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2008 Messiah 2014 Mess

“In our system, the president is both head of state and head of government. Obama seems to enjoy the monarchical parts, but when it comes to the actual business of running government, he shows little interest and even less aptitude.” -Charles Krauthammer @

Stupidity is rampant in the Obamacrat leadership.

“Whether intended or not, the lasting legacy of the Obama administration will be one of stunning dereliction of duty. Yesterday’s news of a confirmed case of Ebola in New York City, combined with still developing reports of another possible Ebola case in Nashville, points to a White House and a federal government that is repeatedly lying to the American public, putting politics over safety, and being led by perhaps the most divisive and incompetent presidential administration in generations. Reader, this is the message that must be repeated to everyone you know as the country prepares for the November elections.”  Ulsterman @


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I’m an American and I vote

I'm an American

2014_10 23 Three assaults on our safety


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Disease prevention and Democrat hypocrisy

2005 Strong words from Obama re disease threat

2005 VIDEO:  Senator Obama rips Bush for being unprepared for avian flu epidemic. The avian flu could only be contracted directly from infected birds, not passed human to human, but the threat of it mutating into a highly infectious flu strain scared the bejeebers out of disease experts. However, as of today, the majority of human cases have resulted from direct contact with infected poultry and there has not been a single case reported in the U.S.

2008 CDC report to new Obama administration


2005: A sudden spike in cases of the H5N1 (avian or bird flu) virus (98 cases/43 deaths) led the WHO to warn of a possible global pandemic. As the New York Times reported (link below), then-Senator Barack Obama signed a protest letter with 30 Democrats expressing grave concern that the nation was “dangerously unprepared” and personally scolded the Bush administration from the Senate floor. In a New York Times op-ed, he specifically mentioned the dangers to the American public posed by international air travel.

2008: The CDC informed the incoming Obama administration it had less than one-third the resources necessary to properly protect the nation from an outbreak of deadly diseases like avian flu and Ebola.

2009: In the face of a possible epidemic of swine flu, the Obama administration quietly dusted off federal quarantine regulations that had been proposed by the Bush administration in 2005. Civil liberties people were appalled; health official were generally supportive.

2010: The Obama administration quietly scrapped the quarantine plans it had been developing in case Americans needed to be protected from travelers carrying dangerous diseases.

2014: September 9 – WHO says public transportation is “a hot source of potential virus transmission.”

2014: October 3 – Three weeks after declaring the Ebola outbreak a “national security priority”, Obama continued to refuse to ban travel into the U.S. for people who have been in affected West African countries. He has the legal power to impose such an emergency measure.

2014: October 9 – Obama released a video saying, “You cannot get [Ebola] sitting next to someone on a bus.” Virus researchers said Ebola could be spread through the air and from infected people exhibiting no symptoms.

2014: October 10 – President Obama said in a video message that Ebola cannot be contracted through casual contact “like sitting next to someone on a bus.” The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advised Americans with symptoms of the disease traveling in or arriving home from Ebola-stricken nations to “avoid public transportation.”

2014: October 15 – President Obama says he personally hugged and kissed two nurses treating Ebola patients and he didn’t get the disease, but since a second Ebola nurse has now contracted the virus, his administration will respond in a “much more aggressive way” to cases of Ebola in the United States.

2014: October 17 – The World Health Organization (WHO) announced 9,216 known cases and 4,555 deaths in the Ebola outbreak that began in west Africa in March. Obama’s Secretary of State, John Kerry, called on world leaders to provide cash, helicopters and treatment centers to help fight Ebola. “If we don’t adequately address this current outbreak now, then Ebola has the potential to become a scourge like HIV or polio, that we will end up fighting, all of us, for decades. And we shouldn’t kid ourselves. Winning this fight is going to be costly, it is going to take all of our efforts, and it is not risk-free.”

2014: October 18 – President Obama said no to those demanding a travel ban on planes from West Africa and urged Americans not to give into hysteria about the deadly virus, because we’ve only had three cases.


About H5N1 Avian Flu (H5N1 Bird Flu)

WHO Fact sheet: Ebola virus disease

Bush Weighs Strategies to Counter Possible Outbreak of Bird Flu
By Brian Knowlton – October 4, 2005 – New York Times

Obama administration failed to implement all of the CDC’s advice to prevent an Ebola outbreak
By Jim McElhatton – October 15, 2014 – The Washington Times

Click to access ebola.pdf

Obama team mulls new quarantine regulations
By Josh Gerstein – August 5, 2009 – Politico

Obama administration scraps quarantine regulations
By Allison Young – April 1, 2010 – USA TODAY

Ebola virus spread by taxi passengers, says World Health Organisation
By Stephanie Nebehay – September 8, 2014 – The Independent

Obama 2005: The Avian Flu Is Very Dangerous and It’s Only A Matter of Time Before It Comes to America
By Ace of Spades – October 2, 2014

If Obama thinks Ebola is a ‘national security priority,’ why no travel ban?
By Gregg Jarrett – October 3, 2014 – Fox News

Obama: ‘You Cannot Get [Ebola] Sitting Next to Someone on a Bus’
October 9, 2014 – CNS News

Virus researchers say Ebola could spread through air – and even spread without symptoms
By Jonathan Benson – October 9, 2014 – Natural News

Obama says you won’t get ebola sitting next to someone on a bus, CDC says avoid public transportation
October 10, 2014 – Breitbart

Obama Responds to New Ebola Outbreaks in U.S.
AP – October 15, 2014 – Wall Street Journal and Huffington Post

With New Ebola Case Confirmed, U.S. Vows Vigilance
By Manny Fernandez and Jack Healy – October 15, 2014 – New York Times

Ebola death toll soars to 4,555 out of 9,216 cases: WHO
AFP – October 17, 2014 – Yahoo News

Ebola ‘could be scourge like HIV’, John Kerry warns the world
By Nicholas Watt, Sarah Boseley, Lizzy Davies, Kim Willsher, and Philip Oltermann
October 17, 2014 – The Guardian

Obama reinforces argument against travel ban, urges Americans to resist Ebola ‘hysteria’
AP – October 18, 2014 – Fox News

H/t GP, Ace of Spades, Ed Morrissey


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Uh no

Patient Zero not caring to come here

Michael Moore demonstrated his highly evolved left-titude with this tweet:

  • “If only the Liberian man w/ Ebola in Texas had told the hospital he wanted an abortion. They would have immediately gone all Pro-Life on him.”

My fave responses:

  • “You’re a few tweets away from Louis Farrakhan status.”
  • “His nurse is fighting for her life, you dipshit.”
  • “Michael Moore: 400 corn-fed lbs of pure attention whore.”

Michael followed up with this deeply uninformed and intolerant comment:

  • “If u get sick in Texas, the last person u want treating u is a person educated in a system that says Adam & Eve rode dinosaurs 6,000 yrs ago”

My fave responses:

  • “In other words, a Christian, right?”
  • “Right. Cuz all Christians believe Adam and Eve rode dinosaurs, right?”
  • “Does Michael even know that man CHOSE to come to Texas BECAUSE he had Ebola?”
  • “Michael should be required to go to Cuba for his healthcare.”

Final zinger from a Twitchy commenter:

  • “The Head of NIH, Dr. Francis Collins, is a Christian and believes in evolutionary creationism. He was the head of the Human Genome Mapping Project and has published books detailing questions regarding evolutionary theory and about his belief in supernatural direction. How does Michael Moore feel about him now being the head of NIH? Wonder how he ever left Texas? (He’s really from Virginia.)”



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And they said Bush was evil and incompetent ::coughcough::

2014_10 09 Obama to Africa - can't catch it on bus

As Obama-appointed U.S. health officials reassure (lie to) us about Ebola, disease experts say the science isn’t settled.

It seems scientists know very little about the strain now in circulation, apart from the fact that it is particularly virulent.

But no fear! The Obama CDC is sticking with the official narrative that you can keep your health if you want to!  Aren’t you reassured?

Obama’s actions appear to be designed to ensure the spread of the disease as soon as possible. For example, the CDC claims that security screening at West African airports is working just fine, even though that is how the first U.S. case arrived here.

While Obama refuses to bar air travel from infected countries to the United States, Sierra Leone ended their outbreak with one and only one case. The infected person arrived from Liberia and the government locked down the nation. There has been no spread of the disease and the infected person even recovered.

Personally, I think that as long as Obamacrats do not personally lose their fortunes or their health, they are perfectly happy to see war, plague, famine and death spread from sea to shining sea.

2014_10 12 Obama 200th round of golf

For more information about what you can do to protect yourself, go to


Sept 9, 2014 – WHO says public transporation is “a hot source of potential virus transmission”

Oct 9, 2014 – Obama tells Ebola-infected nations of Africa that public transportation is safe

Oct 9, 2014 – Virus researchers say Ebola could spread through air – and even spread without symptoms

Oct 16, 2014 – Obama says can’t get Ebola from bus; CDC says avoid public trans; contaminated taxis infect people in Liberia


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CDGC: Ebola Not Contagious Until After Nov. 4 Election

People’s Cube: The USSA’s Center for Disease and Gun Control has announced that the State will not impose any travel restrictions due to the Ebola outbreak until after the November 4 elections to ensure that all workers and peasants can have free access to ballots and polling places during this critical struggle for Progress.

Comrade Disease Director Thomas Frieden has declared that Ebola is only ‘semi-transmittable’ and therefore only official Party-certified doctors can actually impose quarantines on an as-needed basis. In the meantime, those who believe they are exhibiting symptoms, while not contagious until after the November 2 elections, are asked to remain at home because of the possibility they may intimidate women and minorities into not voting. Read more at People’s Cube.


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How much more evidence do we need?

The Obama Regime has proven to us again and again that what he meant by “fundamentally transforming America” was “destroy the United States.” Here’s the latest piece of evidence:

2014_10 15 Nurse told okay to fly



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The pathetic hackery of Donna Brazile

Donna Brazile is Vice Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee.  Below is a series of her recent tweets with some of my favorite twitter replies.

Donna Brazile – Oct 11, 2014:

GOP’s scheme to frighten America: 4-point plan of Ebola, Secret Service, Border, ISIS.

  • Reply: So the GOP invented Ebola, EV-D68, ISIS, and shot holes into WH. What can’t they do?
  • Reply: These are things that are actually happening in the world not a “scheme.”
  • Reply: Your boy Obama is the one who dropped the ball on all of this, not the GOP.
  • Reply: Pretty sure the Secret Service doesn’t need the GOP’s help to scare people.
  • Reply: Speaking of fear agenda … #waronwomen #endOfCivilization #womeninchains.
  • Reply: Your friends accused Romney of killing a woman and you complain about reporting actual scary news?
  • Reply: Someone is gonna kill Big Bird and use binders full of women to do it!!!!

Donna Brazile – Oct 11, 2014: 

They want you to be afraid, but evidently not of the things that can really harm you.  Is Ebola Scaring You? 5 Reasons You Don’t Have to Worry

  • Reply:  The virology experts at Huffington Post say not to worry …  and Democrat hack Donna Brazile agrees!
  • Reply:  Ebola isn’t dangerous, even though it was transmitted to a health care worker in Texas. Or something.

Brazile hillbillies
Donna Brazile – Oct 13, 2014: 

NIH Director: We’d Probably Have An Ebola Vaccine If Not For Budget Cuts.

  • Reply: On Oct. 11 you told us not to worry about Ebola, so why would we need a vaccine?
  • Reply: If only we hadn’t wasted so much on Solyndra and GM.
  • Reply: Or Obama’s vacations.
  • Reply: Does this mean she’s now blaming Republicans for the Ebola threat that she told us was not a threat?
  • Reply: The requested decrease is in President Obama’s budget. Is he a Republican now?

Donna Brazile – Oct 14, 2014:

Nurse infected with Ebola knew risks of her work.

  • Reply: I’ve heard of slut-shaming & fat-shaming, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen work-shaming.
  • Reply: Blaming the nurse are we?
  • Reply: Donna is in the business of blaming victims if that victim could reflect poorly on the Obama administration.
  • Reply: She’s a brave young lady and a hero in my eyes. Hats off to all those who risk their lives for the lives of others.
  • Reply: #Liberallogic She had it coming living in red state, working 4 private hospital, she probably worked for money.

Brazila Obamacare
Donna Brazile – Oct 15, 2014:

If we are going to stop the #EbolaOutbreak or contain it, let’s focus on how to get it done versus pointing fingers.

  • Reply: It’s an outbreak now. But, hey, don’t point fingers, guys!
  • Reply: Don’t point fingers … you mean like you did with the nurse?
  • Reply: No finger pointing, says the woman who has spent the last 6 years blaming everybody but Obama.
  • Reply: Hypocrisy, thy name is Donna Brazile.



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Is the NIH underfunded?

Kelly Files: Is the government misleading Americans about Ebola?
Oct. 13, 2014 – 4:17 – Dr. Anthony Fauci discusses concern

CtH: I think the idea that essential medical research has been harmed by underfunding the NIH is absurd. The NIH has wasted literally millions of dollars on ridiculous studies when they could’ve been focusing on finding treatments and vaccines for the handful of highly infectious, extremely lethal and potentially weaponizable diseases that we have known for decades posed a clear and present danger to national security.

Here are just a few examples:

NIH waste

NIH wastes over $10 million on stupid studies like “Why are lesbians fat?” and ” Will Combining Alcohol and Energy Drinks Make You Want to Have Sex?”

NIH blows half a million on studying why men don’t like to use condoms.

NIH finances $386,000 study into how best to massage rabbits, $453,000 study into the importance of breathing to meditation, and $600,000 for a private company to develop a goldenseal extract it plans to sell for profit.

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The Democrat Knee Jerk: “If it’s bad, blame Republicans!”

The latest Lame Democrat Meme is to blame Ebola on Republican budget cuts.

Republican Cuts Kill [1:00]

Let’s get a quick reality check about which party has been in charge of federal spending since January 2007, shall we?

2007 to present Dems have had majority

Now let’s get another quick reality check about how the “Republicans cut CDC funding” is a Big Fat Lie.

2013 GOP votes big incr for CDC

If health-related spending is SO IMPORTANT to Democrats, then how come it was House Republicans who introduced a bill to fund the National Institutes of Health during the government shutdown and Senate Democrats who refused to consider it?

Oct 2, 2013 – Harry Reid: Why Would We Want To Pass A Bill To Help Children With Cancer?



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