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Democrat Treachery ca 2011

As a military mom, NOTHING about Obamacrats makes me more angry than the horrible way they treat our troops. A close second is how SHORT their damn memories are about all the vile things they’ve done in the past. The graphic below is the first in a series I did in 2011* about Iraq containing truths that need to be remembered accurately. I loaded it to a new Facebook album. It’s public, so you should be able to see it and share it even if you don’t have a Facebook account.

00 Obama puts politics before leadership - June 22, 2011

Democrat Treachery ca 2011

*It used to be at Chrissy’s Site Bites, where I had more than 3,000 graphics. Webshots has been turned into a cloud storage site and is no longer hosting graphics.

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Grab a tissue!

This is a GOOD one … especially coming on the heels of news that there have been cops assassinated in two more cities.  

And when you’re done with that, read “A French Soldier’s View of US Soldiers in Afghanistan” – December 15, 2014

Excerpt: “What follows is an account from a French ISAF soldier that was stationed with American Warfighters in Afghanistan sometime in the past 4 years.  This was copied and translated from an editorial French newspaper. … Current everyday conventional boring ‘leg infantry’ units exceed the PT levels and training levels of most Special Forces during the Vietnam War. They exceed both of those as well as IQ and educational levels of: Waffen SS, WWII Rangers, WWII Airborne and British ‘Commando’ units during WWII. Their per-unit combat-functionality is essentially unmeasurable because it has to be compared to something and there’s nothing comparable in industrial period combat history.”

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On November 4, VOTE HERO

MILITARY blood type on boots

When Bush was in office, we heard about military deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan almost daily. The print media published rows and rows of dead soldier photos; the broadcast media interviewed Gold Star Moms weeping; and Democrats running for office chanted off “Bush’s” death toll.

Oddly, after Bush left office, the media and all those weepy Democrats fell silent, despite the fact that our soldiers have continued to fight and die in the Middle East.

Call me cynical, but I think the Left-biased media and the very Left-wing Obamacrats in power don’t actually give a toot about our troops. It was only when a REPUBLICAN was in the White House and another pro-military REPUBLICAN was running to replace him that they pretended to care.

In short, soldiers fighting and dying in military actions sanctioned by a DEMOCRAT president are of no interest to them. The real truth is that Democrats HATE Republicans and will say and do ANYTHING to get and keep power.

Democrats have a long history of short-changing our troops’ benefits and selling them out on the battlefield. This is why most of our soldiers vote Republican. More than 1,000 American soldiers have lost their lives in Afghanistan JUST in the last 27 months! This is more than the combined total of the nine years before. Have you heard a word? No. Why not? Because Democrats DON’T CARE ABOUT OUR TROOPS.

Right now, the Commander In Chief is AWOL. He is not merely indifferent; he is incompetent. He ordered the White House flag flown at half-staff for Sikhs that were killed, but he has done nothing but lie and cheat and stall on issues that matter the most to our nation’s finest.

Since taking office, he has failed to even ATTEND half of his national security briefings and when he does bother to listen to his experts, he does the opposite of what they recommend. Then, as we saw (again) this week, when things go badly, he blames everybody but himself.

The 9/11 attacks were in the planning for FIVE YEARS.  George Bush had been in office EIGHT MONTHS when they occurred.  If anyone was responsible for emboldening Al-Qaeda, it was the Democrat in office before Bush, Bill Clinton.  Funny thing about his wife being Obama’s Secretary of State for the Benghazi attacks, isn’t it?  Makes you think maybe Democrats are really BAD at this foreign policy, national security stuff.

Bush was in office for more than 7 years after 9/11.  During that time, there were no terrorist attacks on America.  Obama and the Democrats who took control of Congress in 2007 all campaigned on the idea that Bush had gone about this whole Global War on Terrorism thing all wrong.  In fact, he was a new Hitler!  A bloody murderer!  ACK!  Put a Democrat in charge and see a kinder, gentler world evolve before your eyes.

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight.  Obama has had 6 years to prove to us that he was capable of keeping us safe from Muslim extremists.  During this time, he has vacationed, golfed, campaigned, bowed to foreign leaders, armed terrorist and generally ignored the plight of our men and women in uniform (except when he wanted them for a photo op).  For crying out loud, he labeled the Fort Hood shooting “workplace violence”, renamed terrorist attacks “man-caused disasters”, and insisted that Muslim extremists aren’t Muslims!

Obama has made the Rules of Engagement (ROE) so difficult, that our troops are often killed before they can even get permission to fight. Nothing has been done to stop our troops from being murdered by the Afghanis they are training, either.

Now … would you believe? … President Obama wants the US to sign on to the UN’s International Criminal Court (ICC), which would allow the UN’s ICC to arrest and try US troops for War Crimes, without the legal protections guaranteed under US Law, and from which there is no appeal!

With the White House AND the Senate in the hands of Obamacrats, pro-military Republicans can do very little to help our troops. The Republican-majority House of Representatives has passed literally HUNDREDS of bills, many with strong bipartisan support. Senate majority leader, Democrat Harry Reid, throws them in the trash. He won’t even allow them to come to the floor of the Senate for DISCUSSION, never mind a vote.

And who gets the blame, again and again, for the “do nothing Congress”? Republicans. But it is the DEMOCRAT LEADERSHIP that is blocking everything Americans want to get done.

Our troops are getting screwed. But with Obama backed up by Reid’s Democratic majority Senate, the military-hating Left has nearly all the power. We MUST take back the Senate in 2014 so our troops can once again be protected from unnecessary danger.

Please consider this plea as signed in the blood of all the soldiers who have died in OBAMA’S WARS. Then send it on to your mailing lists. Thank you and God bless.

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MYTHBUSTER: Bush’s “unilateral” wars

MYTHBUSTER Bush's unilateral wars


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Barack Obama set this man free

One of the five Gitmo detainees exchanged for deserter Bowe Bergdahl was Mohammed Fazi (or Fazl … I saw both).

In 1999, Taliban forces led by Mohammed Fazi swept through a village on the Shomali plain north of Kabul in a scorched-earth offensive that prompted some 300,000 people to flee for their lives.

The villages of this area were once the orchard of central Afghanistan, and the plain’s carefully tended vineyards were famous for their grapes. When the Taliban seized control, they systematically demolished everything … blowing up houses, burning fields and seeding the land with mines.

Mohammed Fazi played a major role in the destruction.

2014_06 Mohammed Fazi - Released by Obama

Obama says it was his decision to release these evil men and that he’s not sorry. Therefore, responsibility for every harm done by these thugs from now on rests squarely on Barack Obama’s shoulders.

NBC: It was my decision [:49]

(Please notice in the interview how Obama does NOT answer the question about why he ignored the law that requires him to inform Congress before releasing any Gitmo detainee.)


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Posted by Pistol Pete

I’m almost afraid every time I boot up that I’m going to read where Afghanistan has invaded the US and Obama has unilaterally surrendered. There’s so much stuff bubbling to the surface it’s a challenge to try to get to a portion of it.

As CtH posted yesterday,Bergdahl’s hometown of Hailey,Idaho has cancelled plans for a big Welcome Home celebration.
One reason is a row that erupted in Hailey between Mayor Fritz Haemmerle and US Army Platoon Commander Jonathan Kennedy, who lives in Hailey. Commander Kennedy called the celebration for a deserter a “monstrous profanity.”
Carole King was scheduled to entertain the folks. Pity.
The mayor must have realized that this small town would have been overrun with huge news trucks,snotty reporters and protesters and anti-protesters.
For those not familiar,Hailey is in the posh ski resort area of Sun Valley,Idaho. It is the only county in the state that voted for Obama in both 2008 and 2012.
I have a theory that Hailey was founded in the late ’60s when a couple vanloads of maggot-infested dope-smoking draft dodgers fled San Francisco to hide out in Canada. After the entire group got completely stoned,they wrecked in a snowbank. When they came off their high,they thought they’d made it to Canada and started a little commune. Voila. Up popped the town of Hailey,population 8000.

There is a vile little barfbag named Brandon Friedman in the Obama regime. He is deputy assistant secretary for public affairs at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. This is what this festering pile of cowflop tweeted:


Long on psychopaths and short on leadership? WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE,PUNK????
This remind me of the “nuts and sluts” campaign the Klintoons employed against any of Bent Penis’ sexual assault victims who tried to point out what a shitheel this bastard really is.
Apparently,I’m not the only one wiping spit off my monitor:
Obama admin official scrubs Twitter bio after suggesting Bergdahl’s platoon was full of ‘psychopaths’
His bio was deleted.Twitchy caught it;

Wanna get even more steamed?
Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl May Be Getting A Huge Amount Of Money After His Release
Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl could be entitled to about $300,000 in back pay and special compensation following his release as a Taliban prisoner, experts say.

Read more:

Think Obama has sunk as low as he can go? Not even close.
REPORT: White House canceled a RANSOM deal for Bergdahl in order to do a PRISONER SWAP
According to Catherine Herridge, there was a team working with Pakistani leadership who was putting pressure on the Taliban to accept a ransom deal for Bergdahl. That is until the White House decided they wanted to do a prisoner swap and put the ransom deal on hold.

FOX News is reporting that the Obama administration may have given the Taliban and Haqqani terrorists money as well as the five top Taliban prisoners.

An odd coincidence in the Bergdahl release?
The Truth Revolt material shows that negotiations for Bergdahl’s release have been underway for years. We also know that on Sunday, May 25 Obama visited Afghanistan’s Bagram Airfield for a secretive military consultation.

It was during this secretive visit, which occurred around a week before Bergdahl’s release, that the Kabul CIA station chief was outed.

Of course, Obama’s people say the outing was accidental.

Maybe it was, just like Bergdahl might be just as honorable as the always very honest Susan Rice says he is.

Could the outing of the CIA chief have been part of the Taliban’s demand to trade the deserter?

Friends,I apologize to put most of the bergdahl stuff here,but there’s so much I could do two posts and I appreciate you only have so much time.

I’m doing two posts tomorrow. One is the usual Fun Post,the other a special one to honor the 70th anniversary of D-Day. It is heartbreaking that there are just a very small handful of these very special men left. I’m not a particularly eloquent man but no one has any more love and respect to for these all-but-forgotten heroes. I will honor them as best as I possibly can.







(running DOG is more like it)

2 cents from CtH: What do you suppose the chances are that those two boys just happened to wear exactly the same outfit as Barack?  Dontcha just love these “spontaneous” images of Teh Won?



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Posted by Pistol Pete

Bowe Bergdahl was released in exchange for five high-ranking Taliban terrorists. Obama is basking in the dubious glory of negotiating with bloodthirsty muderers,but there’s more to this…much more.

This is Bowe’s parents, Bob and Jani Bergdahl, at Obama’s dog and pony show in the Rose Garden yesterday.

U.S. President Obama watches as the parents of U.S. Army Sergeant Bergdahl talk about the release of their son at the White House in Washington


This is what he tweeted and then deleted:


There is a law that Obama cannot release any prisoners from Gitmo without notifying Congress beforehand. Of course,he’s never given a rat’s ass about laws. What this really was,IMHO,was to change the subject from the true heroes,our vets,who are dying like flies under this poser’s watch.

Some republicans can see through this charade,but their protestations will be ignored or they’ll be made out to be cold-hearted ogres who’d rather an American soldier remain captive to the Taliban murderers he actually tried to join.

The Spite House spin,put out by that paragon of honesty Susan Rice this morning, was that he was in danger and there was no time to consult Congress. Just like we had to pass the stimulus scam in 24 hours or the country would disintegrate.

Here’s the paid liar with Candy Crowfoot.

Bergdahl Snuck Off Post to Join Taliban – At Least Six Americans Were Killed Trying to Find Him

This is from first-hand accounts of people who were there.

Hagel Says Release of Bowe Bergdahl Is “New Opening” For Talks With The Taliban…

So much for America’s long standing ban on negotiating with terrorists.



Taliban declare ‘victory’ as Obama lets a mass killer, Bin Laden’s friend and an opium drug lord walk free : Fury at release of hardened terrorists for last US POW

  • Five senior Taliban members are to be handed over to Qatar as part of deal
  • Obama criticised for sidestepping law that requires him to alert Congress to release of terror suspects
  • One detainee is accused of presiding over a mass killing
  • Qatar has agreed to to host the detainees for at least one year




Obama Submits To Taliban Demands, Allows Praise For Allah

President Barack Obama apparently traded five jailed jihadis held in Guantanamo for one American soldier, despite federal law, which requires Congress to be notified before prisoners are transferred.

Obama used a Rose Garden press event to tout the surprise trade — which he won by making critical, last-minute concessions — while the parents of the freed soldier, Bowe Bergdahl, stood alongside.

At the end of brief event, the soldier’s father, Bob Bergdahl, recited the most frequent phrase in the Koran — “Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim” —which means “In the name of Allah, most Gracious, most Compassionate.”

After Bergdahl finished his statement and his praise for Allah, Obama hugged him.

The Taliban echoed Bergdahl, saying the trade happened “due to the benevolence of Allah Almighty and the sacrifices of the heroic and courageous Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate.”

Read more:

Keith Kofflet at WHD has a profile of the five filthy pigs Obama let out to kill more Americans:


by Keith Koffler on June 1, 2014, 11:37 am

By trading very senior and very dangerous Taliban leaders for a single U.S. soldier, President Obama has created grave peril for every American, and he has branded a “K” of the forehead of every U.S. serviceman and woman serving overseas. The “K” stands for “Kidnap me.”

Because kidnapping gets results.

I wish I could do something fancy,but it is what it is.


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Obama should be mad at himself

CNN: Obama’s VA Scandal Anger Seems “Rather Hollow”

Numerous Examples Of Obama Appearing To Be Left In The Dark

Democrats have been quick to blame the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. But wounded warriors coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan cost $4,800 each on average, while aging vets cost $8,800 each on average. Iraq and Afghan vets account for 7% of those treated, yet use only 4% of the money spent on health care.

Democrats have also been quick to blame “not enough money” (when are they not?) … but Investor’s Business Daily crunched the numbers and found that from 2000 to 2013, the VA’s budget nearly tripled, while the population of veterans declined by 4.3 million.

Roger L. Simon: “With veterans dying while waiting lists are falsified, it’s hard to see government healthcare as anything but incompetent, disgraceful and quite possibly criminal.”


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Duck Dynasty rocks!

Willie won’t be in this year’s Christmas special cuz he’s in AFGHANISTAN visiting our troops.

2013_12 Willie is in Afghanistan



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The unprecedentedly unspectacular presidency of Barack Hussein Obama

GALLUP Prez Obama vs Bush

Click on graphic to embiggen.

These are public approval polls. The media has such a lot to do with public perception that I wish there was some way to factor in the MSM’s slobbering over Obama vs. their torches-and-pitchforks coverage of Bush.

For example, all that time at the end of Bush’s tenure, when his numbers were in the toilet, the press coverage of the War in Iraq was viciously negative. All we saw in the press was Bush Lied, People Died, Blood for Oil, and Gitmo Gitmo Gitmo (where no one had been waterboarded in more than 5 years and … oh wait, Nancy Pelosi had signed off on that after seeing a demonstration of waterboarding).

Yet WE WERE WINNING THE WAR IN IRAQ. Violence was way down. Deaths of soldiers and civilians were way down. People were having free elections.

When was the last time the MSM’s corrupt0listers even mentioned the fact that soldiers and civilians are still dying in Obama’s War in Afghanistan or that Gitmo is still open? Not to mention drones, kill lists, Benghazi, Fast & Furious, IRS, ObamaCare, rampant violations of our civil liberties and THE DEBT?



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