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COVID-19 Update

COVID-19: During the pandemic, canines and felines caught the virus. Now scientists say that deer have it. The significance of this is that, with non-human reservoirs, the virus can persist regardless of how vaccinated the human population is.

IOW, we’re never going to be rid of COVID-19. It’s going to be one of those things you hope to catch once when you’re young enough that it’s no biggie, so you can get natural immunity and be done with it.

FAUCI: CLICK https://www.facebook.com/TheYoungCons/videos/1040693590106596 [8:47] to hear Sen. Rand Paul recap the facts of gain-of-function research. Full disclosure: I skipped Fauci’s b.s. He’s proven himself to be a shameless liar and refuse to listen to another word that comes out of his pie hole.

ITALY: The Italian Institute of Health has confirmed what many of us already knew, which is that COVID-19 almost exclusively kills only those who were already on their way out the door. They went back over their records and determined that, of the 130,468 people who had died with COVID, only 3,783 actually died of COVID.

NYC: Fire engine availability is usually at 90%. Because of the city’s draconian vaxxx mandates that don’t even allow exemption for natural immunity, it is now around 55%. On Wednesday, there were four fires that went above 3rd alarm in the city. Every subsequent alarm means that a fire is getting bigger or it’s persisting to the point that members on the scene need replacement. Two of the fires went up to 4th alarm and one of them went to 5th alarm.

CLICK https://rumble.com/vorda0-real-america-reel-clip-of-the-day-protestors-throw-garbage-on-mayor-bill-de.html [1:32] to see frustrated New Yorkers throw trash on to Mayor DeBlasio’s lawn to protest the mandates.


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Bits & Bytes

BLACK LIVES MATTER: Aftermath [8:03] – One year after the George Floyd protests, a new video series examines what BLM is and what they did or did not accomplish for Blacks.

BORDER: CLICK https://rumble.com/vorx4n-texas-is-building-the-wall-and-you-wont-believe-how.html [12:10] to hear Turley report on how Texas is protecting its 1,250 miles of southern border at a bargain price.

BUILD BACK BETTER: CLICK https://www.facebook.com/RepKatCammack/videos/873205360226079 [11:02] to hear Congresswoman Kat Cammack report on the Dem’s desperate attempt to shove the Biden Build Back Broke agenda down our throats. Look at the size of the thing! Pelosi wanted a vote on it two days after it was delivered! That effort failed when moderates in the House Democratic Conference demanded the Congressional Budget Office provide a cost analysis first.

D.C. JAIL: Following a surprise inspection by the U.S. Marshals Service, 400 prisoners are being moved out of a section of the D.C. jail. One of them is a Jan. 6 defendant who needs cancer treatment. A judge ordered he be sent home, since the “deplorable” conditions reported by marshals left the court with “zero confidence” that he would get proper treatment. These conditions included clogged toilets and water in cells being shut off for days at a time.

Marshals also reported observing jail staff “antagonizing” inmates and telling them “not to cooperate” with the marshals’ inspection, including an instance in which a staffer told an inmate to “stop snitching.” Food and water were said to be withheld from inmates as punishment and “evidence of drug use was pervasive.”

DURHAM: CLICK https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=428148752168634 [15:19] for a recap of the scandal, which is still under investigation. Hillary Clinton’s team didn’t just fund the Steele Dossier; they pretty much wrote it. And the anti-Trump PTBs at the FBI knew all along that it was garbage.

ENERGY: CLICK https://twitter.com/RNCResearch/status/1456610771186634757 [:34] to hear FAUXTUS’ Energy Secretary laugh about the idea that the American government could somehow have anything to say about high gas prices. This video should play on a loop at every gas pump in America.

Reminder: Under Trump, we were a net energy exporter and the price of oil was so low that he was able to replace all the nation’s Emergency Petroleum Reserve (which Obama emptied out and never put back) at bargain basement prices.

HYPOCRISY: CLICK https://rumble.com/voq85d-in-focus-stephanie-hamill-with-eric-scheiner.html [8:44] to see a report about Don Lemon’s mask-free vacay in DeathSantis’ Florida, and other stuff. The CNN clip is hysterical! FYI: If you see me wearing a mask outside or in our car, it will be because of my chemical sensitivities, not because I’m afraid of the ‘rona. Just sayin’.

LUNAR ECLIPSE: The longest lunar eclipse of this century comes in two weeks. People in all 50 states, plus Canada and Mexico will be able to see the whole thing with no special equipment. Just go outside between 2:19 a.m. and 5:47 a.m ET on November 19 and look up.

MANCHIN: The senator from West Virginia is a thorn in the side of Progs trying to pass their porkulus climate change and social spending bill. On Thursday, a group of environmental activists blocked him from getting his car out of its parking garage near his Washington, D.C., home and mobbed him, chanting “We want to live” while banging a drum. Cuz, yeah, I’m so sure that’s totes going to change his mind. Not.

PELOSI: CLICK https://twitter.com/Ablonde20211/status/1456631801271574534 [1:50] to hear San Fran Nan say … ummm … I dunno what. It’s kinda sad that these people have no lives apart from the power they hold in their offices. How many have hung on and on and on, long past when they should’ve gone home? Byrd, who came to Congress apparently to sleep in his chair. Kennedy and McCain who both kept on despite having brain cancer. Now Pelosi and Biden. ::smh::

RACISM: Democrats really don’t get it that they’re the real racists. CLICK https://twitter.com/TrumpJew2/status/1456446611912077318 [1:10] to hear two Blacks call Winsome Sears a porch negro. “There is a black mouth moving but a white idea running on the runway of the tongue of a figure who justifies and legitimates the white supremacist practices.

RITTENHOUSE: CLICK https://www.facebook.com/MattWalshBlog/videos/452000816572417 [9:43] to hear Ben Shapiro explain what’s going on in the trial.

CLICK https://rumble.com/voq8lr-witness-gives-hilarious-answer-to-sassy-rittenhouse-trial-prosecutor.html [:54] to hear … well, just click on it. It’s a hoot!

TEXAS: Also worship … on Tuesday, Texans amended the state constitution to prevent any state or local governments from closing churches ever again.

TRANS: I can’t report on this article. It’s too upsetting.

TRUMP: But, but, but … mean tweets! – CLICK https://www.facebook.com/watch?v=412928433756173 [6:03] to hear Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy sum up what the Biden-Pelosi regime has done to America.

WINSOME SEARS: CLICK https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=297446825585907 [:43] to hear NewsMax praise Virginia’s Lt. Gov. Elect.

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