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Case in Point

2017_07 Female WH Press Sec


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The Female Won! Why Are They So Bummed?

2017_06 21 Handel toxic voters

“Congratulations to our newest member of Congress, Karen Handel. But if you think feminists and other Democrats are happy about a woman winning an election, if you think they’re celebrating this victory over rape culture and toxic masculinity and whatnot, you haven’t taken into account that the woman in question is a Republican.”

“No matter what the Dems threw at her, she persisted nevertheless.”

“A woman shatters the glass ceiling, and the same people who told you to vote for Hillary Clinton whether or not you like her or agree with her — based solely on her genitalia — are super-bummed. The same people who called you a misogynist for refusing to vote for a woman are angry that another woman won something. It’s almost as if Democrats’ ideals and principles are disposable when they interfere with their political goals.”



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The Democrat War on Women

We’re just 100 days into Trump’s first term and, so far, the Left Stream Media have accused these three prominent women in the Trump administration of being brainless, incestuous whores.

Kellyanne Ivank Melania

Predictably, so-called feminists have been slow to call anyone out on these blatantly sexist attacks, all the while nodding like bobble head dolls over Hillary’s claim that Trump won because Republicans hate women.



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SJWs and their FAKE issues

I wish the people who get upset about these kinds of stoooooooooopid non-issues would spare a moment of concern for the victims of abortion and sex trafficking.

2017_03 23 Wonder Woman's arm pits

Also from Matt Walsh:

In another fake outrage story. Shannon Watts, known for being the founder of a leftist anti-gun group, tweeted that “girls in leggings” were being prevented from boarding her United flight. Of course the story went immediately viral with everyone sneering at United for its “sexism” (because apparently one must be pro-Spandex if one is to be pro-woman).

There were already boycotts being organized before anyone bothered to look into the real story. And the real story is that “girls in leggings” are allowed to fly United, unless they are flying on the employee discount given to family members of United employees. In that case, a professional dress code is enforced, which reasonably rules out Spandex pants as well as many other forms of unprofessional attire.

Perhaps we will eventually be treated to a day free from fake, ginned up outrage, but today was not that day. Better luck tomorrow.


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Is it just me or does that sculptor look distinctly not female?

2017_03 22 Giant vagina

Tweeters commented:

  • You’re sending an unsolicited sexual gesture to someone to prove that sexual harassment is wrong?
  • So now Trump can grab ’em by the p***y?
  • I wish other women would stop making it harder for women to be taken seriously.
  • We are more than our crotches.
  • It’s filled with the brains of all the women who let their vaginas think for them.
  • Really paving the way for the next generation of empowered women.
  • And they say conservatives are obsessed with female body parts.



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I am amused

I am woman hear my eyes roll

The Women’s March tweeted: “How will you #ReflectAndResist this weekend? Let us know!”

Tweeters responded:

  • Seriously? They want us to reflect and resist on the weekends? PSHAW. That’s our sleep and do nothing time, people.
  • Reflect and Resist?  More like Deflect and Detest.
  • I’m going to teach my daughter to be a strong independent thinker, not like the sheep at the Women’s March.
  • I’m also going to teach my daughter to not act trashy!
  • I’m going to reflect on what a bunch of narcissistic whiners you are and resist making too much fun of you.
  • Imma resist wearing pants the whole time and reflect on how much I like being female.
  • By making my man the best sandwich evah.
  • Reflecting on how annoying feminazis are and resisting your hypocrisy and constant victimization.
  • So Women’s Marchers … did you denounce Bow Wow for wanting to pimp out the First Lady yet?  Didn’t think so.


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The Left Eats Its Own

Two days ago, I featured a story about the hostility brewing between Trannies and Gays.  Today, I have one about a female Canadian politician who bills herself as “a democratic socialist and intersectional feminist.”  So yeah … a Leftie fershure.

It seems she sparked a minor Left-on-Left shame storm with this tweet:

2017_03 17 To the Left tweet

The Vancouver chapter of Black Lives Matter tweeted at the politician saying that “Appropriating Black culture is not intersectional feminism. Please delete your “to the left” FB post & address the issue.”

She complied, which got her criticized by many other Lefties, who thought that BLM was being ridiculous and that she should have more backbone.

“How is reciting extremely popular lyrics appropriating culture?”


The politician declined to address how the lyrics of a song that is popular across racial lines qualifies as “black culture.” She said only:

“Showing respect is what building a movement is all about. I will not tolerate racism or hate speech directed at #BLM or any community.”

It must be exhausting to be a Leftist, what with having to constantly protest angrily on behalf of utter nonsense, while simultaneously keeping current on the often-changing pecking order of all the different minority groups.


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LGB vs. T

The LGBT “community” is breaking up. 

LGB not T

Recently, a trannie student ripped down the gay pride flag that a Maine high school was flying for diversity week and another actually incinerated the gay pride flag that got hoisted at zher Canadian university for OutWeek.

The hostility goes both ways.  A couple of years ago, a gay activist wrote, “The gay community needs to file for divorce with the trans community. [We] are no longer working toward the same goals.”

Radical feministas particularly hate male-to-female trannies, who they say aren’t “real women” who have suffered all their lives under the patriarchy’s oppression.  Not only do they see trannies as a genuine threat to their brand of man-hating feminazism, but also it pisses them off that trannies have been getting most of the warm fuzzies from press and celebrities lately.

I’m pretty sure both sides still loathe and despise us though, giving the lie to the old saying:  “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”


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