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The latest whackadoodle anti-Romney meme

On the Dumb-O-Meter, this one is right up there with “I can see Russia from my house!” Even the New York Times says it’s not true.

Bain owns a majority share of Sensata stock.

But Mitt and Ann Romney have NO information about or impact on Bain’s decisions.

Moreover, many of the key people running Bain Capital Investors at this time are Democrats who support Obama.

There is also no “tax break” for outsourcing jobs to China.

There is a tax deduction allowed on moving costs, but those apply no matter where a company moves.

They could move next door, across town, to a new state. They’d still get to deduct the cost of the move.



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Romney’s wrong about one thing …

… not all of us in the 47% are stupid.

Some of us understand that:

A. The government gets the money it sends us from the taxes paid by people who have jobs.

B. The more people who have jobs, the more tax revenue the government has to put into assistance programs and the fewer people who need it.

C. The fewer people who have jobs, the less tax revenue the government has to put into assistance programs and the more people who need it.

For four years, Obama has been failing to get Americans back to work again.

When Obama took office, 60.6% of our population was employed. Today, only 58.7% are employed.

When Obama took office, 11.6 million Americans were unemployed. Today, 12.1 million Americans are unemployed.

When Obama took office, 2.6 million Americans had been out of work for 27 months or longer. Today, 4.8 million are long-term unemployed.

 Mitt Romney became wealthy creating jobs.

Bain Capital is one of the foremost private equity firms in the nation. It invests money in people with ideas who want to start new businesses and in businesses that are struggling or that want to expand. Bain itself employs about 115 employees. The companies it has helped create, build up and save from bankruptcy employ hundreds of thousands.

I’m in the 47% and I’m voting for Romney.

It’s simple really. I need my entitlement and I want the government to stay solvent so it will keep on sending it to me!

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Successful companies create jobs

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You know that steel guy in the Obama ad? The one who talks about how Romney killed his wife? His company was going bust BEFORE Bain stepped in. And that guy? He was a member of the union that sabotaged Bain’s recovery efforts by going on strike to demand even more benefits just when the ENTIRE American steel industry was crashing in the face of competition from cheap, non-union, imported steel.

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You can’t make this stuff up!

In 2006, Bain Capital joined forces with two other investment groups to buy the failing Dunkin’ Brands Incorporated and orchestrate its turnaround to profitable success.

Dunkin’ Brands Inc. owns the Baskin-Robbins chain of ice cream franchises.

Barack Obama worked at a Baskin-Robbins in Hawaii when he was a teenager and shared his first kiss with Michelle while they were on an ice cream date at a Baskin-Robbins in Chicago.

Bain Capital was co-founded by Obama’s current rival, Mitt Romney.

In other words, Barack scooped Baskin-Robbins and kissed Baskin-Robbins, but it was the company Mitt built that saved Baskin-Robbins from bankruptcy.

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Staples vs Solyndra

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Obama’s Bain Hypocrisy

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Outsourcing jobs – Obama vs Romney

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Obama’s Glass House

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In 1993, Bain Capital risked millions to try and save an outdated steel plant that was about to shut down. The plant workers expressed their gratitude and business acumen by staging a nasty 10-week strike in 1997, just as competition from cheap imports was driving the price of steel down and the cost of making steel was skyrocketing. Romney left Bain in 1999. Two years later, nearly half of all U.S. steel companies failed, including the Bain plant.


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I’m leaning Mitt-ward

Ann Coulter explains the Romney-Bain-Ampad-Marion thing.

Excerpted below by CtH for length.  Read the full article here.

Mitt Romney has spent more than 20 years in private enterprise, making thousands of business decisions affecting hundreds of companies that led to more than 100,000 new jobs and billions of dollars for employees and investors. So you can see why the left despises him.

Among Romney’s thousands of business decisions, the one I gather his opponents consider his absolute worst was the decision to close a paper plant in Marion, Ind. – which wasn’t his decision at all.

The “King of Bain” movie that a pro-Newt Gingrich super-pac just bought with money donated by a gambling magnate cites only one company closed by Bain when Romney was even there.

Guess which one? That’s right: Ampad.

[CtH: This is the thing that pushed me away from Newt and toward Mitt. I expect more from the people I support.]

The Democratic National Committee has retained “salt of the earth” Randy Johnson to go on tour to describe all the ways Romney “didn’t care about workers.”

The bitter and lying Randy Johnson happens to have been the union president who led the strike that forced Ampad to close the plant.

Bain Capital specialized in rescuing troubled companies.

In 1992, it bought the faltering paper-based office products business, Ampad, from the Mead paper company.  Far from shutting down Ampad, Bain started buying up more firms in the industry to add to Ampad’s portfolio, hoping to create efficiencies and synergies, including Smith-Corona’s struggling paper business – home to the famed Marion plant.

Smith-Corona went bankrupt the next year. Nobody uses typewriters anymore.

Seeking to succeed where Smith-Corona had failed, Bain’s Ampad sought to renegotiate a suicide pact-union contract at the Marion plant. But instead of renegotiating, union president Randy Johnson thought it would be a great idea to immediately go on strike.

The mid-1990s was NOT a good time for workers in an industry made vulnerable by the new, paperless information age to stage a long, acrimonious strike. Union president Randy Johnson thought it was. The Democrats (and some Republicans) apparently do, too.

Romney wasn’t even at Bain during Ampad’s acquisition of the Smith-Corona business, much less for the strike at the Marion plant. In any event, it’s highly unlikely that Bain would have anything to do with a day-to-day management decision to close a plant, anyway.

Bain did not drive Ampad to bankruptcy by looting it.

To the contrary, Bain built up the company until, in 1996, Ampad was being described in Chief Executive magazine as “a stronger, profitable competitor in a consolidating – and reviving – domestic industry.”

Alas, people kept using those damn computers and shopping for discount paper at Staples and similar stores, and in 1999, Ampad had to file for bankruptcy protection. The company would have gone bankrupt a lot sooner if it hadn’t closed down the non-producing Marion plant.

I don’t know how Mitt Romney is supposed to explain free-market capitalism to career politicians, much less describe the intricacies of a thousand business decisions in two minutes during a debate.

[CtH – I don’t think he should have to be doing it at all to the likes of Newt Gingrich.]


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