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I’m baaaaaaack!

Sorry for disappearing and big Thank Yous and KUDOS to Pete for keeping all y’all amused and informed. I am proud and relieved to announce that my computer files are FULLY BACKED UP through 2015. Phew.

It’s boring work, which is why I’ve put it off so long. But with my new puter arriving soon, it seemed the ideal time to get a round tuit! And while I was waiting on downloads, I got the kitchen all cleaned up … it needed it badly :oP … and made progress on a new dress … also needed badly.

Today, dh moved his office A/C to my office cuz I was melting. He’s going to get a new one when he gets back from this weekend’s jaunt to his family home to celebrate mass for the repose of his dad’s soul.  (I can’t have new-new things in my part of the house.)

While he’s away, I plan to use the alone time to get caught up on-line and maybe, if my brain is up to it, dig into organizing the rest of the mess on my current computer. In the meantime, here are four flicks I’ve seen recently that I think are worth your time.

MOVIE Collateral Beauty


MOVIE My All American

MOVIE The Shack

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I had a sensational check-up yesterday!

I’ve been cleaning up my dying puter in anticipation of getting an upgrade from the House of Buzz, where puters are upgraded to actual newness, leaving me happily and cheaply surfing the trailing edge of technology. 🙂

Anyhoops, I came across this scan of my graduate school i.d. card. I thought y’all would be highly amused. Keep in mind that, by the time they took this picture, I had been standing in lines for about 5 hours, trying to get registered for the classes I needed. If I look a tad manic, it’s probably because I was feeling a tad manic! LOL
So, on to the main topic!

Fifty weeks ago, I was admitted to the ICU for kidney failure and severe electrolyte imbalance. Then, while I was hospitalized, I sprung a leak and lost a bunch of blood, which led to one more visit to the ER.

Yesterday’s check-up revealed my kidneys have improved amazingly! They were functioning at 15% when I was admitted to the hospital. Afterwards, they improved quickly into the low 20s, then stayed stuck there for months. The nephrologist told me that if they stayed below 25%, I would suffer permanent kidney damage and end up on dialysis.

Yesterday, my blood test showed my kidneys are functioning at FORTY-ONE PERCENT!!

Two other signs of kidney recovery include Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN), which is now in the normal range, and creatinine which dropped from 2.0 in April to 1.3. If I do as well again during the next 3 months, I’ll be in the normal range by my next check-up in October!

My electrolytes are still a tad off, but they are improving, and I’ve almost replaced all the blood I lost.

Also, since the hospital, my doctor tested my thyroid, found it underactive and put me on Synthroid, which has helped my energy level. This time around, since I have so many auto-immune issues and continue to battle with fatigue, we tested for thyroid and adrenal antibodies. No sign of either, which is outstanding.

PRAISE GOD!! And mega huge thanks to all of you who have prayed for me!


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Midnight at Midsummer in Alaska

A photo from the Buzz Family.

2017_06 30 Midnight at midsummer in AK

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PUTER shrink

I’ll be back to work here full time as soon as my new puter arrives and I’ve programmed it and loaded my data files and figured out how to use the new OS. I am deeply grateful to Dearest for scrounging me a spare monitor* so I can get my unbupped data files bupped** and to the Buzzers for offering me their previous gen laptop for free.***

* Mr. T’s monitor bit the dust, but the hard drive still functions … for now. Given its geriatric condition, I’m biting the upgrade bullet before Mr. T goes deaf and dumb, as well as blind.

** BUP = Backed Up at Casa Hyphen.

*** It’s so handy to have generous offspring who let me have their old stuff when they upgrade! 🙂


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The more time I spend away from the toxic waste dump the more difficult it is to wade back into it.

My trip with RJ last Friday went really well. We caught a variety of fish, including largemouth and smallmouth bass, yellow perch, and he caught is first walleye. He wanted to keep it, but it was about 3″ too short to be legal.

His friend, Jacob

Jake and his dad with some fat bluegills

On Saturday, I watched RJs baseball game and yesterday was Big Sis’ first game of her summer volleyball league.


I enjoy my beautiful grandchildren so much, it’s difficult to consider the violence, the anger, the lies and the blatant hypocrisy that is American politics today.

The one takeaway from the Comey hearings last week was that he was perfectly willing to lie for Loretta Lynch and Hillary Clinton, but NOT tell the truth for Donald Trump. There were a lot of people, including yours truly, that felt Trump should have canned him, along with every other influential member of Obama’s regime.

The president got some bad advice from Priebus, among others, and he has suffered for it as the leaks and the sabotage of his agenda has gone on from day one. The latest is that he is considering firing special counsel Robert Mueller. He never should have given in to the Democrats and appointed anybody. Mueller is a close friend of Comey and his investigative team is stacked with former Obama operatives.

Comey and Mueller have a history as a Deep State tag team

According to Michael Isikoff, writing in 2006, the FBI (then headed by Mueller) and an unnamed “senior Department of Justice official” were advised in October 2003 that Armitage was the man who leaked Plame’s identity – and yet two months later, upon his appointment to be deputy attorney general, James Comey appointed his friend Patrick Fitzgerald to investigate the leak. It’s hard to believe he didn’t at the time know full well who the leaker was.

Professor Jacobson at Legal Insurrection indicates that Comey’s testimony suggests that Mueller is already going beyond the narrow mandate of Acting Attorney General Rosenstein and considering whether the president’s discussion with him about General Flynn constitutes “obstruction.”

Trump at risk from Comey/Mueller: If “they don’t get you on the crime, they get you on the process”

Robert Mueller, if he is going to consider the alleged obstruction of justice asserted by James Comey,  should not be the prosecutor or investigator in this because he is friendly with a key witness, James Comey.  So that’s what I meant when I said ‘friends should not be investigating friends.’  And Robert Mueller, if he is considering Trump’s asserted obstruction of justice, cannot and should not be the investigator on this case.”

Members of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Legal Team Donated To Democrats -FEC

One of the lawyers, James Quarles donated to Barack Obama and to Hillary Clinton.
Once again, nothing to see here….

Three of the five lawyers have donations in FEC records. They gave overwhelmingly to Democrats, totaling more than $53,000 since 1988.

James Quarles, whom Mueller brought over from his old firm, WilmerHale, has given nearly $33,000 to political campaigns over the years. He gave money to Democratic presidential candidates Michael Dukakis, Al Gore, John Kerry, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Comey’s SECOND Meeting With Loretta Lynch Reveals He Confronted Her About Political Interference

Ex-FBI Director James Comey has privately told members of Congress that he had a frosty exchange with Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch last year when he confronted her about possible political interference in the Hillary Clinton email investigation after showing Lynch a sensitive document she was unaware the FBI possessed, according to sources who were directly briefed on the matter.

In multiple private sessions over the last few months, Comey has told lawmakers about a second, later confrontation with Lynch shortly before the email probe was shut down.

Trump Considering Firing Special Counsel Mueller …Update: Not Likely

The whole purpose of the special counsel is to have a prosecutor from outside the government and outside of the normal chain of command because inherent conflicts render the Justice Department incapable of handling it. So, now the special counsel is a close friend (mentor/mentee relationship) with the star witness, who by his own admission leaked the memos at least in part to engineer the appointment of a special counsel. Only in Washington. You can’t make this stuff up.”



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Me and My R.J.

The day is finally here. My little man and I are headed up north this morning. He stayed overnight last night and grandma taught him how to play her favorite game, Yahtzee. I was out on a local lake, an old stone quarry that was converted into a public park with my long-time fishing friend. They only allow kayaks, canoes and boats with electric trolling motors, so we could access areas shore fishermen couldn’t reach. After three hours sleep I’m off to deliver my papers and get ready for my adventure.


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Here’s to me!

I was 14 when this was recorded.


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Mascot Update

Bunny saw a developmental pediatrician recently.  He diagnosed her on the autism spectrum.  This is actually good news.  Her parents and teachers have suspected it for a long time.  With the diagnosis, she now qualifies for the same excellent therapy sessions that have helped Buzz so much.

Meanwhile, Bootz is crawling, climbing, and making his needs known with vigor.  One of these is to see his favorite DVD as often as possible.

2017_04 13 Alex Sing the Bible

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