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Zo reveals what’s really stupid

The parties “switched sides”

Only white people are “racists”



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Snivel Fest

Zo on A Day Without Women – Feminists want to be feared, not loved by men

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Zo: Hell Must Suck Pretty Bad

God is everywhere, except Hell. It’s not His fault that Hell is completely AWFUL. He is ALL that is good and He is NOT there.

The ZoLoft : A Trip Through Hell [13:05]


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Gosnell Movie Update

Michael Beach is playing Dan Molinari, a District Attorney who oversees the investigation and prosecution of Kermit Gosnell.

Other squee-ful cast announcements … Dean Cain and Alfonzo Rachel!

2015_09 28 Gosnell Movie Dean Cain and Alfonzo Rachel

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Donkey holes and despicable victimization

Zo strikes again! “Talk loud and not say a damn thing” [4:30]

Charles Payne - despicable victimization

H/t Pistol Pete


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