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News Notes

2017_06 23 Trump DOW toon

TRUMP ECONOMY: The Dow Jones and Stock Market are trading near record highs into June 2017.

GOOD NEWS! Rep. Scalise and Matt Mika, the two most grievously injured persons from the shooting, have both been moved out of the ICU.

TRADE WITH CHINA: China opened its gates to US beef imports this week, giving American cattle farmers much sought-after access to the country’s massive market following a 14-year ban…. Announced last month, the lifting of the beef embargo was one of the first concrete results of trade discussions that began when Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Donald Trump.

RELIGIOUS LIBERTY: The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled unanimously to allow a Mississippi law to go into effect that protects the religious liberty and conscience rights of those who hold traditional marriage beliefs. The broad-based law provides religious liberty protections to religious organizations, universities, bakers, photographers, florists, and more.


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1600 Notes

Clearly, some athletes are delighted for a chance to visit the Trump White House.

2017_06 12 NCAA Football Natl Champs at WH

President Donald J. Trump is dedicating this week to workforce development, focusing on steps to make it easier for industries to design, certify, and scale apprenticeship programs.

On Tuesday, President Trump, Labor Secretary Acosta, and Assistant to the President, Ivanka Trump, traveled to Wisconsin to tour several job training classrooms and participated in a roundtable discussion with local business owners. They also met with victims of Obamacare.

Nancy Pelosi recently sneered at Trump’s first six months in office, saying he promised “jobs jobs jobs jobs” but what had he really done?  Methinks the woman watches way too much MSNBC!

White House Makes Big Push on Job Growth: Fostering a Skilled Workforce Through Apprenticeships

Appearing on Fox and Friends Monday morning, White House special advisor and former business woman Ivanka Trump laid out the Trump administration’s goals to fill the six million job vacancies in states across the country.

“We’re constantly hearing from CEOs that they have job openings but they don’t have workers with the skill set they need to fill those jobs,” she said.

These six million jobs do NOT require a four-year college degree.  However, they do require more training than kids typically get in high school. Trump’s focus this week is on how his administration can help foster apprenticeship programs.

When Democrats were in power, they actually cheered about how many new people were receiving food stamps and unemployment benefits under Obama’s watch!

And while the public schools in their own ghettos continue to graduate kids who can’t read or cipher, they ranted about how tax payers had some kind of obligation to pay for COLLEGE.

Obama promised to destroy the coal industry. Trump promised to bring it back.

Pundits called Trump’s promise hot air, but the Corsa Coal Company just opened the first new U.S. coal mine in six years.

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1600 Notes

President Donald J. Trump is dedicating this week to workforce development. Across the United States there exists a skills gap that must be addressed. Americans are unemployed and seeking employment, and companies are struggling to fill vacancies for positions that require varying levels of skill and training.

President Trump’s Administration is committed to closing the skills gap and ensuring Americans are trained for the jobs available and the jobs of the future.

CtH: Just guessing that “gender studies” isn’t on the list of needed training.

Trump Believe in AmericaRick Perry: ‘First-ever’ natural gas exports offer hedge against Russia

“The Trump administration has made approval of natural gas exports a key part of its energy and national security strategy. The U.S. is the world’s top producer of oil and gas due to the fracking and shale energy boom.

CtH; I’m sure it makes a TON of sense that Putin “hacked the election” to get Trump in the White House, instead of former SecState Clinton who sold Russia a bunch of our uranium. /sarc

Trump’s Bridge To The Future

“By approaching the nation’s infrastructure problem like a businessman, Trump can actually deliver the goods — without spending the country into bankruptcy — by focusing on the real cause: Big Government itself. ”

Small-business owners confident about the economy and future of their business

“America’s small-business owners are highly confident about their prospects for the next year and optimistic about the state of the U.S. economy, according to the first-ever CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey.”

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Where are the jobs?

Less than a day after the Comey hearing proved to be a big disappointment to Trump Hating Democrats, their fearless and often delusional Minority Leader, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), held a press conference on Capitol Hill demanding to know, “Where are the jobs? The election was about jobs. Jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs. He promised jobs. What has he done?”

Ms. Pelosi, I had that same question throughout President Obama’s alleged “economic recovery.”  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the last time the percentage of Americans with jobs was above 60% was in January and February of 2009, during Obama’s first six weeks in office.

This metric hit 60% again in February 2017, during Trump’s first six weeks in office.

2009 - 2017 Employment-Population Ratio




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1600 News Notes

Trump WH big plans

President Donald J. Trump is launching infrastructure week today with the signing of legislative principles calling for the separation of Air Traffic Control from the FAA. This action will improve safety, modernize flight technology, and encourage new technologies in aviation. President Trump has dedicated this week to addressing America’s crumbling infrastructure.

“Rural areas would get federal dollars to rebuild roads, bridges and other infrastructure projects under a plan President Donald Trump will announce…”

“What the nation won’t do, thanks to the president, is devastate its own economy against the public’s wishes in order to satisfy the global elite. Count this as a major Trump promise kept.”

“The entire Paris agreement was a largely meaningless piece of public relations stagecraft, designed for world leaders to give the illusion that they are doing something about climate change…President Trump was right to remove the United States from this non-treaty.”

“Nearly 100,000 Nebraskans apparently will have only one choice for individual health insurance next year. Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts said Blue Cross’s decision “demonstrates the failure of Obamacare and how the system was so poorly designed that great companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield can’t stay in the marketplace. It highlights that Congress needs to act to make the health care system sustainable.”

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1600 News

2017_05 17 Trump WaPo lied

CABINET:  President Trump’s Cabinet has finally overcome Democrats’ obstruction and is now complete with the swearing-in of United States Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer.

ECONOMY:  Builder confidence in newly built, single-family homes hit 71 in March and 70 in May.  These are the highest numbers we’ve seen since June 2005 during the height of the prior housing boom.

2017_05 17 WaPo updates by Terrell

I LOVE Terrell’s graphic!!!  The nod to Escher speaks brilliantly to the absurdity of the Slime Stream Media’s endless lies that circle around, going nowhere inside their liberal fantasy bubble.


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Keeping Promises

2017_05 Industrial Output up



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Trump’s First 100 Days

First things first.

It was cold, windy, the sky was threatening all day yesterday.  Fishing is largely a matter of timing. Tuesday, the crappie bite was hot. Thursday, nobody on the lake caught anything. We found some small fish, my friend got one nice crappie and I got a bluegill about 10″, which is big for this species. It was a female and she was pre-spawn, so she was full of eggs. My friend took one picture of me with it and I released her. We call it CPR: catch, photo and release. This lake gets a lot of pressure and when too many mature fish are taken, the population declines. People like me want to keep the sport healthy for our grandchildren. We are conservationists, not terrorists.

Now for the boring crap.

Much has been made of the first quarter GDP being .07%. The media, of course is blaming it all on Trump. This, of course, is bogus. For 8 agonizing years, the GDP under the Magic Negro didn’t top 3%, the worst record of economic growth in our history, including The Great Depression.

Complete List of President Trump’s Major Accomplishments in First 100 Days

The US Stock Markets are at record highs and millions of Americans are benefiting in their retirement savings accounts.

  • The DOW daily closing stock market average rose more than 15% since the election on November 8th. (On November 9th the DOW closed at 18,332 – on March 1st the DOW closed at 21,115).
  • The US Stock Market gained $2 trillion in wealth since Trump was elected!
  • The S&P 500 broke $20 Trillion for the first time in its history.

President Trump decreased the US Debt in his first 100 days by $100 Billion.

(President Obama increased the US debt in his first 100 days by more than $560 Billion.)

The US Manufacturing Index soared to a 33 year high in this period which were the best numbers since 1983 under President Reagan.

Illegal immigration is down 67% since President Trump’s Inauguration.

NATO announced Allied spending is up $10 Billion because of President Trump.

After being nominated by President Trump, Constitutionalist Judge Neil Gorsuch was confirmed and sworn in as Supreme Court Justice in early April.

President Trump on First 100 Days: “I Don’t Think Anyone Has Done What We’ve Been Able to Do”

‘We’re moving awfully well. We’ve got a lot of things done. We are, I don’t think there’s ever been anything like this. It’s a false standard, 100 days, but I have to tell you, but I don’t think anyone has done what we’ve been able to do.”

Hero’s welcome for Trump from National Rifle Association as he promises to protect their ‘sacred right’ and hints he will face Elizabeth Warren in 2020

  • Victory lap for the president on eve of his 100th day as he addresses National Rifle Association’s annual convention in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Tells crowd in campaign-style address: ‘I will never, ever infringe on the right of the people to keep and bear arms.’
  • Praised his administration for getting Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court bench and promises to build the wall – to cheers and applause from the audience.
  • Told them he thought Elizabeth Warren, the ultra-liberal Democratic senator, could run in 2020 and used his derisive nickname ‘Pocahontas’ for her.

Trump’s loyal voters aren’t buying ‘shameful’ media spin: Report

“Employing a blitzkrieg-style deluge of misleading headlines, both online and in print, coupled with a heavy diet of 89 percent negative broadcast network news coverage of Trump, the groupthink of the liberal media bubble has tried mightily to portray President Trump’s first 100 days in office as the worst political disaster of the last half century,” Mr. O’Connell tells The Washington Times.

“How else are we to explain the fact that President Trump has the lowest approval rating since 1945, yet his supporters express little-to-no buyer’s remorse and that if the 2016 presidential election were held today, Trump would win the popular vote over Hillary Clinton, according to the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll?” he continued.

President Trump Is ‘Absolutely’ Considering Breaking Up the Ninth Circuit Court

The Ninth Circuit has jurisdiction over nine west coast states and two U.S. territories. Eighteen of the court’s 25 judges were appointed by Democratic presidents.

“You see judge shopping, or what’s gone on with these people, they immediately run to the Ninth Circuit,” Trump added. “It’s got close to an 80 percent reversal period, and what’s going on in the 9th Circuit is a shame.”

MSNBC Discovers Top Democrats Don’t Like Donald Trump


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