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If they had a valid argument …

… they wouldn’t need to bully us into silence.

Liberal vs Conservative - thinking

Dearest tells me he heard enthusiastic news coverage today of an anti-fracking protest in Albany attended by … 2,000. There were something like half a MILLION in DC. The broadcast media has become nothing more than propaganda arms for the Obamacrats. It’s shameful.

Fracking has been practiced in the US since 1947. Obama’s EPA director admitted there has not been a single incidence of water pollution from it. Keep in mind that Obama has been blocking the Canadian oil pipeline and doing everything he can to shut down coal mining. If they had a hint of a sniff of a problem with fracking, they’d be screaming it from the rooftops. They don’t, so they resort to bullying.

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FrackNation and Liberal Tolerance

Liberal Tolerance

The screening of FrackNation scheduled for Sunday at the Frozen River Film Festival in Minnesota has been canceled. This is the first such cancellation in the festival’s nine year history.

The organizers gave several contradictory reasons for the cancellation. FrackNation Director Phelim McAleer chalked it up to a cowardly response to Left-wing bullying.

FrackNation was funded through the most successful Kickstarter crowd-funding documentary campaign ever, raising $212,000 from more than 3,300 people.

I’m proud to say I was (a very minor) one of those crowdfunders and that the documentary is excellent. Dearest went to the screening in Binghamton and got my DVD signed by Phelim. 🙂


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Something Rotten in Gasland

You may or may not have heard of the anti-fracking movies “Gasland” and “Gasland II”” by Josh Fox. The fake “David and Goliath” myth about him is presented uncritically at the beginning of this trailer as absolute fact.

Gasland Trailer [2:47]

According to the Josh-as-David myth, a natural gas company offered him $100,000 for permission to frack on his property. Josh-as-David nobly declined. Instead of taking the money and keeping quiet about the alleged evils of fracking, Josh stood up to the Philistine natural gas giants and made “Gasland.”

The thing about heroes is … they’re supposed to be honest. Josh Fox is not. In the movie’s opening segments, Fox often refers to the 19.5 acres in Milanville, Pa., as “my land.” He also talks about “my $100,000″ in reference to money allegedly offered to him by an unnamed gas company to frack on “his” land.

1. The land belongs to his father.

2. The property consists of two parcels each about 500 feet wide and totaling 19.29 acres. One is fairly steep in parts; the other is near a stream. A typical fracking well pad is slightly less than 500 feet square and requires fairly level ground. It also must be sited a minimum of 500 feet from any major stream, building, well or septic system. Neither of Josh’s father’s parcels are suitable for fracking.

3. Natural gas leases are easy to identify, because each company uses a unique format. In “Gasland,” Josh shows the lease offer he claims he turned down. It’s from Hess Corporation, a company that has done zero business in the township where Pater Fox’s parcels are located.

4. Josh claims he received “his” offer in 2008. But the Hess company didn’t start soliciting fracking leases until 2009 when Josh was already making “Gasland.” However, once Hess came into the general area (though not the specific townships where the Fox parcels are), their lease forms became widely available.

5. When challenged, Josh says he no longer has the original documents. What … this was SO IMPORTANT that he turned up his nose at $100 grand, but then he misplaced the evidence? Maybe the dog ate them.

6. Josh likes to cast himself as this altruistic savior of the planet, but anti-fracking has paid much more than $100,000, even if that latter money had ever even existed, which it clearly did not. HBO paid him $750,000 in upfront money to shoot “Gasland”, then publicized it for him. The Park Foundation paid him $150,000 to promote anti-fracking. And he gets paid $5,000-$7,500 to lie out his lying liar hole about his personal saintliness and the evils of natural gas.

Gasland II Debunked [2:44]


Something Rotten in Gasland by Tom Shepstone – June 7, 2011

H/t J-bob


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Another government thumbs up for fracking safety

Former Energy Secretary Steven Chu and current Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz have BOTH said that fracking is safe.

And former Environmental Protection Agency [EPA] Administrator Lisa Jackson told Congress she was “not aware of any proven case where the fracking process itself has affected water.

Now, a new report from British Department of Health says,

Contamination of groundwater from the underground fracking process itself (i.e., the fracturing of the shale) is unlikely. Surface spills of fracking fluids or waste water may affect groundwater; and emissions to air also have the potential to impact on health. [But] reported problems are typically a result of operational failure and a poor regulatory environment.”

British DoH Summary:

Potential risks to public health from exposure to emissions associated with the shale gas extraction process [aka, fracking] are low if operations are properly run and regulated.

If you have not seen FrackNation yet, then you don’t really have all the fracking facts.


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Flaming faucets are not caused by fracking

Methane (which is flammable) was first isolated by Alessandro Volta between 1776 and 1778. Volta was inspired to study gases after reading work by Benjamin Franklin.

The following is excerpted from a letter written by Benjamin Franklin:

In 1764, I heard it several times mentioned, that by applying a lighted candle near the surface of some rivers, a sudden flame would catch and spread on the water. …

In 1765, I heard of the same experiment, the whole surface of the water was in a blaze, as instantly as the vapour of warm inflammable spirits.

Obama’s Former EPA Chief Admits NO Fracking Water Contamination

Later, the Obama EPA issued … then RETRACTED … a “Fracking Is Bad” report.


What is methane? @

Franklin letter @ Edited for clarity only by CtH. The full text is at this URL.

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Anti-frackers are freaking JERKS

Tribeca Film Festival lies about shutting out farmers

Phelim McAleer (maker of the pro-fracking documentary FrackNation) was supposed to attend the world premiere of Gasland 2 at the Tribeca Film Festival and write a review for the New York Post.

When he got there, he asked some tough questions of Josh Fox (maker of the anti-fracking documentaries Gasland and Gasland 2) on the red carpet. The Tribeca staff then barred him, his FrackNation partner Ann McElhinney, from the screening.

Fox’s people also barred a group of farmers who had gotten up at dawn to drive from Pennsylvania to see the movie.

Phelim, Ann and all the farmers had tickets!  One farmer even said his wife was already inside, but they wouldn’t let him in once they knew he was with Phelim and Ann.

A Russian journalist was reportedly arrested for trying to cover the story of the festival keeping people out of the screening.

You know how they say, “Annoy a liberal – Use facts and logic”? They aren’t just whistling Dixie.

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GOOD FLICK!! Dearest went to the premier in Binghamton, NY, got me a DVD signed by Phelim McAleer. I have his other 2 documentaries; he’s a bit of a hero of mine, like James O’Keefe with a cute Irish accent.

Netflix has it available for SAVE queue, which will get you bumped to the SEND queue as soon as they get the DVDs in. Dunno when that will be. If you’re hot to see it asap or don’t have Netflix, Dearest bought 3 extras to pass around.

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New York voters support fracking

Anti-fracking candidates were soundly rejected at the polls in the part of New York State where fracking will actually occur — if the government allows it.

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Media bias against fracking

Fracking may not be a huge issue where you live; it is where I live!

But even if you’ve never heard of it, you should care, because there is enough natural gas under our own soil to provide our needs for more than the next CENTURY.

The best way to get it is by fracking. The Left doesn’t want us to frack. They claim fracking causes water pollution. Never mind that it’s been done safely for more than 30 years in other communities across the country.

Here in Tompkins County, land-owners legally sold the rights to fracking companies to drill on their land. The Lefties sued and the local liberal judge found in their favor.

The local case will go to a higher court on appeal and I hope the fracking companies and land-owners win, because we need the gas and we can get it safely.

And also because I’m so SICK of the Left’s lies about me and my peeps.

In the 2011 local elections, the Democrat’s campaign was a non-stop barrage of “Republicans don’t CARE about water quality!”

Excuse me? We don’t drink water? We don’t have children? OUR candidates were talking about REGULATING frackers so we could have the gas AND safe water.

I’m so SICK of the Left painting me and mine with this broad “EVIL, RACIST, HOMOPHOBIC, NARROW MINDED, STUPID” brush.

Who’s stupid and narrow minded? The Republicans who learned how fracking is done, brought in representatives from communities where fracking has been going on for years, and talked to the companies that bought and the land-owners that sold the leases? OR the Democrats who just bellowed, “Oh My God Republicans Are So EEEEEVILLLLL”?

We are NOT, dammit. What we WANT is for America to SAFELY and RESPONSIBLY tap local sources of fossil fuels, so we can enjoy lower prices, a higher standard of living, and fewer “blood for oil” wars.

We’re NOT stupid. We know the fossil fuels will run out. Duh. But what’s the point of leaving it in the ground? Huh? It’s not like these green technologies are safe or affordable YET. It’s not like any of them can even heat or cool your home, never mind fuel industry.

It takes ENERGY and lots of it to have the conveniences and technology most of us enjoy. Materials have to be mined and manufactured, transported, assembled, transported, packaged, transported, offered for retail sale, and transported again until finally, you get to have it at your own home or business.

And for now, the FACT is that almost all of this requires fossil fuel.

(Unless you want to use nuclear power plants, which the greenies also abhor, but that’s another whole story.)

Why do you think the cost of food and postage and pretty much everything else you buy has gone up so much in the past 3 years?

Because the cost of FUEL has gone up.

Unless you’re Amish, even the organic produce you buy in season at the farmer’s market has fossil fuels in their past.

And why has fuel gone up?

Because Obama et al. banned U.S. companies from doing off-shore drilling (while selling the rights to other countries, whose drilling operations are not subject to the environmental regulations ours are).

Because Obama et al. canceled drilling leases that were granted under Bush.

Because Obama et al. refused to allow the pipeline from Canada to come here.

Because Obama’s bffs in Tompkins County and elsewhere are trying to legislate and/or sue to stop fracking everywhere they can.

I’m so SICK of it. And I’m especially SICK of the MEDIA’s cooperation in LYING about these things.

Fox News is the only major news source that isn’t acting like the public relations arm of the Democratic National Party. The rest of them are not just grossly left-biased, they’re PROUD of it.

I urge you to go watch the videos posted here:

Gasland director hides full facts

EPA Administrator Tells Congress No Proven Cases Where Fracking Has Affected Water YouTube

Hoeven Says EPA Won’t Ban Fracking – Nov 2011

Then go here. Read and watch the video.

The first clip from FrackNation and another reason to support it

All together, the four videos will take you less than seven minutes to view. I bet it takes you a lot longer than seven minutes to earn the difference between what a fill-up cost under Bush and what it costs now.

If you end up agreeing with me that getting this documentary made is important, please donate $20. It’s a great deal. You’ll help get the truth out so American voters can make INFORMED DECISIONS, and they’ll also send you a copy of the DVD when it’s done. (I own the documentaries these people have made in the past. They’re really good.)

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Another lying leftist documentary about energy

By Chrissy the Hyphenated

Click to embiggen for easier reading.

VIDEO: The sound is not great, but the important parts are clear. Fox admits he did know there was methane in the drinking water at these houses DECADES before fracking occurred in the area and he did not include it in his documentary because he didn’t consider it “relevant.” One just itches to ask what he WOULD have considered relevant!

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