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Love Will End Abortion

Dearest attended the March for Life in Ithaca, NY, which began at Immaculate Conception Church (where I was confirmed) and ended across the street from Planned Parenthood.  They’re standing in front of the plumbing store that is now in the structure my parents had built when they operated Cullen Sporting Goods. Here are a few images.

2018_01 19 Ithaca March 1

This clinic does medical and first trimester surgical abortions.  I’m SO glad it wasn’t there the two years I lived in the house next door to my parents’ business.

2018_01 19 Ithaca March 2

Please take a moment to admire Dearest’s new sheepskin-lined, leather trapper hat. It is his Valentine’s present from me.  I gave it to him early cuz his head was cold now. 🙂

2018_01 19 Ithaca March 3 - DBC



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Rose Cottage

Mama Buzz asked me to pretty please put my miniatures on Facebook. I did one, Rose Cottage. It took hours and hours, so this is all you’re getting out of me today! LOL

Rose Cottage a full front

LINK to the Facebook album@

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Grammy Giggles

My grand-kids have grown into LEGOs!! Best. Toy. Ever. Mama Buzz says, “Bunny is getting pretty good at following the Lego instructions without any help.”

2018_01 06 A LEGO

This is the LEGO section of Grammy and Nonno’s Toy Collection. We are very nice and let the kids and grand-kids play with our toys when they visit, but don’t think for a minute that we don’t play with them when they’re not visiting! LOL Especially the LEGOs.

My pink bucket filled up, so I just got us the clear plastic bucket for bricks. I’m keeping the instruction booklets and fiddly bits sorted into zippy bags in the pink bucket. I love being able to see the bricks and absolutely plan to order myself more bricks whenever I’m feeling in need of some self comfort. (It’s better for me than eating cookies!)

2018_01 01 New LEGO storage


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Winter Skies in Fairbanks

Winter in Alaska has always evoked thoughts of cold temperatures, lots of snow, and long, long nights. What I never thought about was what the skies look like during the short days when the sun never rises above that low, color-making angle that we only see briefly at dawn and dusk.

Mama Buzz took these from the car, but says, “My phone does not do our skies justice! The colors are so amazing!!!!! When the big kids are back in school, I’m hoping to take Bootz out for some drives with my good camera and tripod.”

I hope she does, cuz if these don’t do the sky justice, I want to see what does!

2018_01 02 Sunset 250 pm Fairbanks b2018_01 02 Sunset 250 pm Fairbanks c2018_01 03 Fairbanks sky2018_01 02 Sunset 250 pm Fairbanks a

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MASCOTS: Pockets for Toys

Mama Buzz saw this idea on-line and decided it would be good for their toy room. The kids are more interested in toys they can see, so she’s going to rotate through the toys that are in storage bins. I think she’s such a clever mom!

2017_01 05 Pockets for toys

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Mascot Update: Family FUN

When you live in Alaska with active little ones who can’t go outside every day, you have to get creative about helping them burn off their energy. This was the Buzzer’s Family Gift to Themselves. Mama says, “They aren’t making beautiful music, but they sure are having a good time!”

2018_01 01 Floor piano 6x4


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Mascot New Year’s Eve

Mama and Bunny got the 2018 calendar ready.  Mama says, “She keeps reading different events and wanting me to write them in the new calendar, but she’s not understanding that I don’t know if/when we will go to a Halloween party in October, and so I don’t want to write one in, lol!”

2017_12 31 Bunny gets 2018 calendar ready


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Today’s Feel Good Fix

Dearest and I are resting up after the WONDERFUL Christmas we had with GRANDKIDS!! Army Prince, Princess, and 2.5 offspring drove up from Texas and Warrior Princess and her son drove down from the Adirondacks. We were AWASH in wrapping paper and happy kids and food and love. It was fantabulous. And now we’re totally worn out! LOL

Mama Buzz sent me this YouTube with a tissue warning. You’ll need one!  I have NO idea how they figure out what prescription these wee ones need.  But clearly (see what I did there, “clearly” ha ha!), they can.  So heartwarming!

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