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Mattis hearing


Before Mattis can join the Cabinet, Congress must approve a one-time exception to a law requiring a military officer to be out of uniform for at least seven years before leading the Pentagon. Even some of Trump’s strongest critics say Mattis merits the exception — and the Senate voted decisively today to approve the waiver on a 81-17 vote. It goes next to the House.

Jan 12, 2017: Gillibrand tried desperately to make Mattis look like a sexist homophobe.


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Mad Dogs and Englishmen

Actually, this has nothing to do with Englishmen, it was just part of the saying. Poetic license, as it were.

Trump Chooses “Mad Dog” Mattis for Pentagon Chief
Leftists foam at the mouth and gnash their teeth
They say he’s the closest thing to Gen. George Patton that we have and it’s about time.
James Norman Mattis was born Sept. 8, 1950 in Pullman, Washington. He is a political Independent. In addition to the “Mad Dog” moniker, the nickname “Warrior Monk” has been applied to him. His reported radio call sign was “Chaos.” Mattis co-wrote the military’s counterinsurgency manual along with retired Army Gen. David Petraeus who is also under consideration for a post in Trump’s cabinet.

A Look into the Mind of Gen. James Mattis: 15 Quotes from Trump’s Secretary of Defense Pick
“Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.”
No war is over until the enemy says it’s over. We may think it over, we may declare it over, but in fact, the enemy gets a vote.”
You are part of the world’s most feared and trusted force. Engage your brain before you engage your weapon.
You go into Afghanistan, you got guys who slap women around for five years because they didn’t wear a veil. You know, guys like that ain’t got no manhood left anyway. So it’s a hell of a lot of fun to shoot them.”
9.“There are some people who think you have to hate them in order to shoot them. I don’t think you do. It’s just business.”
10.“The first time you blow someone away is not an insignificant event. That said, there are some assholes in the world that just need to be shot
I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you f**k with me, I’ll kill you all.”
14.“Marines don’t know how to spell the word defeat.”

Meet General Mad Dog, the Marine Donald Trump has chosen to run the world’s most fearsome armed forces
‘The most important six inches on the battlefield is between your ears.’
‘Find the enemy that wants to end this experiment in American democracy and kill every one of them until they’re so sick of the killing that they leave us and our freedoms intact.’
‘For the mission’s sake, for our country’s sake, and the sake of the men who carried the Division’s colors in past battles – who fought for life and never lost their nerve – carry out your mission and keep your honor clean. Demonstrate to the world there is “No Better Friend – No Worse Enemy” than a US Marine.’
‘I am going to beg with you for a minute. I’m going to plead with you, do not cross us. Because if you do, the survivors will write about what we do here for 10,000 years.’
‘PowerPoint makes us stupid.’
‘You cannot allow any of your people to avoid the brutal facts. If they start living in a dream world, it’s going to be bad.’







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High-Frequency Noise Pollution Concerns Mount as Florida Releases Bats to Combat Zika


And Hillary shrieks enough by herself. With thousands of little Hillaries flying around, the noise will be deafening.

Miami New Times – Bats are, famously, one of the mosquito’s natural predators. According to some experts, a single brown bat can gobble up to 1,000 mosquitoes in a single hour. So if the county released a cave’s worth of bats into the Wynwood sky every day, Miami’s mosquito problem would be eradicated in a fortnight, right?

Turns out the idea isn’t all that crazy: Last month, the New York Times chronicled suburban North Hempstead, New York’s plan to build “bat houses” — which look and function like bird houses except with slot-shaped holes for bats — across its Long Island town. According to one mosquito expert the Times quoted, bats burn so many calories through flying that they pretty much have to inhale mosquitoes indiscriminately to keep themselves full.

But town officials say it’s impossible to quantify what impact the bats have had, and Laura Finn, a Central Florida bat conservation expert who spoke with New Times via phone, says she doubts they would be able to wipe out mosquitoes on their own.

Read the whole story at Miami New Times.

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There are a number of items to post today, but of course,everybody’s talking about Netanyahu’s speech before Congress. He treated the Kenyan half-breed,Popeye Reid, and the rest of that pack of gargoyles with far more respect than they deserved or they returned. I’ll post some of the pertinent news here then follow in the reply section. There’s no real organization to it,but that never stopped me before.


Democrats LASH OUT at Netanyahu, Tell Him to Go Home, Call Him “a Child”

Here’s the video of Rep. John Yarmuth from Kentucky losing it:

Minority leader Nancy Pelosi and Black Caucus members left Netanyahu’s speech before it was over.

Netanyahu to US Congress: This is a VERY BAD DEAL – We’d Be Better Off Without It (VIDEO)
Nobel laureate and Holocaust Survivor Elie Wiesel was in attendance today.

From his speech…
Why would anyone make this nuclear deal with Iran?

The foremost sponsor of global terrorism could be weeks away from an entire arsenal of nuclear weapons.

“If Iran wants to be treated like a normal country, let it act like a normal country.”

Iran needs the nuclear deal more than you do.

This is a very bad deal. We’d be better off without it.
The alternative to a bad deal is a much better deal.

Why Obama So Dislikes Netanyahu
There is no question about whether President Obama — along with Secretary of State John Kerry and the editorial pages of many newspapers — has a particular dislike of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. But there is another question: Why? And the answer is due to an important rule of life that too few people are aware of: Those who do not confront evil resent those who do.
Read more at:

Netanyahu Slams White House Deal With Iran: “Even If Israel Has to Stand Alone, Israel Will Stand”

Just as he did in his speech to AIPAC yesterday in Washington D.C., Netanyahu hinted that Israel will take on Iran by itself, if necessary, to prevent the regime’s nuclear program from moving forward, but expressed hope America wouldn’t force the Jewish State to do it alone.

“The days of the Jewish people remaining passive in the face of genocidal enemies, those days are over,” Netanyahu said. “Even if Israel has to stand alone, Israel will stand.”

“I know that Israel does not stand alone, I know that America stands with Israel,” he added.
h/t to Jim Hoft@Gateway Pundit






Added by CtH, cuz this is my Rep and I am proud of him for posting this:

2015_03 03 BIBI Reed proud to attend speech


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School safety? Yup. That’ll work!

2d AMENDMENT Making kids safer


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Today’s Illustrated Tweet Picks by CtH

  • Getting shot by some leftist freak does not give you moral authority to disarm me.
  • My Constitutional rights don’t go away just because somebody else abuses his. You don’t know this because you are stupid.
  • Gabby Giffords is an expert on gun issues like I’m a doctor because I’ve had surgery. This is a dog and pony show for emotional appeal only.
  • I am amused at the notion that to refuse to submit to Gifford’s views is somehow trashing her. The moral extortion ends now. Deal with it.

Blunt words

  • Guns are the great equalizer during a violent confrontation.
  • A woman in Great Britain is three times more likely to be raped than an American woman.

The ultimate in feminine protection

  • Chicago pols blame rampant shootings on guns from Indiana and Iowa, which, mysteriously, don’t have rampant shootings.

Gun control and crime

  • The Constitution is not outdated, it is just an inconvenience to Progressives. They hate it. I love it.
  • Guns: Because We’re Not Gutless Losers Waiting For Someone Else To Come Along And Save Us.

Experts agree Gun control works

  • If you thinking hugging a terrorist will make him your friend, I’d hate to see you meet a feral hog.

Human beings vs Predators

  • The U.S. economy posted a stunning drop in the fourth quarter. Thanks, Obama voters!
  • Remember Obama’s tax hikes on the rich to pay natl debt? He’s already spent every cent.

Times are hard

  • The fact that America is a nation of immigrants is literally irrelevant to the debate over what to do about illegal immigration.
  • I’m really not interested in the opinions of any politicians from non-border states on illegal immigration.

Conversing with Obama

  • John Kerry was on the side of the communists in Vietnam and El Salvador. He should not be our Secretary of State.
  • For the record, I have a lot of experience intensely disliking Hillary Clinton.

I'm incompetent and 4 Americans died

  • Never 4get same MSM that gushes ovr Obama’s family, worked overtime to freak show Sarah Palin’s. Bad people.
  • Conservative women talk about things like hard work and responsibility. Liberal women talk about their crotches.

Pink vaginas speak

  • I launched a new dating service called eHonesty. You fill out a detailed profile & we explain why nobody will want you.
  • Liberal Women will continue to vote for sexist pigs like Democrat ‘Look at the Ass On Her’ Bloomberg because they are spineless phonies.

This one's for Pete

H/t and drum roll to Angelaisms and Bob.


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Posted by Pistol Pete

I had every intention of making this my last post.I was as heartbroken as any of you after the catastrophe of this week.I’d planned to divorce myself from politics and turn my computer into a solitaire game-playing machine.I was heartened by some of the comments that have been posted here the last two days and realized you don’t lose until you give up.You people have helped me through some extremely difficult times in my life and giving up would turn me into what I despise the most.It may be awhile until the sense of loss diminishes and the mourning period ends.Until then I’ve come up with an extensive list of things I resent.Consider this an open thread if you want to add anything you resent.


Being forced to see his vile countenance everywhere,smiling that chesire cat smile and lying openly,knowing half the populace will either believe him or don’t care and those who do care can’t do anything about it.He knows the press will never call him on it.

Him bellowing about bringing the parties together to work for the American people.I am fluent in Obamaspeak so loosely translated it means:I won again,you can’t do dick to stop me and you white motherfuckers can kiss my entire black ass.

His  porcine broodsow  issuing edicts on what wholly inedible foodstuffs our schools  must feed our children while she stuffs anything not moving in her cavernous maw.

Being regaled with her taxpayer-funded junkets around the world and the media swooning over how beautiful a camel can look in designer clothes.

Mia Love lost her bid for the House.

Allen West was redistricted out of his seat with the help of some voting chicanery.

That odiferous turd Alan Grayson is back.

Mourdock lost his Senate bid not so much because he said something sophomoric,but Dickless Lugar wanted payback for being primaried out.

Akin lost to a corrupt bitch in Missouri not so much because he stepped on his penis,but the GOP and Rove cut and ran leaving him to fend for himself against a filthy pig with abundant rescources.

Harry the Toad is trying to eliminate the filibuster so he can play the Keeper of the Realm.

The state of Israel is on its own since Barry would ask for a UN resolution of condemnation if Iran launched a nuclear attack.He has promised aid to Israel and we all know what his word is worth.He got 68% of the Jewish vote.

Hundreds of thousands of overseas military ballots arrived a day too late to be counted.They would have swung enough swing states to make Romney the president.

Three million white voters stayed home.The vote total McCain got in 2008 would have beaten Obama,who got two million less votes than he got in his first election.Maybe some were just tired of the mushy moderates we’ve had to swallow since 1988.Ron Paul voters are also suspect.

Our gallant military will be sliced to pieces by a CIC who openly despises them.

Veterans who have earned their benefits will be shown the back of Barry’s hand.

That gutless milksop John Boehner has already surrendered,telling Obastard he’s open to raising taxes in exchange for imaginary spending cuts everybody knows will never happen.

Tingles expressing his gratitude that Hurricane Sandy killed scores of people and destroyed millions of lives so his living god could look presidential and bipartisan thanks to governor Krispy Kreme.He can now spend the next four years cleaning his messiah’s sphincter with his tongue.

The day will come when we look back on when gas was $4.00 and refer to them as the good old days.

We were pushed over the cliff and into the abyss by dead-enders who have surrendered their dignity and self-respect in exchange for a life of Nanny Government giving them a lot of free stuff and making their decisions for them.They don’t give a damn about the deficit, taxes(they don’t pay any), unemployment(who wants to work?), health insurance(they get theirs free), or anybody that actually has skin in the game.

With our 2014 tax returns we will get a form to fill out listing any medical conditions you have,what medications you take and the name and contact information of your insurance carrier.If,like me,you have no insurance, you will pay a hefty fine and be placed in a government program.

The GOP-e is in the process of eliminating or marginalizing the Tea Party class of 2010 so they can go back to having circle jerk parties with the democrat buddies they split the taxpayer and lobbyist pies with.

My grandchildren may never have a good-paying full-time job or know what it’s like to be self-sufficient.

There will be another Republican president one day,but I may not live long enough to see it.I just wish I could see the country I love returned to a modicum of its former greatness before I lay my burden down for the last time.

If you have anymore feel free to post.I’ll be back sometime.


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Disenfranchising the military

Some states have missed the deadline for getting absentee ballots to our warriors. Isn’t that grand? They risk life and limb to protect us, but at least some people don’t give a toot if they get to VOTE for the people who decide when and whether we go to war!

I won’t hold my breath waiting for Obama Democrats to lift a finger. Dems claim to care about everybody getting their right to vote, but the fact is, they only ACT on behalf of demographics that tend to vote Democrat. The majority of the military votes Republican, which is not surprising, since Democrats openly despise them and regularly cut funding to score more bucks for their own pet demographics.

I’m sure the Left will say it’s self-serving for Romney to actually DO something about the military getting their ballots on time. But it just makes me more happy that I voted for him. MY absentee ballot is already on its way to the election office.

For those of you who are voting in person … you’ve got EIGHTEEN DAYS! Do. Not. Forget.

Obama Campaign Sues to Restrict Military Voting

Romney campaign sues to extend military voting


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REAL healthcare reform

It’s NOT what the Obama Democrats are doing!

The House of Representatives has, with BIPARTISAN support, passed a 2013 budget for the military (H.R. 5856 – Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 2013).

President Obama says he plans to veto it.

Among his gripes are that the House budget did NOT include his proposed $1.8 Billion INCREASE in what SOLDIERS would have to pay in for their families’ health insurance.

Soldiers aren’t the only ones who have felt the negative effects of Obama Democrat leadership on healthcare.

The Democrats’ claim that Republicans just want you to die on the floor is bull. Visit to see more personal stories of how bad ObamaCare has been and what fiscally-responsible and caring solutions exist for real healthcare reform.

Sidebar: Jonathan Small says in the video how his family is struggling to pay down their $6,000 medical bills from a broken arm and childbirth while he was uninsured.

The estimated cost for the fuel it takes to fly Barack Obama anywhere on Air force One is about $60,000 an hour. Give or take. That’s about $6,000 every SIX MINUTES.

On Monday and Tuesday of this week, Obama flew from the White House to Portsmouth, NH, to Boston, MA, to Atlanta, GA, to Miami, FL, and back to the White House.

What “important Presidential work” did he accomplish on this expensive trip? Fund-raising for his campaign to get re-elected.

H/t to Mindful Webworker @

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Workplace Violence vs. Domestic Terrorism

Click on graphic to embiggen.

Petition for Purple Heart

On June 1, 2009, Private William “Andy” Long was killed and Private Quinton Ezeagwula was wounded outside a Little Rock Army recruitment center.

Despite the fact that the shooter said his actions were motivated by his commitment to Muslim jihad, the Obama “Justice” Department decided to classify it as a street crime, which made Andy and Quinton ineligible for Purple Heart medals.

The Obama Defense Department similarly refused to classify the Fort Hood shooting as a terrorist act. The 9/11 Pentagon victims got Purple Hearts, but hey … Dubya was in charge then.

In 2012, Congress attempted to rectify these shameful situations by including Purple Heart citations in the Defense Appropriations Act.

Obama said he’d veto the bill if they didn’t take the medals out.

Chrissy’s Site Bites @

Sign the Petition @

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