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H8ters: Look to the Left

US is Not Racist

Allen West divide


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The Racist Evil on the Left

Booker T Washington quote

Between 1890 and 1915, Washington was the dominant leader in the African-American community. He mobilized a nationwide coalition of middle-class blacks, church leaders, and white philanthropists and politicians, with a long-term goal of building the community’s economic strength and pride by a focus on self-help and schooling. Washington was on close terms with national Republican Party leaders.

Black militants in the North opposed his policies and set up the NAACP which took over leadership after Washington’s death. The NAACP opposes anything that is not approved by far left Democrats. This frequently puts it at odds with the same “colored people” it claims to represent. For example, the NAACP is rabidly pro-abortion, despite the fact that more black babies are killed than are born. It also supports gun control laws that leave law abiding citizens vulnerable to armed and violent criminals, while opposing successful school voucher programs which are popular with poor black parents.

Allen West liberals divide us

Black unemployment

Those of you following my “Satan’s Century” blogs will note that the rise of the NAACP as primary leader in the black community coincides with what I believe was the beginning of the time period God granted to Satan to try and destroy His church.  The black churches were such a strong part of their community identity that Planned Parenthood founder and flaming racist Margaret Sanger targeted black ministers for conversion to her cause.  Two of the worst race-baiting, hate-mongering, pro-abortion, black leaders of today – Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson Jr. – are both Baptist ministers.



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Whether to be a victor or a victim is an individual choice

I know from long, hard and very personal experience that a person can be victimized and still CHOOSE to be a victor.

West Victors not Victims

Why did blacks riot in Baltimore?

“We’re just angry at the surroundings–like this is all that is given to us?–and we’re tired of this, like nobody wants to wake up and see broken-down buildings.” – Robert Wilson of Baltimore

In today’s world of welfare, food stamps, government housing, and white guilt, Mr. Wilson doesn’t know any better than to ask for handouts from and to pass blame on white people.

But Baltimore elected its first black mayor in 1987. Today, the mayor, the police chief, the fire chief, and half the police force are black. Two thirds of the population and most of the city council are black.

Those neighborhoods Wilson complains of didn’t start out as slums. Whites saved and worked hard to build those neighborhoods. They maintained them, repaired them, and loved them. But after the riots in Baltimore in 1968, whites panicked and sold their property at desperation prices and fled.

Now those neighborhoods that were once filled with lovely and loved homes are wastelands of broken-down buildings inhabited by people who have been told by and have believed their evil Democrat overseers that they are doomed to be victims.

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Allen West talks racism on Fox News Live Sunday

Obama sad

Allen West: Obama Creating Myth Of Modern-Day Racism
Tom Hinchey — December 30, 2014

Charles Payne asserted to Lt. Col. Allen West on Fox News Live Sunday that many people believe President Barack Obama is the central reason why race relations seem to be getting worse in the United States. Colonel West commented that he grew up in the inner city of Atlanta and remembers what race relations used to be like. West said that racial division is what Obama wants.

“For President Obama, when you look at it from his perspective as a progressive socialist community organizer, he believes that race relations are fine, because of the impact they’re having on what they believe is social justice. So when you have this incredible divide amongst us, because that is the aim and the goal of collectivism, which is what the president believes in, then everything is fine for him.”

Colonel West pointed out that the president and Al Sharpton are perpetuating a mob atmosphere:

“When you have someone like Al Sharpton visiting the White House and providing him counsel eighty-two times and standing and putting pressure on Sony and other individuals, and this angst that has happened, and this mob atmosphere that is going on, this is really what the president would like to have – this vomiting of dissension. But that is not what the inner city needs right now. We need economic growth. We need better education opportunities. But that’s not the focus.”

Payne added that President Obama is stoking racial division because he is unable to improve the economy.

“I would actually argue that a lot of times the president’s fallback position with respect to stoking the anger and anxiety with race is because of an inability to move the economic needle … It feels like at every turn that he could blame or hint or suggest that racism was at the fault of criticism, the fault of failure, he took that.”

West responded that, although the nation has a black president and many other black people serving in positions of authority, it still is not good enough for Obama.

“Well, one of the things is that they created that atmosphere back early in 2009. Eric Holder said that we were a nation of cowards when it came to race. And you look at the fact that we have elected and re-elected the first black president, but yet he still believes that that’s not enough. We have the National Security Advisor, the Department of Homeland Security. I don’t know what more else you need to have.”


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Who is the real sellout?

DEM run every ghetto

Who is the real sellout?

By Allen West – December 11, 2013

One of the many insidious monikers hurled at black conservatives is “sellout.” Black liberals who fear the rise of independent-thinking blacks are threatened by those of us who refuse to be stuck on the 21st century economic plantation of the white progressive socialists.

I find it absolutely disgusting how the black community continues to fawn over a person who took it upon himself to make one of his first decrees the cancellation of the DC school voucher program for young deserving black children. That person of course is President Barack Obama.

And his policies continue to damage the black community. Case in point: Tom Allison of the Huffington Post shows the abject decimation of opportunity for young blacks ages 16-24.

Allison writes:

Nearly one in four black 16- to 24-year-olds was out of work in November, compared to only about one in ten white workers in the same age group.

In other words, as we enter the sixth year of the Obama economy, the failed economic policies of the “first black president” are exacerbating the unemployment of all black Americans. While Obama is yukking it up taking “selfies” at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service, the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows in November 2013 black workers aged 25 to 34 had an unemployment rate of 13.6 percent. A year ago the rate was 12.7 percent. This is more than double the rate of white workers in the same age group at 5.9 percent.

Black workers have consistently seen higher unemployment rates that whites, but these numbers are certainly disturbing, and epidemic.

Allison states,

The fact that the nation’s black young adults are worse off than they were a year ago should be a serious concern for our nation’s leaders. The recovery is slow enough as it is, but the widening the racial gap among young people makes this issue even more urgent to address.

But is it actually a concern for Obama and the coalition of race baiting, poverty-prophet black leaders? Combine this with the deplorable state of the black family, crumbling inner cities, astronomical murder and incarceration rates, and you have a recipe for disaster. However, as former Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus Emmanuel Cleaver stated, “President Obama knows he has a certain amount of deference given to him. But if there were anyone other than him in the White House we would be marching.”

So I ask all of you proud black liberals, who is the real sellout? Those of us who offer solutions for economic growth, education, restoration of the black family, and a future of opportunity — or your self-proclaimed messiah incarnate President Obama who is selling you to his white progressive socialist masters for your blind obedience and vote?

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10,736 LIKES in 48 minutes

Allen West posted this 48 minutes ago. It clocked an additional 50 LIKES in the time it took me to open up this text file to blog it! LOL

In Washington DC there are three things that must be balanced: politics, policy, and procedure. We just witnessed the despicable failure of American stewardship by Harry Reid and the Senate liberal progressives in killing the House legislation that leveled the playing field for hardworking middle income American families. Instead, led by the egomaniacal, arrogant Barack Obama, Democrats have proven themselves hypocritical elitists who seek to abuse the American people in the political game of “blame checkers” to attain power. I think if Assad, Putin, or Rouhani were House Speaker there would have been more communication. The House GOP is focused on good policy, as Obamacare is an abysmal partisan piece of garbage. The House GOP should now follow regular order procedure and pass prioritized federal government spending bills. America, let us promise to never again elect as President any charismatic, community organizing liars who play lots of golf.


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Skin color is not the problem

Bill O’Reilly did a scathing segment on President Obama and the race problem. Video embedded @

O'Reilly on the cause of the race problem a

O'Reilly on the cause of the race problem b

O'Reilly on the cause of the race problem c

Ben Carson is not a racist

It isn't your skin color that's the problem

Bill Cosby was condemned by black leaders for his oft-stated opinion that blacks should fix their own problems and not just bitch about white racism and gimme more money [4:59]

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It’s their ideology that matters

2013_04 19 West on domestic Muslim terror

2013_04 19 Coexist bumper sticker on car bomber jacked

MSM tried to blame right wing white Americans for Boston



  •     5 min after bombing, MSM blames right-wing Americans. Now we know bombers are Muslims, it’s “We can’t speculate on motives.”
  •    News Media: Don’t you just hate it when you solve a crime, and then the cops arrest somebody and you have to make it back into a mystery?
  •     People saying “what a great guy Jahar was” are pissing me off.. I wonder how great a guy Martin Richards would’ve been?
  •     The punk placed a bomb next to a child. I don’t need to know why. Because why will not change the fact that he placed a bomb next to a child
  •     That poor dead cop. I don’t need to know that the punk who shot him had a strong relationship with his brother. Save it for Dr. Phil.
  •     The color of their skin is as irrelevant as the color of their socks. It’s their ideology that matters.
  •     Ironic that people who think it acceptable to accuse Catholic priests of being pedophiles are now warning us against stereotyping Muslims.
  •     Video Posted by Dzhokhar Tsarnaev: “go through martyrdom of Allah”. I say to the media: “It’s the Jihad, stupid.”
  •     One Tsarnaeyev Brother posted youtube videos glorifying Islamic terror attacks. But media holds out hope this was just term paper research.

2013_04 19 Forecasting media coverage of bomber

  • CNN portraying bomber as a “victim”?!
  • CNN wants 2 make sure we know that the youngest #BostonBombers was sweet kid & a good wrestler.
  • CNN – Bomber’s HS coach/neighbor Larry Aaronson calling him a “lovely lovely kid”
  • Bombing ppl is just a hobby.
  • Fort What? Politico Asserts Obama ‘No Longer Has an Unblemished Record’ on Stopping Domestic Terrorism.
  • Obama Warns “Not To Rush To Judgement” About “Motivations” And “Groups”
  • This is the same guy who said the cops behaved stupidly. So yeah. No rushing to judgment there.
  • Media: White male loner killing white kindergartners in CT = NEWS.
  • Media: Black doctor butchering black babies in PA = NOT NEWS.
  • Sure, it’s another attack by Muslims. But they didn’t do anything truly awful like think taxes are too high or own a rattlesnake flag.

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Real Girls Carry Pink Rifles

Feb 15, 2013: Democrat Representative Joe Salazar says women don’t need guns to protect themselves from rapists, because, well, the guy following you and making you feel like you’re in trouble might not actually be planning to harm you. And, well, duh, “That’s why we have call boxes, that’s why we have safe zones, that’s why we have the whistles.” [1:03]

Remember how the mainstream media harped on Republican Todd Akin’s remarks about “legitimate rape”? Do not hold your breath waiting for any of them to pressure anybody anywhere to talk about Salazar’s remarks. After all, he’s a Democrat. If a Republican uttered that “callbox and whistle” absurdity, the media storm would be visible from space.

Meanwhile, an 11-year old girl used a rifle to scare off home invaders. Don’t hold your breath waiting for the national media to cover this one. They would only care about her if she were a Democrat and her attackers (who they could prove or pretend were Republicans) had raped and/or killed her. But a strong-minded female who defends herself with a rifle (a PINK rifle no less!) … crickets.

Armed 11 year old Girl Defends Home from 3 armed Burglars: Armed Citizen [2:01]

I want a pink rifle.

Allen West @

Howdy everyone, hope you enjoyed your President’s Day. I took a moment to consider the typical liberal left hypocrisy as evidenced by media attention. Think about the episode involving former IL Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr, and his wife and campaign funds misappropriation to the tune of $750k. What, you’re not hearing about that in the media? Imagine if this were instead a former black conservative GOP Member of Congress. Or how about the countless droning stories about a Hispanic Senator taking a drink of water, as opposed to a Hispanic Senator involved in ethics violations and potentially underage prostitution. Yep, the duplicitous hypocrisy and double standards are alive and well…just think if Operation Fast and Furious, Benghazi, and drone attacks on Americans had occurred in a Republican administration.



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Allen West vs. Bob Beckel

No matter how you slice it, West makes Beckel look like exactly what he is … a Big Fat Loser.

Chrissy’s Site Bites @

Click on graphic to embiggen.

Bob Beckel has a Bachelor’s degree. While in college, he worked on Bobby Kennedy’s 1968 campaign until Kennedy was murdered.

In the 1977-1980 Carter administration, he was the youngest ever Deputy Assistant Secretary of State. Carter’s State Department is known for helping to bring down our ally, the Shah of Iran, and replace him with the virulently anti-American Ayatollahs.

In 1984, he served as campaign manager for Walter Mondale’s presidential campaign against first-term Reagan (who had trounced Carter). Mondale won 4 electoral votes.

In 2002, he managed Alan Blinken’s 2002 Senate campaign until a prostitute targeted him for extortion, when Blinken fired him.

Beckel is also a recovering alcohol and cocaine addict who now works as co-host and political commentator on CNN and Fox News and also as a graduate school professor of politics at the George Washington University where they apparently have very low standards in their professors. His students have more formal education than he does!

In 2007, Beckel was involved in an altercation in a parking lot over his anti-George W Bush bumper stickers.

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