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An Amazing Time

Mama Buzz texted that it must be amazing what technology I’ve seen develop in my lifetime which, naturally, got me rambling down memory lane. LOL

I’m so old, I remember visiting one of the first computers at Cornell with my advanced math class. It filled a whole room and had less computing power than a kids’ toy has now. Daddy actually did a program on that computer using punch cards that filled a box … that he dropped and had to resort LOL.

Thinking back to my childhood and adolescence, I remember all of these happening: polio vaccine, color television, remote controls for the television, push button phones, self-dialing phones, typewriters where the letters were on a ball that moved instead of the whole carriage moving, and 8-track, then cassette tapes replacing vinyl.

Bop had one of the first self-dialing phones. It used a plastic punch card that you pushed out the holes for the number, then pushed the card into the slot and it dialed as it wound itself back out. It was state of the art when he got it. He loved gadgets! LOL

And, of course, we all saw the moon landing together as it happened.

As an adult, I watched closely as photography and videography switched from film to magnetic tape to laser disk to digital disks. In computing, typewriters were supplanted by dedicated word processing machines which were again supplanted by personal computers that ran word processing programs as well as other programs. The first time I saw a screen with icons on it, I had no idea what I was looking at. The owner said, “You click on the icon and it opens a program.” I still had no idea what I was looking at. LOL

When I was pregnant with Marine Princess, Daddy had to do his architecture thesis on Cornell’s computer. I went to a course to learn how to do the inputting and remember being SO confused about it all. Then I had to go to Cornell to get it printed out, while I was hugely pregnant with a high risk baby and early contractions! Fortunately, the guy at the gate saw how huge I was and gave me a pass to park right at the building so I didn’t have to go out to timbuctoo and ride a bus in and walk. I still wish I could’ve just typed it LOL.

Daddy’s first CAD stations cost tens of thousands of dollars. His firm took out a bank loan and when Kuwait happened and his partners all quit, we got stuck paying it off. I was so nervous about moving those expensive machines to our easy-to-invade basement! Now they’re utterly worthless. I have more computing power in my $95 ReUse it refurb than those things did!

And you’ve seen how fast storage has changed. I’ve got boxes full of CD back up disks for my early years, then one small external hard drive with some more years on it. Now I put a whole year on a thumb drive and there’s room left over! Of course, then there’s the PHONES, cuz I remember when Ma Bell was all we had and she charged whatever she charged. It’s been quite an amazing time to be alive!


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COVID-19 Home Treatment

Dr. Levy’s Simple, Inexpensive, and Extremely Effective H2O2 Protocol for Early Onset Treatment of Any Virus

When a runny nose or slightly sore throat is already present, it is recommended that 10- to 15-minute nebulization sessions be undertaken roughly four times daily or until a symptomatic relief is realized. Many individuals report significant improvement only a few hours after the first one or two treatments. But it would be advisable to persist in these treatments several times daily for at least 24 to 48 hours after you feel everything is completely normal in your sinuses, nose, and throat.

Regular off-the shelf 3% hydrogen peroxide can be utilized. Preparations of greater pharmacological purity can be obtained if desired. For most adults, the 3% concentration can be utilized in the nebulization chamber undiluted. This optimizes the degree and rapidity of anti-viral and anti-pathogen effect.

For some, the 3% concentration results in too much stinging/burning in the nose. Such individuals can dilute with water until they find their highest tolerable concentration. Nearly everybody can tolerate a 50/50 combination of the 3% hydrogen peroxide and water. However, still lower concentrations can be utilized with clearly beneficial effect.


As it is a completely non-toxic therapy, nebulization can be administered as often as desired. If done on a daily basis at least once, a very positive impact on bowel and gut function will often be realized as killing the chronic pathogen colonization present in most noses and throats stops the 24/7 swallowing of these pathogens and their associated toxins.

If daily prevention is not a practical option, the effectiveness of this treatment is optimized when somebody sneezes in your face or you finally get off of the plane after a trans-Atlantic flight. Don’t wait for initial symptoms. Just nebulize at your first opportunity.

Required Equipment

Nebulizers are very common and inexpensive, probably under $40, and a one-time purchase should be your only monetary outlay for the good health of your entire family. Various models are widely available on http://www.amazon.com and elsewhere; just make sure they can emit very tiny bubbles in an extremely fine mist. Also, it is probably best that your nebulizer operates on standard household 120-volt AC as opposed to a battery pack that will invariably run down and constantly require recharging or replacement.

Notes from CtH: I received this in an email from a friend with a note that Dr. Levy wishes the information to be disseminated widely.

Dr. Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD’s web side is @ https://www.peakenergy.com/.

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Good Riddance to 2021

CANCEL CULTURE: Dr. Robert Malone, a key contributor to mRNA vaccine technology and an outspoken critic of COVID-19 mandates and rules, has been permanently suspended by Twitter. He continues to post his views on his substack page and at his website (links below).

CHICOMS: Police in Jingxi city paraded alleged violators of Covid rules through the streets. The four suspects had to carry placards displaying their photos and names. China banned such public shaming and parading of criminal suspects in 2010, but the practice has resurfaced 13 million in China are barred from going outside, even for food.

CHILLAX: The CDC reports that the milder new Omicron variant now accounts for 58.6% of the strains actively circulating in the United States. The Delta variant, which had been the dominant strain in the past few months, now accounts for 41.1%.

Paul Hunter, professor in medicine at the University of East Anglia, says, “COVID is only one virus of a family of coronaviruses, and the other coronaviruses throw off new variants typically every year or so, and that’s almost certainly what’s going to happen with COVID. It will become effectively just another cause of the common cold.”

GENDER: A new Rasmussen Reports survey found that only 18% of Americans believe there are more than two genders. The majority of these unscientific sheeple are rich, white Democrats.

GHISLAINE MAXWELL: She’s been found guilty on five of six counts of helping Jeffrey Epstein sexually abuse teenage girls.

One of the victims’ lawyers said the conviction “is a welcome confirmation of the veracity of the charges brought against her on behalf of the very brave young women whom she directly participated in abusing.”

Then he offered a foreboding message to other co-conspirators. “Doors closed by Epstein’s death may be opened by the very strong motivation Maxwell now has to unlock every door to which she holds a key,” he added.

J6: CLICK https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=628555278573587 [3:44] to hear an interview with Jan 6 inmate Jake Lang, whose phone connection was “terminated by the facility” as he described conditions he and his bail-less co-defendants are enduring.

MOMS: Many, many years ago, a man in a grocery store stopped and told me that. It warms me to this day.

NURSES: CLICK https://twitter.com/libsoftiktok/status/1475189121102405632 [:29] to hear a hero-to-zero nurse say her hospital called and begged her to come back to work, because they are desperately short-staffed.

RIP: Harry Reid has passed away at the age of 82, following a long battle with pancreatic cancer. The Nevada Democrat served as Senate majority leader from 2007 to 2015. He is credited with shepherding Obamacare through the Senate in 2010 and with abolishing the filibuster for judicial nominees (except the Supreme Court) in 2013. The latter came back to bite Democrats in the butt after Republicans made the change for Supreme Court nominees as well, then confirmed three justices to the high court during the Trump administration.

SOUR GRAPES: Keith Olbermann tweeted, “Somebody gift these people some vasectomies”, and the responses were brutal.

The real life incel has opinions.” [Incel = Involuntary Celibate]

It’s sad when one’s bitterness congeals into a worldview.

Raising a good family is the best thing a man can do. What a sad, cramped view of the world it is to react with churlishness towards that.”

Actually, it’s fine they reproduce, but we are glad you refuse to.”

GRAMMY NOTES: I made this to thank the kind souls who gave me three different kinds of watercolor papers I don’t have – hot-pressed bright white, toned (tan), and textured bamboo.

HOME SCHOOL UPDATE: Mama had them use their Hot Wheels cars to make a tree diagram. I remember a home schooling mom say, “People think I have a room with little desks in a row, but really, we sit around in our jammies and ask each other questions.

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