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Charlie Hebdo vs. Media Talking Heads – UPDATE

Hebdo cartoon

MSNBC: Hebdo’s murder is no different from a slander lawsuit

FOX News: “If we had guts, those cartoons would be reprinted on the front page of The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times tomorrow. They won’t be.”

In other media news … when Fox’s contract came up for renewal, they thought their increasing popularity should translate into more money for the right to carry their shows.  Fox News and Fox Business are consistently in the top 5 viewed networks and Fox pulls in over 1.2  million viewers in a day.  Dish Network Corp. didn’t agree and turned Fox off on December 20th.  Since then, 350,000 Dish customers have called or visited Fox’s website about the problem and at least 90,000 have changed to a new provider that carries Fox.

2015_01 CNN talking head calls black Frenchman African American

2015_01 09 CNN calls jihadist activist



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Canadian, American and British Press Now Instructing French on the Art of Cowardice

Weekly Standard: Don’t be deceived by the reaction to Charlie Hebdo Massacre – our media are cowards.
NY Daily News – Shows photo of dead editor, pixelating Mohammed cartoon but leaving cartoon of hook-nosed Jew. From 2012.  Hat tip: IowaHawk.
Financial Times – points out that Financial Times writer blames Charlie Hegbo for being ‘stupid’, causing their own massacre.
World Time – It’s all Islamophobia’s fault. (article about 2011 Hegbo fire)
The Telegraph – We’d rather not talk about it.
CBC – Iowahawk and Jesse Brown tweet about CBC journalistic instructions emphasizing appeasement, claims it’s not fear.
Associated Press – Getting a ‘C’ for effort, the AP today removed photos from it’s image gallery of the “Piss Christ art piece” that they have displayed since 1989, despite protests from Christians that it was extremely offensive to their faith.  Casual observers note that even this pathetic move toward consistency is still a cowardly one, since they still refuse to even display a single Charlie Hegbo image of Mohammed smiling, despite the fact that it is crucial to the reporting and is not offensive by any objective standard imaginable.
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The Darwin lobby often asserts that Intelligent Design scientists are not doing real science and that we can know this because their work is never peer-reviewed published. Neither claim is true. They are doing real science and they have been peer-reviewed published. What is true, however, is that the most powerful and fundamentally religious of Darwinists do their best to ensure that peer-reviewed articles by Intelligent Design scientists are not peer-review published.

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Darwinism is the politically correct science and, as with other areas where the Left has staked its claim to truth, anyone who has a different opinion is branded a heretic and punished to the fullest extent possible by the Orthodox Faithful.

Ben Stein covers this subject in his excellent documentary, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.

Super Trailer [7:37] @

The entire movie is available free at YouTube @

(I’m not going to embed it, as I believe this would greatly slow how this page loads. If you go to the URL, I suggest you skip the worthless comment section underneath. Yuck.)

Netflix also has it.

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