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Impeachable Offenses and where to buy it

Impeachable Offenses cover

Impeachable Offenses by Aaron Klein and Brenda Elliott

New York Times bestselling authors show how Obama has fundamentally abused the powers of his presidency and has done serious, sustained and impeachable injury to American society. Offenses documented in the book include (but are not limited to):

  • How ObamaCare is not only unconstitutional but illegally bypasses Congress, infringes on states’ rights, and marks an unprecedented and unauthorized expansion of IRS power.
  • How Obama has sidestepped Congress and already granted largely unreported de facto amnesty for millions of illegal aliens using probably illicit interagency directives and executive orders.
  • How the Obama administration recklessly endangered the public by releasing from prison criminal illegal aliens at a rate far beyond what is publicly known.
  • The president’s personal role in the September 11, 2012 Benghazi attacks, with new evidence about what was transpiring at the U.S. mission prior to the assaults – possibly impeachable activities in and of themselves.
  • Illicit edicts on gun control actions in addition to the deadly “Fast and Furious” gun-running operation intended, the book shows, to collect fraudulent gun data.
  • From “fusion centers” to drones to alarming Department of Homeland Security power grabs, how U.S. citizens are fast arriving at the stage of living under a virtual surveillance regime.
  • New evidence of rank corruption, cronyism and possible impeachable offenses related to Obama’s first term “green” funding adventures misusing public funds.
  • How Obama has weakened America both domestically and abroad by emboldening our enemies, tacitly supporting a Muslim Brotherhood revolution, spurning our allies, and minimizing the threat of Islamic fundamentalism.

BUY: Autographed hardcover edition with free Impeach Obama Bumper Sticker for $23.36

BUY: Kindle for $9.99 OR hardcover for $18.36 from Amazon (Super Saver shipping applies)

P.S. Expect both authors to be audited by IRS in 3 … 2 … 1.


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Not fit to lead

Barry No Budget Obama

Most scandals president


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Benghazi – Not holding my breath

Blow-by-Blow: How Obama & Hillary Left Americans to Die – May 9, 2013

Wednesday on Capitol Hill, three impeccable witnesses offered the clearest evidence to date that the Obama administration’s response to Benghazi before, during and after the terrorist attack that claimed the lives of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, State Department employee Sean Smith, and former Navy SEALs Glen A. Doherty and Tyrone S. Woods, was a deadly combination of ineptitude, political calculations, and outright lying.

In one of the most stunning portions of the Benghazi hearing this week, Hicks confirmed that Obama refused to allow readily available U.S. assets move to stop the slaughter. The order to “stand down” was given at least TWICE.

BENGHAZI: ONLY the President can order a stand down

Obama is guilty as sin, but I won’t be holding my breath waiting for him to be driven from office as Richard M. Nixon was over Watergate.

Hillary Clinton proves Liberals Are Hypocrites

Fast and Furious resulted in the loss of hundreds of lives, some of them American. So far, all we’ve gotten is Obama telling Mexicans it’s those NRA gun nuts who are responsible for the gun violence in Mexico.

Benghazi shows Democrats at most desperate – May 8, 2013

The party that swept into power on promises of transparency and accountability scrambled Wednesday to circle wagons in an extravagant attempt to protect administration officials, the White House and the woman many Democrats hope will be their next nominee for president.


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Guns and Spoons

Guns and spoons

Tweeted @BradThor: A criminally insane man stole legally-owned guns in nation’s 4th strictest gun control state, but left doesn’t want to talk mental illness.

Tweeted @RBPundit: I guess Obama would know about irresponsibly letting guns get into the wrong hands. So he’s an “expert.” #FastandFurious

Tweeted @DonnyFerguson: This week hundreds marched on NRA, while tens of thousands bought more guns. We just had our national conversation.

Little Sisters of the Poor

Obamacare could drive Little Sisters of the Poor out of the US

ObamaCare’s HHS mandate is requiring the Little Sisters of the Poor to provide free contraception and abortion coverage for its 300 celibate sisters who tend to the elderly in 30 cities. Despite Joe Biden’s reassurances that nobody would be forced to violate their consciences, The Little Sisters do not qualify for a religious exemption.

Tweeted @ @StevieJWest: Time magazine chooses President Downgrade as “Person of the Year”. File under: Things That Make Me Hope the Mayans Were Right.

Tweeted @jjauthor: Whats the difference between God and O? God doesn’t walk around Washington thinking he’s Obama.

Tweeted @rsmccain: Obama press conference math: What is the ratio of first-person pronouns to bogus strawman arguments he attributes to his opponents?

Tweeted @DLoesch: When during this presser will the President unveil the magical method of making criminals follow laws?

Bob adds:



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The bewildering hypocrisy of the Left

In the wake of the Newtown horror, New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg (who has 24/7 armed bodyguards) predictably demanded “immediate action” to disarm law-abiding Americans, allegedly in the quest to protect the unarmed from the unlawful.

The same day, the family of Brian Terry filed a 25 million dollar wrongful death lawsuit against Obama’s Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) officials, who cooked up the bizarre “Fast and Furious” plan to spend American taxpayers’ money on arming Mexico’s violent drug cartels. One of the guns purchased via this allegedly anti-gun Obama administration’s program was used to murder Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

The lawsuit alleges the ATF officials and federal prosecutor created a risk to law enforcement officers such as Terry, that the firearms agents should have known their actions would lead to injuries and deaths to civilians and police officers in America and Mexico, and that the government tried to cover up the link between Terry’s death and the botched “Fast and Furious” program.

Meanwhile, anti-gun Leftists seem to be all in favor of gun violence, provided it only kills people they don’t like.

2012 Anti gun Leftists call for gun violence



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Wanted for the murder of Brian Terry

Holder lied. People died.

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Hey, People Die!

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Jun 22, 2012: Afterburner with Bill Whittle: Follow the Ideology [7:01]

President Obama personally inserted himself into the Fast & Furious gun walking scandal after he extended executive privilege over certain DOJ documentation. Was the Fast & Furious a botched scandal, or a deliberate effort to undermine the Second Amendment? Find out as Bill Whittle explores the ideological motives behind the Fast & Furious scandal.


June 23, 2012: Juan Williams on Brian Terry’s Death: ‘Hey, People Die’ [1:23]

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NBC: Deliberately misinforming the public

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