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Listen Up: Trump is NOT Obama

2017_04 10 Mattis on Syria strike

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Mattis says the U.S. strike on al-Shayrat took out a fifth of #Assad’s “operational aircraft.”  In one night. After six years of mayhem.

NYT op-ed: “Publicity stunts aren’t policy.”  Who writes this crap? Oh yeah, Paul Krugman.



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April 6, 2017:  President Donald Trump said, “Assad choked out the lives of helpless men, women and children. It was a slow and brutal death for so many. Even beautiful babies were cruelly murdered in this very barbaric attack. No child of God should ever suffer such horror. Tonight I ordered a targeted military strike on the airfield in Syria from where the chemical attack was launched.”

2017_04 06 Trump orders Syria strike

January 2017: Obama’s out-going National Security Adviser Susan Rice claimed that Obama had convinced the Syrian government to voluntarily and verifiably give up its chemical weapons stockpile.

April 2017:  The victims of Syria’s most recent chemical attack on its own citizens were unavailable for comment.

Unsurprisingly, Syria, Iran, and Russia condemned the strike.  But other world leaders have by and large been very supportive of Trump’s move.

  • “[W]e fully support the strike.” – UK Defense Secretary Michael Fallon
  • “This regime must be removed from leading Syria as soon as possible.”  – Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu
  • “President Assad alone carries responsibility for these developments” with his “repeated use of chemical weapons and his crimes against his own people.” – German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande
  • It was an “appropriate response” to the “unthinkable brutality” of the chemical attack that “serves as an example to the entire free world” to support steps to end atrocities in Syria. – Israeli President Reuven Rivlin
  • The airstrikes were “a means to prevent further deterioration of the situation.” – Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe
  • “The United States has clearly indicated that (Syrian President Bashar) Assad’s atrocities do not go unpunished.” – Denmark’s Prime Minister Lars Loekke Rasmussen
  • “This was a calibrated, proportionate and targeted response. It sends a strong message to the Assad regime, and … has been struck at the very airfield from which the chemical attack was delivered.” – Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull
  • Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau praised the U.S.’s  “limited and focused action” against the airfield in Syria and said the Syrian government’s use of chemical weapons cannot be ignored. “These gruesome attacks cannot be permitted to continue with impunity.”



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Obama did nothing

On Tuesday, almost 60 people died in Syria after warplanes dropped bombs filled with chemicals. The number includes women and children. Many suspect President Bashar al-Assad’s regime for the attack.

President Donald Trump condemned the attack, but also ripped into former President Barack Obama for not sticking to his “red line” on Syria:

“Today’s chemical attack in Syria against innocent people including women and children is reprehensible and cannot be ignored by the civilized world,” Mr. Trump said in a statement.

“These heinous actions by the Bashar al-Assad regime are a consequence of the past administration’s weakness and irresolution,” he added. “President Obama said in 2012 that he would establish a ’red line’ against the use of chemical weapons and then did nothing.”

President Trump condemns ‘heinous actions’ in Syria [1:33]

Obama red line Syria

BREAKING: Obama threatened to use force, then did nothing.  Trump just bombed them.

April 6, 2017 ~9 pm:  Several news outlets are announcing that the United States has launched a missile strike on the military airfield in Syria where this week’s chemical attack is believed to have originated.


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So who’s winning? Barack Obama.
Yesterday Gutfeld described him as the hero at the end of the action movie who’s walking away, the bad guys’ fortress ablaze in the background. That’s how he left the White House. In shambles, full of land mines, with an army of dedicated agents ready to leak vital or damaging information at every turn to a media slavishly devoted to bringing the new president down. He sits in a mansion less than 2 miles away commanding a trained force of agitators, anarchists, and paid protesters ready to assail any republican who dares make a public appearance.

Report: Economy Adds 300,000 Jobs In President Trump’s First Month In Office
Great news, right? I mentioned this to my friend Willie the political idolater today. His answer was it was the result of Obama’s genius economic plan. For just as he used the “mess Bush left him” for his 8 long years of misery and economic stagnation he will now get credit from the media whores for any positive sign of economic growth. Can’t very well give Trump credit for knowing anything, now can they?
The CBO made their report on the AHCA yesterday. While it saves almost a half trillion dollars over 10 years the focus from the left was on the estimated 14 million who will lose coverage this year and the 26 million over 10 years that they claim will be left out. Of course, the first one with his ugly puss in front of the cameras was Schmuckie Schumer. That’s nothing new. The ‘non-partisan” office (there’s not a damn thing non-partisan in this town) is only as accurate as the information it’s given. The Obama crime family blatantly lied about the numbers so the estimate was off by at least $115 billion.

Same CBO That Praised Obamacare and Was Off by $115 Billion Pans GOP Healthcare Bill Today
In March 2010 leading democrats and their lackeys in the state-run media were “just giddy” to report that the CBO crunched some numbers and found the nationalized health care bill they were pushing would reduce the deficit by $138 billion.
It was a lie. Democrats knew it was a lie.
But, after several backroom deals, they rammed the bill through Congress anyway.
Then in May of 2010 the CBO corrected the numbers and said Obamacare will cost taxpayers at least $115 billion more than promised. Democrats pulled a fast one on the American public.
Republican Senators pointed out the deceit in a 2010 video:

Democrats promised that Obamacare would cost $940 billion when they rammed it through Congress. The actual cost has gone up with each revision.
A recent report says Obamacare will cost $2.6 trillion – nearly three times as much as Democrats predicted.
Today the far left CBO panned the Republican healthcare bill.
The Trump White House slammed the CBO’s report.

The plan is already facing resistance from conservatives who say the bill doesn’t go far enough, while more moderate Republicans have expressed concern about the bill’s defunding of Planned Parenthood and the rollback of expanded access to Medicaid.

As I said yesterday, the democrats shoved a monstrosity through without debate so they could avoid the reconciliation process. They knew once they got it in, it would be almost impossible to remove, as are all government giveaway programs.

Obamacare Victims Tell Their Horror Stories at The White House
“Our rates are three times what they were before Obamacare started. We have one provider in the county,” Carrie Couey of Colorado said. “We have very little options for what we can and cannot do. We are a small business, but we aren’t brick and mortar we are cattle ranchers. We can’t afford our equipment anymore if we’re paying these rates year after year after year. Our food source is in jeapardy because of this heath care law.”

CNN Cuts Trump’s Feed During Obamacare Victims Meeting

Compilation of CNN Cutting Off Feeds Of People Who Go Against The Narrative

All the while, Obama sits back, smiles, and contemplates how to spend the $60 million he’ll rake in to write a bunch of lies (or have Bill Ayers do it for him) and watch his minions do his dirty work.

Peters: Obama Admin’s ‘Cowardice’ Blew Chance to Get Rid of Bashar al-Assad


The GOP’s ObamaCare replacement will boost jobs and cut taxes
Ignore the grandstanding on Capitol Hill and the noise coming from townhall protests around the nation. The Republican bill to repeal and replace ObamaCare will boost your chances of getting a job and cut your tax bill, not to mention your insurance costs.
The repeal bill — called the American Health Care Act — also will stave off a tidal wave of future Medicaid spending that threatens to drown the states and Uncle Sam in red ink.

Was Obama simply a hoax?
We have The New York Post and we have Fox News, but after that we are in a wilderness of deception. No one knows where the truth lies.
The revelation making the rounds again about Obama, how he sneaked through $221 million to his terrorist friends the Palestinian Authority during the last hours of his presidency, makes it elaborately clear that he was always in it for himself and for his pals.
For eight years Israel was betrayed and America was duped by a charmer.
He armed Iran to the teeth. The mullahs grow bolder and now Obama’s generosity is President Trump’s problem. Where did Obama get the money to enrich all those terrorists? Came from our pockets – the Constitution be damned, according to Obama and the news media that babied him every single day for eight years.
All by himself Obama proclaimed that he did not even need Congress. He said, “I’ve got a pen and I’ve got a phone” – so forget the rules.
So much, then, for the claim that Obama did not have the Constitutional right to wiretap Trump….which is the hot news of the day.
That assumes that Obama as President cared about the Constitution, taught the Constitution, or ever learned the Constitution.


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Interleaving Benghazi and Syria timelines

2012-2013: I thought it might be interesting to interleave key points in these two story lines.

MAP Libya Syria

  • SYRIA July 23, 2012: Syria admits to possessing a stockpile of chemical weapons.
  • SYRIA July 23, 2012: Obama says that the Assad regime will be “held accountable” if it uses chemical weapons.
  • SYRIA Aug. 11, 2012: SecState Clinton says the use of chemical weapons is “a red line for the world.”
  • SYRIA Aug. 20, 2012: Obama says the use or movement of chemical weapons by the Assad regime would be “a red line.”

Bush told us WMDs went to Syria

  • LIBYA Sept. 11, 2011: Obama refuses military rescue to Benghazi, Libya, embassy; 4 Americans among those murdered.
  • LIBYA Sept. 12 ff, 2011: Obama et al. insist Benghazi was not a “terrorist attack” but a “spontaneous demonstration” against an offensive-to-Muslims YouTube video that “got out of hand.”
  • LIBYA Sept. 20, 2012: Obama repeats video line on the same day his own PR guy says it was obviously a terrorist attack.

2012_09 20 Conflicting statements from WH

  • SYRIA Dec. 3, 2012: Obama says if Assad uses CWs, “There will be consequences, and you will be held accountable.” SecState Clinton says the U.S. is “planning to take action” if Assad’s regime uses CWs.
  • LIBYA Dec. 18, 2012: Benghazi report by independent panel blames “systemic” failures in leadership that led to “grossly” inadequate security at Benghazi.
  • LIBYA Dec. 20, 2012: The State Department “disciplines” four officials in the department by giving them all extended paid vacations.
  • LIBYA Jan. 23, 2013: Congress questions SecState Clinton about Benghazi. Clinton shrieks, “What difference does it make?”

What difference does it make

  • SYRIA March 19, 2013: Reports out of Syria say CWs killed more than two dozen in a town near Aleppo. Assad says the rebels did it; the rebels say Assad did it.
  • SYRIA March 20, 2013: Obama says they’ll look into it, but he’s sure it was Assad’s fault.
  • SYRIA April 25, 2013: The White House says that the intelligence community assesses “with varying degrees of confidence” that Assad did it. Obama tells Congress he wants money to arm Syrian rebels.

  • LIBYA May 2013: Testimony and evidence emerge showing the Benghazi consulate reported at the beginning that they were under assault by terrorists and that they had repeatedly asked for and not only been denied extra security, but had security removed in the weeks prior to the attack. The memos were signed by SecState Clinton.
  • LIBYA July 31, 2013: The White House says the controversy over Benghazi is a “phony” scandal.
  • LIBYA Aug. 2013: Evidence emerges that the CIA had a facility in Benghazi from which it was illegally arming militants, that hundreds of SAMs were stolen by terrorists during the attack and that the CIA had been threatening its own people ever since to keep it all quiet.
  • LIBYA Aug. 20, 2013: SecState Kerry clears and reinstates four State Dept officials who had been on “administrative leave” (read: paid vacation) for nine months.

Benghazi shh

  • SYRIA Aug. 21, 2013: Reports come out of Syria that a chemical attack took place, killing as many 1,400 people. Assad says the rebels did it; the rebels say Assad did it.
  • SYRIA Aug. 31, 2013: Obama backs off from his announced intention to unilaterally order a military strike against Assad, says he’ll ask Congress for permission, even though he is really sure he doesn’t need it.
  • LIBYA Sept. 10, 2013: SecState Kerry tells Congress he will not make Benghazi survivors available for questioning.
  • LIBYA: Sept. 11, 2013: WH observes one minute of silence for 9/11/01 victims. WH does not mention previous 525,949 minutes of lies and evasion re 9/11/12 victims.

2013_09 11 Two years later, no justice

  • SYRIA Sept 12, 2013
    • Assad accepts a Russian proposal to give up all its chemical weapons.
    • Assad and Putin reiterate the CW attacks were done by rebels to give Obama an excuse to give them military support.
    • Obama asks Congress to delay votes on authorizing military strikes against Assad.
    • Syrian rebels claim Assad used CWs again. They post a video of three guys coughing as “proof.”



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White House Time Line

Fox News did a great job of compiling all the conflicting statements from Obama and his various spokespeople as his foreign policy goes down in flames.

Fox montage of Obama Administration’s Syria Statements [4:49]


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DEMS madly spinning

That Was The Week That Was:

  1. Kerry made a goofball, off-the-cuff remark about Syria giving up their chemical weapons.
  2. Putin used it to shame Obama into accepting Assad’s offer.
  3. Reid canceled the Senate vote on taking military action in Syria.

Obama looking under desk

Fancy Nancy tweeted the Spin-Of-The-Day so all the Leftards and Janitor Journalists would know what their Talking Point should be.

2013_09 10 Nancy Pelosi spins madly

At Twitchy, commentary on Pelosi’s assessment ranged from “delusional” to “bat shit crazy” to my personal favorites:

  • Nancy Pelosi is America’s Dolores Umbridge
  • No ma’am, Russia did that.

Some had questions the MSM won’t ask:

  • @NancyPelosi So then you’re acknowledging Obama didn’t “exhaust every remedy” BEFORE he tried to spring a war on us.
  • @NancyPelosi was it Obama’s threat of an “unbelievably small strike” that scared Assad?
  • @NancyPelosi why did the Obama administration spend much of yesterday trying to explain away Kerry’s remark as “hypothetical”?



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Obama’s Chief of Staff admits evidence is not irrefutable

Denis McDonough Evidence Against Assad Not ‘Irrefutable’ [1:28]

Sunday, Sept 8, 2013: CNN’s Candy Crowley challenged White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough to clarify the strength of the Obama administration’s evidence that Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons against Syrian citizens.

Well, yeah. That’s kind of important, seeing as “crossing the red line by using WMDs” is Obama’s SOLE reason for a U.S. military assault against the Assad regime.

  • Crowley: “Does the intelligence show a direct link?”
  • McDonough: “Do we have irrefutable, beyond-reasonable-doubt evidence? This is not a court of law. Intelligence does not work that way.”
  • Crowley: “So, no, basically.”

Read McDonough’s reply again and make sure you grasp it fully.

  • To send one person to prison, we need BEYOND-REASONABLE-DOUBT proof.
  • To bomb the shit out of Syria, Obama’s WILD-ASS-GUESS should be enough.

And they said Bush was a Very Bad Man.

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James Woods tweets

A few weeks ago, actor James Woods joined the small cadre of openly conservative actors on Twitter, saying if it cost him his career, “so be it.”

2013_09 08 JW tweet = Syrian rebels take Christian village

At this link – Syria’s religious minorities fear the growing role of intolerant Islamic extremists fighting on the rebel side in the civil war against President Bashar Assad’s regime. Most recently, rebels led by al-Qaida-linked fighters seized control of the predominantly Christian village of Maaloula, forcing hundreds of residents to flee their homes. Read the rest @

2013_09 08 JW tweet = US loses leadership

At this link — Obama publicly set red lines for Assad, the Syrian ruler brazenly violated them, then Obama announced he did not need Congress’ approval to strike Syria militarily. Everything that Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Morsi represents stands in stark contrast to America’s heritage. Read the rest @

FYI: About my Twitter graphics

2013_09 08 Photoshop to Twitter screenshot

As of last Friday, James Woods had 50,000 Twitter followers. I’m not sure, but I think you need a Twitter account to “follow.” I don’t have one, but I can read his feed @ Mostly I don’t bother, because the Twitchy staff loves him and posts his best tweets with best retweets and comments.



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About that Syria plan

Anti War Celebs Missing

John McCain does NOT like this woman

Lindsey Graham: Support War in Syria or Charleston will be Nuked!

So you're telling me - Syria

Colbert on Syria

That awkward moment


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