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The shine done wore off

March 20, 2013: Chuck Todd of NBC News departs from the “Make Obama Look Good” script. Check out Obama’s face at :30. At the end, Obama sends Todd his famously immature and unpresidential middle finger “itch” sign. [1:46]

Here’s another celebrity who won’t be getting a Christmas card from the White House.

2013_03 18 Leno mocks Obama


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Keepin’ it classy

HuffPo says he didn’t know the camera was on him. Oh. So what you mean is … Chuck Todd is not a class-less schmuck; he is just too stupid to realize that, when he’s on the set of a live national television show, waiting for his turn to tell the sheeple what to think, someone might aim a live camera at him?

When I sent this out as a Webshots postcard to my bloggy list, the CAPTCHA box said “comprises opaterd” … I kid you not. LOL


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