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Jonestown II

If the Republican party had a death wish, they accomplished it yesterday. They passed a horrific omnibus spending bill much to the delight of the Democrats. The bill was over 2300 pages and they were given less than a day to read it. Most of them leave the reading of legislation to their staff, as they can’t be bothered with such triflings. 90 Republicans voted against the bill, along with 77 Democrats. Did you get that? More Republicans opposed this spending orgy than the Dems did. As in Jonestown, most drank the Kool-aid willingly, while some had to be forced. The Democrats only need to pick up 23 seats in November to take back the majority. According to Rasmussen, there are at least that many Republican seats in serious peril, plus more than 20 that are leaning Republican or tossups. The Republicans got some additional military spending, to try to counter the slashing Obama did during his reign of terror.

RYAN-PELOSI UNIPARTY Easily Passes Record $1.3 Trillion Omnibus That Spits in Face of GOP Voters

Meadows pointed out the giant flaws of the plan:

– Record spending levels
– No wall/border security
– Obamacare intact
– Funds Planned Parenthood
– Sanctuary Cities funded
– Barely 24 hours to read a 2,300 page bill

[CtH: Dear Lord,  We are very disappointed by the “business as usual” budget vote that the Republocrats passed. Please move those of us who care about having a small government OF the PEOPLE, FOR the PEOPLE, and BY the PEOPLE to work our butts off booting out the Elitist Big Government Republicans who work hand-in-glove with the Elitist Big Government Democrats and replacing them with Populist Republicans who will actually run the country the way most of us want it run. Amen.]

Michael Mukasey told the press yesterday that Trump will sign the spending bill. He has to. If the government were to shut down he would be eviscerated by the left. Bill Clinton got away with shutting down the government by blaming Newt Gingrich. Obama got away with it because he was never blamed for anything. The time for him to act would have been long before now. Now it’s too late.

10 ways the GOP sold you out in the omnibus spending bill

How ironic that Republicans will pass what is likely to be their last major bill before losing Congress by violating their pledge to America in 2010, when they captured Congress, promising to post all legislation for 72 hours before a vote.

Taken in totality, this bill validates, legitimizes, and codifies the world view of the Democrats, only with slightly less enthusiasm. Which is why the Democrats are crushing Republicans in turnout so far this election season. This bill will essentially end Republican control of Congress.

[CtH: My fellow Republicans: LETTING DEMOCRATS TAKE OVER IS TOTALLY THE WRONG WAY TO FIX CONGRESS! Everybody is saying how the Democrats are cheering this budget. So duhhhhhhhh … how the heck would giving them majority control help?! We need to chuck out the ELITIST REPUBLICANS who LIE to our faces every campaign season (remember John McCain on Obamacare?!) and replace them with POPULIST REPUBLICANS who actually believe in the small government principles the GOP keeps telling us about every campaign season.]

Exclusive–Rep. Paul Gosar: Omnibus Is Christmas in the Spring for Liberals and Special Interests

Sadly, the bill contains many more provisions that run counter to the conservative principles that we as Republicans were elected to implement. For example, the Omnibus includes provision inserted by liberal California Senator Dianne Feinstein which blocks a 56 million-ton sand and gravel mine from opening in the Soledad Canyon in California despite two contracts being competitively awarded to a company that has already invested $40 million. This amounts to nothing more than a land grab.

Naturally, the democrats didn’t try to hide their glee.

Pelosi and Schumer Cheer Paul Ryan’s Omnibus: “We Were Able to Accomplish More Than When We Held Majority”

“I think one of the reasons they rushed it through they didn’t want their colleagues to see what was in the bill.” It was a great day for Democrats.

They get to blow more cash on the pet projects and illegal aliens — and Trump does not get his border wall.

You can be sure the Democrat Congress WILL NEVER return the favor when they take over Congress next year.

Schumer: Spending deal brings end to ‘era of austerity’

‘We Democrats are really happy with what we were able to accomplish’

According to Schmuck, America has suffered 10 years of austerity. That’s coming to an end. Democrats are totally convinced that government spending is the key to economic growth.

“We Democrats are really happy with what we were able to accomplish on a number of priorities that Democrats have fought for all along – infrastructure, education, opioid relief, and more,” Mr. Schumer said of the spending bill.

“At the end of the day, as the minority party, we feel good about being able to succeed in so many ways,” he said. “We don’t have the House. We don’t have the Senate. We don’t have the presidency. But we produced a darn good bill for the priorities that we have believed in.”

For the life of me I don’t understand why the Republicans are so generous to the Democrats. Their generosity is never reciprocated. Dems take and take and take and give nothing. It’s what defines them. When they take control in January you can be sure Republicans will be locked out of committees, will not be allowed to offer any legislation, and will have Pelosi’s foot on their necks from day one. Maxine Waters has probably already written a draft of the impeachment articles she will present about 10 minutes after they’re gaveled into session. They never even put up a fight.

[CtH: Read Laura Ingraham’s Billionaire at the Barricades: The Populist Revolution from Reagan to Trump. She explains it.]


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Getting Old Stinks

A policeman came across an old man sitting on a bench, sobbing.
Cop: What’s the matter, buddy?
Old man: I’ve got so many troubles I don’t know what to do!
Cop: Well, tell me about it. Maybe it’ll make you feel better.
Old man: I was married to my wife for 48 years. She passed away last year. A few months ago I met a beautiful 25 year old blonde. We moved in together and we have wild sex twice a day.
Cop: That’s doesn’t sound bad at all. What’s the problem?
Old man: I can’t remember where we live!

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They Wanted it… They Got It

I have a gun because I can’t throw a rock at 2200 feet per second.

During the Obama reign of terror, the republicans passed a bill to repeal Obamacare seven times. This, of course, was just for effect, since there’s no way it was going anywhere while the Nubian Nightmare was in the White House.

“Give us a Senate majority!” they cried.

They got it.

“Give us a Republican president” they whined.

On January 20, 2017, Donald J. Trump, a Republican, was inaugurated. It is now March 21, 2018. Obamacare is still the law of the land. ‘Repeal and replace’ went back and forth for an entire year. To be voted down, the Democrats needed three Republican senators. It was the usual suspects — Collins, Graham, McCain, Rand Paul, and Jeff Flake.

Now the bill has come due. Either the republicans get $30 million to subsidize the Obamacare providers or the premiums will need to skyrocket. The GOP doesn’t want any money paying for abortions. The democrats are laughing their hineys off. We passed it, but now you own it!

Think about all the voters getting notice that their premiums are shooting up in September, just before the midterms. It doesn’t look too promising for the republican party. The sad part is that they don’t appear to really care about becoming the minority again. If that happens the president will have no support whatsoever in Washington.

It’s as If They Want to Lose in November… Republican Leaders to Fund Billions to Obamacare Markets in Latest Spending Bill

Last week treasonous #NeverTrump Senator Jeff Flake told a New Hampshire audience that maybe the Republican Party does not deserve to lead.


Now this…

Speaker Paul Ryan is set to pass the second largest spending bill in US history next to Barack Obama’s trillion dollar failed stimulus. The budget funds all of the Democrat priorities, but will unlikely fund the Trump border wall.

The bill will also funnel billions of dollars to Obamacare markets.
It is almost as if they don’t want to win the majority again in 2018. Being in the majority takes away one of Congressional GOP leaders’ favorite excuses for screwing over their constituents back home.


Mark Meadows on Omnibus Bill: ‘Senate Democrats Seem to Be Calling Most of the Shots’

Multiple lawmakers suggested this week that the House will vote on the $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill on Thursday. Congress needs to pass the spending bill before midnight Friday to avoid a government shutdown.

House first asked Meadows why House Republican leadership has yet to release the bill text days before Congress has to vote on it.

Meadows argued that the “Senate Democrats seem to be calling most of the shots.”

U.S. Supreme Court rules Arizona can’t deny ‘dreamers’ driver’s licenses

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday rejected the last-ditch plea by Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich to uphold a 2012 executive order by then-Gov. Jan Brewer to deny driver’s licenses to DACA recipients, an order current Gov. Doug Ducey has left in place.

The justices gave no reason for their ruling.

Illegal Aliens ‘Immune From Prosecution for Identity Theft,’ Story Shows

“According to a Treasury Department report, from 2011 to 2016, the IRS detected 1.3 million cases of identity theft perpetrated by illegal aliens, but they couldn’t cite a single case that was referred for prosecution. Not one.”

“And, what we have here, Tucker, is a long-term policy, I believe, by the IRS simply to ignore it, because they want the tax money paid by people.”

Minneapolis Police Officer Mohamed Noor Charged With Murder Of Justine Damond

Somali-American police officer Mohamed Noor shot Aussie Justine Damond dead in July of 2017.


Noor’s partner was described as “stunned” by the shooting.

CBS Minneapolis reported that Damond “made the 911 call and was speaking to police officers Saturday night. They were near the alley when the officer in the passenger seat reached across and shot her. A cell phone was found near Damond’s body.”

2 Republican senators suggest they’d support impeaching Trump if he fired Mueller

Lindsey Graham and Jeff Flake both broached the prospect of impeachment on Tuesday.

Graham and Flake’s commitments to this position were hardly rock-solid and may well not be shared by very many other Republicans in the Senate (or the House of Representatives, which is where the impeachment process would have to begin). Still, the statements are a significant warning to Trump from two members of his own party about how Mueller’s dismissal could end for him.




[CtH: Nice! LOL Reminds me of Orthodox Easter of 1972, when I was in Moscow. We went for a stroll around Red Square before bed and, as we were coming out, we saw a tall office building right across the street that had its windows lit in the shape of a cross! I’ve always wondered if anyone got shipped off to a gulag for doing that.]



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These Will Make You Groan

or not….
I seriously need a life.

The frightening thing is that I have many more.


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A Sacred Obligation

Tomorrow is primary day here in Illinois. Thinking that a Republican vote in this state makes any difference is like thinking that peeing in Lake Michigan will raise the water level. The turnout is always low for these primary elections but not voting is to betray the sacrifice of those who gave all to secure this most precious right to each of us.

Those who think that this state isn’t every bit as corrupt as New York or California should think again.

A few tidbits :

  • Lisa Madigan, daughter of House Speaker Mike Madigan, the real power here, is not running for Attorney General again after two terms.
  • Pat Quinn, a shameless kisser of union asses, left the governor’s mansion in January of 2015. Now he’s back, looking to jump back on the taxpayer gravy train. When he was elected in 2008, he won two — count ’em, TWO — of the 102 counties in the state. St. Clair County, which is across the Mississippi from St. Louis, (East Saint Louis is a ghetto…the entire city), and of course, Cook County. He went to the unions and promised two years with no layoffs and raises. He also passed a “temporary” state tax increase on individuals and corporations. On his last day in office, he got the state senate to make the tax increases permanent. It passed by one vote … secured by promising an outgoing Democrat who had been voted out a six-figure, no-show government job. That’s how they do things here.
  • A successful investment banker, Republican Bruce Rauner was elected in 2014. After decades of profligate spending by the Democrats who run this state top to bottom, it took about 10 minutes for the Chicago Tribune and Sun Times to blame Rauner for the skyrocketing deficits. There has been an ongoing fight over spending, with Rauner trying to hold the line as Madigan spends, spends, spends. Rauner vetoed one spending bill and the Senate quickly overrode his veto.
  • After the override, Rauner seemed to give up. He’s gone along with everything the Democrats demand, including making this a sanctuary state. Jeanne Ives is running to replace him. The polls show him ahead, but a light turnout favors people who are motivated. There are a lot of us who are sick of Rauner bending over whenever Madigan tells him to.
  • On the Democrat side, the two main contestants for the Democrat nomination are a fat pig named JB Pritzger, another union shill (they don’t come any other way here) and Chris Kennedy. Yup, we don’t have enough liberal jackasses here, we had to import RFK’s son.

Republicans will never make a lot of difference, since the Democrats rule Cook County, and by default, the rest of the state. Still, far better men than me have secured my right to express my opinion the only way those in power will notice.

Fleeing the Land of Lincoln
They are fleeing Illinois in jaw-dropping numbers because its citizens have the unique distinction of residing in one of the worst governed and most over-taxed states in the country. They drive on roads that are falling apart and are forced to bear the costs of an incomprehensible level of state and municipal corruption.

Illinois politicians use the law not to protect and serve, but to line the coffers of state and local governments as well as their own pockets; Chicago’s police are pretty good tax collectors, which they proved a few years ago when Mayor Rahm Emanuel jiggered with the city’s traffic cameras to allow them to issue thousands of more tickets to unsuspecting motorists, but seem unable to protect that city’s citizenry from thugs and thieves.

A study of the relationship between the state’s coming collapse and the cozy decades-long relationship its politicians have enjoyed with public employee unions in which they have traded the public’s money for campaign contributions, outright bribes and votes reveals a major reason why things are so completely out of control in the Land of Lincoln.

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A Philosophical Dissertation

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again… Then quit…. No sense being a damn fool about it.” –W.C. Fields


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Forewarned Is Forearmed

When I woke up Wednesday morning and saw that the race in PA-18 was too close to call, I knew Lamb was going to win. Democrats never lose close races…never. You have to be outside the margin that they can get away with cheating in order to prevail. Ballot stuffing, discounting overseas ballots, and precincts with 200 registered voters reporting more than a thousand ballots. All in a day’s work when you have no positive message.

Republicans Say PA Voting Machines ‘Miscalibrated’, Saccone Votes Changed To Lamb

Among the listed concerns are “miscalibrated” voting machines in Allegheny County, the only county of four in the district that went for Lamb, according to the source, who said there have been many reports of voters who intended to vote for Saccone ending up casting a ballot for Lamb.
Furthermore, Republicans say their attorneys were ejected from polling sites as the absentee ballots were still being counted and that due to confusion caused by the Pennsylvania secretary of state website people were directed to the wrong polling locations.

The Democrats went back to Rahm Emanuel’s recipe for winning back the House in 2006…pick local candidates and have them run 10 miles to the right of Ronald Reagan. Lamb had family ties in the district and ran as a pro-tariff, pro-life, pro-gun patriot. He even ran a campaign ad holding an AR 15. Not many Democrats can get away with that. Of course, when he gets to his office in DC he’ll be greeted by some officials who will remind him he’s a Democrat. Just do what he’s told and the party will back him and he can make some good money. They also have the most potent weapon possible, a media that will cover for him and attack his opponents with no basis.

What may or may not be a surprise is that RINO Paul Ryan’s PAC backed the Democrat in this race:
In the most astonishingly bone-headed move since nominating Mitt Romney for President, the GOP establishment spent major cash to help elect Democrat Conor Lamb in last night’s highly contested PA-18 special election.
Yes, you read that right. Failed Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan and his Congressional Leadership Fund pushed a Democrat to victory over a Republican with direct mail advertising touting support “for our Second Amendment Rights.”

What it comes down to is this may be a harbinger of the midterm disaster awaiting the Republican party. The Democrat party has flipped almost 40 straight seats this year. Maybe special elections don’t draw much interest, or maybe Republican voters are becoming complacent since they hold all three branches. What is clear is that the GOP elite have shown that conservatives mean nothing to them. They sat around for a year, doing nothing to repeal and replace Obamacare. It wasn’t until the last days of the session they hastily got a tax reform done so they had something to show the folks back home. Whether the base comes out or not remains to be seen.
One thing is certain: the left has a singular maniacal obsession…get Trump. Nothing else matters. One gets nightmares thinking of that brain-addled whore Nancy Pelosi once again holding the speaker’s gavel. Maxine Waters, impeachment articles written a month earlier, dancing in the aisle, waving the paper in one hand and her cheap wig in the other, jumping and spinning like she had a rabid squirrel in her girdle. The inmates will have retaken the asylum.
The sad part is I doubt many of the Republicans would care. Leading is much harder than just sitting back, spouting platitudes about what they’d do, only if.
Most of them never liked Trump anyway, so what difference does it make?
We better make damn sure we’re ready; the Democrats sure will be.

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Time Wasters

Being retired and having no life of import I spend entirely too much time amassing images of all kinds.
My posting days are coming to an end but I can still do these with some degree of aplomb.

not much funny stuff…maybe next time


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