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Mascot Update: It’s winter in Alaska already!

And many happy returns to my Dearest Hubby who is 68 years young today.

2017_10 17 Time to break out the boots


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Mascot Update: Bunny Writes

Bunny has mild autism and has been in special ed pre-school and getting therapy. She has made so much progress that, this fall, all her peeps decided she was ready to mainstream kindergarten (with some helps). We’re so proud of her. And check out what she did this week, entirely on her own! She didn’t copy anything and Mama Buzz didn’t tell her what words to write or how to spell them. Wow!

2017_10 12 Bunny writes

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38 years!

I took yesterday off to celebrate with Dearest!  After 38 years, 3 daughters, 3 sons-in-law, 9 war deployments, and 6.25 grandkids, all we could say was, “Thank you, God! What a ride it’s been!”

1979_10 13 D&C wedding heads

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MASCOT UPDATE: Northern Lights!

The Buzzers got to see this IRL in their own front yard! Wow!  (Photos by a friend, cuz Mama Buzz’s didn’t turn out as well.)


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The Buzzers are such excellent parents! Check out the kids’ railing they all painted together.

2017_09 20 Railing

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Mama Buzz sent me these videos

These guys calculated where in the U.S. they could watch the eclipse AND see the International Space Station TRANSIT in front of it. It turned out one of them knew people who owned land there, so they were able to get permission to set up their equipment and film. Wild! The ISS transit begins at 3:48. And their photos of the eclipse begin at 6:27.

This is a nifty compilation of 22 of the best photos taken by anyone anywhere.

And finally, Mama Buzz recently got to hear these guys perform this in concert! What a privilege. She wants me to point out to you that they do NOT have any instruments, JUST their voices! In this arrangement, the two guys on either end are doing the instrumentals. And yes, that guy on the right really IS doing all the drum sounds with his MOUTH. I’m listening for the third time … I need a tissue!

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Laboring Week-End

Dearest is working on our Casa Hyphen beautification project. I just love watching my man work!

2017_09 03 D digging

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Are You Ready for Some Football?

It seems like yesterday my beloved grandson made his entrance into the world:

He grew up right before our eyes:

Tonight we attend his first game in the big stadium at Winnebago High School where he just started his freshman year:

The Winnebgo Junior Varsity team, about 20 players strong, will face a squad from Stillman Valley which travels with 60-70 players. The Cardinals may outnumber the ‘Bago Indians, but they will never outclass them.
At 14 years old RJ is almost 6’1″. His co-ordination hasn’t kept up with his growth and he sometimes runs like he has a load in his pants, but he’ll get there. Small towns really support their teams and everybody joins in the fun. Amid all the violent, ugly things going on in the world, Friday nights are like a weekly celebration of what the American spirit can achieve.
Now if we can just keep his mother under control when he gets tackled. She takes it as an affront somebody does that to her baby. Moms are like that.


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