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Think of the children, for goodness sake

Christianity has done more for science than atheism ever could By Matt Walsh

The new Common Core “Next Generation” science standards … call for a renewed emphasis on man-caused climate change and, of course, evolution. Evolution — atheistic, nihilistic, materialistic, mindless evolution — must be taught as fact, without other ideas presented to compete with the theory.

Too often Christians cede “science” to the atheist and shrink away from his challenges, backing off in defeat while muttering something about “faith” and “belief.” “Well, you might have your fancy science books, but I’ve got faith.”

Yes, faith and belief are important, but you, my Christian compatriot, are standing on the Mountain of Truth. You have the high ground. YOU have the facts and the science on your side.

Your faith does NOT conflict with science. Christianity built this civilization; your Christian ancestors are the pioneers behind the greatest advancements in many fields of study.

You’d be hard pressed to find a single bit of modern scientific knowledge that wasn’t discovered, or heavily influenced by, the work of devout Christians.

Our understanding of the universe deepened so profoundly during the Christian era because of the Christian tradition that brought a sense of order and rationality to the universe.

Really, we must get atheism away from education before we all end up like the modern atheist’s greatest prophet, Nietchsze, who died insane and naked, eating his own feces in a mental institution. This is not the sort of fate we should wish upon our children.

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GALLUP Historical polls evolution vs creation

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Oregon War Memorial Cross Damaged by IED Blast

Coos Bay Ore cross vandalized 2d time

Aug 23, 2013: Coos Bay, Oregon

Unknown person(s) detonated an Improvised Explosive Device at a Vietnam War Memorial. The cross, donated to the city in 1972, sustained some damage but is still standing.

The cross was also vandalized last May by someone who wrote the word “Remove” on it. A prominent atheist group has been trying to force the community to take the cross down, claiming it “forces Christianity” on unwilling citizens.


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FORWARD to Atheism!

FORWARD to atheism

No religious freedom in military


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Denying God for the Fourth Time

In 1789, President George Washington declared “Thursday the 26th day of November next to be devoted by the People of these States to the service of that great and glorious Being, who is the beneficent Author of all the good that was, that is, or that will be. That we may then all unite in rendering unto him our sincere and humble thanks – for his kind care and protection of the People of this Country previous to their becoming a Nation.”

In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln declared ” I do therefore invite my fellow-citizens in every part of the United States, and also those who are in foreign lands, to set apart and observe the last Thursday of November next as a day of thanksgiving and praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the heavens.”

In 2012, for the fourth year in a row, President Barack Obama left any mention of God out of the Presidential Thanksgiving proclamation.

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Left vs Right — It really is all about God

Some time ago, I was pondering the odd breakdown of highly polarized Left and Right issues.

E.g., the Left is very big on outlawing capital punishment and allowing (encouraging) sex without shame or consequences, anytime, anywhere and with whoever or whatever partner(s) you choose, yet the Left is also very active in support of the hard-line Muslim Sharia movement that openly practices capital punishment for adultery and homosexuality.

Meanwhile, the Right is very big on keeping the government out of our personal lives, yet is also very active in getting abortion outlawed and keeping marriage between one man and one woman.

I could cite more examples, but you get the picture. And you know what they say … an apparent double standard is a sign of a single underlying agenda. I found the underlying single agenda when I compared the polarized issues with Scripture.

Today, I am passing on an article by the highest-ranking Soviet-bloc official ever to defect to the West. He lays out evidence that the Left’s support for both Atheistic Communism and Muslim Extremism is not a coincidence.

Excerpt to whet your appetite:

In 1972, I had a breakfast with then-KGB chairman Yury Andropov in Moscow. The Kremlin, he told me, had decided to transform Arab anti-Semitism into an anti-American doctrine for the whole Muslim world. The idea was to portray the United States as a war-mongering, Zionist country financed by Jewish money and run by a rapacious “Council of the Elders of Zion” (the KGB’s derisive epithet for the U.S. Congress) intent on transforming the rest of the world into a Jewish fiefdom. Andropov made the point that one billion adversaries could cause far greater damage than could a mere 150 million. Even Muhammad, he said, had not limited his religion to Arab countries.

The KGB boss described the Muslim world as a waiting petri dish, in which we could nurture a strain of hate-America, grown from the bacterium of Marxist-Leninist thought. Islamic anti-Semitism ran deep, he said. The Muslims had a taste for nationalism, jingoism and victimology, and their illiterate, oppressed mobs could easily be whipped up to a fever pitch. We had only to keep repeating, over and over, that the United States was a war-mongering, Zionist country anxious to take over the whole world.

The KGB community threw millions of dollars and thousands of people into that gigantic project.

Read the whole thing:

A new Cold War By Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa – Sept 23, 2012

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A profound spiritual message — Please read

Radio host tells of his own divine encounter that illuminates moment

Note: There is a playable audio file at this URL, at the bottom of the text below. The text is not a transcript. I suggest you read AND listen.

The Democratic Party’s symbolic dismissal of God with the removal and forced return of His name to its platform by party officials amid boos from delegates could be the turning point in the 2012 presidential campaign said talk radio-host Michael Savage.

“This is a big moment,” Savage told his listeners after describing a remarkable divine encounter he experienced last night that has underscored for him the gravity of the moment.

“America is disgusted with this party of atheists and America haters,” he said.

At the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte today, the Associated Press noted Democratic officials were embarrassed by the reaction to the party’s removal from its platform yesterday of God’s name and of a declaration that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital.

When officials tried to reinsert the language today through amendments, Chairman Antonio Villaraigosa, the mayor of Los Angeles, had to call for a voice vote three times  because the outcome was unclear. The motion required an affirmation of two-thirds to pass, but it sounded like the yeas and nays were equal. When he ruled that the amendments had been approved by acclamation, he was met with a chorus of boos from delegates.

The scene at the DNC today was a sharp contrast to Savage’s experience last night at a Jewish wedding held at a cold, foggy and windy Presidio on San Francisco Bay.

The site of the wedding was next to the graves of thousands of war dead.

Savage said that as he stood behind the area where the ceremony took place, he noticed a small, bronze plaque in the ground that read: “In memory of all those who died on D-Day.”

“I looked up and I said to the rabbi, ‘Do you realize that if it wasn’t for these men who died on D-Day, none of us would be here today. We’d all be lampshades. We’d be dead.”

The rabbi then “grabbed my hands and we danced around the memorial stone.”

Soon five more men joined in, then 10.

“It was like something out of Chagall,” Savage said, referring to the Russian-French Jewish artist.

“Ten men dancing around this memorial to the fallen of World War II. The profundity was overwhelming to me,” Savage said.

Savage told his listeners of a dream he had that night that tied the wedding story to the events of today.

“I had a vision that the souls of the dead soldiers were drifting over the wedding canopy as this young Jewish couple was being married – that they were finally released from their graves,” he said.

“Many of them were released from their graves, and they knew what they had died for – so we could have religious freedom.”

Democratic National Conference Chairman Antonio Villaraigosa in Charlotte tonight

That “brings us to today” and the events at the Democratic National Convention, Savage said.

“Can you imagine, a nation founded on the principles of God is being taken over by a party that despises God, denies God’s existence and wants to stab Israel in the back in order to support the Islamists who would kill the Jews and drive them out of the Middle East?” Savage asked.

The vote Nov. 6, he said, is a choice between those who believe in God and support Israel, “despite their many blemishes,” and those who support “the Islamist head cutters.”

“It’s that simple,” he said. “It’s as clear as a bell to me.”

Savage said he knew “God’s hand was involved” in the wedding last night and in his own presence there, after initially deciding he didn’t want to go.

He told of meeting Jews from the former Soviet Union “who lived through the denial of God” and “through what Obama is trying to bring to America.”

“They lived through the ex-Soviet Union’s terrors,” Savage said. “They lived through the nationalization of private property, where their grandfathers were thrown out of their own houses, and the houses were given to the state to put the equivalent of the welfare recipients in their homes. They lived through persecution, where Bibles were burned and Jewish rituals were denied.”

Savage said the Jews who lived under communism told him that in the worst of times they never hated God or cursed him.

“One of them said to me, ‘You have one of the most unique roles on the planet.”

Savage said he didn’t know the man, a mystic-oriented rabbi.

“He looked me right in the eyes, and he held my hand and said, ‘You, Michael Savage, have one of the most unique and important roles in America today.”

The rabbi told him “the world is in balance, and your job is very important.”

Savage replied: “Well, what is my job?”

“Your job is to be the bridge between God and man,” the rabbi said.

“I can’t believe that,” Savage said.

“Well, you’d better believe it, because that’s what you’ve been doing on the radio,” the rabbi said. “Do you think it happened for nothing?

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Atheist’s new book is a bombshell

In September, Oxford University Press officially releases the hardcover version of a new book by renowned philosopher Thomas Nagel at New York University. It’s a bombshell.

Already available on Kindle, Nagel’s book carries the provocative title Mind and Cosmos: Why the Materialist Neo-Darwinian Conception of Nature Is Almost Certainly False.

Nagel is an atheist who is not convinced by the positive case for intelligent design. But he clearly finds the evidence for modern Darwinian theory wanting. Moreover, he is keenly appreciative of the “iconoclasts” of the intelligent design movement for raising a significant challenge to the current scientific orthodoxy.


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Traditional Christian values AND today’s news

    In 2008, Macomb County, Mich., ordered John Satawa to remove a seasonal Nativity display that his family had maintained since 1945.
    From 1945 until 2008, nobody minded. What a shocker … the government tried to stop it only after a protest was received from the Freedom From Religion Foundation.
    A federal judge upheld the county’s decision to ban the display, but 6th Circuit appellate judges just reversed that decision, saying it violated both free-speech and equal protection.
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    Barack Obama has done more to advance the cause of alternative sexual lifestyles in the United States than any other president.
    His Department of Justice has decided not to defend the Defense of Marriage Act, which currently is the law of the land.
    Obama has declared special days and events to recognize alternative sexual lifestyles.
    He’s appointed probably more individuals choosing those lifestyles to public office than any other president.
    He’s allowed homosexuals to serve openly in the U.S. military.
    But at today’s daily news briefing at the White House, Obama PR spokesman Carney refused to answer repeated questions from multiple reporters about where Obama stands on polygamy.
    The questions were sparked by a long article in Time magazine about polygamy, titled “I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do” and featuring the story of Alina, Valeria and Vicki, the “three wives of Joe Darger” in Utah. The article portrays polygamy as having a “rising cultural profile” and says that “once-secretive plural families” are beginning to fight for recognition, much as homosexuals have done over the past decades.
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    Mike Huckabee wrote on Facebook. “Let’s affirm a business that operates on Christian principles and whose executives are willing to take a stand for the godly values we espouse by simply showing up and eating at Chick fil-A on Wednesday, August 1.”
    Some 600,000 people signed up to celebrate Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day and reports are the restaurants were packed.
    In Staurt, Florida, the parking lot was overflowing and cars were wrapped around the building waiting to reach the drive-up window. There were extra attendants outside on foot taking people’s orders before they even got near the window.
    In Des Moines, Iowa, there were 300 customers in line at noon. One family said they drove nearly 2 hours to come for lunch.
    In Mesa, Arizona, the lines reportedly were so long, it was taking 30 minutes to get a meal. Another Arizona franchise needed police help with traffic control.
    In Oklahoma, people patiently stood in line for an hour despite 100 plus degree temperatures.
    Chick-fil-A itself did not affiliate itself with the buycott and is refusing to release customer and sales figures for Aug 1.
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A book I don’t plan to read

Casey Luskin calls The Magic of Reality: How We Know What’s Really True:

Richard Dawkins’s Latest Attempt to Produce Young, Angry, New Atheist Clones.

[The following is cribbed from Luskin’s review, URL below.]

The stated purpose of The Magic of Reality is to help kids understand both the content and nature of scientific knowledge.

The real purpose is to get them to disbelieve in anything supernatural and to associate traditional religious beliefs with wacky superstitions that few have even heard of.

Oh yes, you’re also supposed to learn to mock those who disagree with you as “dishonest” and “lying.”

Dawkins freely associates the “tribal god YHWH” with the sun god Helios of Greek mythology with the nature deities of primitive tribes.

Apparently, he’s never heard of the simple fact that, just because there are a whole lot of wrong answers to a question does not mean there is not one right answer.

The last chapter is dedicated to teaching kids to disbelieve in miracles. In his signature fashion, Dawkins knocks down a few wacky straw man examples that real believers laugh at, then leaps to the conclusion that people who say they have evidence of a miracle must be lying and that people who listen to them are lazy or stupid.

He ends up sounding more like the superstitious religionists he so despises.


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My heart aches for God

Excerpt from an astonishingly beautiful essay called “On Being Made for Infinity”

“The problem I have with atheism, materialism and all the rest is not so much that they are false ideologies, as that they demand I be content with the limited. Our desire for beauty cannot be infinite, for an infinite desire constitutes an infinite satisfaction … Christ bled and died that we might have infinite love, infinite goodness, infinite beauty, and the infinite satisfaction of our hungry, pining hearts. We are to be infinitely fulfilled. We are meant for unimaginable ecstasy. Let us never cease to plunge the depths.”

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