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Andrew Klavan Explains The Rules

2019_10 23 Kavanaugh family

Learn To Play By The Rules Of Politics So Democrats Can Destroy The Country By Andrew Klavan

The following is satirical.

If there’s one thing that’s important for every American to know, it’s how to play by the rules of politics. Playing by the rules allows you to maintain an atmosphere of civility and dignity while the Democrats run roughshod over every norm of behavior and destroy everything good and true about America.

So let’s learn some of the rules.

When someone completely unassociated with Donald Trump produces a video in which Trump shoots his enemies in the Democrat Party and the media, it proves that Trump is degrading public discourse and inspiring violence.

When a sportswear company puts an enormous billboard in Times Square showing a woman tying Trump up and stomping on the president’s face, then it’s time to buy some new sportswear.

When Arizona’s lady Governor Jan Brewer pointed a finger at President Barack Obama and told him she needed some border security, that was called “Fingergate” and was an example of Brewer’s racist disrespect for our first black president – who, did I mention, was black?

When House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stuck out her finger at Donald Trump, that was an example of feminist independence and courage and time to buy some new sportswear and stomp on the president’s face.

When Barack Obama’s Justice Department and Intelligence Agencies spied on the opposing party’s campaign, that was our heroic deep state protecting Americans from their incorrect decisions.

When Donald Trump suggested Ukraine examine corruption that might include opposition candidate Joe Biden, that was worse than Watergate in which a president spied on the opposing party like Barack Obama did to Trump.

Finally, when the news media lie and distort in order to support a deep state coup, that’s freedom of speech. When Americans speak out freely against the media’s corruption, that endangers the First Amendment.

You must follow these rules carefully or else you could wake up and find yourself telling a power-obsessed bunch of baby-killing Communist Democrats and media to kiss your butt and then go straight to hell.

And we wouldn’t want that.

CtH: My apologies to Andrew for reprinting this in its entirety and without bothering to ask his permission. It needs to be read.


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Unfit to Serve


SATIRE: by Andrew Klavan – Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is having serious health problems and Democrat leaders have announced that in the unfortunate event she should pass away, whoever Trump appoints to replace her will be guilty of sexual misconduct.

As conservatives quietly issued prayers for the recovery of their long-time political opponent Ginsburg, leftists broke off their raucous celebrations of the death of libertarian billionaire David Koch to issue denunciations of the sexual misconduct committed by whoever Trump appoints as Ginsburg’s replacement should Ginsburg die. Continue reading


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Democrats are the Real Racists

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Reaping the Whirlwind

“For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.” Hosea 7:8

The following is excerpted from Andrew Klavan:

The Left defends gangstas and “transgressive” art and antifa thugs.

But when the shooting starts, they blame guns.

2017 A Bad Guy with a Gun by Branco

The Left sneers at feminine modesty and masculine protectiveness and all social restrictions on sex.

But when sexual harassment, abuse, and rape rise to the surface, they blame “toxic manhood.”

The Left wants us to reel in shock that Donald Trump used to be a playboy who chased women.

But they defended the infidelities and possible rapes committed by Governor, then-President Bill Clinton.

2014 Hillary's War on Women by Branco

Perhaps they should have listened to the Catholic apologist G.K. Chesterton, who wrote about the difference between reforming society and deforming it — a passage that was neatly paraphrased by John F. Kennedy:

Don't ever take a fence down until you know the reason it was put up

The Left wants to legitimize disrespect for the flag and for Christianity. They want to ignore the rule of law at the border and silence protests against Islamic ideas that are antithetical to every good thing the West stands for.

They should look to Europe where all these things have been accomplished.

  • When European women are molested in the public square, European leaders advise them to behave more modestly lest immigrants get the wrong idea.
  • When Islamic knives come out and Islamic bombs go off, European police rush to harass those who question the dictates of the Koran.

2016 Dressing for Safety in New Europe by Dry Bones

The degradation of our culture is almost entirely a leftist achievement. Over the last fifty years, it’s the Left that has assaulted every moral norm and disdained every religious and cultural restraint.

They own the whirlwind. If they don’t like the results and want someone or something to blame, they should look in a mirror.


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The Other FISA Scandal

Obama Media Cheerleaders toon

Excerpts from Andrew Klavan:

America’s news centers did everything within their power to suppress, taint, and minimize the impact of the FISA memo, even before they knew what was in it.

The memo represents just one more jigsaw piece in a picture of the Obama administration as a Chicago-style Democratic machine rife with cronyism and abuse of power, a machine to which the media closed its eyes.

We know this. It’s not conjecture.

  • We know that Obama’s IRS made successful efforts to silence conservative voices during the president’s reelection campaign.
  • We know that the IRS also targeted Jewish groups that supported Israel.
  • We know that Obama appointed an attorney general who styled himself the president’s “wing-man . . . there with my boy.”
  • We know that Obama appointed another attorney general who held a secret meeting with Bill Clinton while Hillary Clinton was under investigation.
  • And now we begin to learn that the Obama Justice Department may have colluded with a Democrat’s campaign to spy on a Republican’s.

Obama misled us about much of this and more while journalists kowtowed to, flattered, and ultimately raved about the administration being “scandal-free.”

The press sacrificed its credibility with eight years of willful blindness. That’s the real scandal here, and it’s beginning to come out.


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Hollywood and Manly Men

Real men

Andrew Klavan speaks sense: “Hollywood’s Masculinity Deficit.”

Powerful men and masculine men are not the same thing. Former Fox News host Laura Sivan recently told in heart-wrenching detail how Weinstein cornered her in a basement and masturbated in front of her. Is that how manly men behave in your book? Pick your masculine icon. John Wayne’s characters? Clint Eastwood’s? Watch me take a shower. Give me a massage and I’ll put you in a movie. Is that how they behave?”

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Also worth your time: “Harvey Weinstein Is a Product of the Left’s Rebellion Against God.”

[Hollywood] gave a standing ovation to convicted pedophile Roman Polanski, continues to fete alleged rapist Woody Allen, and grovels at the feet of Bill Clinton, a man who sexually abused women who were under his power.”

Read the rest @

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Dude, where’s our ratings?

You go, Andrew Klavan! [2:37]


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Hurricane of lies

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Cultural appropriation explained

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How to be a mainstream journalist

By Andrew Klavan.

It’s graduation time and many of you young people just getting out of college are probably thinking, “Hey, the Obama presidency can’t last forever, maybe one day I’ll be able to get a good job.” But then it probably occurs to you, “Oh no, I’ve just spent four years studying utterly useless left wing tripe that has absolutely nothing to do with reality, not to mention the fact that I’ve continually cheated by buying my essays and test answers on line, plus weekends of blackout drinking have caused me to commit acts that have reduced me to a genuinely reprehensible person. Who would want to hire me now?”

Well, good news. After four years of nonsensical leftism, dishonesty and poor behavior, you’ve acquired just the sort of qualifications you need to become a mainstream media journalist. That’s right, you could soon be standing in front of a studio green screen with a picture of an exotic place chroma keyed onto it, experiencing all the thrill of lying about people and misrepresenting events.

But wait. Before you can enter the exciting world of mainstream journalism, there are a few things you need to know.

A Mainstream media journalist needs to be able to tell the difference between an example and an exception. An example is something that almost never happens, but is very important because it exemplifies an idea you want people to believe. A Christian who murders people in the name of his religion is an example because, while very nearly unique, he exemplifies the evils of Christianity. A Muslim who murders people in the name of his religion is an exception. An exception is something that occurs all the time, but exemplifies something a mainstream journalist doesn’t want people to know: namely the truth.

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