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Bernie Math

You thought Common Core Math was tough? Bernie Math is even tougher:


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The Weekly Rant

The much-ballyhooed New York primaries were held yesterday.The results were as predictable as morning sunrises.The Bloody Bitch garnered just over a million votes.The 76 year old hippie tallied about 750,000.Native New Yorker Donald Trump,winning 69% of the republican votes got just over 400,000.Did you get that?The presumptive nominee of the republican party lost by more than a quarter-million votes to the old fossil who came in second.Cruz finished a dismal third in the balloting,behind Kasich,making it a mathematical impossibility for him to win on the first ballot.
It all matters little or nothing.I am steadfast in my belief that Trump was simply running on a lark and his celebrity drew people to him and his fiery but empty rhetoric.The compliant media helped him destroy the only viable conservative in Ted Cruz,and will instantly turn on him once he has the party standard in hand.The democrats have stacks of negative trash to heap on The Donald and he won’t be able to shrug it off as he has up until now.
This election was decided the day Dear Reader was immaculated.Hillary was promised she would be next and given the Secretary post so she could rake in hundreds of millions of dollars while she waited.Neither Trump nor any surrogate the elites implant has an inkling of a prayer.All the talk about Bernie Backers staying home is little more than white noise.They all want to stay on the freestuff train and they know who the engineer is.Even if Trump were to win,he’d be no different.He knows business but he knows nothing about governance.He would have to constantly make deals with the democrats who will be running things come 2017 and his ideas are not too divergent from theirs.The America we knew and loved has been asphyxiated by hordes of welfare layabouts and illegals.All that’s left is her burial,which is scheduled for Jan,2017.

Not feeling very funny today





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Another Liar for Hillary

Neera Tanden is president of the Center for American Progress, arguably the most influential liberal think tank in the country. She has also worked extensively with Hillary Clinton, serving as policy director both in Clinton’s Senate office and her presidential campaign.

Yesterday, she tweeted this howler:

2016_04 06 Tanden tweet Hillary

Welllllll … she said he was unqualified to be VICE president.

2008_03 10 Clinton Obama unqualified

She put out this very famous campaign ad that not-too-subtly slammed Obama’s lack of experience.

Hillary Clinton Ad – 3 AM White House Ringing Phone [:30]

And she got down and dirty here as well.

2008 Clinton sneers at Obama's quals

Color me all unsurprised that Hilliar Clinton’s pimps are also liars.  You lie down with dogs …



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I Think It’s Hilarious That Some Democrats Really Consider Joey to Be the Way Out At This Point


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This Is Terrifying

Politics has often been called ‘bloodsport’ for a reason. Presumably it started long ago when physical fights would break out on the floor of the House or Senate. Then it was the ‘whatever it takes to win’ mentality, but nobody got killed. It has devolved in recent decades into something much more serious. When I got to access the net after updating my new Windows 7 platform I was repulsed at what I saw. Trump rallies in St. Louis and Chicago were infested with a host of vermin from Sanders’ Nazi brownshirts to Soros’ paid anarchists, illegal groups fronted by Luis ‘the attack chihuahua’ Gutierrez, Black Lives Matter thugs, and even Barry’s homeboy Bill Ayers was there to represent the geriatric domestic terrorist lobby. Trump signs were torn up, people who only wanted to hear The Donald were spit on, assaulted, and there was even a story on Gateway about homeys screaming at women with Trump signs to ‘rape them racist biotches.’ Trump was forced to cancel the rally for fear of a lot of innocent people getting hurt.

This is one reason for Trump’s popularity. People are tired of the ‘freedom of speech for me, but not for thee’ bullying fomented by the media feeding into the hysteria. Were it not for the complete duplicity of the liberal media the democrats would be irrelevant. What is most depressing is that the left got away with blaming the despicable behavior of their pack of wild dogs on Trump. Even Rubio and Cruz joined in the finger pointing. I still think Trump is a setup and have supported Cruz, but this is just inexcusable to me. He should be better than that.

It is said that the ill-educated are more easily commanded. It is plain to anybody with a brain that the democrat base is largely ignorant and lazy. They are content to live on taxpayer handouts, copping up the free stuff and making money the easy way… committing crimes. It is necessary for the democrat powers to keep the race hatred ginned up, or these sloths would sit on their asses come election day. It is also why I’m convinced that Killary will win in November. They have vote fraud down to a science. There is a link I saw today about a county in Ohio with 913,00 registered voters in 2012. All 913,00 votes were registered. Romney got zero votes and there were no write-ins. It is mathematically impossible, but they got away with it. But they still need to get their plantation dwellers off their asses long enough to vote 10-15 times. They always get away with it. That is even more terrifying than the physical assaults.







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S.S.D.D… Same Stuff, Different Day

It just never seems to end. Another Tuesday, another primary. Today Michigan and Mississippi take the spotlight. The charade that is the democrat primary had a “townhall” on Sunday in Michigan. The socialist and the lying whore tried to out-liberal each other, declaring the leaded water in Flint is all the fault of the eeevil republicans, women should be able to slaughter unborn children right up to the moment (after?) of birth, and Hillary, as all criminals are wont to do, still insists she’s done nothing wrong and isn’t worried a lick about paying any price for her felonious acts.

The Trump train chugs along, helped immensely by the ridiculous efforts of the GOP elites to deny him the nomination, which only serves to make the Trumpsters love him more. He’s called for Rubio to drop out of the race, which isn’t going to happen. The phony Floridian (just made that up) has been ordered to stay in the race to siphon votes from Cruz, the only man standing between The Donald and all-out war at the convention. The democrats are grateful this is taking the spotlight off their white trash contenders and late night comedians are praying Trump wins. The jokes would write themselves.

There was a typical Trumpster call to Redeye Radio this morning, going on and on about how he was going to bring business back to the US, make sure cars are made here in this country, deport all the illegals, build the border wall, and put millions back to work. Hell, anybody could make promises like that. The reality is it will never get done. There’s far too much resistance from the left who depend on the illegal votes and companies (including his) moving out of the states because of the onerous taxes and regulations on business. Making a profit has become a crime. If you try to keep up with how quickly Trump changed his position on almost everything you may get vertigo. I.just.don’






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Play Ball!

Yesterday was the beginning of exhibition games for major league baseball. Exhibition games count about as much as a republican voting in Chicago. It is, however, a harbinger of warm spring days and the renewal of the hope that springs eternal in fans of every team of a championship, even long-suffering Chicago Cubs fans, whose team is in year 108 of their 5 year rebuilding plan. Having no semblance of a life whatever, I have all the pay channels on cable, including the NFL Network and the MLB Network. I enjoyed watching the Cincinnati Reds and the Cleveland Indians yesterday and my beloved Cubbies start Thursday.

Oh, there were some primaries yesterday, by the way. Cankles Klintoon solidified her dominance in a race where the outcome has been a foregone conclusion since the day the Halfrican was swept into office on a magic carpet of hope and change. She even won the 11 delegates from the biggest prize, American Samoa. Bernie won Vermont and Minnesota. Rubio finally won a primary in the state that gave us Jesse “The Body” Ventura, Al Frankendickhead, and the first openly Muslim slimeball in Congress. Cruz won Oklahoma and Texas, and Trump won about everything else. The turnout, fueled by enthusiasm for The Trumpster, set records, while the democrat totals were abysmal. It seems the democrat voters were burning up their EBT cards at WalMart that day.

The primary in our state is in 2 weeks, on March 15. This state is so lopsided, they don’t even bother cheating. The last democrat governor we had won a total of 2 counties….St. Clair, across the Mississippi, and, of course, Crook County. The rest of us are obligated to send our tax money to support the graft and corruption and get virtually nothing back except that they export the criminals to prey on our white population.






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Sooper Toozedae

It was painful to type that.

At the end of our excursion into total irrelevance yesterday, Grunt made a comment about sober horses. Before today’s foray into mind-numbing inanity here’s a true story:

We had a neighbor who lived up the road named Sonny, who had several horses. He and I would ride often, since his place backed up to a county park that was bordered by a creek. On a few occasions,we’d take a Saturday afternoon ride up the road to a tavern at the edge of town. We’d trade drinks for horseback rides around the parking lot. One time it got pretty drunk out before we headed home and Sonny slipped out of the saddle and down a gully. He claimed the damn horse threw him. The six-pack ring with three cans of beer missing around the pommel horn of his saddle contradicted his opinion. It was almost dark when we got to his place and his wife Karen was not the least bit amused. She didn’t care about us, but she was worried about the animals’ risk of getting hurt coming home. Quarter horses don’t come with headlights as standard equipment. They’d been married for quite some time and Sonny knew he was riding into the proverbial Valley of The Shadow. He feared no evil… except Karen. Needless to say, that was the end of our beer-for-horseback rides. Yes, it really happened.

This is Super Tuesday. Twelve states and one territory vote today. It should be the last hurrah for Ben Carson and John, John, the Mailman’s Son Kasich. Bernie will still be campaigning, but just for the publicity. He has virtually no chance whatever. Hillary treats the blacks as a nuisance to be tolerated and they still vote for her. I believe Cruz would have some chance of besting Trump one-on-one, but Rubio, the establishment stalking horse, is in it just to split the vote. Our primary here in Illinois is not until March 15, and by then everything will have been decided.

There was a news item, which I will link to, about Trump meeting along with other republican and democrats candidates and the New York Times editorial board. Part of the meeting was on the record, part was (supposedly) off the record. Trump allegedly made claims about his phony stance on illegal immigration to get the nomination. For a supposedly smart man, it is unfathomable that he would think everything would not end up being “leaked” by some unknown source. I have a feeling that after the general election season starts there are a lot of things that the democrats are keeping in their back pocket to harm what slight chance The Donald has of beating The Bitch. Two words….Mark Foley. The day AFTER the close of nominations they showed up with the suggestive e-mails he sent to a 16 year old House page. He disappeared the next day and hasn’t been seen or heard since. They have no qualms about playing dirty as long as they win.







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