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Thinking is hard

2015_11 17 Kerry says Hebdo justified

July 3, 2013 (NYPost) Clueless John Kerry < Just as true today!

Is John Kerry stupid? This is not a rhetorical question. …

Our brand-spanking-new secretary of state has spent a considerable amount of time in the Middle East over the past month. That makes sense, since the Middle East is the epicenter of the world’s troubles.

But Kerry has chosen not to concentrate on the immediate crises at hand there — the killing grounds in Syria, the roiling streets of Egypt, even (a little bit to the North) the troubles in Turkey. Instead, he’s dedicated himself to a lingering policy problem that is a) not in crisis, b) uniquely unready for any kind of forward movement at present and c) utterly beside the point at the moment.

That matter is, of course, the relationship between Israel and the Palestinians.

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Does a cartoon justify murder? UPDATE

May 3, 2015: Two men drove up and opened fire on the site of the heavily guarded “Draw the Prophet” event in Garland, Texas.  The two gun men were shot and killed in the parking lot; one of the officers on duty suffered non-life threatening injuries.  The event was locked down while police searched for a possible bomb while visitors to the exhibit sang patriotic songs to pass the time as they waited for the all clear.  The cartoon contest was held in defense of free speech and to highlight the cowardice of the American press that refused to publish the Mohammad-mocking Charlie Hebdo cartoons that inspired the lethal January 7, 2015, attack in Paris. The $10,000 prize-winning cartoon was drawn by Bosch Fawstin, a former Muslim.

2015_05 04 Winning Muhammad cartoon

January 7, 2015: Two members of Al-Qaeda attacked the office of the French satirical weekly newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Paris and murdered 22 people. The reason? Charlie Hebdo had published cartoons mocking Muhammed. IMHO, Hebdo has published far worse about Christians, particularly Catholics, and Jews. I am unaware of any of us responding with anything more dire than a strongly worded protest. Normally, I wouldn’t reprint this kind of trash, but I think it’s important that we view the context within which 22 people were murdered by militant Muslims.

Charlie Hebdo 1

Charlie Hebdo 2

Charlie Hebdo 3

Charlie Hebdo 4


The American Left Stream Media has taken the “Blame Pam Geller” route for the shootings at the ‘Draw Mohammad” event.  On Sunday, she told “Fox and Friends” that she has message for those who want to blame her for what appears to be a terrorist attack on the event:

“I’m not responsible for the violence conducted by others. It’s outrageous that this would even be the morally inverted view of the media, that somehow because we drew a cartoon that two gunmen with AK-47s tried to storm the building and shoot up innocent people, and somehow they’re not responsible?”



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Il n’est pas Charlie. – UPDATED

2015_01 13 Getting Obama to Paris by Terrell

My first reaction to this ‘toon was that it sums up everything wrong with our president in one brilliant image by

But then I visited PoliNation and read this comment by Grunt of Monte Cristo on yesterday’s post:

“Everybody continues to talk about this as if it were merely ‘ham-handed’ or ‘incompetent’ or that it was just a mistake. But I’d argue that no administration could ever make this mistake. Ever. And no one else did. All the heads of state of the West were there. They didn’t even go for VPs or cabinet members.

“No, this was Barack’s loud & clear message to al Qaeda & ISIS that he’s still on their side. I see no other alternative. Especially in light of his endless pro-muslim, pro-terrorist behavior in everything he does and says. The Caliph is in the White House.”

It gave me pause, because Terrell really did nail Barack’s “leadership” in his ‘toon, yet Grunt is also right.  I’m thinking maybe it’s All of the Above.

And, considering all the damage they’ve managed to accomplish despite their incompetence, I’m also thinking we should be deeply grateful the Obama White House is run by a lazy, ham-handed collection of half-wits.

UPDATE:  Just saw this and had to add it here.

2015_01 13 WH didn't think Paris would be that big

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More reactions

2015_01 12 BHO was there REALLY

2015_01 12 Je suis Charlie


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Reactions to Obama’s absence

Obama tried to throw Secret Service under bus. They objected.

2015_01 12 Secret Service not asked

An Obama-drooler tried to find a deep reason. Mockery ensued.

2015_01 12 BHO apologist

No one with half a brain thinks there’s any chance of successful nuclear talks with Iran. So yes, that was the reason.
2015_01 12 Mocking BHO's absence

Apathy? I think not. This man sent a whole delegation to the funeral of a criminal who got shot for attacking a cop.



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Global Islamic Media Front Website Hacked by ‘Jester’ and Plastered with Charlie Hebdo Art

The following screen grab was made by Grunt at around 12:50 am Tuesday morning, when it was still up on the Global Islamic Media Front website. Sorry, no link, but you can search for it if you like or go to Jester’s twitter feed.


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Speaking volumes

2015_01 12 BHO will be with NBA champs


WSJ: “Obama, Biden Absent From Paris Solidarity March”
WaPo: “The Charlie Hebdo march: where were the American leaders?”
N.Y. Daily News: “You let the world down”
Agence France-Presse: “As world leaders march in Paris, US represented by ambassador”
Daily Mail: “America snubs historic Paris rally: Holder was there but skipped out early, Kerry was in India, Obama and Biden just stayed home”
Forbes: “Shame on President Obama for Skipping The Paris Unity Rally Against Terrorism”

Obama sent lame duck, reporter wire-tapping AG Holder to Paris for the global free speech rally. Holder did not attend, claiming he was too busy with “high level meetings.”  This begs the question who he could possibly have been meeting seeing as everybody important was at the rally!

2015_01 11 France unity march photo

Remember when Obama made a talking tour to explain that Americans didn’t like Obamacare because he hadn’t talked about it enough? Well, he spoke VOLUMES today with his absence from the Paris march. Here’s some of what folks heard him say.

OBAMA position on beheading

2015_01 11 Obama on phone

2015_01 11 We stand with you


  • I honestly think he just doesn’t much care.
  • There were no fundraisers included.
  • He was just so tired after the month long vacation in Hawaii.
  • It’s for “world leaders” only.

2015_01 11 Obama prob just found out

Secretary of State John Kerry called criticism that no top U.S. officials attended Sunday’s massive march against terrorism in Paris ‘quibbling’ Monday, even as he announced a trip to the French capital later this week for talks on countering Islamist violence. Kerry said he really wanted to be in Paris, but he had a prior commitment in India, where he yapped about how the world’s number one concern should be climate change and lied about how there was “no downside” to driving energy producers out of business and denying Third World nations the right to develop. – Fox News, Weekly Standard

“Who can even fathom the White House decision not to send the president or some other senior administration official to march along with world leaders in Paris Sunday, in solidarity with the principle that terrorists must not be permitted to rip free speech from Western civilization? The people who run this White House have never fully understood where it was they landed. With their feet on the desks and their mouths dripping obscenities, they appear to think the White House is little more than some fancy new campaign headquarters. We’re more concerned with the substance,” they say every time they screw up the optics. But optics are substance when it comes to leadership. They reflect inner conviction and reassure the country and the world about the president’s intent. But this president, it seems, can’t be bothered.” – Keith Koffler

“Sunday, President Obama morally abdicated his place as the leader of the free world. His decision to stay home instead of standing side by side with French President Hollande as millions marched in Paris in solidarity with the slain journalists of Charlie Hebdo in opposition to radical Islam – an enemy fiercer than we have seen in decades – sent a clear message to the world: Obama just doesn’t care.” – Douglas E. Schoen

The REAL REASON Obama didn’t go:




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The New York Times complies

I’ve heard the New York Times used to be a real newspaper. Now, it’s nothing more than the flagship for left-wing agitprop.

Case in point: It rewrote its own Charlie Hebdo story to remove evidence that the terrorists were Muslims.


Sigolène Vinson, a freelancer who had decided to come in that morning to take part in the meeting, thought she would be killed when one of the men approached her.

Instead, she told French news media, the man said, “I’m not going to kill you because you’re a woman, we don’t kill women, but you must convert to Islam, read the Quran and cover yourself,” she recalled.


Sigolène Vinson, a freelance journalist who had come in that morning to take part in the meeting, said that when the shooting started, she thought she would be killed.

Ms. Vinson said in an interview that she dropped to the floor and crawled down the hall to hide behind a partition, but one of the gunmen spotted her and grabbed her by the arm, pointing his gun at her head. Instead of pulling the trigger, though, he told her she would not be killed because she was a woman.

“Don’t be afraid, calm down, I won’t kill you,” the gunman told her in a steady voice, with a calm look in his eyes, she recalled. “You are a woman. But think about what you’re doing. It’s not right.”

Bull pooping


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Charlie Hebdo vs. Media Talking Heads – UPDATE

Hebdo cartoon

MSNBC: Hebdo’s murder is no different from a slander lawsuit

FOX News: “If we had guts, those cartoons would be reprinted on the front page of The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times tomorrow. They won’t be.”

In other media news … when Fox’s contract came up for renewal, they thought their increasing popularity should translate into more money for the right to carry their shows.  Fox News and Fox Business are consistently in the top 5 viewed networks and Fox pulls in over 1.2  million viewers in a day.  Dish Network Corp. didn’t agree and turned Fox off on December 20th.  Since then, 350,000 Dish customers have called or visited Fox’s website about the problem and at least 90,000 have changed to a new provider that carries Fox.

2015_01 CNN talking head calls black Frenchman African American

2015_01 09 CNN calls jihadist activist



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Loving Death

2015_01 09 Hebdo gunmen are all dead

Ayaan Hirsi Ali on The Kelly File

She has something in common with the #CharlieHebdo editor murdered by terrorists in Paris: She is also on al Qaeda’s death list. “The only way we have a chance of fighting these barbarians is by talking about it […] It is worth it to me because I love life more than I love death. They love death. That message is so much stronger than anything they put out there.”

Son of Hamas

Bill Whittle: Terrorist Nation – Published on Jan 9, 2015

From the murder of the Israeli athletes in the Munich Olympics in 1972, through the murder of 5 rabbis at prayer in 2014, the Palestinian cause has been driven by TERROR. In his latest Firewall Bill Whittle discusses their domestic front — Students for Justice in Palestine.

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