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So a lesbian walks into a Muslim barbershop

Purple Jihad

It sounds like the beginning of a joke, but (unlike my graphic, which I’m pretty sure is a photoshop), this really happened. The Muslim barber refused, as his religion required. So naturally the lesbian has taken it to court, cuz when you’re a libtard, that’s how you handle all your butthurts. Normal people just go find another barbershop. Do libtard lawyer advertise this? “Did someone make you feel bad? Sue the bastard!”

How do courts decide which protected group gets protected? According to Ezra Levant of the Toronto Sun, it’s like poker.

  • A white, Christian male has the lowest hand — it’s like he’s got just one high card, maybe an ace. So almost everyone trumps him.
  • A white woman is just a bit higher — like a pair of twos. Enough to beat a white man, but not much more.
  • A gay man is like having two pairs in poker.
  • A gay woman — a lesbian like McGregor — is like having three of a kind.
  • A black lesbian is a full house — pretty tough to beat.
  • Unless she’s also in a wheelchair, which means she’s pretty much a straight flush.
  • The only person who could trump that would be a royal flush. If the late Sammy Davis Jr. — who was black, Jewish and half-blind — were to convert to Islam and discover he was 1/64th Aboriginal.

So who has a better hand … the lesbian who wants a boy cut from a Muslim barber or the Muslim whose religion says he can’t touch any woman but his wife?

That’s a toughie. A similar question of tolerance for one protected group over another arose during the murder trial of George Zimmerman, when the prosecution’s star witness Rachel Jeantel intimated under cross-examination that Trayvon Martin was anti-gay. Do you recall any marches by the Lambda Society or GLAAD denouncing blacks for their Stone Age view of homosexuality? Nah. Instead, liberals buried their heads in the sand, waiting till the news cycle moved on to other headlines.

Hypocrisy much?

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Obama issues two more Royal Decrees

Friday, January 3, 2014: The Obama Administration announced more Executive Orders to further restrict who has a right to privacy and who can own a gun.

Under the guise of protecting us from crazy people, Obamacrats are going to data mine health insurance records to identify people they can ban from gun ownership because of alleged mental health issues.

The Soviets and the Nazis used that mental health thing to justify imprisoning, torturing and killing political dissidents without trial. Remember when we had a government for the people, by the people? Good times.

“Friday news dump” announcements have traditionally been used to try to avoid media scrutiny. Not that the media will scrutinize anything remotely like this. Just the opposite. The LeftStreamMedia is all about Squirrel Journalism.

  • Oh look, George Bush! BLOOD FOR OIL! CINDY SHEEHAN!
  • Oh look, George Zimmerman! RAAAAACISTS WITH GUNS!
  • Oh look, Phil Robertson! CHRISTIANS WITH BIBLES!

Media guide to protesters

Think back on the Big Stories of the past 6 or 7 years. What do they have in common?

  1. They all promote wrath toward the people who hold dear the traditional values upon which our once-great nation was founded.
  2. They all distract from the loss of our freedoms, the destruction of our economy, the weakening of our military and the disarming, demoralizing, and deChristianizing of our citizens.

Submit or die

Personally, I am convinced the Leftocrats are doing all this so we will be too weak to step in as global playground monitor when they make their bid to take over the world.


H/t Cherry

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Media bias (again and again and again)

EVERY time there’s a violent crime in the headlines, the Left Stream Media immediately starts screaming RIGHT WINGNUT, TEA PARTY and DAMN THE NRA.

A day or two later, after somebody who is an actual journalist finds out who the perp actually was, the Left Stream Media is suddenly Oh-So-Uninterested in what always turns out to be that person’s LEFT WINGNUT political affiliations.

It happened again this week with the LAX shooter. I saw lefties tweeting anti-right slogans even as the shooter was still unknown and at large. But, as per usual, the LAX shooter (aka, Paul Anthony Ciancia) was a registered Democrat.

“Liberals With Guns!” by Wild Bill for America [1:57]


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Democrats: Out of Touch with America

Reality Check Ahead

OBAMACARE: Nancy Pelosi described ObamaCare (The Affordable Care Act) as something that “captures the spirit of our founders” and will “put money back in the pockets of America’s patients” (WSJ, POLLS show:

Only 37% have a favorable view of the law, down 9 points from a minority of 46% who approved of it at the time the Democrat-controlled Congress voted it into law. Meanwhile, Obama is spending money we don’t have to drum up support for this law that was passed more than four years ago, yet was so bad the very Congress that passed it went and exempted itself from.

RACE RELATIONS: When George Zimmerman was acquitted, Obama and many Democrat leaders said the nation needed to have an “honest discussion about race.” POLLS showed:

Only 35% of Americans agreed.

ECONOMY: In his latest series of speeches on the economy this summer, President Obama has insisted that “America has fought its way back” and has already “recovered” (LA Times). POLLS show:

Only 28% of Americans believe the U.S. economy is recovering.

ABORTION: Democrats are more pro-abortion than ever. In the 2012 election cycle, their TV ads were filled with pro-choice messaging, abortion rights activists were main speakers at the DNC, and the head of Planned Parenthood even introduced President Obama at a campaign rally (Politico).

Only 15% of Americans believe abortion is morally acceptable.

36% don’t know or don’t care about the morality of abortion.

49% believe abortion is morally wrong.



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What Do George Zimmerman and Roderick Scott Have in Common?

2009 Cervini and Scott

When I saw the headline above, I could only wonder … who is Roderick Scott? Here’s the story:

In 2009, a man was asleep on his couch when he heard noises outside. He grabbed his gun, told his girlfriend to call 911, then went outside. Once there, he confronted three youths who were attempting to break into a neighbor’s vehicle.

His desire was to merely detain the three. He specifically stated it was not his intent to shoot anyone. As he approached the three, he could see that the dome light of the vehicle was on and at least one person was inside rummaging around.

From that point, things start to ramp up. “At that point, Scott testified he pulled his handgun out of the holster, and chambered a round. ‘I wanted to protect myself and I intended to,’ Scott said.” As he approached one individual, that individual began walking away. There were two still left looking through things on the inside of the vehicle.

At this point, Scott said he took the “shooter’s stance” because he said he did not know what he was up against and did not know if any of the individuals were armed.

“He told the individuals to stop, that his girlfriend had called 911, and that he had a gun. The individuals stopped, and a few seconds passed. Scott says the teens were talking, then one of them ran around the front of the truck. The other ran down the driveway toward him, screaming. Scott warned him he had a gun, then shot him.”

The shooter – Roderick Scott – was immediately arrested and charged with murder. A citizen’s grand jury recommended the lighter charge of manslaughter, which was what the prosecution went with for Scott. There was a trial and Scott was acquitted of all charges.

Cervini was an honor student who had never been in trouble or arrested for anything and whose father described as gentle. Cervini had also not laid a hand on Scott, had not even come in contact with Scott when he was gunned down.

Clearly, George Zimmerman was much more careful of Trayvon Martin’s life than Roderick Scott had been of Chris Cervini’s, yet they were both acquitted for defending themselves and only Zimmerman has been demonized … no doubt because “racial tension” goes only one way in this country and, in the Roderick case, the shooter was black and the victim was white.

Remember ANY racial tension or media brouhaha about the Roderick Scott case back in 2009?

Remember ANY Neo-Nazi Race-Baiting White Supremacists being praised by President Obama, appearing on television shows with friendly hosts, or having meetings with top Race-Baiting White Government Leaders and Justice and Liberty Loving White Hollywood Celebrities back in 2009?

Remember ANY Persons of Pallor holding vigils to honor White Martyr Chris or wearing shirts with Scott’s face and a target on them back in 2009?

Remember ANY Persons of Pallor marching, rioting, looting, setting fires or randomly attacking black people in the streets back in 2009?

Me neither.



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While the Obamedia obsessed about Trayvon … UPDATES

… Israel bombed Russian-made missiles within Syria, Russia has amassed over 160,000 troops, naval ships, fighter planes, and strategic bombers that Putin put on a state of “full combat readiness” today, and the federal debt bomb just keeps ticking away.

2013_07 22 Debt Clock

While we’re at it, let’s just think back, shall we? WHEN exactly was the last time you heard any mention of the fact that we STILL have troops fighting and dying in Afghanistan? Where’s all the brouhaha about Blood for Oil and Stupid Wars? Why isn’t Code Pink camped outside Obama’s place?

But let's talk about Trayvon



Ben Ghazi

A son



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The media doesn’t have clean hands

Charles Barkley on Zimmerman: A black athlete who makes sense [2:21]

Best lines: “They didn’t have enough evidence to charge him.” He “feels bad” that the trial gave “every white person and black person who is racist the platform to vent their ignorance.” He also called out the media for not having a “pure heart” when it comes to race. “Racism is wrong in any, shape or form,” Barkley said. “A lot of black people are racist too. I think sometimes when people talk about racism, they say only white people are racist, but I think black people are too. I don’t think the media has clean hands.”

2013_06 25 It's not about race It's about character


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Obama-Holder targeting Zimmerman for destruction

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