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Secure Fence Act of 2006



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Media Outrages: Obama was far worse than Trump


“Nothing that the Trump administration has done with or to the news media approaches in seriousness and nature the conduct of the Obama Administration towards the press,” James Rosen said Saturday during an interview on Fox News.

Trump has been complaining about dishonest and shoddy reporting and how damaging it is to our nation.

But Obama targeted a specific news outlet, again and again, because he didn’t like the stories they chose to cover. 

  • 2009:  The Obama administration attempted to exclude Fox News from the White House press pool.  When their effort was thwarted by the other press poolers, they lied and said they never did it at all.
  • 2010: Obama told Rolling Stone Magazine that Fox News was “destructive” to the country.
  • 2010: Obama blamed Fox News for reporting on the Benghazi and IRS scandals.
  • 2014: Obama said Fox News was calling affordable health care a threat to freedom.

Even worse, Obama’s attorney general, Eric Holder, ordered Fox reporter James Rosen’s movements tracked, his phone records seized, and told Google to not notify Rosen that the government was monitoring his email.


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Hard-Hitting Questions Liberal Reporters Asked Obama

Liberal reporters have their panties in a bunch because President Trump has been giving a significant share of presser questions to conservative news outlets.

Apparently, they think that they, and only they, can ask the “tough questions” that presidents should answer.

Never mind that the questions the “not real news” reporters have asked are excellent.

Also never mind that, for eight long years, these same “real news” reporters have been slobbering all over their BFF Barack who was, you know, the president at the time.


Peter Hasson, Reporter and Associate Editor at the “not real news” Daily Caller, compiled a list of 13 “hard-hitting” questions that these “real” reporters asked back when the president preferred them to conservative reporters.

The New York Times
What has “Enchanted you the most from serving in this office?” – Jeff Zeleny, who is now CNN’s senior White House correspondent

“How does your golf game hold up next to Tiger’s?” – Dan Ashley


“Golf, what does it do for you?” – Harry Smith

“In this fatherless world, where did you learn to love?” – Harry Smith

“You definitely have some impressive accomplishments. … More than a lot of presidents who manage to get reelected. My question is, is it enough? Why do you think you deserve to be reelected?” – “60 Minutes” Steve Kroft

“Have you given up on the Republicans? Have you stopped reaching out to them? Are you just out there now trying to get your message across?” – “60 Minutes” Steve Kroft

“Tell me, what do you consider your major accomplishments?” – “60 Minutes” Steve Kroft


“Do you have a vindictive streak?” – “Nightly News” anchor Lester Holt

“How do you avoid the dangers of being too cocky?”  – CNBC’s John Harwood


“What hard things do you want to tackle at this point?” – Jim Acosta

“I’m wondering if you think that [Republican presidential candidates are] uninformed, out of touch, or irresponsible?” – Dan Lothian

“[W]hat do you think Republicans will be sipping and saying next year?” – Dan Lothian


“Are you ready to call yourself the ‘comeback kid’?” – Caren Bohan




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Trump Pees in Media’s Oatmeal

It’s not supposed to be like this. As long as anyone can remember, the ‘news’ reporters have had free rein in controlling presidential press conferences and even the daily briefings. Then Donald Trump happened. After an eight year vacation, the media finally went back to investigating … with a vengeance. They were as happy as a pig in slop when they forced out General Kelly, a better man than the lot of them. Trump’s nominee for Labor Secretary, Andy Puzder, succumbed to intense pressure from the left over allegedly hiring an illegal to do his housekeeping. (I’d bet my retirement check most if not all of the people raising the hell have some questionable employees as well.)

[CtH: How freaking hypocritical is it of them to condemn Puzder for hiring an illegal when they PROMOTE THE HIRING OF ILLEGALS?!]

The president and PM Netanyahu held a joint press conference yesterday. Trump completely ignored ABC, CNN and NBC, instead calling on reporters from Townhall and the Christian Broadcasting Network.

Bibi Visits Trump And LEVELS Reporter Looking For A Fight- MEDIA DOWN!

President Donald Trump has walked in and is smoothing ruffled feathers and helping things to be strong and healthy again. And yet despite the incredible relationship that exists between Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu the media is crying that Donald Trump is anti-semitic… seriously???

“There is no greater support of the Jewish people and the Jewish state than president Donald Trump,” Netanyahu said resolutely. “I think we should put that to rest.”

Trump DESTROYS ‘Hateful’ Palestine During Visit with Netanyahu

Palestinians are hateful and evil. They are taught to love death and the highest honor in this lifetime for them is to kill Jews and infidels. John Kerry literally told Israel, you can be Democratic or Jewish, but not both.

Remember When: Hey Liberal Media, This Is Probably Why President Trump Didn’t Call On You Today
Our own Katie Pavlich asked President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about how to deal with Iran after their blatant violations of the nuclear agreement and what compromises both the Israelis and the Palestinians need to consider in their ongoing conflict with one another. These are legitimate questions.

As Cortney noted, the liberal media was ignored and they went into full meltdown mode. CNN’s Jim Acosta said that the “fix is in” concerning who will be able to ask the president questions, describing Townhall as “a very conservative website.”

[CtH: “A very conservative website” whose representative asked a really good question, as opposed to the Gotcha Flynn gloating CNN probably had planned!]

I’ll just leave this insufferable exchange between former President Obama and the Chicago Tribune’s Christi Parsons after his 2012 re-elect win to show why we probably shouldn’t be shocked that the Trump White House is taking questions from outlets who used to be left in the dark.

Angry ABC in ‘Open Hostility’ at Trump for ‘Shutting Down’ Free Speech

In the post-press conference coverage, Vega ranted, “I want to tell you about the open hostility right here in this room. You know, I’m sitting right here kind of in the middle of the pack of a number of journalists, mainstream reporters, if you will, and there is open anger in here about the fact the President did not take any real questions about the issue of the day.”

[CtH: You mean like the “real questions” you used to ask your BFF Barack?]

Karl sneered that Trump called on “friendly conservative news organizations.” He lashed out:

“Amazing that on a day like this he could have a press conference and not face a single question on the big story of this, the New York Times bombshell report that members of his campaign allegedly had contacts with the Russians during the campaign. No questions on that.”

[CtH: No, the questions were about ISRAEL, because, you know, their PRIME MINISTER WAS VISITING and THAT WAS THE TOPIC OF THE PRESSER.]

The question of the day, according to Vega, was Michael Flynn’s resignation.

Speaking for other journalists, she raged, “And so, you’re feeling an open sense of anger and frustration here.” Reporter Karl sputtered, “George, it is astounding. We have now had four presidential news conferences and the President, for the most part, has simply avoided calling on people from news organizations.”

[CtH: The ARROGANCE of them deciding who is and who isn’t a news organization!  After the tingly legged, softball throwing, pillow fluffing these “real” news orgs didn for the past eight years.  But hey, KEEP IT UP, MORONS.  Cuz we’re really looking forward to EIGHT years in the TRUMP White House.]

CNN Reporter Says ‘The Fix Is In’ With Conservative Media and the Trump Administration

“The two questions that were asked or called upon from the president in this news conference went to the Christian Broadcasting Network, which is obviously owned by Pat Robertson, the televangelist down in Virginia. It’s a very conservative broadcasting network, and, which is a very conservative news website,” Acosta said.

[CtH: And not a word about how GOOD those questions were, just sneering at the sources of the questions.  This is a variation on the logical fallacy of arguing from authority. But golleeeeee, I’m just a loathsome conservative blogger, so what do I know?!]

13 Hard-Hitting Questions Mainstream Reporters Asked Obama

Mainstream reporters are outraged that conservative media outlets are receiving a significant share of questions at White House press conferences.

Only liberal reporters, the line of reasoning goes, are capable of asking the tough questions needed to hold those in power accountable. Here are a sample of questions asked of former President Obama by mainstream reporters.

1. “Golf, what does it do for you?” – CBS
2. I’m wondering if you think that [Republican presidential candidates are] uninformed, out of touch, or irresponsible?” – CNN
3.“Do you have a vindictive streak?” – NBC
4. What has “Enchanted you the most from serving in this office?”- NYTimes







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End of Another Error


The Obama administration said that Title IX anti-discrimination protections should mean that transgender students had access to facilities of the gender with which they identified, like single-sex locker rooms and bathrooms.

In August, the Northern District of Texas federal court placed an injunction on the order and the Obama administration appealed.

On Friday, the Trump administration announced that it was dropping the appeal, saying the order “radically distorted” Title IX, which “was intended to equalize educational opportunities for women.”


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WaPo still drooling over now FORMER President Obama

I do love writing that “former” part!  As for the drooling, ewwwwwww.


Feb 7, 2017:  “It’s well documented that Obama is pretty good at basketball, but the video proved that the 55-year-old former leader of the free world is pretty much a natural on a kiteboard, as well.”Washington Post

Uhhhhhhhhhhhh … no.

1 Pinocchio:  Obama is far from “a natural on a kiteboard,” as the video reveals.  Despite excellent conditions and two days of practice, he still fell multiple times.

2 Pinocchios:  Neither is he much of a basketball player.  Reggie Love, Obama’s former body man who played basketball at Duke, said he “lacks in physical capabilities.”  In 2013, while showing off to a bunch of kids, Obama sunk 2 out of 22.

3 Pinocchios:  He’s also a rotten bowler.  On the campaign trail, he bowled a 37.

4 Pinocchios:  Despite playing 300+ rounds while in office, he’s no great shakes as a golfer.  Michael Jordan, who is an actual athlete, said Obama is a “hack” and a “sh***y golfer.”

5 Pinocchios:  Obama tried more than once to do a major league first throw that didn’t hit the dirt or go wild.  I’m unaware of him ever putting it over the plate the way Dubya did.  He also claimed to be an avid Chicago baseball fan, but could not name a single White Sox player and referred to Comiskey Park as “Kaminsky Field.”



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Man freed early from life sentence by Obama back in jail


A drug dealer’s life sentence was commuted by President Obama,

“because you have demonstrated the potential to turn your life around. … Now it is up to you to make the most of this opportunity.” – President Obama

He is behind bars today, charged with, surprise surprise, possession with intent to distribute.


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I challenge you …

… to watch this video without laughing out loud and clapping your hands!  It’s fabulous!

Victory for Free Speech

Feb 2, 2017:  The 162nd District Court of Texas ruled decisively against Mohammed Mohammed’s defamation lawsuit against Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro.

The court also ordered the father of Ahmed “Clock Boy” Mohammed to pay Shapiro’s attorneys’ fees.

“This is an excellent day for free speech,” Shapiro said. “Using law as warfare is perhaps the most disgusting tactic of politically correct activists across the country, and we couldn’t be more excited to stand up against such frivolous use of our court system.”

Team Trump threw out Obama’s ISIS plans

Three days before the inauguration, Obama’s team handed their ISIS plans over to Team Trump, who put them straight into the circular file.

“They provided the information, but we found huge gaps in it,” a senior Trump official told WaPo. “It was poor staff work.”

Plus, you know, ISIS became a global scourge on Obama’s watch, so yeah.


Good news for coal jobs

Feb 2, 2017: Under Obama’s watch, the coal industry lost 83,000 jobs and 400 companies went out of business.  Today, Senate Republicans moved to undo one of Obama’s job-killing regulations. It will go into effect as soon as President Trump signs it.


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