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PETA has more mass shooters than the NRA

2018_04 YouTube shooter PETA activist

On April 3, 2018, three people at YouTube headquarters were injured by a shooter who then took her own life. The shooter, 39-year-old Nasim Najafi Aghdam, was a rabid vegan and PETA protester.



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Bits & Bytes

Remember way back when global warming pundits assured us that snow would be a distant memory by now? The latest “official word” from them now is that global warming is responsible for all the snow. Heh.  Photo: Rose Garden March 21, 2018.

2018_03 21 Rose Garden photo

ECONOMY: Pew Research Center says 53% of Americans currently rate the economy good to excellent. This is the highest in some 18 years.

PROTECTING CRIMINALS: U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi believes San Franciscans are all SAFER because of the city’s sanctuary policy. Last month, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf warned illegals that ICE was about to do a round-up in the bay area, resulting in 800 illegals avoiding arrest. Since then, three have already gone on to commit new crimes.

IT WAS OKAY WHEN BARACK DID IT: Lefties have been shrieking about President Trump calling Vladimir Putin to congratulate him on winning re-election. The last time Putin won re-election, then-President Obama called to congratulate him.

STUPID RUNS IN THE FAMILY: Hunter Biden, the younger son of Vice President Joe Biden, failed a drug test for cocaine, one month after his commissioning into the Navy Reserve. He has been discharged.

PRO-ABORTS LOSE: Democrat voters in Illinois’ third congressional district narrowly re-elected pro-life Democrat Lipinski 51-49. This, despite the millions of dollars pro-abortion groups — like NARAL, Planned Parenthood, and Emily’s List — poured into his radical pro-abortion opponent’s campaign.

SEX CRIMES: The U.S. Senate voted 97-2 to approve a bill to crack down on sex trafficking. The legislation makes it a crime to operate a facility such as an internet platform with the intent to promote prostitution.

INFRASTRUCTURE: Rep. Bob Gibbs (R-OH) explains that President Trump’s infrastructure plan “takes on the mountain of regulatory hurdles that slow down the projects critical for improving and maintaining our national infrastructure.”

CANADIANS USED TO BE SO NICE:  Throughout Ontario, Canada’s public school, child sex ed curriculum, there is no mention of love or marriage. Instead the curriculum teaches …

… 1st graders to “identify body parts, including genitalia (e.g., penis, testicles, vagina, vulva)”;
… 3rd graders that gender is fluid and same sex parents are normal;
… 5th graders that gender identity and sexual orientation are not under one’s control;
… 6th graders how to masturbate and encouraging them to try it;
… 7th graders about anal and oral sex and that anything that “gives you pleasure” is okay;
… 8th graders to make a ‘personal plan’ for their sexual activity.

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2d Amendment 1; Gun Control Laws 0

GUN CONTROL criminals

The latest school shooting was over in less than a minute because a legally armed school resource officer fired off a shot at the illegally armed 17-year-old shooter.

  • Two students were wounded.
  • Their attacker is dead.

Predictably, Democrats are calling for more gun laws.

But it was ALREADY ILLEGAL for this young man to possess a handgun at all, never mind take it into his school and shoot at fellow students.

Meanwhile, the legally armed hero who prevented a potential massacre is a six-year military veteran with SWAT team training.

In other news, the Austin bomber is dead. There is still some concern that more bombs may have been mailed, so folks in the area still need to be vigilant.  Mama the Hyphenated is muy relieved, since some of her folks live and work in the area.


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Bits & Bytes

If you can make that gesture you're not oppressed

AUSTIN MAIL BOMBS: A fifth package has exploded, this time at a FedEx facility about 60 miles southwest of Austin. Thankfully, it was on an automated conveyor belt and noone was injured.

PRO-LIFE: Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant today signed a bill banning abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy. This is the earliest such law in the U.S. and will surely be tested in the courts.

REPENTANCE: Powerful pro-life testimony by a former abortionist. “I don’t believe a woman can remain unscathed after killing her child.”

PATHETIC: The Dominicans who run Providence College have refused to condemn the thugs who have threatened and harassed a student for affirming Catholic teaching on marriage. All they’ve done is move the victim to new housing in an undisclosed location!

JESUS: A low budget, independent, Christian message film is outperforming an expensive, highly touted, big studio production about a high school boy ‘coming out’ as gay. In their first week-ends, I Can Only Imagine took in about $14 million while Love, Simon took in about $12 million despite opening on 800 more screens.

INSOMNIA: “Scientists are beginning to suspect there is a strong, if as yet unproven, link between gut health – the diversity and well-being of bacteria in the stomach, small and large intestines – and sleep health.

COMMIEFORNIA: Los Alamitos, a small Orange County, California, town has decided to opt out of the state’s new sanctuary laws, which keeps cities and towns from cooperating with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials.

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New video confirms law enforcement failure

Tucker: “The authorities failed to protect us, they lied about it, and they blamed us.”

Reality Check: Fact checking the anti-gun narratives

2018_03 15 Chicago gun control tweets

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This guy makes a VERY excellent point

They don’t want to have a real gun conversation
Half a dozen of those “horrible monsters who just want kids to die” are outstanding parents who happen to be very near and dear to me. So anybody who thinks bad-mouthing gun owners is going to make me sympathetic to the anti-gun agenda has another think coming. (N.b., this video won’t embed. You have to click on the title and go watch it at YouTube. It’s only 4 minutes long and well worth your while.)

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Bits & Bytes

2016 Hillary meets Obama Legacy car crash toon

Democrats have just pledged to repeal the president’s popular tax cuts if they win this fall? Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) rightly declared the plan a “nonstarter” and the White House concurred. “Only tone-deaf Democrats could think the proper response to the booming Trump economy, higher wages and hard-working Americans keeping more of their own money is to reverse the policies that got us here.”

Unions have been seen as the foundation of Democrat election victories for decades. But that could now be changing due to the popularity of Trump’s tariff proposals with the major unions. During a Thursday interview with the decidedly anti-Trump MSNBC network, the president of United Steelworkers had shockingly positive words to say about Trump and his tariff plan. “We’ve been trying to get Democrats to this for more than 30 years.”

2018_03 01 Obama Library by Terrell

Since President Trump’s election, the left has morphed into a bizarre mixture of fascist groups “against fascism,” free speech groups that fanatically shut-down speech with which they disagree, and pro-illegal immigrant groups that ignore DACA.

Unfunny Kathy Griffin’s career imploded after she posted a photo of herself holding a bloody severed Donald Trump “head.” Now she says she’s going to do it again with Mike Pence.

2018_03 Broward Coward and 911

A concealed-carry license holder in Grand Prairie, Texas stopped a violent crime spree by holding the suspect at gunpoint until police arrived on the scene.

Despite what the mainstream media and LGBT groups have long claimed, the 2016 mass shooter in Orlando had no idea that Pulse was a gay nightclub.

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So a coward AND a liar

Color me surprised. Not.

2018_03 08 Tapper Broward tweet

Broward Coward Deputy Scot Peterson has insisted publicly that he believed gunfire was happening outside, not inside the school building.

But internal radio dispatches released by the sheriff’s office Thursday show Peterson saying the gunfire was happening “inside” and that Peterson told his officers to stay “stay at least 500 feet away” from the building.


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