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These disgusting PIGS didn’t just leave behind inanimate trash.  They also abandoned PETS.

I got the stuff below in an email from Catholic Vote.  In comments, I’ll add other stuff I see that doesn’t inspire a whole blog.

BUDGET // Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said that Trump’s first budget proposal will spare Social Security and Medicare from any cuts.

HEALTH CARE // A draft Republican bill to repeal Obamacare has been leaked. The replacement plan reduces subsidies, takes out the individual mandate, and scraps the Medicaid expansion. But the Republican plan would maintain some elements supported by Obama, including the “Cadillac” tax on more generous health plans.

CONGRESS // President Trump will address a joint session of Congress tomorrow night. GOP insiders say he may not be in the mood to play nice.

MONDAY MOTIVATION // “The most powerful weapon to conquer the devil is humility. For, as he does not know at all how to employ it, neither does he know how to defend himself from it.-Saint Vincent de Paul

MARKETING // Conservative activist Grover Norquist says that on regulatory reform, Trump is ‘out-Reaganing Reagan.’

MILITARY // Trump wants to raise military spending, but cut everywhere else.

CATHOLIC // Spirit of 79: The number of Americans proposed for sainthood.


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The Dark Night of the Nation

Batman and St John of the Cross

“New House Speaker Paul Ryan quickly passed a budget bill (with more Democrats than Republicans voting for it) which essentially gave Barack Obama and his cronies everything they could possibly want with no fight whatsoever.

“Cash for Planned Parenthood butchery? Full funding for the resettling of immigrants and refugees in the nation’s vulnerable heartland? Taxpayer dollars to combat alleged climate change? All this and much, much, MUCH more was rubber stamped “to keep the government open,” making a complete mockery of the hard fought elections which finally gave the House and Senate to Republicans under the mistaken impression that it might make a difference.

“And we conservatives can scream, complain, and debate amongst ourselves all we want, but to what end? Everything we stand against is already funded through next year.” – Stilton Jarlsburg at Hope n’ Change



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The Democrat Knee Jerk: “If it’s bad, blame Republicans!”

The latest Lame Democrat Meme is to blame Ebola on Republican budget cuts.

Republican Cuts Kill [1:00]

Let’s get a quick reality check about which party has been in charge of federal spending since January 2007, shall we?

2007 to present Dems have had majority

Now let’s get another quick reality check about how the “Republicans cut CDC funding” is a Big Fat Lie.

2013 GOP votes big incr for CDC

If health-related spending is SO IMPORTANT to Democrats, then how come it was House Republicans who introduced a bill to fund the National Institutes of Health during the government shutdown and Senate Democrats who refused to consider it?

Oct 2, 2013 – Harry Reid: Why Would We Want To Pass A Bill To Help Children With Cancer?



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Debtmageddon and the Do Nothing Democrat Senate

2014_07 332 bills stuck in the Senate

Among the bills blockaded by Harry Reid’s Senate are any and every attempt made by the Republican House to pass a budget (as required by law) and/or curb the runaway spending that is fast bringing on DebtmageddonHave you see the Debt Clock lately?

2014_07 27 Debt Clock



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What we wish our leaders cared about

January 22, 2014: Quinnipiac Poll

What do you think should be the top priority for President Obama and Congress in 2014?

(Note: This was an open-ended question, not a multiple choice question.)

The SINGLE BIGGEST RESPONSE: 18% responded “Healthcare”

Here are the responses as grouped and ranked by CtH:

48% = Economy worries and stuff the Feds are supposed to do (combined)

  • 16% Jobs/Unemployment
  • 15% Economy(General)
  • 12% Budget and Taxes (combined)
    • 4% Budget(General)
    • 3% Budget deficit
    • 2% Budget(Gov spending)
    • 1% Budget (Other)
    • 1% Taxes(General)
    • 1% Military Issues/Benefits
  • 2% Foreign Policy
  • 2% Immigration Issues
  • 1% Obama resign

36% = Social engineering stuff the Feds are NOT supposed to do (combined)

  • 18% Healthcare
  • 2% Education (General)
  • 1% Wages/Minimum Wage
  • 1% Income inequality
  • 1% Class inequality
  • 1% Social Issues/Social Services
  • 1% Gun Issues/Policy/Control
  • 1% Environment

24% = People who don’t pay enough attention to answer intelligently (combined)

  • 10% Other (less than 1% each)
  • 9% Don’t Know / No Answer
  • 4% Bipartisan/Cross party lines/ Coop to get things done
  • 1% Candidate cares about people

January 27, 2014: Pew Opinion Poll

Which of the following should Congress and the President make a top priority?

Note: This was NOT an open-ended question. Percents given were for those who says YES to top priority.

The SINGLE BIGGEST RESPONSE: 80% Strengthening the Economy

Issues more or less evenly split Republican vs. Democrat:

  • 80% Strengthening nation’s economy
  • 74% Improving job situation
  • 73% Defending against terrorism
  • 69% Improving education
  • 66% Securing Social Security
  • 63% Reducing budget deficit
  • 61% Securing Medicare
  • 59% Reducing health care costs
  • 55% Reducing crime
  • 55% Reforming the nation’s tax system
  • 45% Dealing with nation’s energy problem
  • 42% Reducing the influence of lobbyists
  • 41% Dealing with illegal immigration
  • 39% Improving infrastructure
  • 28% Dealing with global trade

Issues predominantly Democrat:

  • 49% Helping poor and needy
  • 49% Protecting environment
  • 29% Dealing with global warming

Issues predominantly Republican:

  • 43% Strengthening the military
  • 39% Dealing with moral breakdown



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“Caring” Democrats?

Yesterday, the Senate voted down a House joint resolution entitled Honoring our Promise to America’s Veterans Act.

Today, Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said they will also vote down the bill to provide funding to NIH which helps children with cancer:

Reporter: But if you could help one child who has cancer, why wouldn’t you do it?

Reid: Why would we want to do that?

Please keep in mind that:

A. Democrats have flatly refused to negotiate in any way whatsoever, despite the Republican “obsession” with this bill that a majority of Americans did not want WHEN IT WAS PASSED and which a BIGGER majority of Americans do not want NOW.

B. Ever since Obama first took office in January 2009, Democrats have blocked every attempt by Republicans in Congress to fulfill the ONE JOB the Congress is legally required to do … PASS A BUDGET.

C. All this haggling over Continuing Resolutions is about keeping the money (debting) flowing at the ridiculous rate that Democrats established in 2009, a rate that is very rapidly sending the United States of America into bankruptcy.


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Not fit to lead

Barry No Budget Obama

Most scandals president


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Wake up and smell the failure

If you still think the state of the economy is due to Republicans, you have not been paying attention.

2013_05 Republican leadership better on JOBS

When Democrats (including then-Senator Obama) took control of Congress on Jan 3, 2007, Republicans had been leading the country for TWELVE straight years and UNEMPLOYMENT was at 4.4%.

2012_05 Democrat leadership equals human misery

See more info about this @


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