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Third Good Jobs Report in Three Months

2017_04 10 March jobs report

Although this was the highest national jobs report in years, it was flat-out ignored by CBS Evening News, NBC Nightly News and ABC World News with David Muir.


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Company introduces ‘snowflake test’ to weed out ‘whiny, entitled’ millenial candidates

From The Independent.

A US company has introduced a “snowflake test” to weed out overly sensitive, liberal candidates who are too easily offended.

The test includes questions such as “What does America mean to you?” and “When was the last time you cried and why?” Many questions are designed to assess a candidate’s stance on America, police, and guns.

Someone who’s not proud to be an American is immediately out of the running, as are people who don’t support the Second Amendment right to bear arms, said Kyle Reyes, who created the test.

“A snowflake is somebody who is going to whine and complain and come to the table with nothing but an entitled attitude and an inability to back their perspective,” Mr Reyes told Fox News.

“We use the test to weed out the sort of people who were inundating us with resumés and didn’t even know what we did.”

Mr Reyes said the tactic had been successful — 60 per cent of applicants to his marketing company drop out when they hear about it. 

[read the rest here]


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Keeping Promises

Trump said he was going to remove job-killing regulations and reduce the size of of the federal government and he’s doing it.  Yesterday, he signed FOUR bills toward that end.  I’m really excited about the two that get the feds out of education!

President Trump Signs House Joint Resolution 37, 44, 57 and 58

“It’s going to lead to a lot of jobs and be good for many, many people. … We have a lot more coming.”

  • H.J.Res.37 – Cancels the so-called “blacklisting rule” that has made trial lawyers rich at the expense of job creating American businesses.
  • H.J.Res.44 – Returns control of land use to state and local authorities.
  • H.J.Res.57 – Returns control of elementary and secondary education to state and local authorities.
  • H.J.Res.58 – Returns control of teacher preparation programs to state and local authorities.

2017_03 27 Eliminating regulations

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It’s the Economy, Stupid

The Trump presidency has been a success so far from a standpoint of increased optimism for the future of business. Still, the media will continue to give credit to a radical Muslim pretending to be an American. His entire tenure was mired in wasteful spending, special treatment for drag queens and fellow Muslims, and throwing hundreds of billions at climate change and hordes of illegal criminals rushing here to suck on the taxpayer teat and commit the crimes white America will not do. His crushing taxes and regulations caused a negative rate of economic growth not seen in this country before, the Great Depression included.

Obama Says “Jobs Are Just Not Coming Back” …Then Trump Adds 298,000 Jobs in First Month

Barack Obama, the worst president in modern history, was asked in June 2016 about the Carrier Corp jobs in Indiana.

Obama responded (in black dialect), “When somebody says like the person you just mentioned who I’m not going to advertise for, that he’s going to bring all these jobs back. Well how exactly are you going to do that? What are you going to do? There’s uh-uh no answer to it. He just says. “I’m going to negotiate a better deal.” Well how? How exactly are you going to negotiate that? What magic wand do you have? And usually the answer is, he doesn’t have an answer.”

Trump’s first full month in office brings massive employment boom as U.S. companies added whopping 298,000 new jobs in February

New job figures from ADP beat economists’ estimates by more than 100,000

Need a job? Home Depot hiring 80,000 employees

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — At a time when many companies are decreasing staff, big box retailer Home Depot is seeking to hire 80,000 employees to fill its stores nationwide by spring.

And the national retailer is touting the shorter time — just 15 minutes — it will take to apply for a job via its website.

Applying for a job at the world’s largest home improvement retailer now takes about 15 minutes using any device, thanks to a shorter application and mobile-optimized ‘careers’ site at,” said the company in a statement.

HUGE: Electronics GIANT Has Big News For America

Technology giant Samsung Electronics Co. has announced that they are planning to increase manufacturing in the United States by opening another production plant.
If this isn’t indicative of Trump’s ability to use his business savvy to convince the leaders of large corporations and businesses to expand in America and create new jobs, I don’t know what is. His first two months have been spectacular for the economy, if absolutely nothing else. You have to respect that, I don’t care who you are.

In First 2 Months in Office: Trump Reduced Debt by $100 Billion – Obama Increased Debt by $400 Billion

On January 20th, the day of President Trump’s Inauguration, the US Debt stood at $19,947 billion. As of March 16th, the most recent date for US debt reporting, the US Debt stands at $19,846 billion. President Trump has cut the US Debt burden by over $100 billion and 0.5% in the first two months since his inauguration!

By comparison, under President Obama, the US Debt burden increased by more than $400 billion after his inauguration through March 19th 2009, his first two months in office.


Trump Approval Rating Drops To 40 Percent In Latest Gallup Poll

According to the recent one conducted by Gallup, only 40 percent of Americans approve of the job he has done in office so far while 55 percent disapprove. At this point in Barack Obama’s presidency, his approval rating was 63 percent.

Gallup polled an estimated 1,500 people nationwide.


Donald Trump, Rosie the Riveter, and the Revival of American Economic Nationalism

Sometimes big ideas get small coverage. Unfortunately, that was the case with President Trump’s March 15 trip to Michigan, in which he raised an important idea—arguably the most important economic-policy idea in U.S. history—and yet his words received almost no attention.

Media No Longer Considers the President Leader of the Free World

When Donald Trump won the election, however, several media outlets published articles suggesting that the president of the United States could no longer be called the leader of the free world because of his worldview.

The latest example is a Politico article published Thursday, titled “The Leader of the Free World Meets Donald Trump,” which describes President Trump’s meeting Friday with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The article was written by James Rubin, who served as assistant secretary of state for public affairs under former President Bill Clinton.

Rubin writes that Merkel is the “last best hope” for Western civilization, arguing the U.S. abandoned its role as a world leader to solve the Syria conflict while Germany led by taking in Syrian refugees.

Late-night shows turn mean for Trump ‘jokes’

However, historically the comedic-poking zeal is always higher for Republicans like Gerald Ford, George W. Bush and Sarah Palin. Jokes about Trump’s predecessor were gentler and basically ignored his malapropisms, historical ignorance and serial ObamaCare lies.

The current late-night tone seems designed more to appeal to the 50 percent of the country that convinced itself Hillary Clinton would be the 45th president. The historic Trump upset Nov. 8 made that defeat sting all the more. So divided is the country now that many Trump supporters soak up the Trump antipathy just to revel in liberals’ pained discomfort.

G-20 Drops Anti-Protectionist Pledge as Price of U.S. Assent

In two days of meetings in the German town of Baden-Baden, the argument by U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, in his first appearance at an international forum in the role, reflects claims by President Donald Trump that his nation has had a bad deal from the current global trade setup. That attitude pitched him against most other delegates, who favored a multilateral, rules-based system as embodied in the World Trade Organization.


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So who’s winning? Barack Obama.
Yesterday Gutfeld described him as the hero at the end of the action movie who’s walking away, the bad guys’ fortress ablaze in the background. That’s how he left the White House. In shambles, full of land mines, with an army of dedicated agents ready to leak vital or damaging information at every turn to a media slavishly devoted to bringing the new president down. He sits in a mansion less than 2 miles away commanding a trained force of agitators, anarchists, and paid protesters ready to assail any republican who dares make a public appearance.

Report: Economy Adds 300,000 Jobs In President Trump’s First Month In Office
Great news, right? I mentioned this to my friend Willie the political idolater today. His answer was it was the result of Obama’s genius economic plan. For just as he used the “mess Bush left him” for his 8 long years of misery and economic stagnation he will now get credit from the media whores for any positive sign of economic growth. Can’t very well give Trump credit for knowing anything, now can they?
The CBO made their report on the AHCA yesterday. While it saves almost a half trillion dollars over 10 years the focus from the left was on the estimated 14 million who will lose coverage this year and the 26 million over 10 years that they claim will be left out. Of course, the first one with his ugly puss in front of the cameras was Schmuckie Schumer. That’s nothing new. The ‘non-partisan” office (there’s not a damn thing non-partisan in this town) is only as accurate as the information it’s given. The Obama crime family blatantly lied about the numbers so the estimate was off by at least $115 billion.

Same CBO That Praised Obamacare and Was Off by $115 Billion Pans GOP Healthcare Bill Today
In March 2010 leading democrats and their lackeys in the state-run media were “just giddy” to report that the CBO crunched some numbers and found the nationalized health care bill they were pushing would reduce the deficit by $138 billion.
It was a lie. Democrats knew it was a lie.
But, after several backroom deals, they rammed the bill through Congress anyway.
Then in May of 2010 the CBO corrected the numbers and said Obamacare will cost taxpayers at least $115 billion more than promised. Democrats pulled a fast one on the American public.
Republican Senators pointed out the deceit in a 2010 video:

Democrats promised that Obamacare would cost $940 billion when they rammed it through Congress. The actual cost has gone up with each revision.
A recent report says Obamacare will cost $2.6 trillion – nearly three times as much as Democrats predicted.
Today the far left CBO panned the Republican healthcare bill.
The Trump White House slammed the CBO’s report.

The plan is already facing resistance from conservatives who say the bill doesn’t go far enough, while more moderate Republicans have expressed concern about the bill’s defunding of Planned Parenthood and the rollback of expanded access to Medicaid.

As I said yesterday, the democrats shoved a monstrosity through without debate so they could avoid the reconciliation process. They knew once they got it in, it would be almost impossible to remove, as are all government giveaway programs.

Obamacare Victims Tell Their Horror Stories at The White House
“Our rates are three times what they were before Obamacare started. We have one provider in the county,” Carrie Couey of Colorado said. “We have very little options for what we can and cannot do. We are a small business, but we aren’t brick and mortar we are cattle ranchers. We can’t afford our equipment anymore if we’re paying these rates year after year after year. Our food source is in jeapardy because of this heath care law.”

CNN Cuts Trump’s Feed During Obamacare Victims Meeting

Compilation of CNN Cutting Off Feeds Of People Who Go Against The Narrative

All the while, Obama sits back, smiles, and contemplates how to spend the $60 million he’ll rake in to write a bunch of lies (or have Bill Ayers do it for him) and watch his minions do his dirty work.

Peters: Obama Admin’s ‘Cowardice’ Blew Chance to Get Rid of Bashar al-Assad


The GOP’s ObamaCare replacement will boost jobs and cut taxes
Ignore the grandstanding on Capitol Hill and the noise coming from townhall protests around the nation. The Republican bill to repeal and replace ObamaCare will boost your chances of getting a job and cut your tax bill, not to mention your insurance costs.
The repeal bill — called the American Health Care Act — also will stave off a tidal wave of future Medicaid spending that threatens to drown the states and Uncle Sam in red ink.

Was Obama simply a hoax?
We have The New York Post and we have Fox News, but after that we are in a wilderness of deception. No one knows where the truth lies.
The revelation making the rounds again about Obama, how he sneaked through $221 million to his terrorist friends the Palestinian Authority during the last hours of his presidency, makes it elaborately clear that he was always in it for himself and for his pals.
For eight years Israel was betrayed and America was duped by a charmer.
He armed Iran to the teeth. The mullahs grow bolder and now Obama’s generosity is President Trump’s problem. Where did Obama get the money to enrich all those terrorists? Came from our pockets – the Constitution be damned, according to Obama and the news media that babied him every single day for eight years.
All by himself Obama proclaimed that he did not even need Congress. He said, “I’ve got a pen and I’ve got a phone” – so forget the rules.
So much, then, for the claim that Obama did not have the Constitutional right to wiretap Trump….which is the hot news of the day.
That assumes that Obama as President cared about the Constitution, taught the Constitution, or ever learned the Constitution.


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Consumer Comfort Highest in a Decade

2017_03 Consumer comfort highest in decade


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Remember all that nonsense …

… about all the jobs Obama allegedly “saved or created” and how the MSM kept telling us the economy was doing so great when we all knew (or were) people who had been out of work for what felt like forever?

2017_03 Feb jobs report


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Trump, Jobs, and Pelosi’s latest lying rant

“He has no jobs bill”

The hypocrisy of this woman to sneer at whatever Trump may or may not do to benefit “his rich friends.”  During the recession in 2009, when the rest of us were getting poorer, HER NET WORTH DOUBLED.  

As for Trump not having some kind of jobs bill … this is typical Dem thinking that you have to LEGISLATE to get jobs.  No, you have to GET OUT OF THE WAY and let entrepreneurs create jobs.  Trump has done a lot already to free up the private sector to create jobs, something Pelosi either can’t understand or refuses to admit.

And the jobs numbers show that it’s already working.


During Obama’s first month in office, the Employment Population Ratio was 60.6%.  Despite the so-called “action” Pelosi says was taken by Obama “in his first four weeks”, this number DROPPED into the 58s and stayed stuck there until June 2014.

During all 8 years that Obama was in office, it only got as high as 59.9% twice, once in March of 2016 and again in January of 2017, the same month that Trump took over.

Below is a historical look at Employment Population Ratios correlated with political party control in D.C.  I think it’s fairly obvious that Republicans are much better at promoting JOBS than Democrats are.




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