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Once upon a time, not so long ago, what was commonly referred to as the political silly season would starting late spring/early summer of an election year. The politically ignorant brain-dead slackers that are the Democrat base do not, by and large, encumber themselves with rational thought or facing the reality of what their benefactors have done to the country.

Nowadays an election cycle begins nanoseconds after the last election. It is a perpetual reality. This, I believe, is driven by phony journalists who graduate from the Kennedy School of Journalism and feel they must “change the world” instead of simply reporting it. They do not put forth the effort to actually investigate anything, just ape whatever the New York Times tells them to write.

Lets be clear: the democrat party would not, could not exist without the complicity of a media that a few decades ago still feigned impartiality. They carry out the attacks for democrats so they can stay above the fray and dutifully ignore the myriad outrages committed by liberals with impunity. Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the scrubbing of Cankles’ subpoenaed hard drives, or Planned Parenthood selling baby parts as if they were at a swap meet. Their base is ignorant, lazy, and only interested in what’s in it for them.

Pity. The blissfully ignorant don’t see their party bigshots squirming as their chosen one ducks and dodges to avoid the consequences of the many felonies she’s committed. They also have a doddering old socialist promising everybody everything, paid for by a 90% tax rate.

On our side, there is a small army of contenders and pretenders all vying for a piece of the spotlight that The Donald is dominating right now. While I still maintain he will not be the nominee for a number of reasons, it’s fun watching him make talking heads explode. We have more than a year to see what happens. What the heck, I got nothing else to do.



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The Brilliant, Long-Range Stealth Campaign of Ted Cruz

In the marathon of US Presidential campaigns, the most important advantages are money, name-recognition and the support of one of the major party machines. But if those were the only factors, Hillary Clinton already would be at the end of her second term. They’re not. Hillary’s husband was a stealth-horse candidate (‘dark horse’ not being mentionable, currently), and so were all his political godfathers, including JFK and Jimmy Carter.

Poll2It takes only a glance at the latest Fox News poll, at right, to see who has the ‘stealth’ strength at this early date when all the attention is focused on Donald Trump. I find it very encouraging that numbers two and three on the list are such strong candidates, ideologically, cerebrally and morally. Dr. Ben Carson and Ted Cruz, whether on the same ticket or individually, are outstanding conservative candidates.

And what of Trump? Despite his potential and deep resources and the obvious benefit his strong voice has been to the contest overall, many expect him to “flame out” over the next year or so. I’m one of those people, at the moment, at least.

And, for the moment, Ted Cruz seems to be playing the ideal, long-term stealth game. Matt K. Lewis wrote a piece about this earlier today in which he praised several of Cruz’s strategic moves. Lewis has some insider knowledge about the campaigns of Cruz and Rick Perry, but no current connection with the Cruz campaign. He comments on Cruz’s decision to enlist Mississippi state Sen. Chris McDaniel:

But Cruz’s embrace of McDaniel also reminds me of something. In his book Hardball, Chris Matthews recalls how a one-term Georgia governor named Jimmy Carter was able to build a national network capable of winning the 1976 presidential nomination.

It started with the 1974 mid-terms. On the night of the ’74 elections, when the DNC chairman was calling the winners, Matthews writes, “the governor was calling the losers.”

62005453We have a long way to go in this contest, but conservatives have found some hope, for the moment, in Donald Trump. Fortunately, one of the joys of having a deep bench is that our hope is not carried by just one rich guy and his Slovenian supermodel wife. That’s probably a good thing.


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Finally Free of the Clutches of the Aging, Leftist, Media Oligarchy, Fox-Moderated GOP Debates Expose Bright Light of Reality to a Weary Nation.

Still a little queasy from the rarified air of a debate refreshingly free of loaded Marxist moderator questions, I’ve recovered enough to make the following observations about the first-tier GOP debates:
1. Donald Trump is now recognized by everyone as the pompous buffoon that he is. And this should have been obvious already for months. Favorite stumble: When he bragged that he had bought favors from half the politicians on the stage, in defense of his previous suspicious contributions to Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi. Though some of the debaters chimed in “NOT ME,” Chris Christie looked painfully silent, and sealed his identity (and Trump’s along with him) as the biggest crony insider on the stage.

2. It’s not really a secret now that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are going to be openly mocked by children on the dirt streets of remote Filipino villages for a century at least as the most historically inept and corrupt politicians in history, including Soviet-era commissars. I don’t see how this can be avoided now, even if they hire a whole army of Marie Harfs.
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Mysterious Campaign Posters Appear with Unidentifiable Woman Candidate for President 2016

It’s clearly not Hillary Clinton. It bears a striking resemblance to Queen Nefertiti. Hasn’t she been dead for 3300 years? We’re really pushing the eligibility clause now, aren’t we?


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Obama Treason Offense #371 is So Demonic I Can’t Write the Headline

All I can do with this one is point you to NiceDeb’s excellent article yesterday on the REAL reason President Obama has not been helping the Nigerian government of Christian President Goodluck Jonathon to fight Boko Haram. I’ll give you the money lines from her article:

What do you suppose has been behind the Obama Regime’s abject refusal to help this ally fight terrorists?

Would you believe that there’s a presidential election coming up in Nigeria, and Obama’s favored Muslim candidate is in a tight race against the Christian President Goodluck Jonathan?

And would you further believe that a political consulting group founded by Obama confidante David Axelrod is assisting that candidate – Retired Gen. Muhammadu Buhari – who hails from Muslim-dominated northern Nigeria from whence Boko Haram was spawned?

That’s right. Obama is using your tax dollars to influence yet another election to benefit muslim activist control, this time in Africa. In doing so, he’s profoundly HELPING Boko Haram and contributing to the abduction, forced conversions and deaths of thousands of African Christian children. How do you feel about that?
Abducted girls protest in Jos
Read More at NiceDeb. Hat tip for the link: Mindful WebWorks.


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Obama Finally Has a Positive Impact: Israelis Claim “Obama Interference” Propelled Netanyahu to Victory

obama-pissed2jFor months now, we’ve been bombarded by political analysis after analysis claiming that Netanyahu was finished – that he was losing his chess game with the brilliant Obama foreign policy juggernaut. That he’d completely “blown his wad” and was headed for defeat. It seems that the Israelis knew different all along. Last month, the Jerusalem Post reported on a poll that showed Israelis firmly believed Obama was ‘interfering’ in Israeli elections.

Here at home, Fox News had a clue toward the end, as indicated by what Steven Edwards wrote two weeks ago:

Israelis are increasingly convinced President Obama is meddling in their upcoming election, and some observers predict the White House’s alleged effort to undermine Benjamin Netanyahu could indeed wind up tipping the scales – in favor of the prime minister.

But what gives me real confidence that our idiot President really pushed Netanyahu to victory is the word of an Israeli acquaintance, Yitzchak, who just emailed me this today:

It seems that obama’s attempts to fund and direct Bibi’s de-election campaign actually did just the opposite.  :)  He so scared the Israelis that they came out en masse for [Bibi’s] support.

Good job Barack. You “keep doing you.


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The reports of Benjamin Netenyahu’s demise turned out to be slightly exaggerated. The jihadists in Hamas, Iran, Syria, and the White House are heartbroken. But how did he not only win the election, but his Likud Party pick up seats in the Knesset where they were supposed to lose? By showing some backbone, fighting for the survival of his country, and not trying to make deals with the liars and murderers who would do him in. He coalesced all the factions of his nation’s right wing to unite for the sake of survival.

Our own republican party could take this same lesson if only the entrenched establishment were willing to work with the conservative base. But they’re not. They have their own self-interest at heart, not those of the people they purport to represent. On any legislation of import they generally side with our enemy, the democrats, to thwart any positive change in the DC hierarchy. The house democrats have even sworn to protect Weeper-of-the-House John Boehner from the congressmen and women who swore to keep their word to their constituents. We keep hoping our party will stand up to the bullying of a nobody in the People’s House and his henchmen in the party, who know he’s a joke but dare not question their ruler and time and again we’ve seen our party ‘leaders’ surrender, often without so much as a whimper.

The reaction from the liberals has been interesting, to say the least.

Why Can’t Republicans Beat Obama Like Netanyahu Just Did?
There are many reasons that Netanyahu surged toward the end. But they all boil down to one: enough Israeli voters knew that a loss for Netanyahu meant a victory for Obama. And they weren’t going to stand for it. On both occasions when Bibi surged in the polls–just prior to his speech to Congress, and on Election Day–a major theme of campaign rhetoric was the charge that Obama was interfering in the elections. (Those charges have merit, as a Senate committee is about to find out.)

OBAMA WHITE HOUSE Avoids Congratulating Netanyahu – Won’t Mention His Name
White House aide went on CNN this morning to congratulate the people of Israel.
He wouldn’t congratulate PM Benjamin Netanyahu and avoided mentioning his name.
“We want to congratulate the Israeli people for the democratic process for the election that they just engaged in with all the parties that engaged in that election. As you know now, the hard work of coalition building begins. Sometimes that takes a couple of weeks. And we’re going to give space to the formation of that coalition government and we’re not going to weigh in one way or another except to say that the United States and Israel have a historic and close relationship and that will continue going forward,”

PAUL RYAN: Obama Helped Bibi Netanyahu Win in a Landslide
Paul Ryan Speaks Truth to Power–
Rep. Paul Ryan told FOX and Friends this morning that Barack Obama helped Netanyahu win Tuesday’s national elections.
The Obama Administration spent 350,00 in taxpayer dollars to help defeat the Israeli leader.

ABC: ‘There’s a Lot of Disappointment at the White House This Morning’ with Bibi Victory

Amy Holmes Destroys “Morning Joe” Crew Distraught over Netanyahu Victory in Israel
Amy Holmes destroys the distraught “Morning Joe” crew devastated by Benjamin Netanyahu’s big victory in Israel! Holmes points out Barack Obama’s shameful treatment of Netanyahu, a point Obama minion Robert Gibbs tried to deny.

CNN: Netanyahu Victory “Feels Like a Shellacking” for Obama

Sour grapes on the left over Netanyahu’s landslide victory
“Deep Wounds and Lingering Questions After Israel’s Bitter Race,” read a headline from The New York Times. And, no, it’s not an editorial.

David Axelrod ✔ @davidaxelrod
Tightness of exits in Israel suggests Bibi’s shameful 11th hour demagoguery may have swayed enough votes to save him. But at what cost?



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Netanyahu: Decisive win in Israel

2015_03 18 Netanyahu win

Stephen Kruiser writes,

“The last few days were absolutely polluted with stories about Netanyahu’s imminent political demise, with the most popular version of the tale being that he ruined his chances by angering great and powerful thin-skinned consumer of canines currently occupying the Oval Office.

“One does not hurt Barack Obama’s feelings without some backlash.

“Now that Obama has once again been revealed impotent in helping candidates not named Barack Obama to victory, his media petting zoo is out of sorts. They will be expending a lot of effort to explain exactly why this victory wasn’t really a victory.

“Naturally, they will be directed by the White House.

“Maybe with an assist from Tehran.”



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