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If you can make that gesture you're not oppressed

AUSTIN MAIL BOMBS: A fifth package has exploded, this time at a FedEx facility about 60 miles southwest of Austin. Thankfully, it was on an automated conveyor belt and noone was injured.

PRO-LIFE: Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant today signed a bill banning abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy. This is the earliest such law in the U.S. and will surely be tested in the courts.

REPENTANCE: Powerful pro-life testimony by a former abortionist. “I don’t believe a woman can remain unscathed after killing her child.”

PATHETIC: The Dominicans who run Providence College have refused to condemn the thugs who have threatened and harassed a student for affirming Catholic teaching on marriage. All they’ve done is move the victim to new housing in an undisclosed location!

JESUS: A low budget, independent, Christian message film is outperforming an expensive, highly touted, big studio production about a high school boy ‘coming out’ as gay. In their first week-ends, I Can Only Imagine took in about $14 million while Love, Simon took in about $12 million despite opening on 800 more screens.

INSOMNIA: “Scientists are beginning to suspect there is a strong, if as yet unproven, link between gut health – the diversity and well-being of bacteria in the stomach, small and large intestines – and sleep health.

COMMIEFORNIA: Los Alamitos, a small Orange County, California, town has decided to opt out of the state’s new sanctuary laws, which keeps cities and towns from cooperating with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials.

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New video confirms law enforcement failure

Tucker: “The authorities failed to protect us, they lied about it, and they blamed us.”

Reality Check: Fact checking the anti-gun narratives

2018_03 15 Chicago gun control tweets

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This guy makes a VERY excellent point

They don’t want to have a real gun conversation
Half a dozen of those “horrible monsters who just want kids to die” are outstanding parents who happen to be very near and dear to me. So anybody who thinks bad-mouthing gun owners is going to make me sympathetic to the anti-gun agenda has another think coming. (N.b., this video won’t embed. You have to click on the title and go watch it at YouTube. It’s only 4 minutes long and well worth your while.)

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2016 Hillary meets Obama Legacy car crash toon

Democrats have just pledged to repeal the president’s popular tax cuts if they win this fall? Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) rightly declared the plan a “nonstarter” and the White House concurred. “Only tone-deaf Democrats could think the proper response to the booming Trump economy, higher wages and hard-working Americans keeping more of their own money is to reverse the policies that got us here.”

Unions have been seen as the foundation of Democrat election victories for decades. But that could now be changing due to the popularity of Trump’s tariff proposals with the major unions. During a Thursday interview with the decidedly anti-Trump MSNBC network, the president of United Steelworkers had shockingly positive words to say about Trump and his tariff plan. “We’ve been trying to get Democrats to this for more than 30 years.”

2018_03 01 Obama Library by Terrell

Since President Trump’s election, the left has morphed into a bizarre mixture of fascist groups “against fascism,” free speech groups that fanatically shut-down speech with which they disagree, and pro-illegal immigrant groups that ignore DACA.

Unfunny Kathy Griffin’s career imploded after she posted a photo of herself holding a bloody severed Donald Trump “head.” Now she says she’s going to do it again with Mike Pence.

2018_03 Broward Coward and 911

A concealed-carry license holder in Grand Prairie, Texas stopped a violent crime spree by holding the suspect at gunpoint until police arrived on the scene.

Despite what the mainstream media and LGBT groups have long claimed, the 2016 mass shooter in Orlando had no idea that Pulse was a gay nightclub.

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So a coward AND a liar

Color me surprised. Not.

2018_03 08 Tapper Broward tweet

Broward Coward Deputy Scot Peterson has insisted publicly that he believed gunfire was happening outside, not inside the school building.

But internal radio dispatches released by the sheriff’s office Thursday show Peterson saying the gunfire was happening “inside” and that Peterson told his officers to stay “stay at least 500 feet away” from the building.


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Bits & Bytes

Ancient Grammar Police

The New York Times had to correct their story about how a hypothetical New York couple’s taxes would go up … after it was shown that their taxes would actually go down.

Donald Trump’s tariffs on nations that cheat on trade agreements are exactly what he promised during the campaign.

The Trump Department of Justice will be giving the Operation Fast and Furious documents that the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform failed for years to get the “transparent” Obama’s DOJ to produce.

The House Select Committee on Intelligence has begun investigating former Secretary of State John F. Kerry’s connection to the fake Trump-Russia dossier.

2018_03 Broward Coward

The real reason for gun violence is not a lack of government control, but the fact that our souls and our society are desperately corrupt, sick, and immoral.

2018_03 08 GOP v Dem by Branco

Valerie Huber, the acting deputy assistant secretary for population affairs at HHS and longtime advocate of abstinence is now the final arbiter of which groups will receive federal family planning funds.

Oscar Romero and Pope Paul VI will be canonized in 2018.

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Republicans Better Wake Up

This may turn out to be a rather lengthy rant. It’s happened before.

A billionaire former reality show host and political neophyte sent shock waves all over the world when he defeated the most corrupt, greedy, ruthless congenital liar ever to run for the presidency. I doubted his chances of even winning the nomination, but came to realize that he was the only man who could stop the pre-ordained coronation of the Beast of Benghazi. He’s done pretty well, especially with his nomination to SCOTUS of Neil Grouch. He totally played the Democrats on DACA, which expired yesterday, and his tax cuts have kick-started the economy.

Maybe we’ve taken too much for granted, controlling all three branches of government. Not enough of us realize the white-hot rage and anger of the Left after seeing their dream of a totalitarian power vaporized. They have not taken it well. With help from people like George Soros, Tom Steyer, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffet, they have mobilized voter turnout to flip 38 straight state House and Senate seats. The media has committed every atrocity possible against the president. The Democrats count on a raging electorate with the promise of impeaching Trump the day they get the majority, which they think is a foregone conclusion.
After a good start, Trump is reverting to the way he was in the past. He’s always been in favor of trade tariffs, this time on steel and aluminum imports. W tried it, but after 13 months and more than 200,000 jobs lost, he had to rescind them. Trump’s tax cuts have spurred the economy and brought a lot of revenue that was parked offshore back home. Who knows how many will stay here and how many more will be forced to relocate.
He’s also opted for the Democrat plan for gun control, taking the guns first and passing laws later. He totally rejected Steve Scalise, the congressman who was almost killed, who offered an amendment for national reciprocity for CCW carriers.

I’ve been meaning to comment on this for some time:

It would be almost unthinkable that police officers in Parkland would be ordered to stand down and “surround” the school until the cries of the dead and dying stopped. But this is how communism operates. Those 17 innocents were sacrificed to make a demonic push for gun confiscation. This may have been unthinkable at one time, but we’ve seen the Americans left to die by Obama and Clinton so as not to have to answer questions before a presidential election. Obama also ignored the pleas of the Gulf Coast governors for permission to try to stop the BP oil spill from making landfall. He waited until it came ashore, destroying thousands of small businesses and putting tens of thousands of people out of work, just so he could use it as an excuse to put a moratorium on oil exploration. What did he care? Most of them didn’t vote for him anyway.

If we don’t wake up we’re going to find ourselves staring as something akin to a toddler with a machine gun as the Democrats, when they get the power, will stop at nothing to stop everything we’ve managed to accomplish to this point.

Broward County Deputies Told to Form Perimeter Around School Instead of Confronting Shooter

The order came from Capt. Jan Jordan.

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel had said publicly that active-shooter training instructs officers to immediately confront the shooter or shooters. Forming a perimeter is secondary.

The documents show the shooting lasted approximately 6 minutes and was likely over by the time officers arrived on the scene. In a press conference revealing (now former) school deputy Scot Peterson stayed outside rather than confronting the shooter, Sheriff Israel said Peterson should have “went in. Addressed the killer. Killed the killer.”
Despite it all, Sheriff Israel refuses to resign.

For what good it will do, the Florida House opened an investigation, subpoenaing Broward County Schools and law enforcement.

Organizers plan for 500,000 attendees at ‘March For Our Lives’ gun-control march in Washington
The application filed this week with the National Park Service indicates the “March for Our Lives” will be March 24, although a location hasn’t been determined. The rally, organized by survivors of last week’s school massacre in Parkland, Fla., will have “sister marches” in other major cities, organizers said.

The event will include “student speakers, musical performers, guest speakers and video tributes,” according to the permit application, with 14 Jumbotrons and 2,000 chairs.‘march-for-our-lives’-gun-control-march-in-washington/ar-BBJtg5k?ocid=spartanntp

The kids are pawns, Democrats use Parkland students to get out the vote
In case you are on the fence about coming to the realization that the kids in Parkland, Florida are being used as stooges to push the anti-gun agenda of the left, there is proof in the form of social media. Here we have a tweet from conservative writer Mark Hemingway showing a student has signed off on a letter via calling on like-minded people to support the I Will Vote initiative. Oh yeah, and change gun laws.

PTA organizes ‘gun safety’ walkouts, hides from parents far-left radicals tied to events

The California State Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is urging its members to “call out” federal legislators in support of gun control on March 14, coinciding with the “#Enough” school walkout being organized by the anti-Trump Women’s March organization.

ccording to the Women’s March website, students, teachers, and school administrators will walk out of school for 17 minutes beginning at 10:00am on the 14th.

Women’s March is headed by pro-Palestinian activist Linda Sarsour, an associate of convicted terrorist Rasmieh Yousef Odeh who has blamed the “Jewish media” for her unpopularity

Women’s March co-founder defends herself against charge of ignoring anti-Semitism with anti-Semitism
In the audience at last weekend’s conference was Tamika Mallory, one of the leaders of the Women’s March, who got a special shout-out from Farrakhan and who regularly posts laudatory pictures of him on her Instagram account — as does Carmen Perez, another leader of the March. Linda Sarsour, another March organizer, spoke and participated at a Nation of Islam event in 2015. Her most notable response to his incendiary remarks this year was a glowing post on Perez’s Facebook page to praise Farrakhan’s youthful demeanor.

Gun-Control Group Pledges $2.5M for Marches to End School Shootings
The truth is, these anti-gun groups have been behind the scenes organizing all this from day one. Just yesterday, it was reported that Everytown for Gun Safety, Giffords advocacy group, Move On, Planned Parenthood, and the Women’s March LA were backing the March for our Lives Rallies that will take place around the country on March 24th.

Dems want this spokesperson? Teen brags he hung up on Trump WH while classmate drops the F-bomb on TV

Stoneman Douglas high school student/activist David Hogg appeared on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” to stress that the gun control agenda he’s been pushing is not about politics.

He then bragged that he hung up on the White House… before his classmate dropped an “F-bomb” on national television, directed at “all generations before us.”
As Maher explained that President Trump is an anomaly, a “virus from outer space,” the high school student interjected: “I mean this sincerely, I really do. To all of the generations before us, we sincerely accept your apology. We appreciate that you are willing to let us rebuild the world that you f*cked up.”

Mother of Exploited Shooting Survivor Turns Out to Be A CNN VIP & Anti-Trump Activist

The mother of a teenager who survived the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting appears to have high level connections at CNN

One photo shows her children sitting at an anchor’s desk.

Boldrick is the mother of David Hogg, who has gained internet fame for his activism in the days since the shooting.

Hogg and his merry band of anti-gun crusaders have been paraded around by nearly every cable news network in America.

Apparently, activism runs in the family. A series of Facebook posts show that Boldrick is an avowed Democrat and anti-Trumper.



To conquer a nation, first disarm its citizens. — Adolph Hitler, 1933

There’s no evidence Hitler ever said these words, but it does reflect his opinion that disarming occupied nations was imperative to maintaining control of them.

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Bits and Bytes

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley delivers remarks at a UN Security Council meeting.

A majority of Americans now support the GOP-Trump tax cuts. 51% approve, 46% disapprove.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) launched the Conscience and Religious Freedom Division on January 18, 2018. So far, it has received complaints from more than 300 health workers. HHS officials said the new division was necessary to protect health workers whose rights weren’t enforced during the Obama administration. Violations can result in a service provider losing government funding.

2018_02 School staff armed

A survivor of the 1999 Columbine school shooting is now a state representative in Colorado. And he’s calling for an end to gun-free zones in schools.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo really lowers the liberal dunce bar on this one. He asked why people like Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook shooter who murdered 28 people, are allowed access to firearms. Uhhhhhhh … apart from the fact that he wasn’t? Lanza murdered his mother and stole her guns.

An Ohio sheriff is offering free “concealed carry” classes to teachers in his district. 250 signed up in one day.

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Bits and Bytes

2018_02 18 John Podesta on Face the Nation

On Sunday’s “Face the Nation,” Hillary Clinton’s former campaign chairman John Podesta was interviewed by CBS host Nancy Cordes.

When Cordes asked him how the Russians knew to focus on Michigan and Wisconsin and Hillary didn’t, Podesta was visibly flustered.

Donald Trump visited Wisconsin several times during the election. Hillary Clinton only went there AFTER the election to peddle her book of excuses ‘What Happened’.

LeBron and trained seal

The ever-classy (not) WaPo had this to say about Trump’s visit to Florida: He “followed a tried-and-true playbook for responding to crises, as he has a mass shooting in Las Vegas and a hurricane in Texas: leaning on praise of the responders — casting their response in hyperbolic terms — while making quick and choreographed stops that do not draw protesters or detractors or large crowds.”

Sarah Sanders responded:

2018_02 17 Sanders tweet

I’m reminded of that time that then-Candidate Obama CANCELED a scheduled visit to war-injured soldiers because the hospital wouldn’t let his camera crew in.

Tucker Carlson Tonight: February 16

The FBI failed to properly investigate the Florida shooter after numerous warnings. Maybe they were too busy trying to impeach Trump to do their jobs.

This is the fourth mass shooting where the FBI had files on the murderers beforehand. The others were Army Maj. Nidal Hassan who committed the 2009 Fort Hood shootings, the Tsarnaev brothers who committed the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings, and Omar Mateen who committed the2016 Pulse nightclub shootings.

2018_02 16 John Kelly on NRA and PP2018_02 16 Liberals on dead children



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Keeping Promises

2018 Trump turning ship of state around by Garrison

U.S. building permits have soared to their highest level since 2007.

During a three-month period late last year, U.S. Border Patrol agents seized a staggering 161 pounds of fentanyl, an amount equivalent to 36 million lethal doses.

90% of all illegal immigrants arrested last year had previous criminal convictions or were wanted on charges.


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