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Annie Blackley Is Back

Still pimping race…it’s all they have.

Democratic Lawmaker Says ‘Stand Your Ground’ Laws Let White People Get Away With Murder

“We need to get rid of ‘Stand Your Ground’ because it’s being misused all over this country and we’re finding that it is racially tinged because it’s being used in instances where white people actually kill black people and get away, so that is very troublesome,” Wilson concluded.

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When They’re Out of Power They’re Just Funny

Being a Democrat means you don’t need a conscience or a moral compass. You cater to the ignorant, the lazy, and the morally reprehensible. You blatantly lie to them. Most of them know it and they don’t care. They are motivated by greed,ignorance, and hate. You stand for nothing except enriching yourself at the expense of the the law-abiding people of this country who work and pay the taxes you buy votes with.

When they’re in power, like the dark days of the Obama reign of terror, they specialize in spreading misery to all quarters. Times like these, when they’re relegated to comic relief, they can display a particular pathos born of desperation to be relevant. They will return to the throne one day, but until then they’re just fun to watch.

Frederica Wilson Joins Dems In Boycotting Trump’s State Of The Union Address

“For the first time since I began serving in the U.S. House of Representatives, I will not be attending the president’s State of the Union address,” Wilson said in a statement. “I have no doubt that instead of delivering a message of inclusivity and an agenda that benefits all Americans, President Trump’s address will be full of innuendo, empty promises, and lies.”

The collective IQ at the SOTU just skyrocketed

As for Frederica Wilson, the gobs of attention she got for exploiting the wife of a fallen soldier has faded away – an easily forgotten embarrassing memory.

So naturally she thinks her next ticket to cable news is announcing she too will skip Trump’s SOTU address.

Black unemployment is at an all-time low – falling to below 7% for the first time ever.  And the primary beneficiaries of President Trump stemming the flow of unskilled illegal aliens into the country are black Americans.  Now you would think that Frederica, John and Maxine would be more focused on the constituents in their districts than flooding the country will unskilled, cheap labor.  But for the Democrat Party, all that matters are illegal aliens.

American blacks need to understand that they have been cast aside.  Parasites suck the life out of a host then move on.  And the Democrat parasites in Congress have drained all advantage out of the black vote. Now they’ve moved on to illegals.

Since they have nothing to show for their endless years in Congress, all they have left is showboating and demagoguery.  So they put on petty displays for attention and hurl slanderous attacks at the President — all to mask their years and years of inaction.
So go ahead, stay home, you useless blobs of irrelevance.

Maxine Waters: MLK Would Be Marching to Impeach Trump

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) took note of Martin Luther King Day Monday by tweeting that if civil rights icon Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was alive today he would “be marching not only for civil rights & protecting voting rights, but to urge Members of Congress to accept their responsibility to save the U.S. from a dangerous man who has no respect for our Constitution & no concern for strengthening our democracy.”

Maxine Waters Calls For Trump To Be Impeached For The 214,810th Time
Same day she said Trump “does not deserve her attention.”

[CtH: “gargantuan ego, pathological lies, obvious insanity” … project much, Maxine?]

Dems ‘Terrified’ of Trump Cracking Black Vote, Civil Rights Leader Says

With infamous race card losing its potency, guests on ‘The Laura Ingraham Show’ say president’s program threatens old alliances.

“[Democrats] are terrified that this president gets somewhere north of 10 to 15 percent of the black vote,” said Niger Innis, spokesman for the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) (pictured above right, in red tie, in the image on this page). “And they’re terrified because, if that happens, then it is first of all, mathematically, electorally impossible for a Democrat to win.”

Innis added, “But more than that, it is because they are so invested in having a monopoly of the black vote, and that monopoly is based on blacks as forever seeing themselves as victims, forever seeing themselves as victims of racism, of economic depravity of the white man.”

The battle to shut down Obama’s presidential center

What initially started out as a library has morphed into a 20-acre private “center,” and some environmentalists and historians are unhappy with the Obama Foundation’s plans to swoop in and take over a national historic place.

The Obama Foundation originally said it would house a presidential library on the property and vowed to have the National Archives oversee the facility because of its placement on public land. But that’s no longer the case, and some are balking at the change in plans.

Surprise: The States That Hemorrhaged Population Fastest in 2017 Were…

Some of the politicians objecting most loudly to the GOP tax reform law were Democrats from high tax blue states, whose constituents for years have been somewhat insulated from their exorbitant state and local tax bills via an ability to write them off as a federal tax deduction.  Under the new law, those who itemize (a small fraction of taxpayers to begin with) will only be able to deduct up to $10,000 in SALT-related (property tax) expenses. This will expose some of them, especially those in upper-income brackets, to the true costs of living in tax happy jurisdictions. These people make up the lion’s share the roughly five percent of taxpayers who stand to see a net tax increase next year — whereas 80 percent of all taxpayers, and 91 percent of middle class earners will get a cut.

US Military Members Receive Biggest Pay Bump Since 2010

Military members will see their paychecks rise by the largest percent increase since 2010 this week.

At the end of December, President Donald Trump, by way of executive order, mandated a 2.4% pay hike for uniformed service members and a 1.9% raise for federal workers. The Trump administration’s initial budget blueprint called for a 2.1% pay increase, while the House and Senate suggested the 2.4% figure, which was eventually adopted by the president.


Tom Cotton: ‘Let’s See How’ Shutting Down Government Over DACA Amnesty ‘Works Out for’ Democrats

Cotton, however, warned that if Democrats were to shut down the government over amnesty, it could have a detrimental impact on their re-election efforts in states like Wisconsin, North Dakota, and Montana.

Towards the end of 2017, Democrats in the House and Senate made similar threats that they would shut down the federal government over an amnesty for illegal aliens. But the left-wing party quickly backed off the plan when public opinion polls showed Americans were increasingly opposed to a shutdown over a year-end amnesty that would further suppress the wages of American workers.

Law-Abiding American Families Are the Victims in the Dreamers Debacle

Democrats would have us believe removing these people is inhumane.  What’s inhumane is ignoring laws we don’t like and vigorously enforcing those that we do.  It’s a tragedy of justice, and it creates an operational double standard that is destroying our nation while incentivizing bad actors from around the world to take advantage of us.

Chelsea Manning Attacks Democratic Leadership in First Campaign Video

Trump Administration Plans To Help States Implement Work Requirements for Medicaid

Kentucky has just received approval from the Trump administration to implement their work requirements, which mirror their requirements for food stamps. There are 650,000 Medicaid beneficiaries in Kentucky. Many of these individuals do not have any earned income and do not work at all. Under the new requirements, these beneficiaries will have to either work, train, or volunteer for 20 hours a week in order to receive benefits.

According to research from the Foundation for Government Accountability, the number of Medicaid beneficiaries has more than doubled since 2000. Now 75 million are enrolled in the program, which includes 28 million able-bodied adults. In addition, 52 percent of Medicaid beneficiaries that are able-bodied do not work.

CNN Anchor Alisyn Camerota Brought To Tears Over Trump “Shithole” Remark

Economists Agree: Trump, Not Obama, Gets Credit For Economy

The Wall Street Journal asked 68 business, financial and academic economists who was responsible for the strengthening of the economy, and most “suggested Mr. Trump’s election deserves at least some credit” for the upturn.

A majority said the president had been “somewhat” or “strongly” positive for job creation, gross domestic product growth and the rising stock market.

COVFEFE!! Dow Reaches 26,000 Points!… Up 1,000 Points in Just SEVEN Days

President Trump’s first year in office resulted in the greatest year in stock market history. The Dow ended up nearly 5,000 points for the year which was the highest increase in the Dow’s more than 100 year history. The Dow reached all-time new highs a record 71 times in 2017, breaking the record for the most all-time highs in a calendar year set in 1995.

NYT Officially Designates Trump A Racist, And Nobody Cares

The New York Times wants to make it official: President Donald Trump is a racist.  On Friday, the editorial board of America’s most influential paper asserted there was no doubt of that.

The editorial was in response to Trump reportedly asking why America takes in so many immigrants from “shithole” countries instead of places like Norway.  “Where to begin?” the Times’ editorial board collectively sighed when reflecting on Trump’s statement. “How about with a simple observation: The president of the United States is a racist.”

It shouldn’t be doubted that folks like Charles Blow and others in the media genuinely believe Trump is a racist for saying “shithole” countries and criticizing illegal immigrants in colorful language. But they aren’t just saying what they believe to get it off their chest.
The commentators wanting Trump to be certified as a racist understand the power of that charge and how it has played out in politics in the past.





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4 Pete’s Sake — Friday, October 27, 2017

So much to do. Where to start?

There was an interesting post at Gateway Pundit this morning.

The Question Must Be Asked: Who Did Deep State Catch AG Jeff Sessions in Bed With?

But what has happened with the swamp?

The answer lies with President Trump’s Attorney General. Day after day, since he was sworn in as AG, Jeff Sessions has failed his President and the American people.
In July, after his son in law was brought in for questioning related to the fake Russia collusion story about President Trump having ties with the Russians, the President fired off at his AG.  He started by tweeting – Ukrainian efforts to sabotage Trump campaign – “quietly working to boost Clinton.” So where is the investigation A.G.


Apparently his collegiality with his former democrat senate buddies precludes him carrying out his prosecutorial duties. Lord knows there should be subpeonas flying over the Russian Dossier and Uranium sales treason. But he won’t budge. He needs to be dismissed if he can’t find it in his heart to do his job.

President Trump Declares Opioid Crisis a National Health Emergency

Actually, he didn’t. Doing so would make billions available for use to combat opioid abuse.  However, he gave an impassioned speech about the brother he lost to this disease.  Trump declares opioid epidemic the worst drug crisis in American history.

Trump invokes brother’s struggles with alcoholism during speech on opioid crisis

Melania Trump Makes Opening Remarks on Press Conference Concerning Opioid Crisis

Clinton Drug Czar on Trump’s Opioids Speech: Best Presentation of Issue In Over a Decade

Rosie O’Donnell:  ‘I may not survive Trump presidency’

‘I seriously worry whether I will be able to live through his presidency,’ said Rosie O’Donnell in her first interview since President Trump won the election.

She said that she was so sure Hillary Clinton was going to win, ‘I literally felt such sorrow inside of me that these people were so deluded,’ she said after seeing Trump’s children tell their kids ‘Grandpa’ was going to win.

McConnell Advances Six Judicial Nominees, Base and Republicans Push for More
Senate Republicans confirmed one federal judge on Thursday and set the stage to confirm five more judges next week, including to federal appeals courts across the nation. While these are victories for President Donald Trump, conservatives caution senators that this week’s developments are a good start, but not enough to satisfy them when it comes to the federal courts.

Rep. Frederica Wilson (Dem-Florida) Has Been Missing From Congress For Days, Her Excuse Blames Trump Backlash

The Democrat from Miami was all over the media last week condemning the president for a condolence call he made to the wife of Sgt. La David Johnson, who was killed in an Oct. 4 ambush in Niger.  But after creating a torrential firestorm with her attacks, the lawmaker found herself the target of ongoing threats against her, the Miami Herald reported Wednesday.  She has since missed 19 votes between Monday, Oct. 23 and Wednesday, Oct. 25, according to the Miami Herald.

[CtH: Wilson: “I behaved badly and it’s all Trump’s fault.”  She learned everything she knows from Hillary.]

FBI Informant’s Lawyer — Obama Admin ‘Threatened’ My Client And His Career
Victoria Toensing, the lawyer for the informant, told The Daily Caller’s Vince Coglianese that Obama Justice Department lawyers told her client that “his reputation and liberty [was] in jeopardy” if he did not drop a lawsuit against the government.

On Wednesday, the Trump Justice Department released the informant from a confidentiality agreement, clearing the way for him to testify before several congressional committees about his undercover work at Uranium One, a Canada-based energy company that has ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton and their family foundation.

NBC News Analyst Mark Halperin Accused of Sexual Harassment by Five Women

Mika Brzezinski addresses sexual harassment claims made against Mark Halperin


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4 Pete’s Sake… Monday, Oct. 23

Just a whole bunch of different stuff. Buckle up.

Melania Trump cuts bloated first lady payroll from Michelle Obama days.

During then-President Barack Obama’s first year in office, 16 people were listed working for Michelle Obama, earning a combined $1.24 million a year.  This year, just four people were listed working for Melania Trump as of June. Their salaries totaled $486,700.

Harvey claims he’s cured!

Harvey Weinstein has completed a one-week sex addiction rehab in Arizona.  Psychologist says he is ‘dealing with his anger’ and starting to ‘work on empathy.’
This despite reports that Weinstein was boorish in group therapy session.  The disgraced producer was pulled from group after one session, psychologist says.  The psychologist downplayed previous reports that the 65-year-old film producer had fallen asleep in group sessions and ranted about conspiracy theories.


Pelosi Denies There’s a Fracture in the Democratic Party on the View






Pelosi makes face when told some Democrats want her out as leader





Nothing is Sacred or Off-Limits When Opposing Trump

He said, “We’ve seen our discourse degraded by casual cruelty.” Ahhh, casual cruelty. The ol’ combination of noun with unlikely adjective spoken in coy alliteration. Like “compassionate conservative.” A one hit wonder returning to the rhyme scheme that carried him to the top of the charts.

Most Trump supporters voted on economic issues and would not harm a flea. There are a small few who think the IRS is microwaving their brains, sure, but every successful political coalition has its whacks. Trump’s opposition seems to be dominated by whacks who think he disagrees with them to be mean. Two former presidents and a former aspirant to that office have now climbed under the tinfoil hat.

One America Appeal: Five Former Presidents Gather In Support Of Hurricane Relief, Donald Trump Praises Efforts


The concert, which was streamed live on the One America Appeal website, featured performances by country band Alabama, Grammy-winning “Soul Man” singer Sam Moore, gospel legend Yolanda Adams as well as Texas musicians Lyle Lovett and Robert Earl Keen. College Station is the home to George W. Bush’s presidential library.
In a video recorded earlier today, Donald Trump showed support of One America Appeal, calling the quintet of former Presidents, “some of America’s finest public servants.” He and Melania Trump expressed gratitude for their “tremendous assistance.”

Gold Star widow Myeshia Johnson has ‘nothing to say’ to Trump after controversial condolence call

[CtH: They’ll ignore her once she isn’t useful, just like they did to Cindy Sheehan after Obama got in office and suddenly the Left didn’t give a toot about how many wars he involved us in or how many troops were being injured or killed on his watch.]

Nineteen days after her husband’s death and two days after his wrenching burial, the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson said she has “nothing to say” to President Trump, whose condolence call pulled the grieving widow into the center of a national controversy.
“Very upset and hurt; it made me cry even worse,” Myeshia Johnson told “Good Morning America” about her conversation with the president.


Donald Trump Punches Back At Widow Of La David Johnson After Her ‘GMA’ Interview


President Donald Trump punched back at the widow of a soldier killed in Niger on Twitter this morning.

“I had a very respectful conversation with the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson, and spoke his name from the beginning, without hesitation!” Trump tweeted this morning, less than an hour after Johnson said otherwise in an interview with Good Morning America.

[CtH: This is exactly how the Sheehan thing went down.  Bush met with the parents and the Sheehans told the press afterwards that they had had a good talk.  Only later did the “bereaved” mother become the anti-Bush darling of Democrats with her highly publicized squat by his ranch, her demands to meet with him, and her faux hunger strike.  She didn’t eat BETWEEN MEALS, though she was photographed sucking on a can of soda while she had her hair done!  Meanwhile, her now-estranged husband and the deaad soldier’s sibs were very opposed to what she was doing.  She made a big deal about the boy’s grave stone, forcing the family to have no marker for months.  Finally, on the day it was placed, Cindy was too busy doing anti-war crap in Europe to attend.]


Trump Signs EO Permitting Recall of 1K Retired USAF Pilots; Leftist heads explode.

It’s the draft! We’re going to war! The sky, it’s fallllling!

[CtH: Morons.  There is a period of time following retirement when the military has every right to recall a soldier.  My two Marines were on recall for four YEARS after they left active duty.]

President Trump campaigned on rebuilding our military and refocusing its mission on military matters rather than on political correctness and voracious down-sizing. He also campaigned on destroying ISIS and radical Islamic terrorism.

In aid of these twin campaign promises and goals, Trump signed an Executive Order (EO) permitting the United States Air Force to recall up to one thousand retired pilots. The cap lift applies to all branches of the military.

The left’s response was an epic meltdown. Took a Knee When Obama Fundamentally Transformed America


[CtH: I was proud of him for keeping his nose out of Obama’s business, unlike Carter who even visited foreign leaders after he was not president.  But this?!  Now I’m disgusted.  And sad.  It reminds me of when Barbara Bush, who I have always admired, reportedly said she wished Sarah Palin would go back to Alaska and stay there.  The Bush family is really hard core establishment Republicans, aren’t they.  Sigh.] President Bush is facing fierce backlash from conservatives after he delivered a speech that has been interpreted as a direct attack on President Trump.

“Bigotry seems emboldened,” Bush said. “Our politics seems more vulnerable to conspiracy theories and outright fabrication.”

Planned Parenthood Defends Rep. Wilson: Trump Administration Has ‘Pattern of Attacking Black Women’
Planned Parenthood, however, was founded by eugenicist Margaret Sanger, whose bust an organization of black pastors has tried to have removed from the Smithsonian Institution’s National Portrait Gallery. The abortion giant also presents its highest honor – the Margaret Sanger Award – to individuals who promote abortion rights, such as House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and failed 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, who said unborn babies have no constitutional rights.

Hillary Clinton Really Tried To Avoid Going to the Inauguration




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The Rhinestone Cowpie Gets Schooled

2017_10 22 Rhinestone Cowpie tweets

Tweeter Truth Booms:

  • Actually, no it isn’t. Obama sent our troops to Niger, not Trump.
  • Let me know when Trump jails a YouTube video maker to deflect blame away form his response.
  • Democrats never let history or logic get in the way of politicizing a tragic situation.



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More idiocy

Kelly is an Irish-Catholic from Boston, Massachusetts.

  • Massachusetts (and Boston in particular), were known world-wide as the nexus for the American antislavery movement.
  • The Catholic Church was the FIRST to condemn the racist treatment of native peoples in the New World. See the 1537 papal bull “Sublimis Deus” by Pope Paul III.
  • Plus, you know, the KKK hated Blacks, Jews, AND CATHOLICS.

“Empty barrels make the most noise” is an idiom so old, nobody seems to know where it originated.

  • It refers to the fact that, when you rap on a full barrel, it makes a dull thud, but when you rap on an empty barrel, it reverberates like a drum.
  • The expression is used to refer to people who are the loudest at parties, always showing off at work, boasting about their accomplishments to anyone who will listen, or acting as the know it all.
  • It has no racial overtones or undertones or linguistic history. At least, it didn’t until now, when Leftist idiots have decided that ANYTHING a Republican says MUST BE RAAACIST, because REPUBLICANS ARE RAAACISTS!


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Like a Rhinestone Cowpie

It was difficult for me to do a post this morning. I’m still seething from that racist Dale Evans wanna-be pig taunting General Kelly about his dead son. The common characteristics endemic to all democrat politicians: no class, no compassion, inveterate liars, hypocrites, unabashed thieves, and cowardly bullies.Were it not for their media whore allies many of them would be in prison. That’s why they can behave badly with impunity; nobody ever hears about it who isn’t paying attention like us.


Florida Dem Says She’s ‘A Rock Star’ After White House Attacks


Democratic Florida Rep. Frederica Wilson is laughing and bragging after White House chief of staff John Kelly said he was “stunned” Thursday that Wilson criticized President Donald Trump’s call to the widow of a dead soldier.

“You mean to tell me that I’ve become so important… that the White House is following me and my words? This is amazing. That’s amazing. That is absolutely phenomenal. I’ll have to tell my kids that I’m a rock star now,” Wilson told Miami Fox affiliate WSVN-TV, while laughing.

General Kelly: “I Was STUNNED” When a Member of Congress Listened in on Trump Phone Call to Widow

General Kelly then went on to tell reporters he was so upset he went to Arlington Cemetery to be with the heroes.

Kelly Rips Democratic Rep’s ‘Selfish’ Behavior In Attacking Trump’s Call To Army Widow

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, a former general in the U.S. Marine Corps, handled the press briefing today. Kelly started off by explaining what happens when a serviceperson in the U.S. military has been killed in combat, and the process of returning the body back home.


Kelly on Calling Families of Fallen Soldiers: ‘Most Difficult Thing You Can Imagine’

Kelly Pays Tribute to Young Military Members: They Serve Because ‘They Love This Country’


Frederica Wilson: ‘John Kelly’s Trying to Keep His Job, He Will Say Anything’
“John Kelly’s trying to keep his job. He will say anything,” Wilson said. “There were other people who heard what I heard.”

Sgt. Johnson’s mother told the Washington Post that Trump “did disrespect” her son and his family with the call.

“President Trump did disrespect my son and my daughter and also me and my husband,” Jones-Johnson said.

Tasteless CNN Debases Itself by Blasting Kelly for Emotional WH Remarks

Right off the bat, CNN Political Director David Chalian noted that “it’s hard to listen to a father tell that story and not have sympathy” before declaring that Kelly’s emotions must be separated “from the White House chief of staff going into the press briefing room to clearly try and attempt to clean up a political mess that, quite frankly, his boss largely created.”

“I mean, he turned — he turned what should a solemn duty for any commander in chief, regardless of your political stipe, he turned into a competition with his predecessor. He turned it into a publicity stunt,” the former Kerry State Department spokesman added before praising Barack Obama’s behavior concerning fallen soldiers and their families.

Obama sent identical form letters to Gold Star families.

Former Clinton Spokesman Rips ‘Enabler’ John Kelly: ‘Don’t Be Distracted by the Uniform’

Kelly also made his remarks personal, discussing the trauma he experienced after learning that his son, Second Lt. Robert Kelly, was killed while serving in Afghanistan in 2010.

Fallon responded to Kelly’s remarks on Twitter, calling the retired four-star Marine Corps general an “enabler of Trump” and “as odious as the rest.” He also told Twitter users not to be “distracted by the uniform,” appearing to suggest that Kelly should not escape criticism on the issues he discussed because he served in the military.



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