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Sovereignty, Baby!

The European Union takes the first bullet as Britain votes to leave.  Nigel Farage (below): “A new dawn is breaking.”  Huge blow for Globalism.  David Cameron’s career over.  Other countries poised to leave also.  Some say this result, which Trump supported, will buoy his chances here in the US in November.







Also, looks like Anjem Choudary lost his bet…

Breitbart London and a number of other sources have indicated that the rollercoaster BREXIT vote seems to have settled on ‘LEAVE’.  If that holds up, it means Britain would leave the European Union for good and set off a cascade of other countries leaving, as recorded by Bloomberg.


Also, Liz Hurley says: LEAVE!



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Why this election matters

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Sooper Toozeday… The Last

It all ends today. The pathetic charade that passed for a democrat primary season. There has been much made of the socialist fossil from Vermont, but he never had a chance. Hillary has been the nominee-in-waiting for eight years and Bernie was nothing more than a token to give the appearance of a contest. California is the big prize today, when it becomes official. Several news outlets have already named her the nominee. Bernie is whining about their pronouncement being premature and designed to suppress the little radicals who commit assaults in his name, but it was all a fantasy from the beginning.

There is no candidate the republicans could have run, no matter who, that stands a ghost of a chance. There was a poll last week that claims 71% of democrats want her to run even on the remote chance she gets indicted. The State Department will not release anything until after the election and Obama’s Justice Department would not prosecute, even in the face of overwhelming evidence. Party over law every time. Faced with an opponent who is a reality star and media whore with no ground game and little to no party support her waltz to the office she has coveted for so long will be child’s play.


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I’m sad

I watched Boys Town last night.  Our nation used to be so much better.

2016 pros and cons

2016_05 16 Terrell voter oath

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Hannity and Gingrich’s Response to Paul Ryan’s Refusal to Endorse Trump

I have to agree with these guys, by the way.  I have great respect for Gingrich, and in my mind, him being Reagan’s lieutenant back in the day, I think he speaks for Reagan far better than Paul Ryan.  – Grunt


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A Word from Big Fur Hat

posted this on FB this morning



Donald Trump will be the 2016 Republican nominee for president.

We take a look back at past Republican presidents and some of their greatest quotes.


Cartoonist Gary Varvel: 2016 Voter anxiety


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Bernie Math

You thought Common Core Math was tough? Bernie Math is even tougher:


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The Weekly Rant

The much-ballyhooed New York primaries were held yesterday.The results were as predictable as morning sunrises.The Bloody Bitch garnered just over a million votes.The 76 year old hippie tallied about 750,000.Native New Yorker Donald Trump,winning 69% of the republican votes got just over 400,000.Did you get that?The presumptive nominee of the republican party lost by more than a quarter-million votes to the old fossil who came in second.Cruz finished a dismal third in the balloting,behind Kasich,making it a mathematical impossibility for him to win on the first ballot.
It all matters little or nothing.I am steadfast in my belief that Trump was simply running on a lark and his celebrity drew people to him and his fiery but empty rhetoric.The compliant media helped him destroy the only viable conservative in Ted Cruz,and will instantly turn on him once he has the party standard in hand.The democrats have stacks of negative trash to heap on The Donald and he won’t be able to shrug it off as he has up until now.
This election was decided the day Dear Reader was immaculated.Hillary was promised she would be next and given the Secretary post so she could rake in hundreds of millions of dollars while she waited.Neither Trump nor any surrogate the elites implant has an inkling of a prayer.All the talk about Bernie Backers staying home is little more than white noise.They all want to stay on the freestuff train and they know who the engineer is.Even if Trump were to win,he’d be no different.He knows business but he knows nothing about governance.He would have to constantly make deals with the democrats who will be running things come 2017 and his ideas are not too divergent from theirs.The America we knew and loved has been asphyxiated by hordes of welfare layabouts and illegals.All that’s left is her burial,which is scheduled for Jan,2017.

Not feeling very funny today





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