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COVID-19 Update

Dr. Matthew Memoli, director of the Laboratory of Infectious Diseases at NIH, will argue against vaccine mandates during a Dec. 1 livestreamed roundtable. Memoli sought a religious exemption from the mandatory vaccine requirements imposed by health authorities in the District of Columbia, where he is licensed to practice medicine. Memoli said he is willing to risk his job and his license for the right not to receive a COVID vaccine.

A nationwide strike against vaxxxine mandates will take place from Nov. 8 to Nov. 11!

Twenty-seven states have filed lawsuits against the Biden administration over the COVID-19 vaccine mandate on private businesses of 100 or more employees. And a Louisiana businessman is suing OSHA on behalf of his hundreds of employees.

Sen. Ted Cruz has introduced a new measure that would ban the federal government and its local entities – along with public schools – from mandating vaccines for your kids.

In Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis is calling a special session of the Florida legislature to vote on banning the FAUXTUS OSHA mandate. Included in the legislation are automatic exemptions for women who are pregnant or who anticipate becoming pregnant, as well as for those who have had the ‘rona and recovered from it. In addition, it says that all employees be given the option to choose between either periodic testing or use of PPE at no cost as an alternative to the clot shot.

On Monday, White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre urged businesses to forge ahead with the mandate despite the court putting a stay on it over “grave statutory and constitutional issues.” And FAUXTUS’ Surgeon General said they’re considering extending the big business mandate to include small businesses.

The COVID-19 virus has always had animal hosts, meaning it cannot be eradicated and, once released, was always going to be here to stay. We should’ve been doing what Sweden did, which is to let it spread, so as to achieve natural herd immunity as quickly as possible. The only time anyone should’ve been closing anything down was in local areas where a local surge was overwhelming the local hospital.

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Bits & Bytes

CATHOLIC: Fr. James Altman speaks with LifeSite’s Jim Hale about his pastoral situation. He really blasts Catholic bishops who closed down churches during COVID. “They’re MANdates, not GODgates. We shouldn’t be following some man. We should be following God.” [18:06]

DEMOCRATS: [7:23] – I know I’ve posted these thoughts before, but Steve Hilton’s rant is just so satisfying to watch.

ENERGY: It’s not enough that the cost of gasoline is sky high. The fools in the FAUXTUS White House are thinking about shutting down another pipeline!

When asked what the administration is doing to bring gas prices down, WH spox Karine Jean-Pierre said, “I don’t have anything specific.”

Well, duh. This is because both Biden and Harris campaigned on destroying the U.S. oil and gas industry.

FAKE HERO: “And if you want to admire a courageous black athlete that fought through adversity to better his station and the world, there are a lot better choices….Jackie Robinson and Henry Aaron immediately come to mind….than this kid who was raised by well to do white parents, got a scholarship to Stanford, made millions as an NFL QB, then decided when his skills were eroding to make himself a fake martyr.” – Wayne Jones

HAPPY AUTUMN: Every fall a hillside along Oregon’s highway 18 greets passersby with a giant smiley face formed by trees. The trees were planted by Hampton Lumber in 2011.

INFRASTRUCTURE: This should be a pork pot pie, not a pumpkin pie. :0( And the schmuck Republicans who helped pass it should plan on retiring.

LANGUAGE LESSON: Worth watching [3:40] – “The brain trust over at The View may not be the most reliable place to go to get your social commentary.” ROFLL

MOUNTAIN SLIDING LEGGING LADY: Totally awesome customer review. LOL

MOVIE RECOMMENDATION: This is excellent. Sadly, the DVD has no menu or scene dividers, so it’s a pain to navigate if you don’t want to just watch it all in one sitting.

PROJECT VERITAS: The New York Post Editorial Board says the FBI raids have “all the marks of a political vendetta.” The editorial is worth reading.

John Hinderaker at Power Line Blog says he read the diary, but doesn’t recommend anyone else do so, because it has no “perceived news value” and “is personal and highly embarrassing, obviously not meant for anyone else’s eyes.

RITTENHOUSE: The prosecution called a Daily Caller reporter to the stand. Watch what happens. [3:45] – CLICK https://twitter.com/thevivafrei/status/1457774701673996298 [:40] to hear another witness, Gaige Grosskreutz, agree that Kyle Rittenhouse didn’t shoot until he, Gaige, was pointing his gun directly at Kyle. “This whole trial is a farce and everybody knows it.” – Matt Walsh

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