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By their fruits we can know them

Clinton having it both ways


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Hey, social justice warriors…

CtH … just sticking my nose in to say, “Watch this!  It’s fabulous!”


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Final SOTU


2015_12 28 BHO final SOTU

Bill Whittle posted the above with: “A preening, shallow, vain, lazy and not-very-bright narcissist doing the one thing in all the world that makes him genuinely happy: looking in the mirror. 387 more days of this D-Bag. Yeah, you heard me.”

Preach it, William!

  • 2008: Candidate Obama promised he would take no vacations if he was elected.

  • 2015: President Obama has spent more than $70 million taxpayer dollars on vacations.

ONE example: On July 18, 2015, Obama and his daughters took Air Force One to New York for an outing. The plane trip alone cost taxpayers $309,000. The additional costs for security are classified, so we can’t know what that added to the total bill.

NEXT YEAR, he plans to travel the globe to … get this … BRAG about his foreign policy “successes.” Not promote peace or whatever else … just brag. Or probably to be more accurate … to cram in every minute of taxpayer-funded, narcissistic pleasure he can before he’s forced to move out of the White House.



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The World Today

2015_10 Imagine if you will

Nov 21, 2015 – Judge Jeanine Rips Obama: ‘His Sarcasm Is Dripping, He Mocks Us, He Talks Down to Us’

2015_11 19 Gowdy what I'm afraid of

May 20, 2015 – Failure of Intelligence: How Liberals Cause ISIS Terror Attacks

2015_11 16 HuffPo agrees re climate change

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Satan’s Century and the Frankfurt School

Bill Whittle: The Frankurt School’s Sword and Shield [18:15]

PC shut up

After you watch Bill Whittle’s video here, I recommend you go read (or reread) these two blogs and then explore their accompanying sources. I believe the juxtaposition of these materials, viewed in close proximity, will open your mind to patterns and truths about God’s plan that you may have not seen before.

A Century of Trial by CtH – Mar 21, 2014

The Left’s Up-Coming Come-Uppance by CtH – Nov 17, 2015

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Bill Whittle: We Need a Better Blowhard


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Pin the Tale on the Donkey

Pin the Tale on the Donkey: Bill Whittle spends thirteen minutes explaining the real history of the Democratic Party

Confederate flag was created by Democrats

Frederick Douglass Republican

KKK founded by Democrats

George Wallace Democrat

I had no trouble finding sources for the above, but when I googled the LBJ quote, I found this very interesting discussion.

Re: President LBJ: Is this a real quote? [discussion paraphrased for clarity by CtH]

Lyndon Baines Johnson allegedly said, “These Negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we’ve got to do something about this, we’ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference… I’ll have them niggers voting Democratic for the next two hundred years”.

This quote is attributed to LBJ in Ronald Kessler’s book, and was supposedly said to two southern governors. Kessler has been cited as the chief Washington correspondent for the far-right-wing Newsmax. IOW, he comes to the table with his own biases. In the absence of a reliable objective record of that quotation, the best source to answer this question may be the presidential recordings made during the Johnson administration.

Several hundred conversations were recorded dealing with issues of racial politics and the Civil Rights Act of 1964. A quote like the one in question is not found in any of these recordings, nor do they contain the oft-cited statement to Bill Moyers that LBJ had “lost to the South to the GOP for a generation.” But they do provide excellent insight into how LBJ talked about these issues in private. For example, it is simply undisputed that LBJ did use the prevailing southern racial slurs of the time, including the word “n—–r,” as this actual recording demonstrates. This is hardly the only example.

While his nomenclature leaves something to be desired, the collected recordings show that LBJ had some astonishingly progressive views on race for a rural-born white Texan in the late 1960s. It should also be noted that LBJ knew his audience, and would speak differently to a Georgia state legislator than, say, a Connecticut governor. It’s very difficult to tell when LBJ is putting on an act for audience or when he’s speaking with his “true” voice.

I think the best we can say is that the quote is not inconsistent with LBJ’s style and is either genuine or a fair paraphrase. It’s the kind of thing LBJ might say to a Dixiecrat to convince them not to oppose the CRA. IOW, the quote might be genuine, but the sentiment was not. I think it does a disservice when these kinds of quotes are used to suggest that LBJ was duplicitous and uncaring about black America. Personally, I have no doubt over the bona fides of LBJ’s empathy and humanity after listening to the conversations in June of 1963 during the Freedom Summer disappearances, where LBJ was positively distraught.

I won’t begin to deny that LBJ was a ruthless political operator, and indeed, an unrepentant liar. But I cringe that this single quote, robbed of its context, would be used by some to imply that LBJ was a heartless racist manipulator. That’s one notion that I think the historical record soundly disproves.


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Truth Revolt: The Leader of the Free World < MUST VIEW video

Truth Revolt: The Leader of the Free World by Bill Whittle [4:59]

BHO vs Netanyahu

BHO Netanyahu Letterman

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Loving Death

2015_01 09 Hebdo gunmen are all dead

Ayaan Hirsi Ali on The Kelly File

She has something in common with the #CharlieHebdo editor murdered by terrorists in Paris: She is also on al Qaeda’s death list. “The only way we have a chance of fighting these barbarians is by talking about it […] It is worth it to me because I love life more than I love death. They love death. That message is so much stronger than anything they put out there.”

Son of Hamas

Bill Whittle: Terrorist Nation – Published on Jan 9, 2015

From the murder of the Israeli athletes in the Munich Olympics in 1972, through the murder of 5 rabbis at prayer in 2014, the Palestinian cause has been driven by TERROR. In his latest Firewall Bill Whittle discusses their domestic front — Students for Justice in Palestine.

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The New Barbarism

Bill Whittle renders a scathing, and refreshing, dose of truth in this MUST VIEW video.

The New Barbarism by Bill Whittle [7:36]

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