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Justice Kennedy Retiring

Just this morning Democrats were whining about how McConnell “stole” the chance for Obama to permanently tilt the court far left. Kennedy was the deciding vote two days ago ruling that President Trump has the authority to ban travel from certain countries. Getting another Justice of Gorsuch’s caliber would send them into apoplexy. Gonna be a hot summer.

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced he will be retiring from the bench at the end of July.

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As Long As I’m At It

There’s a plethora of other items of interest. After the last post I had to shower because I felt dirty talking about that… whatever the hell you call it with the fright wig on her head.

Trump to pull feds out of K-12 education
“For too long the government has imposed its will on state and local governments. The result has been education that spends more and achieves far, far, far less,” Mr. Trump said. “My administration has been working to reverse this federal power grab and give power back to families, cities [and] states — give power back to localities.”
He said that previous administrations had increasingly forced schools to comply with “whims and dictates” from Washington, but his administration would break the trend. Continue reading

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Two stunning examples

Judges are supposed to interpret the law according to precedents, not legislate or indulge in social engineering from the bench.  Here are two stunning examples of the latter from Dan Bongino’s Facebook:

1) When the Supreme Court ruled that the Obamacare penalty was a tax, they ignored Barack Obama himself who had vigorously argued in a nationally televised interview that it was not a tax. So, when it’s a liberal agenda item, the President’s words do not matter.

But, in arguing against the Trump Executive Order on immigration, the left and their judicial allies insist on bringing up Trump’s campaign language about a “Muslim ban” even though the Executive Order says nothing about a Muslim ban. So, when it’s a conservative agenda item, the President’s words do matter.


2) When Arizona passed an illegal immigration law which mimicked federal law, the Supreme Court struck down portions of the law with Justice Kennedy saying , “The State may not pursue (immigration) policies that undermine federal law.”

But, now that liberals dislike the Trump Executive Order and the federal immigration law it is based on, they are vigorously arguing for a state role in national immigration policy and the courts seem more than happy to agree.

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Kennedy: You Are Now Free to Murder Babies in Texas

What a relief.

Stunning victory for abortion rights as Supreme Court strikes down restrictions which shut clinics in Texas by 5-3 – and a dozen state’s laws are likely to follow
Texas law required clinics to meet hospital-style standards for clinics to stay open and was said by state to be about protecting women’s health
Pro-choice groups claimed they were simply an attempt to stop constitutionally-protected access to abortion
Biggest court action on abortion in years and first time in nine years Supreme Court has ruled on abortion
Court ruled 5-3 against Texas, which means the vacancy on the bench left by the death of Anton Scalia would not have affected the outcome
Justice Anthony Kennedy joined four liberal justices in majority opinion authored by Justice Stephen Breyer
Hillary Clinton hailed ‘victory for women in Texas and across America’ but angry Republicans said it was attack on women’s health and states’ rights


Abortion: Do It for Spite!

In response to the Supreme Court’s abortion ruling today, the folks at The Daily Show couldn’t help but do a little end zone dance.

I’m old enough to remember when liberals insisted that abortion was an unfortunate, even tragic, necessity. This was the inspiration behind Bill Clinton’s promise to make abortion “safe, legal and rare.”

Now, apparently, abortion is the kind of thing one should do out of spite.

Actually, it’s even worse than that. This tweet is aimed at men — and I don’t mean people who simply identify as men, but actual biologically male from birth men. They are saying — yes, yes, in “jest” — that “Bros” should go out and “knock up” women because that will really stick it to those stupid conservatives in Texas. Not only is the abortion a trivial instrumentality for political payback, so is the woman who has to go through an invasive surgical procedure.

MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts Gushes Over Wendy Davis’ Pink Sneakers After Abortion Ruling

MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts didn’t try to hide his delight over the Supreme Court ruling Monday striking down a law requiring abortion clinics to meet the same standards as ambulatory surgical centers, using part of his interview with Wendy Davis to gush over her famed pink sneakers.
“You ran for governor after the filibuster that, as I said, it skyrocketed you because of those pink sneakers,” Roberts said. “I’m not sure if you’ve put those in any type of Hall of Fame in Texas, or if they’re still somewhere in your closet, but does this make you want to get back into Texas politics again?”

“I am never stepping away from Texas politics, whether I’m in office or not in office,” Davis said. “I’ve continued to work very hard to make sure that gender equality is advanced in this country. Of course, reproductive rights are an incredibly important part of that, and I could not be happier in this moment talking to you about the decision that we received from the Supreme Court today.”


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