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Pot,Meet Kettle

Al Sharptongue, Hoaxter, race hustler and bullshitter extraordinaire talks about Trump not being smart.

Sharpton: ‘Donald Trump Is Not as Smart as We Give Him Credit For’

“You have to be careful on how he defines win. In the decades I’ve had battles with him here in New York, Donald Trump is not as smart as we give him credit for. What he was reacting to was Rush Limbaugh and many that talk to his base had started saying things that were negative, which is why he panicked about his base. There is a direct correlation between Limbaugh and Ann Coulter and all of them saying you’re not getting anything done, even Tucker Carlson. Now he comes back with the wall, now we’ve got migrants marching, he does the move to go to visit the troops in Iraq, and then, again, opens his mouth and jams himself again.”

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Embracing The Obvious

Issa: ‘Democrats Have Already Planned Impeachment’

If impeachment is not at the top of their list it’s very close. It’s all they’ve lived for the last two years.

Friday, outgoing Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) told One America News Network that incoming House Democrats will use their majority to impeach President Donald Trump.

Issa said, “There is no question at all that the Democrats have already planned impeachment and now are trying to make the case for it. So their goal is impeachment; they have said it.”

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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Maxine Waters Annoyed as Trump Float Passes by in Bahamas Parade

Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters was spotted partying in the Bahamas this week while the government is in the middle of a partial shutdown over a border wall funding dispute.

A Donald Trump float passed right by Mad Max — the person wore a Trump costume and danced as an unamused Maxine Waters looked on.

Surprisingly, Maxine Waters didn’t scream for Trump’s impeachment at the Bahamas parade.

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You’re Welcome To Her

For at least the next two years and most likely longer this deranged hag will redefine mental illness,all the while getting filthy rich and wielding immense power.

Nancy Pelosi Is Spending Shutdown At Luxurious Hawaii Resort

Pelosi, who has put blame squarely on President Donald Trump for the current government shutdown, was spotted Thursday vacationing in Hawaii at the Fairmont Orchid resort, where room accommodations range from $899-a-night for a standard room to $4,899-a-night for the presidential suite.

The resort, on Hawaii’s Big Island, features a golf course, six restaurants, and a 10,000-square-foot oceanfront pool. It also features a “Spa Without Walls,” where the 110-minute Ali’i Royal Experience is available for $369 and a 50-minute couples massage runs $549, according to the spa menu. While at the spa, guests can snack on a gluten-free grilled prawn summer roll for $19.

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Go Ahead And Try

House Dems Quietly Plotting Ways to Reopen Government Without Border Wall Funding

Five billion dollars. She spends more than that on her anti-seizure medicine and enough cream to keep her skin as taut as a Cherokee war drum. That’s funny right there.

House Democrats are quietly plotting ways to reopen the government while stiffing President Trump every penny on border wall funding as soon as they regain power next week.

House Speaker designate Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and other top Dems are kicking around several options that would deny President Trump the $5 billion he is requesting to build several hundred miles of border wall, according to a new report by far-left Politico.

We want … the government open and my hope is we can get it opened before Jan. 3,” said Rep. Jim McGovern (D-Mass.), the incoming Rules Committee chairman. “If not, one of the first things we’ll do will be to move to pass legislation to re-open the government. And the president can decide whether he wants to sign it or not.”


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No S**t, Howie

Howie Kurtz slams NY Times story, says it shows there’s a different standard for reporting on Trump than other presidents!

What was his first clue????

Howie Kurtz weighed in today on the front page story from the NY Times on Trump dodging the Vietnam draft – the story we told you about yesterday.

Kurtz said the story never should have been published in the first place, that it should have been tossed by the editors.

He also makes the point that this ‘investigative’ piece, which amounts to nothing but speculation, shows that there’s a completely different standard when reporting on Trump as opposed to other presidents.

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A Matter Of Taste…Or Gag Reflex

Leftists Mock First Lady Melania For Wearing ‘Timberland Boots’ – But They Loved Michelle Obama’s Streetwalker Thigh-High Glittery Boots

As usual, Melania Trump looked gorgeous in a mustard yellow top and dark pants. She swapped her usual high heels for ‘Timberland boots.’

The First Lady is in a combat zone so she’s trying to balance fashion and comfort, but the left just can’t help themselves — they had to mock Melania’s shoes.

The hate-filled leftists who always attacks Melania Trump for her heels and now these ‘Timberland’ boots just loved Michelle Obama’s streetwalker thigh-high glitter boots she paired with an ill-fitting dress.


This bitch has the grace of a camel and the manners of a goat.


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Sweet Shutdown, Roll On

It never seems to occur to the Democrats, currently bellyaching about the largely phantom “government shutdown,” that the last people Donald Trump cares about offending are the army of Democrat-voting bureaucrats who will be the only folks inconvenienced by Senator Charles Schumer’s latest temper tantrum.

As far as the rest of America is concerned, the shutdown of “nonessential” government services can bloody well continue indefinitely, as the president has promised, in order to get funding for his wall along the Mexican border. It’s the best Christmas present ever.
Bureaucrats are happy to munch on the hands that feed them, with slovenly, indifferent “service” in useless, invented sinecures, but would never think of barking at the guys who actually throw them the bones, and thus keep them ensconced in petty power over their fellow citizens.

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Barbara Boxer,Kindly Go Away

Barbara Boxer: Pelosi Will Act Like a Grown Up, Reopen the Government

Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) speaks during a press conference on Thursday, March 21, 2013 about the differences in the F.Y. 2014 budgets being offered by the House Republican and Senate Democrats.

Boxer said, “I’ll tell you, Wall Street, where I worked a thousand years ago, Wall Street, the thing they hate the most is this kind of chaos, this up and down and down and up. And, you know, hey, a thousand points up, that’s great, is it going to go down a thousand points tomorrow? This is not good for the country.

“And when Nancy Pelosi gets in there and the Democrats act like grown ups, and I’ll tell you, Mitch is going to be in a spot. Let them pass it, let them send the reopening of the government, it could be short term, to the president and let them override his veto if he’s still listening to President Rush Limbaugh. Oh, I mean, radio talk show Rush Limbaugh.”


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‘Slanders and Lies’

Jon Voight: ‘Slanders and Lies’ ‘Trying to Hurt Our President’

Needing to get something off his chest, Voight looked into the camera and told his audience that although he’s “happy all the time… there are things that bother me. Most especially what bothers me is people trying to hurt our president of the United States.”

Voight dove into a short speech on the “slanders and lies” of the mainstream media and left-wing politicians who are trying to distract from the president’s successes. Voight claimed, “He’s doing a good job everyday. He’s doing amazing things really, and the news is not representing it, and there are people who are trying to cook up slanders and lies to bring him down.”

He also told host Mark Levin that the left’s “virulence” towards Trump is due to the fact that “he’s effective.”

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