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Newt Gingrich on Republican Karen Handel’s victory in Georgia’s 6th District Tuesday:

“Democrats said Georgia was a referendum on Trump. They’re right.”

2017_06 20 Gingrich on Handel election

From comments at Facebook:

“What? You mean the MSM is feeding us a line of crap while trying to influence elections and public thought? Who knew? I thought only the Russians did that.”


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Eating Their Own

In order to learn from your mistakes you first have to admit what you are doing is wrong. So far, the left hasn’t figured that part out yet. They have yet to learn that they’re elitist, they spend too much, they hate the military, they suck up to BLM thugs, and, darn it, people just don’t like them. They threw $25 million into the GA 6th race because they estimated that 15% of Republicans hated Trump as much as they did. The most deranged of these libtards is San Fran Nasty Pelosi. She is bearing the brunt of the blame and rightly so. Problem is she will be there until she croaks and nobody will disobey what she orders.

Dems point fingers after crushing loss
Republicans relied on a strategy of tying Ossoff to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who remains radioactive in many conservative districts. Ryan, Moulton and a number of younger-generation Democrats tried to topple Pelosi last year for that very reason, and they quickly revived the argument on Wednesday
“We need leadership change,” Rice told CNN. “It’s time for Nancy Pelosi to go, and the entire leadership team.”
The lawmakers were not alone in denouncing the top Democratic leaders.
Michael Moore, the filmmaker and liberal activist, attacked the party as having “no message, no plan, no leaders.”

Michael Moore: Dems Have ‘No Message, No Plan, No Leaders Moore and others on the left are furious with what they view as a rudderless Democratic Party that has failed to develop a new strategy or message in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s surprising election loss in November.
Moore ripped the Democratic National Committee and its House campaign arm for having “no message, no plan, no leaders.” Democratic leaders “hate the resistance,” Moore said, underscoring the lingering tension between the party’s grassroots base and the establishment in Washington.

Will Nancy Pelosi survive this latest Dem disaster?
Fully one-third of Pelosi’s 193 House Democrats now come from just three states, the usual liberal suspects of California, New York and Massachusetts, not the crucial Heartland. Pelosi’s entire leadership team is also coastal, and like her, linger on in their mid-70s.But since Emanuel’s departure, it’s been trouble throughout Pelosi’s reign, BIG trouble. It began in 2010 with the help of Obama and his signature ObamaCare, which Pelosi had to pass to read. In that year’s midterms under Pelosi’s leadership, Democrats suffered the worst House losses of either party in 72 years, a swing of 63 seats to Republicans.

A Democratic Blind Spot on Culture

Because it fits with the Resistance’s sense of entitlement. They should have what they want, because they want it. Not because they have to justify, prove or convince anybody there’s rationality there. Therefore why should we give anything up? We are right about everything.

Democratic Rep Denies Pelosi is an ‘Out of Touch San Francisco Liberal’

Chris Matthews: ‘I Don’t Know What the Hell He was Selling’

Ellison After Georgia Loss: Resistance Summer is ‘Going Awesome’

Dem Congresswoman: Democratic Party Has Become Identity Politics

Dingell said she is not a traditional Democrat, and felt that Trump won the election by talking about the issues Democrats “were afraid to talk about.”

Dem congresswoman: Time for Pelosi to go

Dem Rep: People In Ohio Aren’t Focused On Russia Like ‘Obsessed’ Democrats
Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan criticized his fellow Democrats Wednesday night for being “obsessed” with President Trump and not focusing on the issues that actually matter to working people.“They’re worried about paying the bills, what’s happening with our pension, how much does it cost to send a kid to school, what’s our energy bill like. Real bread and butter stuff.”

Liberal Crank Rachel Maddow Blames Ossoff Loss on BAD WEATHER
Carpetbagger and Democrat darling Jon Ossoff suffered a crushing loss in Georgia’s 6th District Tuesday evening. Like clockwork, the liberals are blaming possible hackers, and Rachel Maddow even blamed bad weather.
In case you were on the fence of whether liberalism is a mental disorder or not, this just may convince you.
Rachel Maddow: “If there was a turnout effect from the bad weather today in the district, does that have any partisan implications that you can foresee in terms of what was expected for same day election day voting here rather than the early vote?
Pelosi Defends Herself Amid Call for New Democratic Leadership: ‘I’m a Master Legislator’

Pelosi Invokes God in Defense of Her Pro-Abortion Stance


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The Female Won! Why Are They So Bummed?

2017_06 21 Handel toxic voters

“Congratulations to our newest member of Congress, Karen Handel. But if you think feminists and other Democrats are happy about a woman winning an election, if you think they’re celebrating this victory over rape culture and toxic masculinity and whatnot, you haven’t taken into account that the woman in question is a Republican.”

“No matter what the Dems threw at her, she persisted nevertheless.”

“A woman shatters the glass ceiling, and the same people who told you to vote for Hillary Clinton whether or not you like her or agree with her — based solely on her genitalia — are super-bummed. The same people who called you a misogynist for refusing to vote for a woman are angry that another woman won something. It’s almost as if Democrats’ ideals and principles are disposable when they interfere with their political goals.”



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Democrats Win!… Sort of

In the most expensive House race in history, the Democrats are claiming victory, even though they only lost the election by 7 points.  This puts them at 0-5 in the 2017 special elections races.

Karen Handel Beats Oss-off Pelosi Democrat!!

[CTH: The looks on theirs faces!!! LOLOL]

Hollywood Fail: Jon Ossoff Loses Georgia Congressional Election Despite Massive Celebrity Help
Milano previously said she wanted “to puke” after Ossoff’ failure to reach the 50 percent threshold required to avoid Tuesday’s runoff.

On Tuesday, the Who’s the Boss star launched a social media campaign encouraging people to tweet photos of themselves after hitting the polls.

Actresses Sarah Silverman and Debra Messing attacked Ossoff’s opponent, Karen Handel, on social media in the run-up to Tuesday’s election.

Despite the belief of numerous political experts that Ossoff would fall short in the Republican-dominated district that helped send Trump to the White House, the president had earlier declared Tuesday’s election to be a matchup between “Hollywood vs. Georgia.”

Morning Joe: Georgia Election “Unmitigated Disaster” for Dems

“This was a winner take all and it was a huge win for Republicans and a big loss for Democrats.”

[CtH: Awwwwwww … poor Mika is so sad.]


The Latest: Republican wins close victory in South Carolina

Republican Ralph Norman has won a victory that was closer than expected in a special election to fill the South Carolina congressional seat vacated by Mick Mulvaney.

The Republican won just more than 51 percent of votes cast Tuesday in the 5th District. That’s compared with about 48 percent for Democrat Archie Parnell.


Montana’s At-Large Congressional District special election, 2017

U.S. House, Montana At-Large Special Election, 2017

Party Candidate Vote % Votes

  • Republican Gianforte 50.2% 189,473
  • Democratic Rob Quist 44.1% 166,483
  • Libertarian Mark Wicks 5.7% 21,509
  • Total Votes 377,465

Republican Greg Gianforte defeated Democrat Rob Quist and Libertarian Mark Wicks, earning more than 50 percent of the vote. Gianforte will be sworn in as a member of the United States House of Representatives on June 21, 2017.



Atlanta Mayor: Ossoff Took Outside Money Because “He Wants to Win”

Larry Sabato on implications of Ossoff defeat: ‘It’s pretty depressing’ for Democrats

CNN’s Chalian: No ‘Moral Victory Here’ for Dems in Georgia Defeat

Chalian talking about how the victory was huge for Republican even though it was a seat they have controlled for a number of years. “This was the best shot Democrats in these special elections to really try to make a victory in the Trump era,” he explained to Lemon. “And they came up short, which now, of course, is going to create a whole series of questions about how the Democratic Party should run in the era of Donald Trump because they came up short here.”


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The Devil Went Down to Georgia – UPDATE: Handel has won!

First I’d like to personally thank the 21 people who voted for us in the PCPs Paul Revere Award nominations that ended Saturday. Unfortunately, it has gained so much attention since its inception that the number of nominees has greatly increased. This year’s top vote getter with more than 1,000 votes was Last Refuge; that’s Sundance’s Conservative Treehouse. There’s no accounting for taste, I guess.

I spent a wonderful morning yesterday fishing a local lake with RJ and my best fishing buddy of more than 20 years. We did well and brought a dozen big bluegills to the dock. My friend has a freezer full of fish, as do I. There was an old man sitting on the bank who only had one, so we gave them to him. Made his day. Spending time on the water with my friend and my grandson made mine.

This is judgement day. The most expensive congressional race, with more than $50 million poured into it, will come to an end. Carpetbagging Jon Ossoff is trying to buy the seat in GA-6 that has been republican for more than 40 years. The democrats are desperately seeking some sort of win since the drubbing they took last year. The polls show the contest being very close. If this is what a House seat costs, they’ll need about 10 trillion to get a majority next year.

Why all eyes are on Georgia’s Special Election

High Stakes Special Election In Georgia House Race Between Jon Osoff And Karen Handel

Trump’s agenda on the line in a hard-fought Georgia House race
One low point came in the final days of the race, with a super PAC attack ad that showed footage of a bloodied House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) being taken off a baseball field on a stretcher after last Wednesday’s shooting in suburban Washington.As the sound of gunshots echoes, a narrator says: “The unhinged left is endorsing and applauding shooting Republicans. When will it stop? It won’t if Jon Ossoff wins on Tuesday.”
Both candidates have denounced the ad.

Ga. Dem. Has Nine Times More Donations from California than His Home State
The fundraising totals underscore Trump’s “Hollywood vs. Georgia” characterization. In total, Ossoff’s campaign raised $15 million between March 29 and May 31, for a fundraising total of $23 million, making this the most expensive House race in American history.

Jon Ossoff appears on MSNBC’s ‘Velshi & Ruhle’

Ossoff Bans Conservative Media Outlet From Campaign Event

Democrat Jon Ossoff’s campaign banned a conservative media outlet, the Washington Free Beacon, from a campaign event the night before Ossoff is set to face off against Republican Karen Handel in Georgia’s congressional Sixth District special election.
Scher told TheDC that the campaign event was filled with reporters from other news organizations. The Free Beacon, it seems, was singled out for special treatment.
The campaign did not immediately return a request for comment.

Jon Ossoff: Voters Don’t Care That I Don’t Live In The District

Jon Ossoff, the Democratic candidate in the GA-06 special congressional election, is still struggling to properly explain why he doesn’t currently live in the district.
MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle asked Ossoff why he doesn’t just move to the district if it could potentially help him win.
“It’s very easy to solve where you live,” Ruhle said. “While people respect you across the board, your desire to support your fiancee…with every point counting, why not just move?”
“Well, Steph, voters just aren’t asking me this question,” Ossoff replied. “Voters are asking me what I’m going to do to improve our local economy.”

Canvassers Unsure How to Handle Questions About Ossoff Living Outside the District

After a few minutes wallowing in this toxic waste I’m ready to call it a day already. There’s a lot going on, so I’ll be brief.


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The Left-Wing Moral Sewer

Karen Handel is a Republican running for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District. On Thursday, she and her neighbors received threatening notes containing a white powdery substance. Police shut down her neighborhood. So far as I know, the substance has not yet been identified.

2017_06 15 Threatening note to Handel's neighbors

FOX5 received a similar package.

2017_06 15 Fox suspicious package

“When a loner crank attacks a black church, after posing with a Confederate emblem, dozens of historic war memorials must be ripped down. When an irreligious wife-beater and voyeur shoots up a strip mall that contains an abortion clinic, the whole pro-life movement is suspect. However, when a leftist or a Muslim kills those who don’t share his views, we’re supposed to blot that out of our minds. That would ‘politicize’ a tragedy,” writes John Zmirak.

“It infuriated leftists to lose the crucial election of 2016. That vote was meant to cement their control over the Supreme Court for our lifetime. To withdraw from the voters’ hands control over abortion, marriage, religious liberty, gun rights, and even free political speech. To complete the transformation of the U.S. military into a social-justice agency. (One that expels Christian officers and funds sex change operations.) To open wide the borders and continue replacing the American people with a more left-friendly electorate. And the left came achingly close … so close that some cannot stand it. …

“There is a small, contemptible fringe of racists, anti-government anarchists, and other disaffected people we could put on the political right who do trade in such violent rhetoric. The ‘militia’ movement of the 1990s was its high point. Timothy McVeigh was its terrorist. You can still find websites that dismiss our democracy as a ‘Zionist Occupational Government.’ A few Alt-Right cranks still peddle such unhinged theories.

“What you can’t find are Hollywood actors espousing such loathsome views, unpunished. No city or state governments will offer ‘sanctuary’ to people who break the law for reasons like that. No elite arts companies will sponsor live productions of Julius Caesar that climax with Barack Obama getting lynched. Thank God for that, of course. I am glad that the right has not climbed down into the same sewer as the left.

“Because when it does, things get even uglier. Far worse than you’d imagine. In Spain on July 13, 1936, a conservative member of the Spanish parliament, Calvo Sotelo, was murdered in cold blood by leftists. It was the last straw in a wave of escalating political violence, much of which had targeted churches. It sparked the Spanish Civil War.

“We don’t want to go there. Let’s pray that we don’t.”

Read the rest @




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What’s Really Important

There is a lot going on in the state of world affairs, to be sure. Terrorists in London, the Comey hearings, the GA-6th debate, etc. While these may be important, they pale in comparison to an upcoming event Friday morning. I booked a guided fishing trip months ago with a friend, his son, and my R.J. I had no idea which lake we were going to and he won’t answer his cell phone. The old lady at the bait shop was of little help when I called, she only said: ‘Where do you want to go?’ Walworth County, Wisconsin, has numerous lakes and I assumed he would decide. Apparently not. I chose Lake Delavan and she gave me directions to one of the three boat launches on the lake. I’m getting a little obsessive, but I don’t want anything to go wrong since my grandson has looked forward to this for months. Fishing with him is one of the few real joys in my life anymore.

Now onto the crap.

DC Swamp Goes Crazy for James Comey Hearing


The Washington establishment and media elite has gone into a full-blown craze over a Senate hearing on Thursday featuring fired FBI Director James Comey.

And while the media continued to hype the hearing, some began expressing worry the hearing would not live up to the hype.

The Senate Intelligence Committee hearing is slated to begin at 10 a.m. eastern and begin with opening statements from the chairman and vice chairman of the committee. Comey will then deliver an opening statement, and senators will have the opportunity to question Comey, with multiple rounds of questions expected. The hearing is expected to last hours. The closed hearing is scheduled at 1 p.m. eastern.

Sessions Is Said to Have Offered to Resign

The situation between Mr. Sessions and Mr. Trump has grown so tense that the attorney general told Mr. Trump in recent weeks that he needed the freedom to do his job and that he could resign if that was what was wanted, according to the two people who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal White House matters. Mr. Trump did not take him up on the offer.

A spokesman for Mr. Sessions declined to comment. A White House spokeswoman did not respond to an email seeking comment.


Jeff Sessions Got Played by Democrats When He Recused Himself from Russian Witch Hunt

Sessions made the announcement in March that he would recuse himself from the Russian investigation — in an effort to appease liberal Democrats.


And the Russian conspiracy continues to make headlines in the liberal media day after day.

Trump is right to be angry.

ABC reported: “As the White House braces for former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony Thursday, sources tell ABC News the relationship between President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions has become so tense that Sessions at one point recently even suggested he could resign.

Trump’s anger over the recusal has not diminished with time. Two sources close to the president say he has lashed out repeatedly at the attorney general in private meetings, blaming the recusal for the expansion of the Russia investigation, now overseen by Special Counsel and former FBI Director Robert Mueller.

Spicer on Trump’s confidence in Sessions: I haven’t spoken to him about that.

Watch Jon Ossoff Lose The Entire Special Election Debate In Less Than Four Minutes

As part of the debate format, the candidates were given the opportunity to ask each other questions. Handel turned to Ossoff and asked him a question he couldn’t answer: Who he was going to vote for in the special election. As someone who lives outside the district, Ossoff is unable to cast a vote for himself. It went downhill from there for Ossoff.

Georgia 6th District debate: Jon Ossoff and Karen Handel on protecting US citizens

Jon Ossoff and Karen Handel square off on health care

Jon Ossoff Gets Destroyed Over His Residency

They Just Won’t Go Away: Michelle Obama Trashes Trump at Apple Conference

The last time we saw Michelle Obama, she was flaunting her poor fashion sense in Italy.  This week the former First Lady was a surprise guest at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in California.  She delivered a fireside chat where she trashed President Trump over global warming junk science and his temporary travel ban from failed Islamist states.

Michelle Obama: “I think my message earlier was, you know, think about that higher purpose. Because we are at a time in this country when we need problem solvers out there who are committed who believe in this country who believe in the value of diversity and believe in, you know, the value of immigrants, and believe that global warming is real.”

Ugh.  Won’t these people please just go away.  You’ve done enough damage Michelle for one lifetime.  Now shoo.


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More Words of Wisdom

A very wise person once told me: “Carrying a grudge is like being stung to death by one bee.” As far as grudge-carrying goes, Hillary Clinton has few peers and no betters. The Clinton Crime Family does not take failure lightly. Given the massive egos involved they cannot and will not accept any personal blame for themselves. There have to be excuses to be made and scapegoats found. Losing a presidential contest, especially when she took it for granted her dream was all but assured is likely the greatest humiliation of her greedy, power-hungry career.

Hillary Clinton Still ‘Seething With Rage’ Over Losing To ‘Dumb, Soulless Manipulator’ Trump

She herself says she’s a member of the resistance. And she obviously hasn’t made her peace with losing to Donald J. Trump, who she reportedly feels is a “dumb, soulless manipulator.” Axios broke down her seething rage over losing from New York Magazine’s Rebecca Traister’s lengthy piece about Hillary post-campaign. One thing we have seen from the former secretary of state and two-time presidential loser is her inability to take full responsibility without blaming someone else.

Clinton: ‘I Take Responsibility for Every Decision I Made, but That’s Not Why I Lost’

“Look, I take responsibility for every decision I made, but that’s not why I lost, so I think it’s important that we learn the real lessons from this last campaign,” Clinton said during a question and answer session at the 2017 Code Conference.

She then discussed how the Russians were out to to influence the American elections, the economy, and unity within the United States.

This is not the first time that Clinton has blamed other factors for her election loss last year to Donald Trump. In early May, Clinton spoke at the Women for Women International conference, where she originally took responsibility for her actions, but then blamed former FBI Director James Comey and Russia.

Clinton Whine Tour Part V: NYT Covered My ‘Nothing Burger’ Email Fiasco Like Pearl Harbor And The DNC Screwed Me Over

Hillary Clinton was interviewed at the Recode Conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, where the former first lady tore in the Democratic National Committee for leaving her more or less adrift, saying she inherited a data operation that was bankrupt. She also said that the Russians weaponized the leaked emails on Wikileaks, and that they influenced voters. What she failed to mention is that pollsters disagree with the claim that the letter contributed to her election loss.

Hillary Clinton: My Email Scandal Is the ‘Biggest Nothing-Burger Ever’
She said, “The overriding issue that affected the election that I had any control over — because I had no control over the Russians, too bad about that — was the way of the use of my email account was turned into the greatest scandal since Lord knows when. This was the biggest ‘nothing-burger’ ever.”

Hillary Clinton: I was victim of ‘1,000 Russian agents’ & ‘broad assumption’ I would win

Clinton, 69, said she takes responsibility for “every decision” she made, but added, “That’s not why I lost.”

Her comments sparked outrage from many on Twitter, including President Donald Trump, who said Clinton “refuses to say she was a terrible candidate.” WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange called Clinton’s comments “sad.”

However, at the same time, Clinton also feels she was “the victim of the very broad assumption” that she was going to win.

“I never believed it, I always thought it would be a close election because our elections are always close.” Clinton said.

Clinton also cited alleged Russian interference with the election as one of the major reasons for her loss, stating that Americans helped “weaponize” information to use against her campaign.

Clinton Trashes DNC for ‘Mediocre to Poor,’ ‘Nonexistent’ Data Collection in 2016

Clinton: I Was ‘Unfairly’ Attacked for Goldman Sachs Speeches

Clinton Mourns ‘Misogyny’ She Faced on Campaign Trail

Crowley: Clinton’s Lack of Presence in Mich., Wis., Pa. Was Campaign’s Biggest Lesson

Former DNC Data Director Calls Clinton’s Accusations ‘F***ing Bull***t’

Andrew Therriault took to Twitter to defend the DNC against accusations Hillary Clinton made on Wednesday during a Q&A session at Codecon, the Washington Examiner reported.

“DNC data folks: today’s accusations are fucking bullshit, and I hope you understand the good you did despite that nonsense,” Andrew Therriault tweeted.

“Private mode be damned, this is too important,” he wrote in a second tweet. “I’m not willing to let my people be thrown under the bus without a fight.”

Hillary Clinton Doubles Down On Denial: Trump Likely Behind Russia Election Hack

“The Russians, in my opinion, and based on the intel and counter-intel people I’ve talked to, could not have known how best to weaponize that information unless they had been guided,” Clinton told the Recode conference, referring to an avalanche of false information, social media bots and hacks of Clinton campaign emails.

Some of those people helping the Russians, she said, had access to “polling and data information.”


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