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How the Iraq War was Won and Lost

2009 The Iraq Obama Inherited

George Bush won the war. Democrats lied about it and then Barack Obama waltzed in and snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.  This isn’t my politically-blinded opinion. This is what really happened. It’s what my kids, who were THERE, have told me.

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Saturday Shorts

Just a lazy Saturday. Got to WalMart early to fight the food stamp crowd. Finding a handicap parking space is nearly impossible, as are electric carts… at 9:00 AM. A few hits, a few near misses, and back home again.

Here’s How Democrats Plan to Destroy President Trump
Despite all the chaos and firings in the Trump administration, President Trump is delivering for middle class voters. Americans don’t care about Sean Spicer, Reince Priebus or Anthony Scaramucci. They care about jobs, rising incomes, and their retirement accounts.
Donald Trump isn’t a politician — he’s a one-man wrecking ball against our dysfunctional and corrupt establishment. We’re about to see the deluxe version of the left’s favorite theme: Vote for us or we’ll call you stupid. It’s the working class against the smirking class.
They want to marginalize you – to make you feel as though you are in the minority.
So they insult you, demean you, dismiss you – all in hopes that you simply stay home and stay quiet.
But Donald Trump changed all that. He began a movement. Or, as they saying goes, he awakened the sleeping giant.
And the insufferable Smirking Class despises him for it. This is why they want to get rid of him.

‘Everything The President Wants To Do, McMaster Opposes,’ Former NSC Officials Say
“Everything the president wants to do, McMaster opposes,” a former senior official said in a wide-ranging interview. “Trump wants to get us out of Afghanistan — McMaster wants to go in. Trump wants to get us out of Syria — McMaster wants to go in. Trump wants to deal with the China issue — McMaster doesn’t. Trump wants to deal with the Islam issue — McMaster doesn’t.

Commentators | S7 E1: “Taking on the Times”

Top Trump officials addressed the ‘staggering’ number of intelligence leaks
Following Sessions remarks, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats similarly expressed “grave concern” about the number of intelligence leaks, saying that they jeopardize the safety and security of Americans, as well as give foreign adversaries an advantage.
“We won’t tolerate it,” Coats said defiantly. “We will find you.”
He continued, “We will will prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law, and you will nto be happy with the result.”

Report: McCain Wants Congress to Pass ‘Gang of Eight’ Amnesty Bill When He Returns
McCain, before leaving Washington to get cancer treatments in Arizona, reportedly spoke to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) about joining forces again to pass the “Gang of Eight” bill. After joining Sens. Susan Collins (R-ME) and Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) to defeat the GOP’s “skinny repeal” of Obamacare, McCain, who has always wanted to be known as a straight-talking independent, was lionized by Democrats and the legacy media, with CNN paying homage to his “maverick moment.”

Neil Cavuto Slams Newsweek Over ‘Lazy Boy’ Trump Cover: ‘This Cover Is a Sin’
On Friday, Neil Cavuto ripped Newsweek for their latest cover depicting President Trump as a ‘lazy boy’, calling it “over the top.”
“I wouldn’t say representative all of mainstream media, this is a bit extreme- but this is an opinion piece that just bashes the president,” he began, “and six months into his presidency, seems to take the conclusion he’s a total disaster with little chance of turning things around.”

Michelle Obama wishes Barack a happy 56th birthday as the family prepares to jet back to Martha’s Vineyard this weekendFormer first lady Michelle Obama wished her husband a happy 56th birthday on Friday
This weekend, the Obamas plan to fly to Martha’s Vineyard for their annual summer vacation
Meanwhile, President Trump jets to Bedminster, New Jersey on Friday for a 17-day break at his golf club



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Obama vs. Trump: First Five Months

2017 New Presidents regulations

Note: President Trump posted this. I tried searching for it at, but was unable to find it … which doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Added by Pistol Pete


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Donald Addresses the Scouts

The president addressed more than 40,000 members of the Boy Scouts at their National Jamboree. He was met with a wildly enthusiastic throng and he was in his element. Of course, he pisses a lot of people off no matter what he does. As a former scout, I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that a very large majority of those attending yesterday come from two-parent homes, don’t take government handouts, don’t commit rapes or armed robberies, and are more likely to volunteer for military service. Liberals despise them because they grow into that most dreaded of all terrorist groups, the white middle class.

Obama never addressed the organization once. The left is howling this morning about Trump turning his speech into a political rally. Never mind the fact that anytime a democrat gets in trouble he runs to the nearest black mega-church for solace and a pep rally. Obama did it all the time because he was looked on as some sort of deity.

My personal experience with the scouts was a happy one. Our troop was sponsored by a Methodist church and the farm across the road belonged to one of their members. About 1962 they held their first corn boil as a fundraiser. We were the hired hands. I had to show the others how to go out into the massive cornfield and pick sweet corn by hand: grip the ear where it is attached to the stalk, pull down, a quick twist and it comes loose. Always make sure the husk is very tight, not spongy. That means the kernels are filled out. If you pull the husk down a little, and pierce a kernel with your thumbnail, the white, starchy liquid should squirt to your knuckle. That means it has a good sugar content. That was more than 50 years ago and they still hold the event every August.

One of our assistant scoutmasters had a big farm with some woods and a creek running through it. We made a campground on it and built a dam across the creek to make the water deep enough for a swimming hole. (Can you imagine kids swimming in a creek these days?) We camped at least once a month to work on nature projects and had a really stupid idea to go on a Polar Bear camp-out in the dead of winter. We only came out of our tents to eat and have a massive snowball fight daily. I hit my friend Louis in the head with a slushball and he went down like a bag of wet cement. I ran screaming back to camp because I thought I had killed Louie. Ah, those were good times.

[CtH: Love it when you reminisce, Pete!  Actually, there is a creek near my house where people still swim.  My mom took me.  I took my girls.  Sometime when my grandkids come in the summer, we’ll have to take them.]


The National Jamboree is held every four years.

POTUS Trump RIPS Obama – Scouts Chant “We Love Trump!” at National Jamboree

Trump ripped Barack Obama for NEVER attending a jamboree.  The massive crowd grumbled then started chanting—“We love Trump! We love Trump!“

Flashback: Democratic Delegates Boo The Boy Scouts Of America

Democrats are all atwitter over Trump’s speech to the Boy Scouts, claiming that he talked politics or made them cheer like Hitler Youth.  Here’s how hypocritical they are. They used politics all over the Boy Scouts, but booed them and attacked them.

LOS ANGELES When Gloria Johnson learned that a group of Eagle Scouts was about to take the stage at the Democratic National Convention, she immediately went into action.
She and other California delegates grabbed poster board and markers and made signs that read, “We Support Gay Boy Scouts.” As the uniformed Scouts took part in the opening ceremony, the delegates, seated in the front of the hall, waved their signs and booed.

Under normal circumstances, jeering at children is the sort of behavior that might get a delegate sanctioned, if not booted from the convention altogether. But anyone who expected the Democratic leadership to scold people bashing the Boy Scouts of America was attending the wrong convention.

Scout’s dishonor! Boy Scouts of America faces backlash from leaders and parents after President Trump turns their Jamboree into a political rally that may even have broken the group’s rules.

  • Trump spoke before a giant crowd of Boy Scouts of America on Monday night
  • The thousands of scouts was celebrating their Jamboree in West Virginia
  • Eagle Scouts, scoutmasters and parents threatened to leave the organization
  • The speech may have violated the organization’s own stance on political events

Trump first promised not to make his speech political, but quickly attacked Obamacare, the swamp, the media and Hillary Clinton.  Parents, Boy Scout members, and scoutmasters were equally livid about the event.  One man claiming to be an Eagle Scout and former scoutmaster called the event ‘nauseating’ adding the organization was ‘never partisan.’  A parent tweeted ‘that was a disgusting display tonight. I am withdrawing my son from your organization next year. You should all be ashamed.’

Trump Rolls His Eyes When Asked If Jeff Sessions Should Resign




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Our Corrupt Media, by John Nolte

Barack Obama trafficked guns to Mexican drug lords, secretly delivered pallets filled with billions in cash to Iran’s America/Jew-hating mullahs, left four Americans to die in Benghazi and then lied about it, allowed his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to exchange government favors for hundreds of millions of dollars slushed into the Clinton Foundation, sic’d his IRS on everyday, law-abiding Americans, and used a trillion dollars in “stimulus” funds to pay off his cronies, like those behind a boondoggle called Solyndra.

And all along, over eight terrible years, our media did a whole lot more than just let Obama get away with it. They wholeheartedly colluded. They allowed Obama to persecute them through the Department of Justice and to lie to our face (remember: I just now read about it in the newspaper, the IRS did nothing wrong, you can keep your insurance). And when that wasn’t enough, the media mercilessly attacked as racist anyone who criticized the Precious and ginned up nothingburgers like Todd Akin to distract from those four dead Americans. And when even that wasn’t enough, they themselves lied and obfuscated, covered up and dissembled, and most of all they set all kinds of precedents that, in a delicious form of irony, are now driving this utterly failed institution to the edge of insanity.

The very same media that shrugged when Hillary Clinton set up a secret server, deleted 33,000 government emails, BleachBit’d whatever remained and then literally took a hammer to the devices — the media that set that precedent now wants us to get all worked up over Trump’s tweets?

The very same media that buried Bill Clinton’s perjury and his numerous victims of sexual abuse — the media that set those precedents now wants us to consider an Access Hollywood video a disqualifier for the presidency? Now wants us to freak out over an awkward handshake?

The very same media that gushed over Barack Obama’s magical ability to “slow-walk the truth” — the media that set that precedent now wants us to impeach Trump over how the details of his son’s meeting with a Russian lawyer have been released?

The very same media that joined Obama in pointing and laughing at Mitt Romney’s concern over Russia, the very same media that told us Obama’s serial-appeasement of Russia (refusing Poland missile defense, “more flexibility after the election”) was in reality an extraordinary form of statesmanship — the media that set those precedents now wants us to toss Trump out on his ear because he’s hoping to work with Putin?

The very same media that covered up the fact that Democrats and Team Hillary worked with the foreign government of Ukraine in the hopes of digging up dirt on Trump, the media that itself has used opposition research from the Russian government (the Golden Showers dossier) in the hopes of destroying Trump — the media that set those precedents now want us to turn on Trump because his son hoped for the same?

The very same media that again and again used “Republican overreach” as a tactic to damage the GOP whenever a Democrat scandal rose up — the media that set that precedent now wants us to side with them when the Trump administration chooses to communicate directly through social media?

The very same media that asked 23 follow-up questions of Trump and none of Hillary — the media that set that precedent now wants us to side with them when the White House limits the press briefings they can peacock in?

The very same media that said nothing when Obama hired a 9-11 Truther as a Czar (and later hired him as one of their own) — the media that set that precedent wants us to be upset over Ivanka and Jared?

The very same media that showed absolutely no interest in recovering even one of Hillary’s 33,000 illegally deleted emails — the media that set that precedent, now wants us to share their outrage over the fact that Don Jr. tried to recover them in a 20-minute meeting?

And now — now! — this very same media (with the help of #NeverTrump’s forever-preening moral narcissists) is using the spear of Muh Principles to demand that those of us on the political right agree to destroy ourselves in their corrupt crusade, that we acquiesce like second-class citizens to their separate sets of rules?

Like hell.



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Romans 12:3

“Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgment, in accordance with the faith God has distributed to each of you.” -Romans 12:3

Trump v Obama - Romans 12 3

Left: President Barack Obama holds his hand outstretched during a blessing for graduates during commencement exercises at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Ind. Sunday, May 17, 2009.

Right: Evangelical leaders laid their hands on Donald Trump’s back as they prayed over him in the Oval Office.

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Egregious Behavior – UPDATED

Lou Dobbs discusses the appalling ex-president who refuses to retire and the Democrat Lapdog media that refuses to call him out on it.

ADDED July 10 by CtH:

I saw an O upon the stair,
A little O who wasn’t there,
He wasn’t there again today,
I wish that O would go away!!!

2017_07 Why is O stalking The Donald

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Just some stuff while I take a break

Backing up my computer is so booooooooooooooooooring. Hope y’all had a good 4th! We had superb weather and a relaxing day. The kids called and sent pics of their kids. What else do two old farts like us need? NOTHING. 🙂

2017_07 03 Trump Truman by Terrell

OBAMA // When Donald Trump won the election last fall, many people wondered if Obama would be as courteous as his predecessor George W. Bush. Would Obama be able to fade into the background and stay out of policy debates? Now we know the answer is no. The spotlight is simply too alluring for Obama, who revels in attention.

NORKS // Communist North Korea successfully test-launched an intercontinental ballistic missile, U.S. officials confirm.

CHARLIE GARD // President Trump tweets support for very sick baby Charlie Gard. “If we can help little Charlie Gard, as per our friends in the U.K. and the Pope, we would be delighted to do so,” Trump said. The parents have raised $1.8 million to bring him to the United States, but British courts refuse to allow the move and have ordered him taken off life support.

CHARLIE GARD // British doctors won’t let Charlie Gard travel to Rome to the Pope’s hospital for care. This is just bizarre, and sickening. Remember this case when people push for government-run single payer health care.

ANTI-CATHOLIC // Boston Public Library has blasphemous drag queen “nuns” read to children to close out “Pride Month.”

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