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ARIZONA AUDIT: The results were announced last Friday. The Left is excited that the hand recount “confirmed” that Biden won. But they were just counting ballots again. Nobody who disputes the election results thinks it was due to a miscount. No, what we’ve always suspected and the report confirms is that 57,734 ballots were counted in November and again in the recount that should not have been counted, but rather set aside and investigated.

Biden supposed “won” Arizona by 10,457 votes. But the number of probably invalid ballots exceeded Biden’s margin of “victory” by almost six times. Among these problematic ballots were 10,000 cast by the same individuals in different counties and tens of thousands more that were cast by voters who had moved out of state. In addition, there were duplicated ballots without serial numbers that were missing chain-of-custody documentation, and there were “mailed in” ballots that had never been never folded.

The report also outlines serious problems with the management of the voting machines and data bases. E.g., there are files missing from the Election Management System (“EMS”) server, corrupt or missing ballots on the EMS, and computer logs that were deliberately overwritten. In addition, a statistically significant number of provisional ballots were rejected because mail-in ballots were allegedly cast by the same people suggesting those individuals’ votes were stolen.

CLICK https://rumble.com/vmye2m-ariz.-audit-results-released-friday.html [4:34] for OAN’s report on the announcement. CLICK https://rumble.com/vmzkgq-kari-lake-reacts-to-audit-results.html [2:40] to hear the reaction of Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake.

BELIEVE ALL WOMEN: Joy Behar is “so far off base” and “out-dated and dumb” [4:13] – I especially appreciate the explanation about power disparity in sexual relationships. When this was the big news, I heard way too many people trashing Monica, calling her a slut. No, she was a young, naive girl who got a crush on her boss who, to her lifelong detriment, was a sexual predator. It reminds me of the scene in the Gospels where only the woman caught in adultery is brought out for stoning. Nobody ever mentions that she didn’t commit adultery all by herself.

BORDER: On Sunday, Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas said about 10,000 or 12,000 of the Haitian illegals have already been released into the interior of the United States. The number could rise as 5,000 more cases are processed, he said.

CLICK https://twitter.com/townhallcom/status/1441406433619288072 [:52] to hear “Joe Unity” totally trash mounted Border Patrol agents for using a sanctioned rein twirl to keep pedestrians from getting kicked or stepped on by their horses. One BP agent said, “I’m dumbfounded and don’t know what to say. Is the president threatening to throw us in prison?”

FAUXTUS: Speaking about raising taxes on the wealthy, Slow Joe said. “I’m tired of trickle-down. Trillionaires and billionaires are doing very, very well.

According to Forbes list of richest Americans, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is America’s wealthiest person with a net worth of $177 billion.

HUNTER BIDEN: [9:24] – Suddenly, it’s mainstream to report on Hunter Biden’s laptop. Clearly, the PTBs have ordered this. My guess is that they have noticed Big Guy’s approval ratings are in the toilet and they’ve decided they are done with him. I’m kinda wondering if they’ll deep six Kamala as well so they can boost the ever compliant Pelosi into the Oval, maybe with her fellow lying liar Chuck Schmucker as VP.

LIONS for LAMBS: CLICK https://twitter.com/Doranimated/status/1442157883421085697 [1:03] to see a scene from the 2007 Robert Redford film between Meryl Streep and Tom Cruise. N.b., there are longer (5 minute-ish) clips on YouTube, but the sound is terrible in both of them.

PRAGER U: Perspective [6:52] – This is good!

STEVE HILTON: [8:31] – “Everything [Democrats] touch turns to crap.” He suggests looking up the transcript of Biden’s U.N. speech, so I got you the link.

TALIBAN: Since the Taliban overran Kabul on Aug. 15 and seized control of the country, the world has been watching to see whether they will re-create their harsh rule of the late 1990s. Methinks the question isn’t if they will do it, but how fast they will get it done. The latest blast from the past … hanging dead bodies up for public display to demonstrate what happens to people who defy them.

TRUMP: “What kind of sick perverted mind does that?” [4:43] – My favorite comment on the video is, “When Bill Clinton said ‘I did not have sex with that woman!’, he wasn’t talking about Monica, he was talking about Hillary.”

WISCONSIN: Wisconsin HOT (Honest Open and Transparent) recently released their letter to the Wisconsin Election Commission. In it they point out a number of irregularities they found in the state’s voter rolls. These include: 23,203 individuals who all list the same phone number; another 900 who list the same street address; and more than 8,550 who registered to vote in 1918.

CLICK https://twitter.com/buitengebieden_/status/1441716467783725062 for 40 seconds of cuteness.


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COVID-19 Update

AUSTRALIA: The government has not only locked down the nation in the name of public safety, but is locking people up for protesting. CLICK https://rumble.com/vmx1vb-if-they-cant-break-me-they-cant-break-you-anti-covid-activists-message-from.html [20:19] to hear John-Henry Westen interview the parents of jailed anti-lockdown activist Monica Smit.

BACK THE BLUE: [5:23] – A California police sergeant has decided to quit rather than take the jab. He says there are hundreds of others who are quitting, which is leaving city services understaffed.

In Massachusetts, dozens of state troopers have submitted their resignations rather than submit to the COVID jab.

BIOWEAPON: Trinidad’s Dr. Michael McDowell posits that the Covid-19 virus is the most dangerous man-made bioweapon ever released on the public. He outlines where it was made and names some of the guilty parties who developed it. He also believes the global conspiracy to vaccinate the world’s population is intended to cause a mass die-off on a scale the world has never seen.

The entire video is worth your time. It is embedded in several places online, but this one has the best sound and picture @ https://www.bitchute.com/video/GfsWHglWwhlv/ [23:34].

The spike protein is pathogenic and it will damage you. … The vaccinated are defenseless against variants. This is no longer a pandemic of COVID-SARS-2. This is a pandemic of variants. … If a super-variant is created, nothing can stop it. … Mass vaccination [is not about] following the science. It’s about following the money. … From March 2020 and April 6, 2021, 145 people died of COVID-19 on Trinidad and Tobago. On April 6, 2021, they instituted public mass vaccination. … Over the next four months, 1,022 people died. … The vaccinations caused a death spike.” [CtH: Some of my “quotations” are paraphrased to get to the meat of his comments.]

Revelation 6:7-8: When the Lamb opened the fourth seal, I heard the fourth living creature saying, “Come!” Behold, I saw a horse, pale greenish gray. The name of the one riding on it was Death, and Sheol was following with him. Authority was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill by sword and by famine and by plague and by the wild beasts of the earth.

MASKS: As the graph shows, masks are inconsequential in the control of the virus. Australia’s tyrannical government Does Not Care.

CLICK https://twitter.com/aginnt/status/1441841129784238080 [:09] to see video of Australian police leaping out of an armored vehicle, shooting at and smashing unmasked people to the ground. “This is for your safety!

CLICK https://twitter.com/mVespa1/status/1441831287946350595 [:28] to see a crowd of law enforcement officers wrestle an unmasked woman to the ground. I counted seven on the take down, then another three who crowded around after.

CLICK https://twitter.com/mVespa1/status/1441580494467084288 [:32] to see a cop grab an unmasked woman by the throat and choke her, then put her down on the ground while his partner (who appears to be female) watches.

The word ‘evil’ comes to mind. … Australia is no longer a free country, and those in other nations better hold the line — or this dystopian nightmare will come to their shores as well.” – Bonchie

PROJECT VERITAS: Taylor Lee is an FDA economist. An undercover whistleblower filmed him making some outrageous opinions about forcing the COVID jab on everybody. [1:37] – CLICK https://rumble.com/vmwzk0-real-america-dan-ball-w-james-okeefe-september-23-2021.html [10:54] to hear Get Real Dan interview James O’Keefe talk about this.

REWRITING HISTORY: The CDC and the WHO have both been caught perverting science to advance a political agenda.

The CDC website changed its definitions of vaccine and vaccination from producing immunity, to providing protection against disease.

The WHO website changed its definition of herd immunity to eliminate natural immunity developed through surviving an infection.

In the video posted above (BIOWEAPON), Dr. Michael MacDowell says, “Sixty to seventy percent of the WHO’s funding comes from the pharmaceutical industry.”

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