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Still the Obamas

I have often thought about how Obama spent the major portion of his time in office leading a hedonistic lifestyle. Vacationing, golfing, surfing, and playing basketball. The press saw nothing wrong with this, of course. He was the messiah.

President Trump rarely takes time off, and when he does, he goes to a property HE owns, not some wealthy donor. He’s handling bad actors like China, North Korea, Iran, and Russia on his own terms…and winning.

Still, the Kenyan half breed can do no wrong in the eyes of his adoring presstitutes.
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This Is So Sickening

The man who never hid his utter contempt for the nation he was handed control of continues to be showered with the praise he cannot live without.

Obama Gets New Peace Prize Despite Hundreds Of Civilian Casualties In Drone Strikes

The former president was named a Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Ripple of Hope laureate Monday. The award honors those who “work toward a more just and peaceful world.” The RFK nonprofit tweeted that it is “honored to present Barack Obama” with the award.


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Jughead and Plughead Do Lunch

Obama and Biden Spotted Having Lunch at a D.C. Bakery
Former President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden were spotted together shopping for goodies at a bakery in Washington, D.C., on Monday. Their surprise stop at Dog Tag Bakery in Georgetown led to a frenzy among onlookers, all trying to take photos with the political superstars.
Uncle Joe looks a little confused here.
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You Can Now Criticize Them…Gently

Jake Tapper calls Obama out for partying with Beyonce while the Democratic Party’s in shambles.
Not supposed to be dancing when Trump is destroying the world but Obama fans wouldn’t allow it and attacked.

Barack Obama has eschewed real work his entire life. In school he hung out with his friends and got high. He got into Columbia and Harvard as a foreign student (from Kenya.) He rarely attended meetings in the state senate, rarely voted other than ‘present,’ so he could not be tied down to a firm opinion and spent the bulk of his presidency partying, vacationing, and playing golf. He continues to live a hedonistic lifestyle on someone else’s dime. But now that he’s no longer in power the sycophants have acknowledged he’s just an irresponsible juvenile. Continue reading


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Presidential Assassination Art

Social media lit up this week over this piece:

2018_007 18 One Grand Gallery

The furor renewed interest in Kathy Griffin’s stunt from a year ago. Continue reading


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Just Go Away, Already!

He just can’t help himself. Being an incurable narcissist, the slavish adoration of a fawning media and hordes of globalists is a high nothing can match. It’s a drug he can’t live without for very long. Working mostly with his terrorist group, OFA, Obama has worked tirelessly to undermine President Trump. But he just has to be in the spotlight.

Obama warns against ‘strongman politics’ in speech after Trump news conference
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The IG Report: Key Takeaways

After an 18-month investigation into the FBI and DOJ’s Hillary Clinton probe, the highly anticipated report from the Justice Department’s Inspector General Michael Horowitz is out. Some of the key takeaways include:

1. A slew of anti-Trump text messages between special counsel Lisa Page and FBI Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok damaged the integrity of the entire Clinton email probe, Horowitz writes.

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Valerie, Barack, and Michelle

2018_06 Jarrett moves into Obama's new home

Valerie Jarrett and Barack and Michelle Obama go way back. Jarrett is the reason Obama moved to Chicago; she got Michelle Obama a job as assistant in city hall working for Mayor Daley. When Obama became president, he made Jarrett his chief adviser at the White House. Nowadays, she is living at the Obama’s house, where she’s working with the Obamas to destroy Donald Trump’s presidency. Continue reading


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sØ grateful the Ø-conomy is nØ mØre

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This smug, pompous Ø-pinion didn’t age well!  Twitchy Team said, “We know, his voice makes our left eye twitch uncontrollably but hey, it’s one of his greatest hits.”

Øbama said Trump had no plan for bringing jobs back, that there was no answer to the problem, that it JUST COULDN’T HAPPEN.

Guess what, DemØcrats. TAX CUTS WORK. Continue reading

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It’s the Barry and Mooch Show!

Michelle and Barack Obama have signed a multi-year contract with online-streaming giant Netflix to produce and write documentaries and shows.

As BizPac Review has reported, Barack Obama wants to follow in the footsteps of President Trump by becoming a reality-TV star with Netflix, for which the Obamas will produce and appear in shows that will chronicle their lives after the White House.

Not surprisingly, the Obama-Netflix partnership fueled mass cancellations and some hilarious reactions on social media. Continue reading


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