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The Red Wave that hit Virginia yesterday was a YUGE loss for Dems. The last time a Republican won any statewide election was 2009! And to add insult to injury, the Dems’ heaviest hitters – Obama, Biden, Harris, Abrams – all went to Virginia to campaign for McAuliffe.

Also, Dems would like the Republican win to be about Trump. But Trump himself stayed out of it and Youngkin didn’t talk about him, sticking instead to specific issues facing everyday Virginians. And he won a huge victory against the establishment Democrat who was considered a shoe-in.

CLICK https://rumble.com/vontkh-glenn-youngkin-delivers-energetic-acceptance-speech.html [14:39] if you want to hear Youngkin’s victory speech.

CLICK https://www.facebook.com/aklavan/videos/571143654161526 [6:59] if you want to hear the next Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears’ victory speech. She will be first female African-American to hold the office. (It’s not clear to me if that is anywhere in the U.S. or just in Virginia.) She and her hubby are both Marine veterans. 🙂

Democrats, as per usual, tried to make the white guy running against the white guy all about race. It really wasn’t, but they keep trying even when it means being offensively racist themselves.

Click the first Real Clear Politics link below to watch her tell FOX News host Martha MacCallum, “I am destroying all of the narratives about race. Look at me! Look at me! I wish Joy Reid would invite me on her show. Let’s see if she is woman enough to do that.”

Click the second Real Clear Politics link below to hear Hannity interview Youngkin late Monday evening. “I’m not going to be lectured by a guy on race who embraces someone who wore blackface.

The projected winner (I haven’t seen it confirmed yet) of the attorney general race, Republican Jason Miyares, will likely become the first Latino to hold that office, again not clear if it’s anywhere or just in Virginia.

They’re also saying Republicans won big in Virginia’s down ballot races, but I haven’t seen a list.

Meanwhile, Democrats are busy, busy, busy pointing fingers at each other over who is at fault for Tuesday’s Red Wave. Breitbart reports, “The moderates claim radical policies are responsible for the drubbing, while the far-left claims the thrashing was Biden’s fault for not passing his radical reconciliation agenda through Congress quickly enough.”

The other “Not Our Fault” positions echo Biden’s pre-election day statement that, win or lose, the Virginia gubernatorial race had nothing to do with him and his party’s performance at the federal level. “It was about local issues”, not anything “Democrats or anything we did here in Washington.” – Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX)

When a reporter asked Speaker Pelosi if the brutal Democrat losses in Virginia would change the agenda for the House, she said, “No. No.

But that’s not what VFAUXTUS said when she went to Virginia to campaign for McAuliffe! LOLCLICK https://rumble.com/vomz19-vp-harris-what-happens-in-virginia…-will-determine-2022-2024-and-on.html [:12] to hear what we can all hope is a prophetic statement!


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Bits & Bytes

ABORTION: An Oklahoma abortionist with a history of malpractice claims has retired after 46 years of killing babies and maiming their mothers. His office is now occupied by a medical office providing legitimate health care instead of abortions. Praise God!

BLACK VOTE: CLICK https://rumble.com/vom2ho-black-voters-response-should-terrify-democrats-about-upcoming-elections.html [1:08] to hear a Black guy say how his peers are finally getting a clue.

CATHOLIC: “Fairly obvious that for most of those in favor of Biden receiving Communion, it is not so much about welcoming the sinner as it is about legitimizing the sin.” – CatholicVote

Is there one example in the last half century of ‘engagement and dialogue’ bringing a pro-abortion Catholic politician closer to the teachings of the Catholic Church?” – CatholicVote

CLIMATE: CLICK https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1060803414674397 [7:20] to hear Gardner Goldsmith mock the latest climate elite hypocrisy.

LOLOLOL: CLICK https://www.facebook.com/officialbenshapiro/videos/684224679426512 [4:35] to hear Matt Walsh appeal to us to not talk about whether Joe did or did not poop in his pants at the Vatican. DO NOT CLICK IF YOU ARE EATING OR DRINKING. ROFLLLL.

My fave comment: “If his security missed the opportunity to radio “we have a shit-uation!” I’m gonna be disappointed.”

Also, the dictionary says “shart” is “vulgar slang. An instance of accidentally expelling faeces when breaking wind.” Oh, I get it. It’s a portmanteau (two words combined to make a new word). I learn something new every day.

PATHOLOGICAL HYPOCRISY: Steve Hilton [3:27] – Just when you thought Democrats’ hypocrisy couldn’t sink any lower.

PENNSYLVANIA: Gov. Tom Wolf is receiving criticism after it was learned that, prior to the 2020 election, his administration helped funnel $21 million in Zuckerbucks to Democrat-leaning counties.

Not only did this create unequal access to voters, but it also essentially disenfranchised voters in counties that did not receive equal funding.” – Rep. Seth Grove (R-York)

TOXIC POSITIVITY: Joel Osteen’s “positivity gospel” is not grounded in truth. Plus, $35? Are you KIDDING me?! [1:38].

VIRGINIA: Some polling places tried to stop the mask-resistant from voting. Thankfully, Christopher E. “Chris” Piper, Commissioner Virginia Department of Elections, issued the above directive.

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