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Leftist Hypocrites (aka, oxymorons)

During the Bush years, the mere mention of Halliburton evoked a rabid response from liberals who claimed the company dragged the U.S. into the Iraq War for profit. (Vice President Cheney was a former chairman of Halliburton.)

March 29, 2015: President Barack Obama teed off today at the private Floridian National Golf Club with a member of the board of directors of Halliburton.

A Google search of “Obama Halliburton golf” within the past twenty-four hours showed no returns from liberal sites.

Halliburton toon



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The President-In-Name-Only just uncorked another steaming pile of Blame Bush Buffet.

2015_03 16 BHO blames ISIS on Bush

Remember when Obamacrats said we didn’t need troops in Iraq because there was no al Qaeda in Iraq? This would be after the Left said Bush didn’t attack al Qaeda in Iraq because he didn’t want to undercut his reasons for invading Iraq, but before they said it was Bush’s invasion that led to al Qaeda being in Iraq.

ISIS wasn’t the result of the invasion of Iraq. It was the result of Obama’s retreat from Iraq. And it is something that Bush and a whole lot of other smart people WARNED WOULD HAPPEN if we pulled our troops out of Iraq too soon.

Below is the full VICE News interview. I didn’t watch it, but you’re welcome to do so. I suggest you keep a barf bag handy; I hear he talks about his Jobs for Terrorists plan at the end.

President Barack Obama Speaks With VICE News

BHO and Jihadi John

Remember when BHO sneered at FOX News, calling it “not a real news organization”? Have any of you ever even heard of VICE News or Shane Smith before? I guess this is a step up from his interview with that Froot Loops YouTube sensation. At least VICE News has the word “news” in the name, right? Almost like how FOX News does. Speaking of FOX … I googled VICE News and found out that Rupert Murdoch’s corporation 21st Century Fox owns 5% of Vice Media of which VICE News is a division. ::snork::


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MSM: Controlled and Dumbed Down

Frankfurt - Media

The Selma Anniversary Spin: Republicans aren’t going to Selma cuz they are RAAAACISTS!

2015_03 08 NYT spinning the approved Leftist lie

It’s no good claiming the photo was cropped that way because of space limitations; the NYT on-line version used the same cropping.

2015_03 08 NYT spinning - Sunday above fold

1965_03 07 Bloody Sunday - Dem gov

2015_03 06 MSNBC Goldwater

1964 Civil Rights Vote totals



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Suddenly the Left cares about a potential president’s academic credentials

Funny how they kept bleating that Barack Obama was the Smartest Man Evah, without once blinking an eyelid over the fact that Obama had all his academic records sealed.  We have NO evidence that he was ever enrolled at any of the three colleges he claims he attended, much less what courses he took or what grades he earned.

But George Bush? “OMG he only got C’s!”  And Sarah Palin? “OMG she went to a college in fly-over country!” Now it’s Governor Scott Walker, a man with a proven record of success that far outstrips any credentials Barack Obama had before he ran for president … suddenly he’s unfit because he didn’t graduate from college.  What a bunch of hypocrites!

Greta Van Susteren – February 12 at 9:38pm

Have you seen the media reports about Governor Scott Walker not finishing college? Many in the media are falling all over themselves like it is the Pentagon papers! I am not telling you to vote for or against Gov Walker should he run for President …but I am saying this: I know a lot of very very smart people who never went to college and I know a bunch of big dummies who did go to college (and graduated.) I don’t know about you, but I sure don’t measure intelligence by college degrees.

Greta’s Facebook page @

I was born literally across the street from Cornell University and have lived in or near its hometown of Ithaca, New York, for all of my sixty years. I know from a great deal of personal experience that having a college degree is no guarantee of intelligence, competence, or common sense. If you need more than just my word on this …

Hank Johnson - Guam

3-25-2010: Rep Hank Johnson worried that Guam could tip over



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When a President needs on-the-job training

2014_05 07 SecState Kerry w wishbone

Below are 11 major statements that Barack Obama has made about our military in Iraq:

  1. As candidate for Illinois Senator in 2002, he said, “I don’t oppose all wars. What I am opposed to is a dumb war.” Then he proceeded to explain what a Very Bad Guy Saddam Hussein is and how much better off Iraq and the world would be if he were gone.
  2. As a U.S. Senator in early 2007, he declared himself completely opposed to President Bush’s “Surge”, saying if it were up to him, he would “do the reverse. … I think he [Bush] is wrong, and I think the American people believe he’s wrong.” The Surge was a rousing success.
  3. As a U.S. Senator in summer 2007, he wrote that the Iraq War “never should have been authorized and never should have been waged.” Obama advocated troop withdrawal “with the goal of removing all combat brigades from Iraq by March 31, 2008.” At this point, the Surge had only just begun.
  4. As candidate for U.S. President in fall 2007, he said, “If we have not gotten our troops out by the time I am President, it is the first thing I will do. I will get our troops home. We will bring an end to this war. You can take that to the bank.” It was clear at this time that the Surge was working and that more of our boots on the ground was exactly what Iraq needed to keep the peace.
  5. After taking his Oath of Office in January 2009, he stated, “We’ll begin to responsibly leave Iraq to its people.” Anybody with any sense whatsoever knew this was a Very Bad Idea that would assuredly result in a resurgence in extremist Muslim violence, but he didn’t care.
  6. At a speech at Camp Lejeune in February 2009, he told all our enemies exactly when our troops would be leaving Iraq.
  7.  On October 21, 2011, he reaffirmed his announcement of a hard date by which all our troops would be out of Iraq.
  8. At a final campaign stop before the 2012 elections, the President took credit for ending the War in Iraq. “I said I’d end the war in Iraq, I ended it,” he said.
  9. In August 2014, Obama blamed the horrific rise in violence by ISIS on George Bush. 
  10. In September 2014, Obama reiterated his determination to NOT put U.S. boots on the ground.
  11. On February 11, 2015, Obama asked Congress for the authority to put U.S. boots on the ground in Iraq, because, you know, ISIS.  We had that damn war won before HE took over and pissed it all away.


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Absolutely random

I’ve got a bad, Bad, BAD cold, so this is the best you’re gonna get.

2015_01 20 James Woods on Moore and Sniper

2015_01 20 Joni Ernst's shoes

Bush’s SOTU in 2007 vs. Obama’s SOTU in 2015 – Absolutely typical of BOTH men

Prez vacays

BREAKING: House passes bill banning federal funds for abortions 242-179. Only 1 Republican voted no. Only 3 Democrats voted yes.

2015_01 22 Pope Francis tweets March for Life

Lena Dunham has built her career around glamorizing crude and promiscuous behavior.  In her recently published autobiography, she falsely claimed she had been date raped by a conservative Republican.  While giving a talk to Planned Parenthood, Lena Dunham said, “I think we’ve all learned it’s hard to change the minds of people who aren’t open and willing to grow and don’t have a certain level of decency.”  After the talk, she snuggled an actual baby wearing a Wendy Davis onesie.   Self-awareness is not Ms. Dunham’s long suit.


2015_01 1700 private jets


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Left’s Spin: An Election About Nothing

ejection day

The buzz words the LSM has apparently agreed on is that this was a “Seinfeld election” (Seinfeld show’s premise was “a show about nothing.”)  President Obama said it wasn’t a “true national election.” Ooooooooooooookay. Funny how after Obama won a single primary, it was “the day the oceans began to recede.”

2014_11 04 Chris Matthews pouts Bush laughs

I guess when you vote with your little brains instead of your big brains, you can actually believe people like Joe Biden and Chris Matthews are wise and truthful prognosticators of reality.

2014_11 Biden says Dems would hold Senate

Far from being a nothing election, some of Tuesday’s wins were actually historic. Come January 2015, the GOP will have the most seats since the Truman administration. In those seats will be the first female war veteran ever elected, Iowa’s and West Virginia’s first female Senators, the youngest woman ever elected to Congress, the first Black Republican woman ever elected to Congress, and the first Black Senator elected in the South since Reconstruction. Odd how they’re all Republicans, what with, you know, Democrats being soooooo all about advancing Blacks and Wimmin. Or something.

GOP old white men

Dems famously opined in January 2007 that NOW they would have a chance to GOVERN. Well, they’ve proved they can’t and in the process lost their traditional guilt-and-hate-hold on voters-with-brains.  Dem candidates, like Mark Udall, Wendy Davis and Sandra Fluke, who all got a lot of positive MSM national press for their Uterine Campaigns ALL LOST. And when Democrat Martha Coakely prefaced a debate question to her opponent Republican Tom Reed with, “As part of the war on women,” the studio audience spontaneously burst into LAUGHTER.

Even Billary lost big!  According to the left-leaning Politico, Bill and Hillary Clinton were the most sought-after campaigners this election season.  “In the final weeks of the campaign, nearly every endangered Democrat brought [Bill and Hillary Clinton] along on the stump – from Kay Hagan in North Carolina to Mary Landrieu in Louisiana, Mark Udall in Colorado to Mark Pryor in Arkansas. But it was an overwhelming wipeout — of the Clinton-backed candidates in the closest Senate races, only [Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H.] hung on.”

2014_11 04 Hillary's Losers

According to Harry Reid, “The message from voters is clear: they want us to work together. I look forward to working with Senator McConnell to get things done for the middle class.”  Scott Ott at PJ Media wrote:

No, Senator Reid. Americans don’t want Washington to “work together” to “get things done.”

If Americans were tired of divisiveness in D.C., and frustrated with the failure to work together to pass legislation, Democrats would have swept Tuesday’s midterm elections. They did not.

If Americans wanted to get back to the good old days of the Clinton administration, they would have supported the candidates who Bill and Hillary backed. In the crucial Senate races in Georgia, Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, North Carolina (and others), they did not.

Americans would have returned Harry Reid to the Senate majority leader’s chair, with a filibuster-proof Democratic majority, if they yearned to…

pack the courts with abortion advocates, or
hold onto their Obamacare health plan, or
yield their children to compulsory Common Core curricula, or
slap down corporations through higher taxes, or
muzzle the voice of the Koch brothers, or
protect the bureaucrats who snoop on and target us, or
put that hinkle dreck Netanyahu in his place. (Apologies to my Pennsylvania Dutch and Jewish brethren.)

They did not do that, because they do not want that.

In Iowa, the Joni Ernst for Senate campaign caught fire when she implied she would castrate Democrats and their cronies in D.C. — figuratively, of course.

If America wanted nothing more than peace in the D.C. pigpen, Joni would be headed home.

Instead, Senator-elect Ernst is pulling on her Carhartts and snapping on the latex gloves.

2009_01 20 The day it became the Senate's full time job

As Pistol Pete put it … “The Republicans were not elected to change the tone in DC. They weren’t elected to work with Obama to get things done. They were elected to STOP OBAMA!”

Brit Hume: ‘This Was a Night When The Chickens Came Home to Roost’ [1:13]



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Disease prevention and Democrat hypocrisy

2005 Strong words from Obama re disease threat

2005 VIDEO:  Senator Obama rips Bush for being unprepared for avian flu epidemic. The avian flu could only be contracted directly from infected birds, not passed human to human, but the threat of it mutating into a highly infectious flu strain scared the bejeebers out of disease experts. However, as of today, the majority of human cases have resulted from direct contact with infected poultry and there has not been a single case reported in the U.S.

2008 CDC report to new Obama administration


2005: A sudden spike in cases of the H5N1 (avian or bird flu) virus (98 cases/43 deaths) led the WHO to warn of a possible global pandemic. As the New York Times reported (link below), then-Senator Barack Obama signed a protest letter with 30 Democrats expressing grave concern that the nation was “dangerously unprepared” and personally scolded the Bush administration from the Senate floor. In a New York Times op-ed, he specifically mentioned the dangers to the American public posed by international air travel.

2008: The CDC informed the incoming Obama administration it had less than one-third the resources necessary to properly protect the nation from an outbreak of deadly diseases like avian flu and Ebola.

2009: In the face of a possible epidemic of swine flu, the Obama administration quietly dusted off federal quarantine regulations that had been proposed by the Bush administration in 2005. Civil liberties people were appalled; health official were generally supportive.

2010: The Obama administration quietly scrapped the quarantine plans it had been developing in case Americans needed to be protected from travelers carrying dangerous diseases.

2014: September 9 – WHO says public transportation is “a hot source of potential virus transmission.”

2014: October 3 – Three weeks after declaring the Ebola outbreak a “national security priority”, Obama continued to refuse to ban travel into the U.S. for people who have been in affected West African countries. He has the legal power to impose such an emergency measure.

2014: October 9 – Obama released a video saying, “You cannot get [Ebola] sitting next to someone on a bus.” Virus researchers said Ebola could be spread through the air and from infected people exhibiting no symptoms.

2014: October 10 – President Obama said in a video message that Ebola cannot be contracted through casual contact “like sitting next to someone on a bus.” The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advised Americans with symptoms of the disease traveling in or arriving home from Ebola-stricken nations to “avoid public transportation.”

2014: October 15 – President Obama says he personally hugged and kissed two nurses treating Ebola patients and he didn’t get the disease, but since a second Ebola nurse has now contracted the virus, his administration will respond in a “much more aggressive way” to cases of Ebola in the United States.

2014: October 17 – The World Health Organization (WHO) announced 9,216 known cases and 4,555 deaths in the Ebola outbreak that began in west Africa in March. Obama’s Secretary of State, John Kerry, called on world leaders to provide cash, helicopters and treatment centers to help fight Ebola. “If we don’t adequately address this current outbreak now, then Ebola has the potential to become a scourge like HIV or polio, that we will end up fighting, all of us, for decades. And we shouldn’t kid ourselves. Winning this fight is going to be costly, it is going to take all of our efforts, and it is not risk-free.”

2014: October 18 – President Obama said no to those demanding a travel ban on planes from West Africa and urged Americans not to give into hysteria about the deadly virus, because we’ve only had three cases.


About H5N1 Avian Flu (H5N1 Bird Flu)

WHO Fact sheet: Ebola virus disease

Bush Weighs Strategies to Counter Possible Outbreak of Bird Flu
By Brian Knowlton – October 4, 2005 – New York Times

Obama administration failed to implement all of the CDC’s advice to prevent an Ebola outbreak
By Jim McElhatton – October 15, 2014 – The Washington Times

Obama team mulls new quarantine regulations
By Josh Gerstein – August 5, 2009 – Politico

Obama administration scraps quarantine regulations
By Allison Young – April 1, 2010 – USA TODAY

Ebola virus spread by taxi passengers, says World Health Organisation
By Stephanie Nebehay – September 8, 2014 – The Independent

Obama 2005: The Avian Flu Is Very Dangerous and It’s Only A Matter of Time Before It Comes to America
By Ace of Spades – October 2, 2014

If Obama thinks Ebola is a ‘national security priority,’ why no travel ban?
By Gregg Jarrett – October 3, 2014 – Fox News

Obama: ‘You Cannot Get [Ebola] Sitting Next to Someone on a Bus’
October 9, 2014 – CNS News

Virus researchers say Ebola could spread through air – and even spread without symptoms
By Jonathan Benson – October 9, 2014 – Natural News

Obama says you won’t get ebola sitting next to someone on a bus, CDC says avoid public transportation
October 10, 2014 – Breitbart

Obama Responds to New Ebola Outbreaks in U.S.
AP – October 15, 2014 – Wall Street Journal and Huffington Post

With New Ebola Case Confirmed, U.S. Vows Vigilance
By Manny Fernandez and Jack Healy – October 15, 2014 – New York Times

Ebola death toll soars to 4,555 out of 9,216 cases: WHO
AFP – October 17, 2014 – Yahoo News

Ebola ‘could be scourge like HIV’, John Kerry warns the world
By Nicholas Watt, Sarah Boseley, Lizzy Davies, Kim Willsher, and Philip Oltermann
October 17, 2014 – The Guardian

Obama reinforces argument against travel ban, urges Americans to resist Ebola ‘hysteria’
AP – October 18, 2014 – Fox News

H/t GP, Ace of Spades, Ed Morrissey


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