouse about the new numbers. He starts with the usual talking points- Republicans gonna take away health care from 23 million

Texas judge who admitted to using ecstasy and marijuana and sexting her bailiff is suspended from the bench
Texas Justice of the Peace Hilary Green was suspended from the bench on Friday
Green, who has been serving since 2007, was suspended after allegedly admitting to using hard drugs and trading sexts with her bailiff
However, the 46-year-old mother-of-one says that her ‘misuse’ of drugs had no impact on her work life and she plans to fight the suspension

One Hamptons party explains what’s wrong with American politics
For anyone still wondering why Middle America’s so angry, just take a look at the guest list for the annual bash thrown by Washington Post heiress Lally Weymouth, currently the paper’s senior associate editor, in the Hamptons last week.

It was full of politicians and power brokers — the ones who pantomime outrage daily, accusing the other side of crushing the little guy, sure that the same voter will never guess that behind closed doors, they all get along.

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner partied with billionaire Democratic donor George Soros, who rubbed shoulders with billionaire GOP donor David Koch.

WaPo Violent Rhetoric: ‘Kill Fox And Friends’

New Role As Pitch Woman? Hillary Poses With ‘Nasty Woman’ T-Shirt To Support Samantha Bee And Planned Parenthood

Tim Kaine: Russia Investigation ‘Potentially’ Moving Toward ‘Treason’
The New York Times recently reported that Trump Jr. sought information that could be damaging to Hillary Clinton’s campaign in a meeting with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya.
“Do you think this is treason?” CNN’s Manu Raju asked Kaine, who was Clinton’s running mate in the 2016 election.
“Nothing’s been proven yet but we’re beyond obstruction of justice just in terms of what’s being investigated,” Kaine said. “This is moving into perjury, false statements, and even potentially treason.”

Republicans increasingly think colleges are harming the U.S.
A new survey from the Pew Research Center finds that a majority of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents (58 percent) now think that colleges and universities are having a negative impact on the United States. That’s up from 45 percent last year.
For comparison, most Democrats and Democratic leaners (72 percent) think that institutions of higher learning are having a positive effect on the country, which is consistent with poll results from recent years.
Attacks on free speech, political bias among professors and demonstrations seeking to cancel invitations to speakers with unpopular views have all become talking points among conservative pundits. Among the right, “safe spaces,” “trigger warnings” and “micro-aggressions” have become shorthand for thin-skinned liberal students who cannot handle opposing points of view.

Smackdown! Kellyanne Conway vs. Chris Cuomo
Here’s the abbreviated version.

And if you’ve got a half hour, here’s the whole thing.

‘Comedian’ George Lopez : ‘Make the Country Safe, Deport the Police!’
George Lopez should keep to “comedy” and leave politics to the adults.
“The Trump administration is deporting Latinos to make the streets safer. You wanna make the streets safer, deport the police.”
Lopez is just another entertainer trying to make himself relevant by mocking the president and bashing the police.
His message was met immediately with backlash.
Liberals want to make the argument that police are out hunting minorities, despite the fact that, time and again, this is proven false. And they wonder why they continue to lose public support!

Obama’s West Wing frat house. Aide tells how all-white speech team called each other ‘bro’, drank, exploited their jobs to sleep with women, made d*** jokes – and president deployed the f-bomb
In a lighthearted new memoir, former Senior Presidential Speechwriter David Litt recalls working for the president at the tender age of 24
In Thanks, Obama: My Hopey Changey White House Years, he pulls the curtain back on the president’s famed Correspondent’s dinner speeches
He also lifts the lid on the surprising bro-culture in the White House revealing how some aides called each other ‘bro’ and pretended to like college basketball
Litt admits some staff members used their credentials to sleep with women
He reveals Obama ditched an Osama bin Laden joke at the 2011 Correspondent’s dinner, weeks before the wanted man’s death
Although the former president always proved charismatic on stage, Litt said Obama struggled with timing during speech rehearsals.

Dem Mayor Under Indictment Wants Taxpayers to Buy Her a New Car
Mayor Randy “Rambo” McCallum Sr. came into office telling cops, “I run this mother___” and ordered them to rob competing drug dealers and split the money with him. When drug dealers were busted, the seized drugs and money were brought to his house where he pocketed the money and resold the drugs.
McCallum Sr. stole so much money that there were no bank deposits for a year. When an undercover informant went to his house, he found crack cocaine on the kitchen table being prepped for sale.
There’s more. There’s more than anything you want to imagine or believe. And now there are new events in Alorton’s political establishment.
The first agenda item under “new business” for tonight’s village board meeting after mayor elect Joann Reed’s swearing in is a proposal to buy her a new car at public expense for her exclusive use.
Reed is facing prosecution by St. Clair County State’s Attorney Brendan Kelly. She is charged with felony vote buying and misdemeanor electioneering. If convicted of the felony charge, Kelly could ask a judge to remove her from office…
Mayor JoAnn Reed, Alorton’s current mayor, faced her own set of charges before the election for smuggling a cell phone into jail after her niece had attacked a pregnant woman. The niece posted “I’m in jail but auntie snuck me my phone don’t tell no 1” on Facebook.
Despite these charges, Reed won the election.
She got $1,500 in campaign cash from the law firm of county Democratic boss Robert Sprague, $1,000 from the firm of Belleville attorney Tom Keefe, $8,000 from her attorney Mark Scoggins and $1,000 from County Board Chairman Mark Kern.
They served her cash and she served them the public’s votes. She again is facing a felony, this time for vote buying and electioneering.


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Acting FBI Director McCabe under federal investigation


The Hatch Act prohibits FBI agents from campaigning in partisan races. In 2015, Andrew McCabe campaigned on behalf of his wife Jill when she was running for Virginia state senate.

Jill McCabe also took nearly $500,000 in campaign donations from a PAC that is affiliated with Bill and Hillary Clinton, calling her husband’s impartiality into question regarding the FBI’s investigation into Hillary’s emails when she was Obama’s Secretary of State.

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It didn’t start in 2016 with Susan Rice

IRS OBAMA Enemy of my enemy by Terrell

“Mounting evidence indicates that the Obama Administration and its loyalists had a habit of using information gleaned from classified foreign surveillance to smear and perhaps blackmail its political opponents.

“In fact, whether it’s the IRS scandal or spying on Israeli officials lobbying against the Iran nuclear deal, the practice didn’t begin in 2016.

“Even if the original collection of information may have been legal, under current circumstances, the evidence shows that the subsequent unmasking, disclosure, and leaking constitutes an illegal abuse of power.”

Read the rest:

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Another Obama Scandal Hots Up

On April 4, 2017, Judicial Watch released 695 pages of new documents from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that contain admissions by IRS officials that the agency used “inappropriate political labels” to screen the tax-exempt applications of conservative organizations.  

Other records reveal that the IRS was going to require 501(c)(4) nonprofit organizations to restrict their alleged political activities in exchange for “expedited consideration” of their tax-exempt applications.

2013 IRS targets Tea Party by Branco.jpg

No wonder the Obama IRS has been hiding these records.  The new smoking-gun documents contain admissions by the Obama IRS that it inappropriately targeted conservative groups … [and] that the abuse continued – as the Obama IRS tried to force conservative applicants to give up their First Amendment rights in order to finally get their applications granted,” said Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch President.



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The Enemy of Transparency

It seems that taxpayers paid a bundle to prevent taxpayers from seeing Hillary’s SecState emails.

Obama transparency NOT

The “transparent” Obama administration also broke the previous record for number of times federal employees told FOIA applicants they couldn’t find a single page of the files that had been requested.


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Cruz Lists 8 Years of Democrat Corruption

If you don’t see anything else today, see this.  Pay particular attention at around 11:00.

Jan 10, 2017: Ted Cruz Awesomely Rebuts Democrat Smears Against Jeff Sessions [12:44]

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