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The Stupid is Strong in this One




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Betsy DeVos confirmed as Trump’s Secretary of Education

As expected, the vote was 50-50, triggering the remedy provided for in the Constitution, which is for the Vice President to break the tie.

  • “The Vice President of the United States shall be President of the Senate, but shall have no Vote, unless they be equally divided.”

Sen Chuck Schumer (D-NY) played his role in the on-going Democrats in La-La Land farce by tweeting:

Today @VP Mike Pence did something no one else has ever done: cast the tie breaking vote on his own cabinet nominee. #RiggedCabinet   — Chuck Schumer (@SenSchumer) February 7, 2017

That’s definitely not ridiculous or anything.

  1. It’s not his cabinet. It’s President Trump’s.
  2. It’s not “rigged” to follow the procedures set out in the Constitution.
  3. It’s not “rigged” for the VP to vote for the person he wants.

Senator Schumer, you make me ashamed to be among your constituents.  




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Send In the Clowns

It begins. The inquisition against Jeff Sessions, a moral and Godly man strictly for the purposes of political posturing will be forced to defend himself against phony racism charges from people who have worked beside him for 20 years. The hearing is in progress as I bang on this keyboard, so this is an ongoing process. I have it on in the background and it is difficult to listen to the likes of Leahy, Durbin and Feinstein pontificate when they’re all as crooked as a dog’s hind leg.

Sessions’ Granddaughter Stole The Show At His Confirmation Hearing

Sen. Jeff Sessions’ granddaughter captured hearts at his Tuesday attorney general confirmation hearing.  While opening statements were read, Sessions played with his granddaughter, who occasionally interrupted proceedings with adorable toddler babbling.


MTV Host Attacks Jeff Sessions For Having An Asian Granddaughter

Code Pink Protesters Dressed as KKK Greet AG Nominee Jeff Sessions at Hearing

Senator Jeff Sessions desegregated schools in Alabama and took on the KKK in the state. Democrats are desperate to stop the Alabama Senator’s confirmation.  This morning Code Pink activists greeted Senator Sessions dressed as KKK members.

Cory Booker to Testify Against Sessions in Unprecedented Move
So much for the ‘peaceful transition’ that the Democrats said they would facilitate. Democrat Senator Cory Booker is set to testify against Republican Senator Jeff Sessions in an unprecedented move during his attorney general confirmation.
This is going to be the first time in history that a sitting senator will testify against another sitting senator for a Cabinet post during a confirmation.

Booker in 2016: ‘I Feel Blessed and Honored’ to Work With Sessions Celebrating Civil Rights Advocates

Democratic Sen. Cory Booker (N.J.) thanked his colleague Sen. Jeff Sessions (R., Ala.) last year at the Capitol for his help celebrating the 1965 “Foot Soldiers,” those who marched from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama to promote civil rights for African Americans.


Sessions Faces a Political Lynch Mob

The incident set the stage for what will no doubt be an ugly attempt by Democrats to assassinate the character of the gentleman from Alabama.
Some Democrats are calling him by his given name, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions – a wink-wink, nod-nod to the Civil War – as if he’s a slave-holding plantation owner.

[CtH: Remember when they were offended by people calling Candidate Obama “Barack Hussein Obama”?]

Hans Von Spakovsky: Democrats Oppose Jeff Sessions Because He’ll Enforce Our Immigration Laws
“But Democrats really don’t like him because of his views on issues,” he continued. “For example, they really don’t want someone who’s actually going to enforce our immigration laws. They’ve been giving him a hard time in the civil rights area too, even though many of their criticisms really have been false.
SiriusXM host Raheem Kassam suggested that Democrats would be “uncouth” to Sessions to gin up donations and political support from their base.

Sessions Tells Senators: ‘You Know I Believe in Fairness, Impartiality and Equal Justice’
“You know who I am,” he said. “You know what I believe in. You know that I am a man of my word and can be trusted to do what I say I will do. You know that I revere our Constitution and that I am committed to the rule of law. And you know that I believe in fairness, impartiality, and equal justice under the law.”

Feinstein Tells Sessions It ‘Not His Job’ to Prosecute Hillary Because Trump Wants Him To

In particular, Feinstein insisted that Sessions’ job does not include the prosecution of former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, who we all know abused her email use and put national security at risk. During the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump suggested that he was going to hire a special prosecutor to “look into her situation.”
“The attorney general must put aside loyalty to the president,” she said. The law and Constitution, she emphasized, must come first and foremost.





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Constitutional Hypocrisy

The Left only cites the Constitution when it suits them.  Otherwise, they consider it out-dated and deeply flawed.  Plus, the right to life, religious liberty, and private gun ownership are specifically and clearly stated in the Constitution, whereas the alleged right to murder unborn humans is found in the “penumbra” of the right to privacy.  Pft.  [Penumbra: The partly shadowed area between what is clearly seen and what is too dark to see.  Used particularly when describing a lunar eclipse.]

ABORTION constitutional hypocrisy

Leftists also say quite often that “nobody is pro-abortion.”  Doublt pft.  The photo is of a pro-abortion display put together by the campus atheist club last week at the University of North Georgia. It featured cookies shaped like fetuses. The person who took the pictures said pro-abortion folks were laughing as they broke the heads off the cookies.

College students eat baby cookies to celebrate abortion

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Democrats and the 14th Amendment

Left v Right 14th amendment

Democrat presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders is a true Democrat.  When asked about his position on abortion, he said:

“I will fight as strong as I can to defend a woman’s right to choose. I believe that it is an outrage that Republicans who tell us how much they hate the government now want to tell every American — every American woman what she can and cannot do with her body. And I do agree with the Secretary. I don’t believe there’s any constitutional protection for the unborn.”

“I think that decision ultimately has got to be made by the woman. I have a 100 percent pro-choice voting record throughout my career. That decision must be made by the woman, must be made by her family and her physician, not by the federal government, not by the state government.”


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Ted Cruz: Congress needs to protect the unborn

Last December, Princeton Professor Robert George interviewed Senator Ted Cruz, who argued that unborn babies are PERSONS within the meaning of the 14th Amendment, ERGO they have a right to life under the nation’s founding document.  Moreover, the 5th section of the 14th Amendment calls specifically on Congress to enforce this in the law.


Below is a partial transcript of the section of the interview that begins at 9:34.  This whole interview is well worth your time.  IMHO, there is no other Republican presidential candidate that deserves my vote.


   GEORGE: Ted, the Fourteenth Amendment says that no state shall deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law, nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws. Now, the amendment in its fifth section includes a provision that delegates to the Congress the power, and I quote, to enforce by appropriate legislation the provisions of this article.

CRUZ: Yep.

GEORGE: Now, do you believe that unborn babies are persons within the meaning of the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, and if so will you call on Congress to use its authority under the Fourteenth Amendment, pursuant to Section 5, to protect the unborn? Or do you take the view, as some do, that we can’t do that until Roe v. Wade is overturned, either by the court itself or by constitutional amendment? Where do you stand on that?

CRUZ: Listen, absolutely yes. I think the first obligation of everyone in public office is to protect life. Life is foundational. In fact, as you look at the Declaration, that ordering of unalienable rights, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, I think it’s a very deliberate ordering. Without life there is no liberty, and without liberty there is no pursuit of happiness. That each builds upon the other, and I very much agree with the Pope’s longstanding, and prior popes before him, longstanding call to protect every human life from the moment of conception to the moment of natural death.

GEORGE: And we can do that with congressional action without waiting for Roe v. Wade being overturned?

CRUZ:  Absolutely yes.


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WH Gun Death Stats Are Totally Misleading

The White House is lying with statistics when it touts the total number of gun deaths to justify Obama’s upcoming, gun control, end run around the Constitution. Here is what the numbers mean in context:

2013 Causes of Death


CDC Injury Stats @

CDC List of Causes of Death 2013 @

FBI Murder Victims by Weapon @

FBI: Justifiable Gun Homicide of Felon by LEO @

FBI: Justifiable Gun Homicide of Felon by Private Citizen @


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It has been plain enough for everyone but the most committed socialists and political idolators that this Halfrican prick would set about inflicting more and more pain as his reign of terror nears a close. He steadfastly refuses to accept any responsibility for the complete sham that has been his presidency. He has manifested the stratagems of Cloward-Piven, as CtH has so eloquently pointed out. In seven years there isn’t a single thing that comes to mind he’s done for the good of the entire country. Not even close. He will leave behind a million innocents slaughtered because of his reckless cowardly retreat from the Middle East, throwing away all the blood and treasure that went in to bringing some semblance of order to a region hopelessly mired in a 12th century mentality.

It took many years and ultimately the sacrifice of a heroic Pakistani doctor (who Obama, of course, betrayed and left to the Muslims’ tender mercies after promising safe haven in America) to finally dispose of Bin Laden. Even then, it was President Jarrett who gave the SEALs the ‘go’ order since Barry was busy playing cards with his body man, Reggie Love. He naturally stood up and took all the accolades. Worse, I’m 100% convinced that it was his regime that tipped off the Taliban about the helicopter carrying the team that was shot down in Afghanistan. You’ll never convince me otherwise.

France has a fraction of our intelligence capabilities and their police force is meager. They still managed to dispatch the mastermind of the Paris massacre in a matter of days.

Suspected Mastermind of Paris Massacre Killed in Terror Raid
The man suspected of ringleading last Friday’s Paris attacks that killed 129 people, who bragged that he could always stay one step ahead of Western intelligence, was killed in the police raid north of Paris Wednesday. Investigators also confirmed that his cousin was killed, after she apparently blew herself up.

Abdelhamid Abaaoud, 27, also had been linked to a string of thwarted attacks, including the plot to kill passengers on a Paris-bound high-speed train in August, a plot that three young Americans helped foil. He was identified from skin samples after the Saint-Denis raid, the French prosecutor’s office reported Thursday.

Self-righteous prick isn’t listening

The House is currently working on a bill that would require more stringent review of each possible “refugee” from Syria.

“More” stringent review?! What am I saying? Actually, it’s more accurate to say it will require stringent review of each possible “refugee” from Syria since we’ve pretty much learned that there currently isn’t the infrastructure in place to actually do this “robust vetting” that Obama claims will be done.

The House bill would see to it that “refugees” from Syria and Iraq undergo screening that would include FBI background checks before they are permitted to come here in order to weed out the radical Muslim extremist nut cases who want to destroy the country.

If only we had done this for the 2008 Presidential candidates, things would be completely different today.

Clearly the House of Representatives heard your demands that something be done to prevent what happened in Paris from happening here. Sure, it’s possible that many of them are advancing this bill because they’re terrified that if they don’t, you’ll vote their asses out. But, hey. Whatever gets them to do the right thing, right?

But of course the self-righteous prick isn’t listening to you. He isn’t listening to anyone.

And if what Sharyl Attkisson said in this interview on the Steve Malzberg show is true, Obama has a long history of not listening to anybody who disagrees with him

The Bottomless Ignorance of Barack Obama

Liberals have gushed from the beginning on how brilliant Barack Obama is, and point from time to time to the fact that he was a professor of constitutional law (!) at the University of Chicago, one of the nation’s premier law schools. Of course, if you actually check on what he taught there, it was trendy lefty stuff like a course entitled “Race and the Law” (I have a friend who took this course from Obama) which was devoted exclusively to the creative uses of the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment, which to many liberal is the entire constitution. There is no evidence that Obama ever taught, or studied, the structural aspects of the Constitution, as it is obvious that he (following Woodrow Wilson) has no respect for the separation of powers.

Obama Declares Victory On Refugee Fight: ‘We’ll Be Able To Proceed’

After two days of condemning Republicans, President Obama is declaring victory now that it’s clear that Congressional Republicans won’t successfully block thousands of refugees from Syria resettling into the United States.

“My expectation is, after the initial spasm of rhetoric, that people will settle down, take a look at the facts, and we’ll be able to proceed,” Obama said during a press conference with Newly elected Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Through Playing or Playing Through Sm




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